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I haven't had a chance to try everything yet
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I had no idea there were changes! I must go!

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Alter Ego Expo Redux!

 The Alter Ego Expo for Final FAntasy XI has returned! Starting September 24th and running through to October 9th, players will find their favorite alter egos of the Trust Initiative more powerful than before, with maximum HP and MP increased by 50% and a strong resistance to status ailments implemented as well!


What challenges do you intend to face with your stronger NPC allies? Let us know over on the ZAM forums!



June and July Version Update Survey

Square Enix wants your voice to be heard! To gather information on the past two major version updates of Final Fantasy XI, a new update survey has been released. Did you enjoy the new high-tier mission battles added? Did you think that the various job adjustments could have been a bit better? Now's your chance to let Square Enix know what you think!

What are your opinions of the version update survey? Let us know over on the ZAM forums!

The Adventuring Primer Has Been Updated!

 The Adventuring Primer, Square Enix's official resource for information on the world of Vana'diel, has received a new, streamlined look for easy access. Needing the latest info on the Trust Initiative or wanting to learn more about Delve? All the information you could ever want about Final Fantasy XI is right at your fingertips in this readily accessible, user-friendly format!

Do you like the new look of the Primer? Let us know over on the ZAM forums!

The September Version Update Has Descended

 The wait is over! The September version update of Final Fantasy XI has arrived! A host of new and updated content has been added, including new job adjustments for Beastmaster, Dragoon, Blue Mage, Dancer, and Rune Fencer, a number of quality of life adjustments to make your playing experience more enjoyable, new Walk of Echoes challenges for higher-geared individuals, and the introduction of the brand new Incursion battle system!

What was your thought of the new version update? Let us know over on the ZAM forums!

A New Quest Takes the Stage!

 Secrets of Adoulin's past will be unveiled in the upcoming September version update of Final Fantasy XI, as Roskin, always in search of new knowledge, reveals a new quest for adventurers that uncovers information about King August and his incursions into the jungles surrounding the city. What mysteries will be answered? What will you find buried in Adoulin's past?

Excited for this new quest? Let us know over on the ZAM forums!

September 2014 Login Campaign Descends

 The September 2014 Login Campaign is right around the corner, bringing you epic prizes for logging in. In addition to old favorites such as Skirmish simulacra pieces and spawn items for Notorious Monsters, this campaign will also be bringing the new Cipher: Kuyin, the return of the Cipher: Naja, and the brand new Morbol Cap which can be used to craft the costume-granting Cassie's Cap! This newest campaign begins September 10th and runs through to October 9th!

 What items are you looking forward to the most? Let us know over on the ZAM forums!

Quality of Life Adjustments

 In the upcoming September version update of Final Fantasy XI, several new quality of life adjustments are slated to be implemented. New icons for Home Points and Survival Guides will now appear on maps, making it easy to track down their locations and know whether or not you've interacted with them before. A new option to rearrange the order of party members in your party list will also be added. Lastly, have you had a hard time trying to find just where you left a particular piece of equipment? A new /itemsearch command is to be added to alleviate that problem, listing all instances amongst your storage systems where a particular item is!

Do you like these changes? Let us know about it over on the ZAM forums!