Vana'diel Bestiary: Tumbling Truffle  

Found in:La Theine Plateau
Level:19 - 20
  • Notorious Monster
  • Aggro
  • Linking
  • Detects by Sound
  • Based on Dark
  • Weak against Light
  • Strong against Darkness
  • Strong against Water
Stolen Items:
Involved in Quests:
Updated: Mon Jul 18 09:29:52 2011

Tumbling Truffle Picture

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General Info

  • NM is a lottery spawn from the three Poison Funguars in the bottom of the ravine at K-6.
  • NM has roughly 600 HP.

Nyzul Isle NM Notes

  • Drops an armory crate with a ??? Headpiece that may be appraised into a Fungus Hat.

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Fungus Hat
# Jan 11 2011 at 2:32 PM Rating: Decent
6 posts
I love the hat this NM drops. I had it on my old character and figured I would get it again for my new account. Me and my husband (21MNK/10WAR and 21RDM/10WHM respectively)were up against a lvl 90mnk/45blm. Between the three of us in K-6 it still took about an hour to pop. But I am happy, got the spawn just as the monk was making his way over. Popped voke, claimed, and got the hat. I feel bad for taking the kill but we were all there for the same thing. So it was every man/mithra/person for himself/herself. Now I'll never have to camp it again. Darksday 15:00 Waning Gibbous (88%) good luck everyone! :)

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Fungus Hat
# Jul 08 2011 at 2:24 PM Rating: Good
109 posts
You were not there for the same thing... He was doing Magian trial 68 for a H2H weapon. He just needed the kill, not the drop.
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AdVise for NM
# Mar 23 2009 at 9:34 AM Rating: Decent
5 posts
Started out farming Sleepshrooms for my alchemy leveling. Decided to camp this NM after i was full. was THF35/NIN10 .. i know gimped. Owned the NM and 1/1. 1 hour total camping time. Advise: stay in K6 Canyon in La Theine. from what i understand all Funguars in this Canyon are Place Holders. kill them and stay in the area it will pop soon enough. Sleepshrooms sell on my server "gilgamesh" for 7k a stack. Good Luck.
Tumbling Truffle and MORE!
# Feb 04 2009 at 2:40 PM Rating: Decent
5 posts
I understand that the point of forums is to express you're opinion. And I understand that I post VERy rarely, so I don't really have a reputation... but...

Does every thread about an NM have to be FILLED with "boring," "doesn't drop enough," "too hard," "too easy," or some other random complaint?
Tumbling Truffle and MORE!
# Feb 11 2009 at 4:14 PM Rating: Decent
6 posts
There is a reason for people posting comments like the ones you are talking about. If you're trying to get an item and five people say that they're like 0/5 for it then you know it's going to be a pain and if they all say that they've gotten 4/5 times then you know it won't be that bad, the same applies to posts stating that they've beaten or lost to the monster, if a level 15 says he got owned and a level 22 says it was easy it helps to give you perspective as to what level you can take it on. So despite the fact that it can be annoying to see all the comments there is a reason for it.
Fungus Hat
# Jul 13 2008 at 12:45 AM Rating: Decent
I went down with my 30 WAR/ 15 THF to get the Stone Monument, and by chance happened upon this guy. 5 or 6 hits, and he was dead, and I am 1/1 with the Fungus Hat. Needless to say, I'm a happy camper...at least I would have been if I had ever had to actually camp this guy....lol
No show.
# Jul 03 2008 at 4:55 AM Rating: Default
I spent a few hours camping his guy. Ive fought him many times in the past on my old server of Carbuncle, but now even on Cerberus i dont see him. Ive killed every mob in that canyon and sat there with Wide scan on and still never spawned. Ive even made sure no one came thru to kill him by camping in the front of the canyon.

Rank 10 San D'Oria..

