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Veil Lifted on the Latest Version Update!

 The March version update of Final Fantasy XI has arrived! The second installment of the popular Delve battlefield content has been implemented, bringing adventurers face to face with new challenges deep within the Yorcia Weald [U]! With these new challenges comes new rewards, with both crafting materials and new weapons and armor available from felled fiends. To help combat these new challenges, Relic body and leg armor upgrade options are now available, allowing for them to be increased to item level 119.

 Other content that has been implemented or updated includes changes to Reives and Campaign, the new Job Points system, the new Cait Sith avatar for Summoners, an overhaul to the fishing system, changes to Treasure Hunter, new Monstrosity and Trust options, and much more!

Excited for these changes to FFXI? Tell us what excites you the most over on the ZAM forums!

Final Fantasy XI: Quality of Life Adjustments

In the upcoming March version update of Final Fantasy XI, several changes will be implemented to help ease the difficulty of various aspects of the game and just provide a more streamlined experience. Players will now be able to gain combat and magic skills in Reive battles, the amount of Merit Points required to buy certain battlefield Key Items will be reduced, and the respawn times for the three Beastmen Kings for Aht Urhgan will be reduced.

For those not as heavily interested in battle, a new option to exchange unwanted job-specific Adoulin capes for more sought after ones will be added, as well as a new bid history option for the Auction House.

Share your thoughts with us on these upcoming quality of life adjustments over on the ZAM forums!

Square Enix Collaboration Event Approaches

 The worlds of Final Fantasy XI, Final Fantasy XIV, and Dragon Quest X Online are preparing for another collaboration to celebrate the various successes of all three games! The teardrop slimes from Dragon Quest have found their way to Vana'diel again, but this time they've brought some unwanted company, she-slimes and metal slimes! It's up to you to capture these smiling jellies and return them to the Astoltia Ark in time for them to return home!

 Speaking of Vana'dielian trespassers, spriggans from Eorzea have returned, and native Moogles are asking for help to track them down and collect them before they cause too much trouble!

 As with the first collaboration event, special themed armor will be available upon completion of these various collection tasks, as well as new spirits for the Monstrosity battle system! So from March 18th through April 9th, be sure to help quell these otherworldly creatures!

Let us know what you think of this collaboration event over on the ZAM forums!

Fishing System Renovation

 For those of the angler persuasion, the March version update of Final Fantasy XI will see a total revamp to the fishing system. To streamline the fishing process, a new symbol-based layout has been developed, where tapping the directional button corresponding to the direction indicated by arrows on screen will weaken the hooked fish. In addition to the basic silver arrows, gold arrows to indicate a chance of putting a bigger dent in the fish's stamina and light bulbs to indicate moments of fishing instinct will also be introduced.

Like the changes planned for the fishing system? Let us know all about it over on the ZAM forums!

From Melvien’s Journal: Soul Puppet

 The leader of the Order of Woltaris reveals more of his private thoughts in this newest look at Melvien's Journal. Relating to a moment he had with his butler involving paper dolls and insects within, Melvien contemplates the idea that the body is little more than a puppet to the soul, and in turn the soul is little more than a puppet to the whims of nature itself. What does this mean for Ygnas, king of Adoulin now turned leafkin? Has nature changed him into little more than a puppet?

What are your thoughts on Melvien's newest journal entry? Let us know all about it over on the ZAM forums!

Reforging Relic Chest and Leg Armor

 Following up on the February version update that introduced level 119 version of Relic head, hand, and feet armor, Square Enix has announced that the March version update of Final Fantasy XI will be finishing up these new versions of Relic armor with the introduction of Body and Leg armor upgrades!

What are your feelings on the new armor upgrades? Let us know all about it over on the ZAM forums!

Egg Hunt 2014 - Jemimi's Mission: Impossible

 It's that time of the year again! Time to cast off your hardened shells and enjoy the egg-citing Final Fantasy XI Egg Hunt! To celebrate this returning event during the Eleventh Vana'versary, three new egg combinations have been added for players to try and collect, and a brand new Easter-themed Chocobo shield is awaiting those who bring in their special eggs! Starting March 18th and running through to April 2nd, San d'Oria, Windurst, and Bastok will be an certainly be an eggs-quisite place to be!

Let us know all about your egg-hunting prowess over on the ZAM forums!