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Two FFXI Campaigns to celebrate 12 years!

 It has been twelve amazing years since Square Enix first brought Final Fantasy XI to the gaming community, and to help celebrate so many years of service, two new campaigns for FFXI have been announced! Starting September 10th and running through to the 17th, former players will have a chance to log in for free with the Rturn Home to Vana'diel Campaign!

 If that's piqued your interest in returning, starting on the 10th and running through the 23rd, the Discount Campaign for FFXI will allow for reduced prices on the Seekers of Adoulin digital download, the FFXI Ultimate Collection Seekers Edition, and world transfer fees!

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Announcing the Idyllic Vana'diel Initiative!

 To go alongside the Return Home to Vana'diel and Adventurer Appreciation campaigns soon to arrive, Square Enix has announced several additional in-game events for Final Fantasy XI to begin on September 10th! From brand new Mog Pells for item exchange to double experience points, to the return of the Dragon Quest X/Final Fantasy XIV collaboration event to the return of the Alter Ego Campaign, there's a little something for everyone!

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Job Adjustments

 The September version update of Final Fantasy XI is fast approaching, and a number of job adjustments are scheduled for various jobs are slated to make an appearance! Brand new jug pets for Beastmaster, new combat buffs for Dragoon whenever its wyvern levels up, new spells for Blue Mage, a new ability for Dancer, and adjustments to Rune Fencer's Valiance are among just some of the changes planned!

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Final Fantasy XI September Update Approaches!

 With the August version update still fresh with that new content smell, Square Enix has already announced the upcoming September version update for Final Fantasy XI! While only a handful of details have been released, players will be able to expect the new Incursion battle content, new Walk of Echoes content for high item level characters, new job adjustments, changes to the Gobbie Mystery Box system, a new monster family for Monster Rearing, and much more!

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Double Capacity Point Campaign Returns!

 Feeling overwhelmed with the new line of job point categories added in the recent version update? Wishing there was a way to speed up the process? You're in luck, for Square Enix has announced the return of the Final Fantasy XI Double Capacity Point Campaign! Starting August 28th and running through to September 5th, monsters slain will yield twice the capacity points they normally would!

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Two New Games Revealed

Amid the frenzy of Gamescom and SOE Live, it was inevitable a few games would slip by. To remedy that, here are two revealed games we haven't mentioned yet: Life is Strange and Cities: Skylines!

Campaigns Grace Mog Gardens and Skirmishes!

 Get ready for more Mog Garden and Skirmish fun, for two new campaigns revolving around these events will be hitting Final Fantasy XI on August 21st! Running through to the end of the month, the name of these campaigns is double! For the Mog Gardens, the number of shining stars and number of items you can receive from the monster you're rearing will double!

 For Skirmishes, the number of simulacra segments that can be obtained from colonization and lair reives will also double, allowing adventurers to take part in Skirmish twice as often!

 Excited about these campaigns? Let us know all about it over on the ZAM forums!