10 mins
# Apr 19 2008 at 7:01 AM Rating: Decent
5 posts
It took me about 10 mins to lottery spawn this NM, and right near the stone monument like most people said. Unfortunately I'm 0/1. :(
# Jul 13 2007 at 8:18 AM Rating: Decent
1 post
Just started camping this because im bored. Currently 0/1 and im a thf30/nin15, just too let people know that when you have cleared the canyon there is plenty of bats inside the tunnel to the other canyon, kill these for bat wings, currently selling at 3k on fairy for a stack, better than sitting around waiting for everything to respawn in canyon. When I found him he was also near the stone monument, and there is no competition at all.
# Jun 04 2007 at 7:43 PM Rating: Decent
I'm 1/1 for these! took me about 45 minutes to camp it and it popped in the middle of the canyon.
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# Apr 27 2007 at 6:12 AM Rating: Decent
60 posts
After finally destroying Nihniknoovi and smashing a couple of its eggs for good measure, I decided to take a shot at the good ol' tumbler, the Tumbling Truffle. Ran through all the caverns and canyons to get to his spawn point of choice, killed all the mobs within the territory, then waited paitently for tumbles to spawn. 20 minutes pass, no spawn. Other mobs respawn, kill 'em, wait some more. No tumbler. 30 minutes pass, no spawn. More bees and Poison Funguars respawn, kill 'em, then wait yet again. After 45 minutes of waiting, I begin to fall asleep. It is near 1am and I have to get up for work in roughly 4 hours. After lightly dozing off, I subconsciously remember that I am tumble hunting, crack one eye open to look at my screen, and notice a form of a truffle through my blurred vision. Suddenly I am wide awake. I commence attack, waste little effort in defeating TT (48WAR/24MNK), and he drops.... 2 Sleepshrooms X( Needless to say I logged right then and there to go to bed, but I will return tomorrow with a revitalized determination to obtain the saught after Fungus Hat. You're not cool unless you have one, and I my friend, am cool.

~took an hour for tumbles to spawn after i arrived in the canyon and killed mobs
~not another soul passed through the canyon whilst i waited for tumbles
~i know i have no life, but if youre reading this, then you dont either
1/6, and a really fun-looking hat
# Apr 09 2007 at 7:10 AM Rating: Default
444 posts
Before camping this NM, be sure to leave a note telling your Linkshell and Friends where you're going. They may start wondering what you've been doing in La Theine for the past 4 or 5 days.

Reading the posts on here, I knew this NM had a long time (long, here, meaning at least an hour and a half) between pops, so I started off by killing PHs until it popped (~30 minutes) for no drop. I then went about reading for classes, exercising, and doing all sorts of boring RL stuff, logging in every 2 hours or so to kill 2-3 rounds of PHs. Thankfully, because the Truffle is so undercamped on Remora, this method worked perfectly and I never had to kill more than 4 rounds of PHs for it to pop. It's in a pretty remote area, all told, so I think that contributes to the lack of campers... which reminds me: It gets really lonely down there! In the course of my camping I ran into absolutely no competition for the NM and only encountered two other players running past on the Stone Monument quest. One even offered to Tele-Holla me out (assuming I was lost), so I really don't think adding TT to their list of kills is high on most players' list of priorities.

In regards to the spawns themselves: The only things that spawn in the canyon are the three Funguars, 2 Giant Wasps, and, when he feels like it, Tumbling Truffle. On all six of my pops, TT appeared on the hill just North of the ramp leading up to the Stone Monument (top edge of the circle), but I noticed that the Funguars will spawn all over the canyon including the ramp leading into it- so take Aksannyi's advice and rest at the entrance to the canyon so you don't miss it.

One last note- in the course of camping, I accumulated 5 stacks of Sleepshrooms, a stack of Dark Crystals, a stack of Beehive Chips, and a stack of Honey. So clear out your inventory before heading down here and do some minor farming while you wait!

