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From Melvien’s Journal: Soul Puppet

 The leader of the Order of Woltaris reveals more of his private thoughts in this newest look at Melvien's Journal. Relating to a moment he had with his butler involving paper dolls and insects within, Melvien contemplates the idea that the body is little more than a puppet to the soul, and in turn the soul is little more than a puppet to the whims of nature itself. What does this mean for Ygnas, king of Adoulin now turned leafkin? Has nature changed him into little more than a puppet?

What are your thoughts on Melvien's newest journal entry? Let us know all about it over on the ZAM forums!

Reforging Relic Chest and Leg Armor

 Following up on the February version update that introduced level 119 version of Relic head, hand, and feet armor, Square Enix has announced that the March version update of Final Fantasy XI will be finishing up these new versions of Relic armor with the introduction of Body and Leg armor upgrades!

What are your feelings on the new armor upgrades? Let us know all about it over on the ZAM forums!

Egg Hunt 2014 - Jemimi's Mission: Impossible

 It's that time of the year again! Time to cast off your hardened shells and enjoy the egg-citing Final Fantasy XI Egg Hunt! To celebrate this returning event during the Eleventh Vana'versary, three new egg combinations have been added for players to try and collect, and a brand new Easter-themed Chocobo shield is awaiting those who bring in their special eggs! Starting March 18th and running through to April 2nd, San d'Oria, Windurst, and Bastok will be an certainly be an eggs-quisite place to be!

Let us know all about your egg-hunting prowess over on the ZAM forums!

11th Vana'versary Campaign!

 The 11th Vana'versary Campaign for FFXI is under way! From March 10th through March 17th, seven simultaneous events to celebrate the game's anniversary will be running! Double experience points for both players and Monstrosity, a special Abyssea event to stock new players up on all the special items they need to get started, increased drop rate on all seals for battlefields, doubling the rate of Skirmish simulacrum item rates, additional Mog Gardens shining stars, and the 9th Repeat Login Campaign are all taking place right now!

Share all your thoughts about the new campaign over on the ZAM forums!

New Alter Egos and Alter Ego Adjustments

Looking to further increase your repertoire of Trust npcs, or just wanting to tailor make a themed party to join you in battle? Square Enix will be introducing four new Alter Egos to assist you in just that! The powerful monk Zazarg, Aht Urhgan's monarch Nashmeira, the fiesty White Mage Cherukiki, and Adoulin's exorcist Ingrid, are all slated to be added in the upcoming March version update, lending their unique abilities to those that will have them!

Several new changes to the Trust system are also planned to be implemented, including a significant increase in battlefields that players can call them out, new dialogue options for each Alter Ego for various situations, and a new option to allow players to toggle on and off the ability to see the Alter Egos of other players!

Let us know what you think of these planned changes to the Trust system over on the ZAM forums!

Details on Upcoming Version Update!

 The March version update for Final Fantasy XI is fast approaching, and a list of all planned additions and changes has been released! New Delve content, new Records of Eminence and Seekers of Adoulin lore-related quests, the new job points system, vanity gear locking, the new Cait Sith summon, expansions on Relic armor reforging, and much more are all planned to be implemented! Be prepared for major changes to hit Vana'diel on March 18th!

For full details on the planned changes, check below the break.

Looking forward to any of the planned changes? Let us know all about it over on the ZAM forums!

Repeat Login Campaign No. 9 Comes Shufflin' In!

 For those that can't get enough of that Repeat Login Campaign excitement, the 9th installment is fast on its way to arrive! In addition to returning prizes such as the Zeid Cipher and Chocobo Masque and Suits, two new items are being added to the list of obtainable rewards. Those seeking a new Trust companion will undoubtedly be excited over the new Lehko Habhoka Cipher, allowing the Mithra of Wings of the Goddess fame to join you in battle! In preparation for the upcoming Job Points system, the new experience points boosting ring, the Expertise Ring, may suit your fancy better! Be prepared for new, exciting rewards starting March 10th!

What items are you most excited for? Let us know all about it over on the ZAM forums!