Vana'diel Bestiary: Vouivre  

Found in:Ifrit's Cauldron
Secondary Job:Warrior
Level:79 - 80
  • Notorious Monster
  • Based on Wind
  • Weak against Darkness
  • Strong against Fire
  • Strong against Wind
Updated: Fri Oct 16 03:51:35 2009

Vouivre Picture

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General Information

Vouivre's Spawn Location
Vouivre's Spawn Location

  • Has a potent Auto-Regen effect that cannot be dispelled.

Vouivre Special Attacks

  • Wind Wall: Self target Evasion boost. (Effect can be dispelled).

  • Radiant Breath: Frontal cone AoE Light based magic damage with additional Silence and Slow effects.

  • Dispelling Wind: AoE Dispel effect (Circle of effect originates from mob).

  • Dread Shriek: AoE Paralysis effect (Circle of effect originates from mob).

Historical Information

In French folklore, the Vouivre was a single eyed dragon with scales so brilliant that they sparkled like diamonds. Like other dragons of French legend, the Vouivre was said to be a treasure hoarder, often coming out on Palm Sunday to spread out its collection and admire it. It would often ambush any treasure seekers that stumbled upon its precious items by overturning the rocks it would hide them under.

Final Fantasy XI

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# Apr 19 2009 at 10:11 PM Rating: Decent
1 post
Managed to kill Vouivre
Blu/nin - Citreille
Nin/war - Jayku
Thf/nin - Deathocha
Rdm/whm - Sarenity

I was the rdm and happy I got my Gae Bolg
Server Garuda ^^
Linkshell Deathbringers
Talk about a fun night

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Attempt at Gae Bolg
# May 06 2008 at 9:08 PM Rating: Decent
38 posts
We just finished a Farming Session (reason we had as many people as we did), which started out for 2 Skulls and a shot at Vouivre for my DRG.
When we got up there Voiuvre was not up(which sucked, since he is normally wandering around), so we started pulling Wyverns and figured we would work on getting skulls while waiting.
Killed 37 and got 6 Skulls.
Total Time about 3 Hours.
Voiuvre never poped.

Jobs were:

Zeledon, Siren Server
WHM37 | WAR37 | RDM30 | BLM22 | MNK18 | THF15
DRG75 | SAM75 | SMN64 | NIN19 | RNG15 | DRK5 | BRD5 | PLD4 | BST3
BLU37 | PUP0 | COR0
DNC37 | SCH0
San d'Oria 9-2 | RoZ: O | CoP: Ov2| ToAU: 44 | WoTG: 15
# Feb 12 2008 at 3:35 PM Rating: Decent
80 posts
The Linkshell try to help me to get the Gae Bloe, we got to the point and he was not up. We killed the wveryn(sp?) for least 2hr still no pop.
Paladin Tankable
# Mar 26 2007 at 11:47 AM Rating: Decent
316 posts
Older posts stated that he hits too hard to be PLD tankable, but at least after the last round of paladin updates this is no longer the case. We went and took him down last Friday to get the polearm for our static's drg who had just dinged 68. Our setup was:
75 pld/war
75 drg/whm
75 brd/whm
75 rng/nin
75 rdm/whm
70 blm/whm

We took him down in around 10-15 minutes. I can't remember exactly how long, but as ranger I recall I was only able to get off two barrages, so it should be in that 10-15 minute range. Pld was easily able to tank the mob, we had one nasty moment where his HP dipped really low, and really only one other time that he even got into orange HP. We never had any issues with anyone's magic running low, and aside from a few weaponskills where I went trigger happy with my slug shots, we didn't really have issues with anyone else ever pulling hate. All in all a very fun fight.
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too weak ; ;
# Nov 30 2006 at 3:12 AM Rating: Decent
2 posts
ok after doing a merc run for an ohat with 3 other bst for some mnk (YaY gil) i make my way here to do some mining / light xp / nm hunt/ and after reading some posts i see this guy up, hmm i think lets give it a try. well after dragging this guy all over ifrits for like an hour or so and a few bios he finaly goes down. so this guy can be soloed at 73bst/36rdm yay polearm...tobad i dont lvl drg. oh ya i even got a gravity off and that kinda shocked me :P