(edit for grammar)

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1/6, and a really fun-looking hat
# Feb 11 2008 at 10:38 AM Rating: Good
534 posts
got really bored so i camped and spawned him for fun.
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lottery spawn
# Feb 03 2007 at 6:26 PM Rating: Decent
10 posts
just making this clear, sorry if you already knew but i didnt see anyone really specify.. this is a lottery spawn so you need to kill all the funguars around this canyon before it pops
no campers...
# Jan 30 2007 at 6:32 PM Rating: Decent
175 posts
No campers around ever. 2/2 with 31whm/blm
GL , Easy Camp/Kill

Only waited 1 1/2 hr killed about 10 Fungar placeholders (each)

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# Nov 03 2006 at 6:44 AM Rating: Decent
89 posts
I've killed this guy about 6 or 7 times and only got drop once. Drop doesn't sell for much but it's an easy NM to camp and it is hardly ever camped so not much competition
Found the bastard
# Nov 02 2006 at 11:31 PM Rating: Decent
1 post
I was in the wrong K6 for the longest time... But finally saw him, killed him and no drop 0/1
I started camping for this hat for fun, now I am determined to get this freaken hat! (frustration of camping for this nm turns into an obsession)
# Oct 13 2006 at 2:10 PM Rating: Decent
15 posts
Came here.. and after like 5 mins.. it spawned. didnt get the drop though.. 0/1 on this NM
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1/1 Baby
# Sep 30 2006 at 8:49 AM Rating: Decent
26 posts
wow... about 10 fungars and im on the phone with my GF and well bam. 45 mins... 5 second fight, Exes obtain a Fungua Hat. 1/1 baby. GL to future campers.
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# Aug 15 2006 at 5:07 PM Rating: Decent
5 posts
I'm almost positive that he is a Lotto Pop. I may be wrong, but I know when I fought him I had to kill everything around me just for him to show!!!
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# Jul 16 2006 at 5:22 PM Rating: Decent
108 posts
>.< I firmly belive I have the right to begin crying now. Within the last 2 days, I have camped this little monkey ******* for a total of about 15 hours. 0/5. Everytime I kill him my soul died a bit. I dunno what spawn times to go by anymore. I guess 2hrs, tho I am camping him still, it has been 3 hrs and no pop. Stirke that, 4. Shove a gun up me and pull the trigger please...

...Thats all -_-
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My luck
# Jun 13 2006 at 1:39 PM Rating: Decent
34 posts
I was leveling my WHM so i can sub it for BLU when i saw the Fungus Beetle. I figured it would be the thing to drop the fungus hat so i ran back, changed to my 30 THF. Hopped ion a chocobo and rode back. 10 min later when i got there i killed it and only got some crappy shield, which i later learned was the main drop from it. I ran back to S Sandy and then decided i really wanted that hat so i read up on the info here and decided it should be fairly easy for me to camp this mob. I grab another chocobo and ride down to the Chasm which is empty. I was afraid someone just killed the punk but i decided to kill a few rounds anyways. I killed 1 round, waited 5 min and there he was. Knocked him out fairly difficultly (used SA/shadowwhatever and had about 2/3 of my health to start with but didnt have to use perfect dodge. and i only had my WHM equip and THF dagger) and got the hat and a shroom. so its been a pretty good day with the shield, the hat, and a travelers mantle. it spawned near the monument and wasnet camped at all so its a fairly easy NM to get. at least on Pandimonium
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# May 19 2006 at 1:31 AM Rating: Decent
10 posts
I'd just like ta say for the poor ppl with not that much gil in there pocket like less than 10k (me) at the very least I'd like to walk around in a stylin hat that says "I may be poor...but least I'm looken like i'm not" and maybe when I'm done with it i'll sell it. btw ~it never leaves that last cannion and entrance to cliffs at top of H-7 if you don't wanna go through ordellscaves~ usefull info


Edited, Sun May 21 02:02:27 2006
no pop
# May 07 2006 at 1:42 AM Rating: Decent
12 posts
Ive Killed 10 NM's today 1 drop so far and this little @#!$ will not spawn for me. I've been here probly 8 times in the past month stayed for 6 hours one day and still havnt even seen it..
# Apr 24 2006 at 10:11 AM Rating: Decent
19 posts
i wait 10 hours for pop then let my friend play for 10 hours no pop at all wtf...?
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Luck or Just Skill? lol
# Apr 12 2006 at 11:48 AM Rating: Decent
I was on Remora server earlier today and thought hmm I might go camp an NM so looked on here and noticed that this one drops "Fungus Hat" (which I had wanted for ages). So i decided to go check it out when I got there, there was a guy named Deceiver there aswell and he was just standing in the same place so I ran around killing all the mobs, then thought hmm i'll run up the other end.
And there he was sat there in all his glory! so i wooped his **** and WOOHOO got drop so thats 1/1 for me.

