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Out of all the new hard mode fights to come, which has been your favorite?

16.7%1 votes
The avatars! To get to fight them again is great!
33.3%2 votes
I enjoyed seeing the Ark Angels again!
0%0 votes
Gessho...loved getting to pluck his feathers.
16.7%1 votes
Ouryu, obviously. Big stone dragon...thing.
0%0 votes
The Shadow Lord! It brings back so many memories.
0%0 votes
Tenzen for sure. Though his sword burned a bit.
0%0 votes
33.3%2 votes
I didn't really care for them. Hard mode? Pssh
0%0 votes
I've never fought them yet. There's hard modes?

6 total votes

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New Job Enhancements: Gifts

 Have you maxed out your favorite job with the job point system? Then you're in luck, for in the upcoming December version update of Final Fantasy XI, a new enhancement system is to be implemented to take advantage of your progress! This new system, known as Gifts, adds a variety of bonuses to a job, ranging from performance boosts to the ability to equip unique "Superior" equpment, based on the number of job points allocated to them!

What are your feelings on the new Gifts system? Let us know over on the ZAM forums!


Job Adjustments

 One of the highlights of the upcoming December version update of Final Fantasy XI is a series of new combat and job-related adjustments, and today, these changes have been unveiled. Summoner, Blue Mage, and Puppetmaster will be seeing job-specific adjustments and additions to improve and bolster their repertoire in battle.

For more general combat updates, a number of different weapon skills are being adjusted to increase their damage output, as well as a number of adjustments to the accuracy of players and pets.

For full details on the various job adjustments, check below the break. Which adjustment appeals to you the most? Let us know over on the ZAM forums!

Announcing the December Version Update!

 The next version update for Final Fantasy XI is slated for an early December release! Among the changes scheduled to be introduced is a number of new Adoulin quests, new Notorious Monsters for the Unity Concord system, job adjustments, the ability to equip two linkpearls simultaneously, and much more!

 Excited for the new update? Let us know over on the ZAM forums!

Film Friday: Thirteen New Trailers (Part One)

Thirteen New Videos: Part One

We'll be taking next Friday off to digest all that turkey, but settle back this week for a mega two-part edition of Film Friday. Coming up first are some great new videos from World of Warcraft, three different Final Fantasy games, DCUO and Mordheim City of the Damned!

Collaboration Event with Pictlogica Final Fantasy!

 Square Enix has announced an upcoming collaboration between Final Fantasy XI and the Japan-only smartphone application, Pictlogica Final Fantasy. From Tuesday, November 25th through to Tuesday, December 9th, a number of new furniture pieces for your Mog House, depicting pixel-based artwork of various XI characters, will be available for acquisition. While some, such as the nation specific ones, are easy to obtain, others require time spent in Mog Gardens or farming up Unity accolades!

Which of the portraits appeals to you the most? Let us know over on the ZAM forums!

Surge on Ahead with the Surge Walk Campaign!

 Have you been wanting to get in on the Walk of Echoes action, but always seem to miss when your favorite Walk is in Surge mode? Unable to get some of that awesome loot as a result? You're in luck! Starting on Tuesday, November 25th and running through to Tuesday, December 9th, all Walks will be powered up to Surge mode! So take to Walk of Echoes next week and take advantage of this newest campaign!

What Walk do you think you'll hit up the most? Let us know over on the ZAM forums!

Light and Darkness

 A mysterious illness has been sweeping through the Sacred City of Adoulin, and not even the amazing duo of the Adoulin Examiner, Famlienne and Skeptical Owl, have been safe from its touch. Where has Owl disappeared to? Why has the Examiner been suspended indefinitely during this crisis? What does this nobleman, clad in black, know about what rages through the city?

The answers to these mysteries will be unraveled soon!

What are your thoughts of this latest Adoulin Exerpt? Let us know over on the ZAM forums!