Edited, Nov 30th 2006 6:17am by Zimmimaru
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easy fight
# Oct 29 2006 at 11:16 PM Rating: Decent
2 posts
it was already there when we reached the camp (was planning to camp skull)


BRD give melee evasion song x2

Tank without any problem, only interrupt my shadow casting once

tooks around 20 mins to take it down
but we could have easily killed him with just the
# May 29 2006 at 8:57 PM Rating: Decent
We were out farming the skull for a level 60 bard friend of mine, we went out as a whole party however the only ones to make it to the camp were me (74thf/nin) and a level 75rdm/ninja. The bard waited at zone and everyone else got lost :)

but we could have easily killed him with just the 3

We descided to try killing the wyverns and found that it was no issue. We got the skull after 5 kills. We saw the NM and thought what the heck, both put reraise II up and were contemplating pulling him. A friendly 75blm/rdm wandered into camp and he joined up. With just 3 we pulled and had an awsome time :) after about 30 minutes we escaped out. The regen was way to fast and with no real voker the blm had to hold back ALOT. No one even hit yellow HP.

No real moral to this story, but it was fun all the same :)
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RE: but we could have easily killed him with just
# May 30 2006 at 1:04 AM Rating: Decent
A 75rdm/nin, are you kidding me? I think you mean a UBER 75rdm/nin! lol

Kyrrala isn't kidding tho, SATA ws did some dmg but, sadly it's regen was too fast. If the blm could of let loose we would of had an easy win, but sadly I'm just a lowly rdm/nin tank with no voke.

Oh, and everyone beware Kyrrala TP gain is Impossible to Gauge!

Had fun tonight Kyrrala let's do it again :D
# May 16 2006 at 5:57 AM Rating: Decent
181 posts
can a BST solo it using the local pets as attack forces?
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# May 15 2006 at 12:26 PM Rating: Decent
13 posts
does any 1 know the spawn times and drop rate on the lance? it would b much appreciated
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own him
# Feb 08 2006 at 4:43 AM Rating: Decent
79 posts
Kill him with:

RDM/WHM 75 (me)

Took about 30 mins -,-
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Just killed
# Jan 21 2006 at 7:18 PM Rating: Good
37 posts
Took this guy down about 10 minutes ago with:


All level 75. Only one MNK died, fight lasted a while but wasn't too bad. Then again we have a good ninja tanking him ^^. Somepage says this guy needs 18 ppl 70+ incase anyone cares, I found that rather amusing myself. Oh, and one last thing, Light SC did wonders on him. Asuran Fists > Raging Fists > Shark bite did about 2-3k in damage both times we used it. GL if anyone is trying this; with a good tank he ain't so bad.
Killed him tonight
# Dec 27 2005 at 6:43 AM Rating: Good
1,395 posts
This NM was up when we went to get a skull for someone. It was a Lv75NIN/WAR, Lv75MNK/NIN, Lv68RDM, Lv60-something SMN, a BRD that was /anon and me (70BST/WHM).

We decided we'd clear the Wyverns out and then fight him. I charmed and 2hr'd a VT Ash Lizard. The NIN and the Ash Lizard were the only ones that fought it 100% of the time. The MNK would build his TP and disengage for multiple boosts and then jump in and close the SC. I let the my Pet build 300TP before unleashing... *drumroll* Secretion, lol. It never used an offensive attack once. ;;

Once we got it to 25% HP or so, the SMN 2hr'd and used Fenrir. It used a lot of TP moves, but since only the NIN, MNK and Lizard were fighting it, we did didn't give it as much TP as we could have. I wouldn't do enough damage to it to make up for the TP it would gain, so I was a back-up healer/status-remover. The RDM Dispeled whenever it EVA boosted, debuffed it and kept Protect on the NIN whenever it would use Dispelga. The NINs HP hit yellow twice once and orange once which was quickly met with my Cure3's and Cure4. Other than that, she didn't get hit much at all.

I kept watching my 2hr timer and overall the fight lasted 29minutes. I had less than one minute before my Pet turned on me from my 2hr. We got everything this guy drops I think: skin, wing, scales, 3 or 4 Wind Crystals and the Gae Bolg.

