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Announcing the Summer Alter Ego Extravaganza!

 Looking to add some new alter egos to your repertoire of powerful allies? Are there a few older ones that you missed out on obtaining the last time they were available? You're in luck, for the Summer Alter Ego Extravaganza for Final Fantasy XI will be bringing back favorites such as Joachim and Tenzen, as well as adding four brand new alter egos for you to acquire. Hailing from the Wings of the Goddess expansion, the characters Elivira, Noillurie, Ferreous Coffin, and Lhu Mhakaracca will be among the list of companions one can acquire from June 30th through to July 31st!

Which of the new faces are you most excited for? Let us know all about it over on the ZAM forums!

Job Adjustments

 The July version update of Final Fantasy XI plans to bring some major changes to various jobs with the introduction of new job adjustments! Several new spells will be added to the Red Mage, Blue Mage, and Geomancer jobs, including new spells to boost attack speed, decrease enemy physical evasion, and more! For non-spell based adjustments, Corsair's Corsair Roll will now affect the acquiring of capacity points, and the Stormwalker head for a Puppetmaster's automaton will be able to cast the Haste II spell!

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FFXI Ultimate Collection Available Steam Sale!

 Wanting to help a friend start Final Fantasy XI but don't want to track down all the various expansions? Wishing you could get back into the game with one complete package? You're in luck! During Steam's annual summer sale, the Final Fantasy XI: Ultimate Collection Seekers Edition is available at 33% off the normal price! This collection features the core game, all five full expansions, the three add-on scenarios, as well as the three Abyssea add-on battle scenarios! So if this tickles your fancy, be sure to pick up the collection quickly, for this limited time offer ends on June 30th!

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Beat the Heat with the July Version Update!

 Though Final Fantasy XI's June version update is less than a week old, Square Enix is already hard at work preparing new content for the next big update, scheduled for early July! New high-tier battlefields, including the return of the powerful Shadow Lord, are planned to appear, as well as several spell-based job adjustments, including the arrival of the long-awaited Haste II spell for Red Mages! Synthing will also be improved, with a new list feature to show previously completed synths in the works!

Excited for this teaser of new changes to come? Let us know all about it over on the ZAM forums!

Double Experience Campaign!

 Wanting to level up a new job that you've been neglecting? Needing to just grind out a large amount of merit points? Square Enix has you covered, for the Double Experience Campaign is returning! Starting Thursday, June 26th and running through to Sunday, June 29th, monster kills will yield twice the experience or limit points they normally would! So grab your favorite weapon and book of spells, and take advantage of this campaign!

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Celestial Nights: Eyes on Me

It may come but once a year, but the story of Prince Yahiko and Princess Amdina is one that endures to this day, and the grand festival that honors the tale of these two lovers is quickly approaching. From Monday, June 23rd through Tuesday, July 8th, the three starting cities of Windurst, San d'Oria, and Bastok will be transformed into a stage for the telling of this timeless story. This is a tale that will touch the hearts of adventurers both old and new, so if you've never experienced it before, do yourself a favor and spend some time taking in these rousing Celestial Nights.

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Seeds Sown for Mog Garden Campaign!

 Break out your pitchforks and fishing nets, for Square Enix has announced a brand new campaign nestled along the shores of Adoulin! Yes, starting June 23rd and running through to July 8th, a new campaign will arrive for the Mog Gardens! Double the amount of shining stars one can accumulate, new flotsam washing asure, new prizes to be obtained through trading in the stars, and teasing of a new facility to arrive in July's version update!

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