Edited, Wed Apr 12 12:49:00 2006
# Mar 30 2006 at 1:33 PM Rating: Decent
3 posts
Was doing a quest and was killing on my way down and before I could turn around to leave it poped. I got the drop. Probably one of the easiest 40k for doing nothing really.
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My New Target
# Mar 22 2006 at 3:05 PM Rating: Decent
6 posts
So yeah went and tried to camp this guy last night. One other guy was there and said that it popped once when he got there and he had been waiting for another 2 hours for the next. So I helped buff him - He was 24 Monk, I was 43 Rdm -

I waited at the one end of the canyon near the Monument and eventually he popped right up by the entrance to the monument. I took him out fairly easily, no drop just a shroom. The guy left being tired and said good luck. So I camped it for another 2 hours. Played around with my new NPC I just aquired before doing this.

After my NPC left, I was walking to the other end of the canyon, the exit part, and bam he pops. Killed again for no drop just two shrooms. My mission now is to get this **** hat or any NM for that reason to drop something. Thats all I got.
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# Mar 13 2006 at 12:59 AM Rating: Decent
97 posts
To get to the canyon that this guy spawns at you need to enter a canyon at H-6 or H-7 by walking down a ramp type thing, just follow the tunnel in the canyon into another canyon which will be just above truffle then another tunnel into Truffle's canyon.

Edited, Mon Mar 13 01:01:29 2006

# Feb 03 2007 at 1:12 PM Rating: Decent
10 posts
lol tyvm :D i couldnt find the way in forever til i decided hey.. maybe theres a nice person on alla who knows how to get there ^____^
# Mar 10 2006 at 4:46 AM Rating: Decent
9 posts
i camped him for almost 2hrs just because when i was in my early to mid lvl 10s i was jealous of the people walking around with this hat but i eventually gave up out of to much boredom and decided to help a friend with RSE gear in Ordelle's Caves
pain in the @$$
# Feb 27 2006 at 5:49 PM Rating: Decent
58 posts
i have killed this thing 6 times now and the only thing i ever get is a freakin sleepshroom v.v; if it weren't for the fact that sleepshrooms go for about 20k a stack in jeuno i wouldn't even bother coming down here...
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# Feb 24 2006 at 12:31 AM Rating: Decent
10 posts
Went down and killed this guy twice today, now I'm 1/2. First time, killed him without subbing THF, spawned him after one round of killing place holders (about 5-10 minutes), only dropped 2 sleepshrooms. Came back later that evening and spawned him again after one round of killing placeholders, this time I was subbing THF and I got the drop. As a RDM59, this hat isn't very useful, but it looks **** cool with my AF gear, I'm gonna wear it while farming until I get level 60 so I can wear my AF hat (which is sitting in my inventory). Super easy camping, no competition at all, the hardest part about this NM was figuring out how to get down into the valley. Good luck!
stupid bug thing
# Feb 10 2006 at 10:19 AM Rating: Decent
30 posts
went down there killed a funguar waited about 2 mins and it poped, i was like wow im lucky, but like always no drop >< 0/1 on this
# Dec 24 2005 at 10:33 AM Rating: Decent
2,384 posts
Tumbling Truffle is PHed by the regular poison funguars in the area.
I advise you sub thief and do some minor farming down here, sleepshrooms and beehive chips drop regularly.

He takes:
roughly 1+1/2 hours - 5hours approx. to spawn. Only did 5 hours once out of the 17 times I've camped him.

Never wander out of the last little canyon aarea. Just run back and forth kil;ling the wasps and funguars.

Drop rate is high. 14/17 for me ^^

Good luck!
*EDIT* You can also steal Sleepshrooms from Funguars!

Edited, Sat Dec 24 09:36:52 2005
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Beat him
# Sep 14 2005 at 7:44 PM Rating: Decent
510 posts
Went there as a LVL20 MNK/THF (on Cerberus), killed about 20 Funguars which took about an hour.
After that a high level PLD turned up, so because I never had any ranged attacks, I decided to leave. On my way out, I spot him so I used Hundred Fists and got the drop. 1/1.