Overall it was a very fun fight. We didn't know if we could actually take him or not, but we took him down with no problems whatsoever. IOt was a long fight, but not once did we ever feel like things might go bad. If anyone reading this ever plans on fighting him, make sure the people that do not hit for much stay out of the fight if you have a NIN tank or it's TP moves will make short work of them. Good luck.

EDIT: Forgot to mention that a NIN and RDM could probably duo this thing. It would be a very, very, VERY long fight, but it could likely be done and it would probably be the easiest way. Dispel from the RDM helps tremendously. And with the NIN being the only one fighting, it wouldn't gain TP so fast and that's the key to making this a very easy fight. Not short, but easy.

Edited, Tue Dec 27 06:59:07 2005
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RE: Killed him tonight
# Dec 27 2005 at 10:54 AM Rating: Excellent
73 posts
Hey Clim, it's Kao ^^. Loads of fun last night! The SMN was 66 and the BRD was 67.

I've been out there with a 75 WHM and the same BRD. We took him down to around 90%, but gave up after awhile cuz it'd take forever to get his HP down. If I load up on accuracy gear, I'd bet I'd be able to hit him consistently enough to counter his strong regen. When my misses stacked up, we'd be at at standstill or he'd regen a fair amount of HP. Could be done I think with a RDM NIN duo, but would indeed take a very very very very long time...

Edited, Tue Dec 27 10:03:40 2005
Siren Server
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RE: Killed him tonight
# Dec 27 2005 at 4:56 PM Rating: Good
1,395 posts
Hey Kao. You did a great job tanking him last night. I had no idea of the levels of Coop and Lon. =/

Wouldn't Bio2 take care of his HP Regen enough to where the NIN would do enough damage over his natural HP Regen? That's more of what I was thinking whe I say a NIN and RDM duoing him. I don't think Dia2 would tick for enough to be as effective as Bio2, though I could be wrong. I think you only got hit 3 or 4 times during that fight total, so I've no doubt you and a RDM could duo it (RDM/BST 4tw!). Sure, it would take a very long time to duo him, but that's where the fun is! Took me over 2hrs to take down the San Mission 6-1 NM Cactaur and I can honestly say it's the most fun I've had in the game so far... well, our Tyrannic Tunnock excursion was quite entertaining as well, lol.
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#Calley, Posted: Oct 27 2005 at 10:07 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) like so many other stories, we started as a skullfarming party for crown. It was:
beware dispelling wind!!!
# Oct 27 2005 at 10:07 PM Rating: Default
75 posts
like so many other stories, we started as a skullfarming party for crown. It was:

73whm (Moi)

we were able to get him down to about 10% no problem whatsoever..and then...

when he gets down to about 10-15% he starts SPAMMING dispelling wind, which is a huge pain in the ***. Our two mnks actually stole hate from him so much that invincible wouldnt distract him. after the first mnk died and the blm died it was escape time.

between paralyzega, dispelga and his high attack in general id recommend either using a ninja tank or bringing more than 6 people. the lance drop sucks anyway. we actually just fought it for the sake of fighting him.
(> <)
another fight
# Oct 20 2005 at 12:11 PM Rating: Decent
52 posts
killed this bad boy last night. we were out farming skulls and he was up so we took him on. party was 75 nin, 75 whm, 70 brd, 70 war, 70 thf. fight took almost 2 hours...would have been a bit shorter but the war & thf didnt have sushi on them. whoops!

one or two close calls with the nin hitting low red hp but overall a pretty safe fight. gae bolg dropped for the nin too ^^

gave me 96 exp at level 70.
12+ 70???
# Oct 12 2005 at 2:06 PM Rating: Default
480 posts
Well... I was in Ifrits a.k.a. **** last night helping out with Opo-opo killing Huricane Wyv. we see em pop setup was...75+28 merits, 75DRK+11merits (me), 75DRG, 72 BRD, 75 SMN. No deaths, I was parsing the fights so now I knkow he has around 43K HP but we did it with 5 got the Gae Bolg. He really is a ***** IMO, he was hitting me for like 180 on normal attacks.

