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September 2014 Login Campaign Descends

 The September 2014 Login Campaign is right around the corner, bringing you epic prizes for logging in. In addition to old favorites such as Skirmish simulacra pieces and spawn items for Notorious Monsters, this campaign will also be bringing the new Cipher: Kuyin, the return of the Cipher: Naja, and the brand new Morbol Cap which can be used to craft the costume-granting Cassie's Cap! This newest campaign begins September 10th and runs through to October 9th!

 What items are you looking forward to the most? Let us know over on the ZAM forums!

Quality of Life Adjustments

 In the upcoming September version update of Final Fantasy XI, several new quality of life adjustments are slated to be implemented. New icons for Home Points and Survival Guides will now appear on maps, making it easy to track down their locations and know whether or not you've interacted with them before. A new option to rearrange the order of party members in your party list will also be added. Lastly, have you had a hard time trying to find just where you left a particular piece of equipment? A new /itemsearch command is to be added to alleviate that problem, listing all instances amongst your storage systems where a particular item is!

Do you like these changes? Let us know about it over on the ZAM forums!

Blazing Buffaloes

 It's that time of the year again! The Moogles over at the MHMU are in need of your help to curb the aggressive buffaloes swarming about Vana'diel! From September 10th through to September 24th, these aggressive beasts will be roaming outside the three starting cities, and getting them back into their stables will net you special cards you can exchange for special prizes! Do you have what it takes to wrangle these buffalo? Then grab your lasso and mount up!

Excited for the return of the Blazing Buffaloes event? Let us know over on the the ZAM forums!

New Walk of Echoes Content

 In the upcoming September version update of Final Fantasy XI, Walk of Echoes will be receiving major updates to appeal to higher item level players. Surged Walks involve higher level versions of the existing walk fights, and will net victors with capacity points and higher level versions of older Walk of Echoes equipment, while Endowed Walks will reward players with a large amount of temporary items upon entry to aid them in battle!

What are your thoughts of the new Walk of Echoes changes? Let us know over on the ZAM forums!

Details on the Upcoming Version Update!

 The upcoming September version update of Final Fantasy XI is less than a week away! With several new job adjustments, new Walk of Echoes challenges, adjustments to Monster Rearing and the Trust Initiative, party member sorting, and the new Incursion battle content, there's something available for everyone! Look for this new version update to land September 8th!

Excited about this version update? Let us know about it over on the ZAM forums!

New Battle Content: Incursion!

 Feeling a rush for new challenges? How does the prospect of yourself and a handful of other battle-hardened adventurers facing off against waves of deadly Velkk sound? If such a fight sounds appealing, you're in luck, for in the upcoming September version update of Final Fantasy XI, the new Incursion battle content will be added. Up to eighteen adventurers will be able to enter deep into the stronghold of Adoulin's reptilian beastmen, for both the spoils of war and for the challenge of some of the most dangerous fights yet!

 Excited to be facing off against the Velkk? Let us know all about it over on the ZAM forums!

Double Synthesis Skill Increase Campaign!

 Been needing to work on your crafts, but hate spending hours synthing only to come up with minimal results? You're in luck! From September 5th through the 6th, Square Enix is running the Double Synthesis Skill Increase Campaign! So be sure to collect your crystals and mats and gather your crafting kits to take advantage of this special event!

What are your thoughts on this upcoming campaign? Let us know over on the ZAM forums!