For me, he spawned near the cave in the third crack (the one with the headstone).
# Sep 09 2005 at 11:50 AM Rating: Decent
94 posts
This was so easy to camp! I was working on getting the Stone Monument thingy and my friend Crosis told me it poped there. I was like oh ****. So 15+ Poison Fungars and 8 sleepshrooms later it poped. I was really surprised too. I spanked it so bad with Banishga 2. Did 276 damage then hit it twice for 17 damage each. Got the hat and another sleepshroom. **** do I hate those things now ><. 10 minutes after I got the drop people in Valk. Dunes were already asking to buy it. I didn't know how much it went for. I was told 2k but I looked in Jeuno. Its over 30k on Lev server. Kick ***. His naew name is *************** ^^

Edited, Fri Sep 9 13:02:49 2005
# Sep 07 2005 at 9:07 PM Rating: Decent
42 posts
Yes, if you plan to camp this NM for the Fungus Hat, you need a lot of patience. First off, the spawn time is very long, and i believe it can reach up to 5+ hrs. <personal experience> Second, if you don't want to miss the claim incase someone runs along and wastes your waiting time, killing the place holders gets boring because their spawn time is also quite lenghty. Third, even though T.T. is "difficult" to get to, it is a common path due to the Stone Monument just up the hill from the spawn point. 0/2 currently, 1/2 on sleepshrooms as well... So, happy camping! =)
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Just killed the f'er!
# Sep 05 2005 at 11:23 PM Rating: Decent
5 posts
I FRIGGAN GOT THE DROP, only killed it once and camped it for an hour and a half, lucky me. I saw sumwhere solo at 24...i just murdered this thing at 22...whats the deal with this weak nm
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i'm lost
# Aug 30 2005 at 3:51 PM Rating: Decent
1 post
Umn... I'm just wondering... how the **** do i get down there? I've been walking around the **** canyon on choco, and on foot, and still no clue as to how the **** do i get down there... until i get a reply.. I'm gnna keep trying...>.> /sigh...
RE: i'm lost
# Oct 23 2005 at 8:04 PM Rating: Decent
435 posts
You've got two options:

1) Go down into Ordelle's Caves, head behind the waterfall and follow the path back out to La Theine.


2) There's a zig-zaggy ramp leading down into the other cracks located north of the biggest lake in La Theine.

Edit: Decided to be ( a little ) more specific- the ramp leading down should be located in or around the northern portion of H-7 in La Theine Plateau.

Edited, Sun Oct 23 21:25:23 2005
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# Aug 08 2005 at 5:42 PM Rating: Decent
2 posts
Okay, this guy is *****. :P

I've camped him for a day or so, his Window opens every 30MIN-2HOURS rough estimate. I'm 0/3 on this *****. This lame hat isn't worth an hour of camping. :(

Edited, Aug 24th 2006 at 12:21pm EDT by BloodyTearz
# Aug 04 2005 at 12:47 AM Rating: Decent
258 posts
I don't hear anything good on this guy as far as getting the drop. Fungus Hats are cool and all.. but I'm perfectly happy with my non-pointy Marine Hat. ^^
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Juggswat starts casting w00tga XI
# Jul 29 2005 at 6:09 AM Rating: Decent
12 posts
I needed some gil so I decided to farm sleepshrooms. I thought it would be nice to pick up a Fungus Hat while doing so. It is never that easy though is it.....Well, it was for me. This time at least. I claimed him after about 30 minutes of place holder clearing. He spawned in the circle on the map. I am 1/1. w00t!