I'm a galka so I wasn't holding back much, the NIN has something like 293 EVA skill so he was str8 Enmity. got down to 100 HP twice I<3stun He wasn't hard to kill, just like all HNM gotta get that HP outta the way. Long story short...if you have a pty of 5 or 6 75's or so and you know the ppl are HQ players take em on.
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# Sep 27 2005 at 2:41 PM Rating: Decent
177 posts
Anyone on Fairy and has a bored LS can help me get my Gae Bolg^^;. I want to get this before I hit 68, which seems unlikely, so I can use this once I hit 68. Same applies for my Assualt Jerkin but both aren't too likely.

Typing loldr-g without the - makes your post say I'm a moron. Thank you filters =)
That's so cool.
whats funny is no one mentiond pos of this guy
# Aug 14 2005 at 2:18 PM Rating: Decent
99 posts
what pos is this dragon acutaly at like 20 posts no one mentions pos ?
# Aug 13 2005 at 8:18 AM Rating: Decent
12 posts
My vuivre story. Me a nin friend Pumar and a Smn Ulfulrik were camping Wyverns for opo crown skull....and we see Vuivre...ask ls its stats they say "Killable by 12+ 70+ members"...well pumar and I being the punks we are think to **** w/ that we can trio this thing...Smn buff up and I pull...45 min later we are all full health and no probs what so ever..thing is weve done easily about 10k dmg and his health hadnt moved at all. So we got bored and decided it wasnt worth it for a polearm we would all surely drop...so the smn and i ran away and pumar 2hrd...end of story
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Vouivre Update?
# Aug 07 2005 at 7:49 PM Rating: Decent
1 post
Anyone know how Vouivre was updated? It was updated June 23'rd. I heard it got weaker. Is that true?
Fairy Server
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Too Weak
# Jul 23 2005 at 9:33 PM Rating: Decent
819 posts
This guy is a wuss.

I never bothered fighting him until just a few hours ago. I always preferred my Colossal Lance over Gae Bolg, and still do.

Beat this guy with 2x 75WHM, 75RDM, 75PLD, 75BLM, 75SMN, 75DRG(me), 65WAR, 64MNK, 64SAM, 60DRG.

The PLD tanked it solo. No Utsusemi, no back up tank, never even hit orange HP.

The SMN was doing Predator Claws, MNK was charging up Chi Blast, I was mostly using Leg Sweep for Stun, BLM moderately nuking, WHMs taking turn on healing, BLM kept Bio II on him to counter Regen, the SAM and WAR were whiffing like crazy, as well as the DRG who was there.

People make this guy out to be bigger than he is. He was a joke, and I am a little dissappointed, I was hoping for a good fight.
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RE: Vouivre way harder
# Jun 24 2005 at 10:39 AM Rating: Decent
359 posts
Rykielz your party must have been really weak or something. My took this lizard down with a party of 6 and he was easy too because never once where we even close to losing. We had Nin DRG THF WHM BLM BRD <--- me. Too like 40 minutes but it was a easy fight. Done this before the last patch so I doubt if there was a ungrade.
Vouivre way harder
# Jun 09 2005 at 4:54 AM Rating: Decent
4 posts
I dunno if SE upgraded this thing or what. But I brought 15 people at one point to fight this thing and it was way harder then any of you make this out to be. I had 1 NIN, 2 WHM, 2 BLM, 1 DRG, 1 RNG, 1 DRK, 1 SAM, 2 RDM, 1 BRD, 1 BST, 1 THF, and 1 PLD. Now we got it to 1/3 hp but the Auot-regen III is a *****. It stayed at 1/3 hp for an hour and the fight was a stale mate then it got a fang rush that criticaled and killed our NIN. PLD quickly took hate and we got the NIN up. Problem was the NIN couldn't get hate back even with the THF SATAing the light SC on him and him constantly voking. Well the wyvern did a double attack into a fang rush and the PLD died so after that it immediately went after the mages and it went downwards from there, mages died and we were slowly picked off one by one until we wiped completely. We pulled it into the safe area so we wouldn't get any adds which we didn't. If a NIN tanks this he needs silena and paralyna a lot whenever Vouivre does an AoE. I dunno what happened, but this is by far not an easy fight and it hits for 400+ on me as a DRG and that's without a critical. Also doesn't have true sight so you can invis/sneak past it. GL to whoever fights this, not an easy fight anymore SE must've upgraded it.
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RE: Vouivre way harder
# Jun 24 2005 at 1:29 PM Rating: Default
32 posts
a buddy of mines on fenrir (75drg) took this douchebag no problem. got the drop (gae bolg).

kast for president ya punk ********

edit: noes he has regen! bio2 saves the day! how did i make it to lvl 73?

