Dynamis - Jeuno  

Type: Battlefield
Region: N/A
Min Level: 65
Max Level: 99
This Area requires Zilart
Quests for Dynamis - Jeuno
Mobs found in Dynamis - Jeuno
Items found in Dynamis - Jeuno

Accessed by trading a Perpetual Hourglass to a Trail Marking. Dynamis - Jeuno is a gloomy, alternate reality of Ru'Lude Gardens. In this alternate reality of Jeuno, Goblins and eerie Goblin Statues dominate. There are a lot of NMs lurking in this dark place. Enemies are all about L75 or higher and attack in brute force, but they drop unique stuff including Relic armor.

Trail Marking Location: Ru'Lude Gardens (K-8)
Title Granted: Dynamis-Jeuno Interloper
Key Item Obtained: Hydra Corps Tactical Map

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Relic Armor

Relic Armor Job Level Stats
Abyss Flanchard DRK 73 DEF:38 MP+18 MND+5 Dark Magic skill +5 "Magic Def. Bonus"+5
Assassin's Poulaines THF 73 DEF:15 HP+15 CHR+5 "Triple Attack+1" Enmity+2
Bard's Slippers BRD 71 DEF:14 HP+12 Parrying Skill+3 Enmity-2 String Instrument skill+3
Cleric's Pantaloons WHM 72 DEF:31 MP+17 Healing Magic Skill+15 Enmity-2 Elemental resistance spells +20
Duelist's Tights RDM 73 DEF:33 MP+16 DEX+5 Elemental magic skill+10 Enhances effect of "Spikes" spells
Koga Kyahan NIN 72 DEF:15 VIT+7 Ninjutsu skill+10 Nighttime: DEX +7
Melee Gloves MNK 73 DEF:15 HP+3% Attack+16 "Subtle Blow"+4 Enhances "Chakra" effect
Saotome Sune-Ate SAM 71 DEF:18 HP+23 DEX+5 Attack+8 Enmity+1
Scout's Beret RNG 73 DEF:24 HP+15 MND+4 Enmity-3 "Recycle"
Sorcerer's Sabots BLM 71 DEF:14 MP+18 INT+2 Enmity-1 "Conserve MP"+5
Warrior's Mufflers WAR 71 DEF:22 HP+20 VIT+5 Attack+12 Enmity+2
Wyrm Finger Gauntlets DRG 73 DEF:19 HP+16 AGI+3 Accuracy+5 Wyvern: Magic damage taken -5%

Relic Weapons

Weapon Job Level Stats
Relic Bow SAM RNG 75 Damage: 1 Delay: 999
Relic Horn BRD 75 Damage:N/A Delay:N/A
Relic Shield PLD 75 Damage: 1 Delay: 999
Relic Staff BLM SMN 75 Damage: 1 Delay: 999

Other Drops

Misc. Items Ancient Currency
Gold Beastcoin One Byne Bill
Infinity Core One Hundred Byne Bill
Mythril Beastcoin Lungo-Nango Jadeshell
Relic Iron Tukuku Whiteshell
Slime Oil Ordelle Bronzepiece
Sparkling Stone Montiont Silverpiece
Goblin Grease

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