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July Version Update has Arrived!

The July version update of Final Fantasy XI has arrived! Among the plethora of changes added are two new high-tier battlefields involving the Shadow Lord and the mithran trackers known as the Shikaree Sisters! Various job adjustments have been implemented as well, alongside a number of changes to the Trust Initiative system.

For those prefering more light-hearted and less battle-oriented things, several new crafting changes have been added, including new synthesis and synergy recipes, a new synthesis history list has been made available, and the new monster raising system for Mog Gardens has arrived!

These are but just a few of the changes for the July version update, so be sure to check below the break for full details, and then let us know your thoughts over on the ZAM forums!

The July 2014 Login Campaign Descends

 On July 10th, Final Fantasy XI's Repeat Login Campaign will return to Vana'diel! Running through to August 2nd, daily logins will grant players points that can be exchanged for various prizes, both old and new. Among the new prizes will be some festive summertime treats, as well as the potential arrival of the Star Sibyl as a Trust Initiative alter ego!

Excited for the array of prizes you're planning on picking up? Let us know all about it over on the ZAM forums!

Quality of Life Adjustments

 To further improve the quality of life for players, Square Enix has prepared several changes to various aspects of Final Fantasy XI for the July version update! Time-based restrictions on progression will be reduced significantly for a number of quests and missions, alter egos will now be able to be called out in level sync parties as well as certain Treasures of Aht Urhgan mission battles, and changes will be made to the categories under the Edit Comment sections for searches.

Excited for these new changes? Let us know all about it over on the ZAM forums!

The May Version Update Survey

 Wanting to get opinions while the content is still hot, Square Enix has launched the May Version Update survey for Final Fantasy XI! Starting today, July 3rd, and running on through to July 10th, those individuals with active Square Enix accounts can share their thoughts on all the major changes that accompanied that update. Were the Ergon weapons for Rune Fencer and Geomancer as exciting as you anticipated? Did you think that the new Seekers of Adoulin missions could have been better? Now's your chance to let your voice be heard!

What were some of your opinions of the version update? Let us know all about it over on the ZAM forums!

From Melvien's Journal: The Unanswered

 Something mysterious has vexed the mind of Melvien de Malecroix, the leader of the Order of Woltaris and the Sacred City of Adoulin's Minister of Finance. A proponent of the colonization movement, Melvien's actions as of late have been increasingly erratic, such as spending hours upon hours within the Celennia Memorial Library as well as trips to the jungles alone. Now, the young minister hasn't returned from one of his excursions. Does his journal hold the key to his whereabouts?

What do you think has happened to Malecroix? Let us know about it over on the ZAM forums!

Campaign Festa and Alter Ego Expo!

 Starting on July 8th, two new campaigns for Final Fantasy XI will be arriving, making for big changes in content both from the past and the present! The first, running on through to July 29th, is the Campaign Festa, increasing spoils, experience, and allied notes rewarded in Campaign battles, as well as adding new spoils to a number of Campaign Ops. All the while preparing for a future version update to add content for those who have finished the Wings of the Goddess storyline.

The second, a new Alter Ego Expo, will be running through to July 22nd, and plans to offer a sizeable boost to HP, MP, and status ailment resistances for your favorite Alter Ego, to make their value in battle all the greater!

Excited for these campaigns? Let us know all about it over on the ZAM forums!

Results of February - April Version Update Survey

  Back in April, Square Enix released a survey covering the major version updates that had taken place between February and April. Today, the results of this survey have been released, letting your voice and the voices of your fellow adventurers be be known! Did your opinions on some of the newest content and game adjustments stand alone? Or were others in agreement with how you felt about the changes made?

What were your feelings on the overall results of the survey? Let us know all about it over on the ZAM forums!