Edited, Fri Jun 24 14:32:04 2005
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RE: Vouivre way harder
# Jun 23 2005 at 6:09 PM Rating: Decent
37 posts
Lol Ryk... I was reading this post thinking "OMG that's exactly... EXACTLY what happened to us!" I then looked at the poster's name (you) and well... it was us. -_- LOL, that was fun; let's do it again sometime if you're still Gae Bolg-less. Let's hope for a different outcome on the next run. ~_O
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RE: Vouivre way harder
# Jun 23 2005 at 11:29 AM Rating: Decent
1,049 posts
I'm not positive, but it could have had much higher regen depending on the day you fought it. For instance, Kirin on Earthsday has a much higher regen then on any other day. That could've been the case here.
# Jun 07 2005 at 8:09 AM Rating: Decent
452 posts
lmao look at that taru compared to the wyvern
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# May 22 2005 at 2:16 AM Rating: Decent
61 posts
These guys' attacks are as follows: Double/Triple Attack, Paralyzga, Silencega, Dispelga and Lottery spawn from the Hurricane Wyverns through the cave around H-6 - I-7.
# May 09 2005 at 7:05 PM Rating: Default
456 posts
Me, 75NIN, a 75 WHM, and a 63 BRD were hunting for skulls when we saw this guy. We claimed him, and fought him for 30 minutes and got him down to 50% life, when 2 RNG friends and a WHM showed up to help us kill him. They sped up the fight, but we could have easily killed him with just the 3. He only landed a few regular hits on me, even with triple attack. This NM is very easy.
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RE: hmm
# Jun 23 2005 at 6:31 PM Rating: Decent
37 posts
but we could have easily killed him with just the 3

{/no} kids, don't try this at home.
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What you need.
# May 04 2005 at 11:42 AM Rating: Decent
40 posts
What you need to kill this Wyvren.

NIN, RDM, WHM, BLM, BRD, DRG. thats it.
NIN tanks facing away from mages. RDM casts Poison + Bio BLM nukes MILDLY, BRD uses the slow song on Vouivre and Evasion song on NIN, DRG uses Ancient Circle every 10 mins. however.
This is a risky pt but u can do it, he regens hp quickly so with this set up fight could last you 2 hours leaving u very vaunerable to bomb aggro. i would very much so recomend you taking a BST that can charm a lizard to fight and lure the bombs away. but a better party for all of this would be.

this pt would be for a simple "hey lets go kill Vouivre in 3 min pt."
NIN tanks facing away from mages. BLM's Nuke. RDM enfeebles MUST KEEP SILENCE on vouivre, 1st BRD uses MP song on mages and Evasion songs on NIN, WHM heals and try keeping a flash on it once in a while, 2nd brd in 2nd party uses Attack +songs or acc i prefer attack RNG's be RNG's and make new holes in places, THF SATA their ws and keep hate on tank. DRG wheeling Thrust is best and Ancient Circle works great here *equip drachen brais* SMN's summon fenrir and attack with him Wyvrens weak vs darkness so vouivre will be doing about 1,000++ dmg on him.

Best place to fight vouivre would be infront of where the raptor is for mages and near the bottom for the melee.

Uses Radiant Breath, Silences + does massive dmg some times to tank and anyone infront of him, Dispeling Wind removes 1 buff, Ex: Protect IV
Loud Shriek or sumthing, Paralyzaga, Deadly Dive Physical melee attack does some dmg on 1 person.

keep Poison and Bio on him, to counter his Regen effect. he has alot of hp.

This is the tactic for the win. However you can do it with less then this. getting to his camp is ez as well.

Lance is 100% drop

3-4 hour lotto pop.