Now give me your tots!!!!!
This NM rocks
# Jul 23 2005 at 9:01 AM Rating: Decent
24 posts
This may not seem like that great a NM, but if you camp it around 20-24 you can kill placeholders and make money from sleepshrooms and dark crystals and hopefully get a fungus hat as well, I have made 600k total off of this monster and his spawnholders, currently 5/12 on the hat, I believe tumbling truffle will 100% drop a sleepshroom :P but anyway just my 2 gil on tumbling truffle and good luck camping him ^^
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# Jul 21 2005 at 5:33 PM Rating: Decent
is it possible, do you think, to solo this as a 24/12 war/thf? fungies are tricky, thought i'd ask
killed it twice
# Jul 14 2005 at 2:39 PM Rating: Decent
i killed this sucker twice, no drop. I then realized that the time i spent out there waiting for the NM could've been used fixing a sandwich or watching someone read a book. I left, shoulda subbed thf, it doesnt spawn enough.
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Easy drop rate my little taru foot....
# Jul 14 2005 at 11:39 AM Rating: Decent
34 posts
Well I posted back in January, about this lovely little thing when i was 0/5. I decided last night that I really wanted my hat again, so i choco'd out there. Killed it twice and no drop, now at 0/7. I cannot believe this thing.

And yes, he can spawn any where in the canyon.

The Huge Wasps do not afeect spawn, but I wonder if they affect the drop? I'm clawing at thin air now.... ><
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not worth shit
# Jul 07 2005 at 5:08 PM Rating: Decent
70 posts
..... Wow..... i camped it for an hour...... Got drop........ 15k......... NOT WORTH THE TIME

if u have a job lvl much higher, go for sniper rings or some NM worht while. This is a complete waste of time unless U NEEED A FUNGUS HAT
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ive got it
# Jul 06 2005 at 3:57 PM Rating: Decent
26 posts
Im a 30DRG/15WAR and i never camped it before til i found it its actually a very common drop i am 14/14 now and i have already sold 8 of them 14k a piece i only fought it 14 time too. so those who are having prob;ems with the drop im sry but maybe itrs bad luck

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im in valefor
# Jul 06 2005 at 3:50 PM Rating: Decent
26 posts
whoever said they were in valefor and want to kill this thing ill help you send me a tell under this name: Drakonian
Ack! Getting there >.<
# Jun 30 2005 at 6:07 PM Rating: Decent
51 posts
I was farming some sheep skins and planning on to start leathercrafting as THF30/RNG15 and i saw this on widescan. I immediatly ran over to where it was and had trouble findin out how to get to it. >.<

So... to help anyone else who had no idea how to get there...
You must find the ramp in the southern part of the caynon in the H-7 area.

Theres a tunnel in the eastern part of that canyon which will take you to the canyon in the J-6/K-6 area.

Yet another tunnel in the eastern part of that canyon will take u to the canyon that Tumbling Truffle pops in.

Good luck and Happy Hunting.

Edited, Thu Jun 30 19:10:23 2005
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0/5 On this Punk
# Jun 24 2005 at 3:23 PM Rating: Decent
304 posts
heh, this guy is my worst enemy right now. I'm working on Blinding Potions for Alchemy so i decided to farm Sleepshrooms in the ravine so i wouldn't have to buy them, well, I decided to camp this guy on the side too. There was NO competition down there so i was having a jolly old time and killed truffle about 5 times. NO DROP. I'm so sad, cause even though the hat isn't worht much, its cool looking so I'd just like to wear it in my spare time, what shame. I'll be dedicating all my spare time to kill this punk-funguar from now on till i get my hat!
3rd time is the charm
# Jun 13 2005 at 1:13 AM Rating: Decent
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I decided to camp this thing today simply because I was bored outside of my mind and I figured a ghetto optical hat would look good on my Thf and Mnk when I got around to leveling them. I head to the spawn point on the map and only spent around 20 minutes skilling place holders when he popped in the circle on Alla's map. I handed his *** to him, but he got the last laugh by not dropping anything but a sleepshroom. I waited no more than another 30-40 minutes skilling place holders and this time he spawns again opposite of where Alla's circle is. I kill him with a few swings and once again don't get the drop. I spend maybe another hour camping and get ready to leave and logout when I found him sitting near the entrace to the canyon just like he was the second time. I lay into his face and this time he drops the Fungus Hat.

I found the entire thing to be slightly worth while because of all the shrooms I raked in that can be sold or go towards leveling my cooking.
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Didn't pop
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OMG i stayed in the area where it pops for like 2 hrs fighting poison funguars everytime they spawned and tumbling truffle never popped >< so i got bored and left lol

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