Vana'diel Bestiary: Nenaunir  

Found in:Balga's Dais
  • Notorious Monster
  • Based on Earth
  • Weak against Lightning
  • Weak against Wind
Involved in Quests:
Updated: Fri Dec 28 16:26:12 2007

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# Mar 03 2005 at 1:13 PM Rating: Good
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King Conan#3 (fb)) - In the distant past of the relatively young Hyborian era nation of Zembabwei (in the region that would become known as Africa thousands of years later), a pair of twins tamed the flying reptiles known as Wyverns. These twins became ruler of that nation, and it was decreed that Zembabwei must ever be ruled by pairs of twins. When one of the pair would die, the other would slay himself, or else be slain, and then the priests of Zembabwei would choose new twin boys as their successors.

This form of government went well, until the reign shared by Nenaunir and MBega, @ 10000 BC. Nenaunir eventually fell in with an ancient cult dating back to Acheron --@ 15000BC, who worshipped a serpent god known as Damballah. This demon god promised greatness to Nenaunir if he and his followers would worship him. Nenaunir's conversion tore the people of Zembabwei into factions. Rather than see the kingdom rent asunder and drowned in blood, MBega surrendered his sceptre to his brother. Even this did not satisfy him, and Nenaunir set out to slay all who would not bow to Damballah. Realizing his mistake too late, MBega ked a revolt, but by then his followers lacked the power to oppose him. MBega was captured and imprisoned, though Nenaunir dared not slay him at the risk of causing a massive uprising. Nonetheless, Nenaunir kept MBega in chains, occasionally parading him bound before the people of Zembabwei, and flogging him at the show of any defiance.

Under the study of Damballah, Nenaunir learned many of the black arts of sorcery.

harem scarem BCNM30
# Feb 05 2005 at 2:46 PM Rating: Decent
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this guy is the big main bad guy in the Harem Scarem BCNM 30 i have done this many times and have had a high level of success. the first time we tried we got owned because we tried to kill him first instead of the wives.

the key is to sleep him at the get go a Bard is helpful for this, but not necessary. in fact sleeping him at all really isnt necessary just a nice precaution to take to save some mp.
the real key here is to have a couple of front line melee types with provoke anything will do really as they hit hard but not all that hard.
2-3 guys with voke is the way to go, a rdm with voke can even tank a wife. the hardest part is the beginning when the first voke goes beacuse youre fighting 6 dhalmels at once so until you get a couple wives killed off it is mayhem. so after you get going with the fight say like 40 seconds in that is the time to target the main guy and sleepga or horde lulliby him. our most successful run at these guys was with a pt with one bard, one blm one whm one redmage a warrior and a rng. yes we only had one tank but it worked well anyway. also we have been successful with a pt consisting of nin/war, drg/war 2rdm, war/mnk, and a smn/whm. the real key is to not attack the main guy first as he has a lot of mp and will heal himself often.
we have the current record for this i forget the exact time but we beat out first record by like a minute.
obviously mages should have a couple of drinks and a hi ether of two in case of emergency.
melee should bring a x potion or two in case of emergency as well as some typoe of aulait to drink for hp regen. for about 6k each guy can have plenty of stuff to do it 2-3 times.
the take home for us last time was about 120k each not bad, not like a bcnm 40 haul but as some of our guys werent quite lvl 40 wwhen we started this was a good choice. if you have the gear youre good to go, and the lvl 30 gear isnt gonna kill you wallet if you dont already have some. i have done this with drg and blm so i have gear for both jobs and we do very well here no one usually dies, and a couple of times because of mayhem a guy or 2 would die making the rest run away, bt our record is like 5/8 on it maybe 6/9.
hope this helps anyone trying this bcnm its overall one of the most fun fights ive done i plan a=on doing it again.
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