Check it out :D
# Apr 30 2005 at 9:41 PM Rating: Decent
3 posts
here's a link to a video of our LS fighting this guy. We're new to the higher level NM scene so we had a tougher time with this than maybe most do, but nonetheless it was alot of fun.

Enjoy :D

RE: Check it out :D
# Oct 02 2005 at 7:10 AM Rating: Decent
2 posts
very nice video i hope my ls friends will help me with my run
Doesn't aggro or link
# Apr 14 2005 at 1:04 PM Rating: Decent
300 posts
This is one lazy NM. We were getting a wyvern skull for a guy in my LS and he was up. A friend of mine was already there getting a wyvern skull and told me Vouivre doesn't do anything except sit there. Knowing how all other wyverns in the game are I thought he was joking. Then he started to run circles around it. I was amazed. Then he pulled a Hurricane Wyvern and brought it through Vouivre and he didn't link. This is one lazy NM.
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# Apr 03 2005 at 3:54 PM Rating: Good
38 posts
This guy sure is a *****. We went with 9 ppl. DRG, PLD, RDMx2, BLM, WHM, RNG, DRK, WAR. For about 30 minutes we camp some hurricane wyverns for the mages skulls. Everythings going fine and then Vouivre spawns. We heal to full and pull his ugly ***. Battle starts slow and I start to get a little panicky but no worries, pt assured me we were fine. Took about 20 minutes to get him to 50% HP. Dispelling wind sucked, dont waste your time trying to recast protect and shell etc. All i had the whole time was food and signet. Ok, so @ 50% he started triple attacking a bit more than before, and we were gettin a lil tired. I called in some backup. 4 ppl, a BLM, a NIN, another BLM, and a RDM. He drops from 50% to about 20% is a pretty short time, and I'm feeling pretty confident. But it takes about another 15 mintues to kill him. Dunno if Regen gets higher for him, latent effect, but he was harder to kill @ the end no doubt. All were 70+ xcept for the whm ( 66 ) and me, the drg ( 68 ).
Total time was ~35-40 minutes. People say only NIN can tank him, its not true. If its a good high lv PLD wtith an earth staff, Vouivre hits like a little girl. NIN does help, but not necessacry. If he aggros ur mages have everyone go nuts for hate, beacuse he will prolly tripple attack and kill them within seconds. Long fight, but tons of fun and its worth the effort to have this uberz lance.
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Vouivre ~ 1/1 ( j00t! Gae Bolg sexiness! )

.... I hate NMs ....

Not Linking
# Mar 25 2005 at 12:32 AM Rating: Decent
92 posts
He definatly DOES NOT LINK, i'm sitting here now running circles around him, killing Hurrican Wyverns for my Wyvern Skull and he's not paying any attention to me at all
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# Feb 11 2005 at 12:45 AM Rating: Decent
1,055 posts
Not sure if anyone mentioned this, but i think this guy has regen? Tryed taking this with alliance of 10, but most of the people were 60-65, so naturally didnt hit much, even with 2x madrigal. even after landing about 2k damage, still seemed to be at full so i think it regened lol.

LS Event
# Feb 07 2005 at 10:14 AM Rating: Decent
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Last fryday we set an LS event to get our DRG's their spears, we also get like 10 wyverns skulls for the opo-opo crown quest and a few Bomb Queen ash while we were there. We went with 18 people, 12 around 70+ and the rest were around 60, we had two tanks a PLD75 and myself PLD71. This guy isn't very hard, it hits like a normal exp mob at 70 but it has a lot of hp though. It has a couple of really annoying attacks, like Dispeling Wind that will dispel everyone, and an AoE breath that causes paralyzega, this paralyze has a huuuuge range and can be quite dangerous because if it hits the mages the tanks can be without cures for a while. I sugest to pull him to the zone around G-8 since there you won't have links.
The Gae'Bolg seems to drop 100% of the time, we got 2 in two fights. The respawn timer of Vouivre was exactly 3 hours in our case.
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# Feb 05 2005 at 10:56 AM Rating: Decent
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This NM really isn't hard at all. Only problem was getting away from bombs =\ If you get a wyvern link it isn't bad but when a bomb pops in middle of fight and self-destructs 2 whacks later.....wow.. so yeah np freddyd see you around Garuda!
#BeCoMeR, Posted: Jan 23 2005 at 6:56 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) yea right...
didn't aggro
# Jan 22 2005 at 6:11 PM Rating: Decent
well i dont know about you guys, but when i went in futile to mine some adaman ore i had sneak and invis up and i walked right infront of both Vouivre and Ash Dragon, neither aggroed me, i guess i just got lucky i got some nice screenies and felt really satisfied despite the fact that i didn't get any ore :P
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# Jan 16 2005 at 7:13 PM Rating: Good
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Well, i tried this guy with not 12, like so many ppl recommend, but 7 ppl.
Basically they pulled him to a spot where only 1 raptor spawned, and well only 2 times did i ever see yellow. So you really dont need 12 ppl, you just cant have Bomb aggros or Wvern links (yes they had to fight it again cause they got 2 bomb aggros and a wyvern link, thats when they chaged camps). Anywho thanks to the PhoniexDown LS, and Kotocho for convincing them to help me get it. Im loving it so far. Just owned mission 7-1 and 7-2 with it ^^

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no link
# Dec 30 2004 at 2:34 AM Rating: Decent
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no sure if it was mentioned in any other posts, cuz im too lazy atm to read ^^ but no he doesnt link either
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got mine tonight
# Nov 14 2004 at 5:15 AM Rating: Decent
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Alliance consisted of 12 people. 2 whm, 2 rdm, 2 rng, 2 nin, 1 pld, 1 blm, 1 sam, and me as drg. Most of the people were 70+.

Nins shared main tanking duties, both of them were 75. One Ranger got hate and died about 1/3 into the fight (sorry ; ;) but otherwise wasn't that hard.

At 68 I had a pretty hard time hitting it, but luckily subbed thf so I could SATA wheeling thrust, did around 500 dmg whenever I managed to get the tp to pull it off.

Loving my lance so far <3
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RE: got mine tonight
# Nov 18 2004 at 7:53 PM Rating: Decent
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# Nov 11 2004 at 7:51 PM Rating: Decent
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I want to cuddle him!

I bet those fangs are soft like razorblades >=]
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# Nov 11 2004 at 4:42 AM Rating: Decent
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Wow, he was one tough cookie. I just killed him with my LS and got the drop. A hint: just sleep bombs if you have a bard. Half the alliance died from a Self-Destruct so Vouivre regened his hp back to nearly full as we were raised and rested. It took about 30 mins after to kill him. I know I've said this already like 20 times to my LS, but thank you to the Valiance LS on Cerebus and everyone else that helped. A special thanks to Jonathan, the nicest and craziest (in a good way) paladin I ever met. He basically organized this whole thing for me because he was bored and was "looking for a good fight". I will wear my Gae Bolg with pride.

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He is *very* Cuddly.
# Oct 18 2004 at 7:00 PM Rating: Decent
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On Oct. 17th I killed him and recieved my Gae Bolg.

For people interested, PT Setup was only 12 people, which weren't lower than 73 (except for me of course, heh), if I remember right. ^^b He went down very easily, and we also had no BLM whatsoever. He most certainly is quite cuddly. :P

Edited, Mon Oct 18 20:02:21 2004
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not linking
# Oct 12 2004 at 10:30 PM Rating: Excellent
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While it may not astonish everyone to learn that he doesn't aggro, it may be news to everyone that he does not link, either. He's probably the cuddliest, peaceful NM in the game (next to maybe Cactrot Rapido). :D

We were hunting Wyvern Skulls when he popped. Nobody in the alliance was sure if he aggroed or not so our brave THF tested it by running right up to him.

Nothing happened. We were largely thunderstruck, but relieved. However, we also weren't sure if we could continue to safely pull wyverns without him linking.

Once again, our ballsy Thief said 'raise me if I die, okay?' and ran out to pull another wyvern. He then proceded to run the thing in circles around Vouivre.

Nothing happened.

Vouivre doesn't link with the other wyverns in the area. :D

Nobody tried /heal in front of him. Short of directly attacking him, I don't think there's any way of getting his attention. Just don't go nuts because the regular Hurricane Wyverns are most certainly aggro.

Just a note for the people after the opo-opo crown. ^^/
Alliance set up
# Sep 03 2004 at 11:50 AM Rating: Good
Can anybody confirm what level range is able to kill this wyvern. I hear a full alliance (18 members) of level range 65-70 could take it, but other people have told me it takes like 18 people all 75 and probably have other members 75 standing by to replace the dead bodies.

Can somebody please confirm?
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RE: Alliance set up
# Sep 26 2004 at 1:08 PM Rating: Decent
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a group of 12 level 75s could kill him. all you need are 2 ninja tanks and people ready to paralyna tanks. 18 65-75 could kill him. just make sure you have ninja(or 75 war/37 ninja) tanks. paladins will get owned.
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RE: Alliance set up
# Sep 27 2004 at 3:02 AM Rating: Decent
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Silena is also needed for its Radiant Breath attack I believe.
#Anonymous, Posted: Sep 03 2004 at 9:51 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) To the best of my knowledge, this *** doesn't aggro at all. We took him out a few nights ago, and we we're walking all around him without sneak or invis. :P
# Aug 19 2004 at 11:16 PM Rating: Default
Lvl is roughly 82 btw.
# Aug 19 2004 at 11:15 PM Rating: Default
Vouivre is the one HNM that lacks True Sight. Meaning, cannot see through sneak or invis, yet still above lvl 75.

Vouivre also does not link to the wyverns in the Cauldron, and can be "safely" taken by 2 full alliances roughly 70-75. It helps to bring another party though to clean up bomb aggro.
# Aug 13 2009 at 10:43 AM Rating: Decent
Just took him down last night with a party of 10 70-75's.


I was BLM all I did was roll though Frost, Rasp, Drown, Bio 2 and Poison 2 along with back up healing and removing Paralyze. One of the SMN was main healer and everyone else just did there job and it was over.
# Sep 29 2004 at 3:54 AM Rating: Decent
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That depends on what you mean by HNM. So far, the only mobs I know of that see thru Sneak/Invis are, Behemoth-types, Adamantoise-types, Wyrm-types, the three Beastmen leaders (Za'Dha, Tzee Xicu, and Overlord Bagodak), and anything in Dynamis/Emptiness/a burning circle/etc. Yet many mobs that some people classify as HNM (Charybdis, Guirve, Bune, Vourvie, Ash Dragon) do not see through Sneak and Invisable. And don't even try to tell me that Ash Dragon has true sight, you were just careless and ran through without sneak because nothing else in the room aggros sound.
# Sep 30 2004 at 5:07 PM Rating: Default
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Guivre has true sight. So does Bune.

Vouivre does not aggro anything at all, hence no true sight.

Also, whoever talked about this like they knew what was up and said you need 2 full alliances...
Sorry, he's extremely easily pulled to where nothing will aggro you, especially not a bomb. You don't know what you're talking about.

Judging by Guivre, Bune, and the Wyverns around him, all of whom I've fought personally, you probably basically need 4-5 tanks, a few blm and healers, and some melee using spirits within.

12 people if set up properly should be able to do it easily, lv 65+, and must have at least 2 nins for sure, plus either more nins or some plds.
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# Oct 29 2004 at 3:24 PM Rating: Decent
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wrong, bune is not true sight, i hide from him last time
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# Oct 19 2004 at 3:04 PM Rating: Decent
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I know first hand that Guivre does not have true sight. You can sneak/invis right by him. I don't even know if you need sneak, but everything else around him aggros to sound, so he might as well be sneak/invis.

People tend to get killed by him because they only sneak in that area.
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# Oct 16 2004 at 12:28 PM Rating: Good
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maybe it does have true sight, but doesnt aggro?

like the ronfar bunnies do! :O
# Aug 06 2004 at 1:15 AM Rating: Decent
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I don't belive it has no True Sight, i did /poke it and ran away... i mine here alot so i know almost everything here XD
ph34r me
# Aug 01 2004 at 5:44 AM Rating: Default
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Looking for coordinates or a location of where this thing spwanes please.
free money
# Jul 27 2004 at 3:20 PM Rating: Decent
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it doesnt see through sneak or invis, iam there now and its up, and it only tracks by sight.
mug > hide is awsome btw
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