Vana'diel Bestiary: Bloody Coffin  

Found in:Misareaux Coast
Found at Location:K - 12
  • Notorious Monster
  • Aggro
  • Detects by Sound
  • Based on Water
  • Weak against Ice
  • Weak against Lightning
  • Strong against Water
Stolen Items:
Involved in Quests:
Updated: Fri Dec 28 16:26:12 2007

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# Aug 27 2008 at 1:08 PM Rating: Decent
24 posts
i was hitting for like 30-40 as 72 war... i didnt expect the fight so i ended up zoning because he hit me twice for 50 and put up haste to go hundred fist speed. I also didnt have full health and there was no 2hr up. He missed alot but he was hitting super fast and even my raging rush only did like 300 dmg which was like 5% of his health. Could do with npc and 2hr im sure. Being able to cast spells helps alot in this fight i think judging from what i read on here
Ramuh Pwons This Mofo
# Jul 01 2007 at 9:27 AM Rating: Decent
52 posts
If Your A SMN And Need This Quest Use Ramuh He Owns This Fool My Chaotic Strike Did 1500-2100 On This Fool + Stuns Him For About 10-15 Seconds + Add Ramuh Spikes For Extra Stun Effects LOL GL ALL >:P
check me out at myspace.com/bahamutsraj >:P
62 Drk/Whm
# Jun 29 2007 at 4:36 PM Rating: Decent
664 posts
I just fought this crab as a 62 Drk/Whm.

The first fight I wasn't expecting to battle him, and I ended up sleeping him and running away. The second fight I fought him and he killed me because I ran out of mp. However, the third fight I took the little tidbits that I noticed during the second fight (full damage while casting spells) and I would make sure to drain2, drain, and weaponskill only when he was casting a spell. I did end up having to sleep him so I could get some mp back. I did this fight without looking up any info about the quest and it was fun.
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# Apr 09 2007 at 1:43 PM Rating: Default
128 posts
Fun fight. Very fun but, I had read all of these good post and was a little over prepared. I went for him w/ my 75 Thf/nin and my 59 npc. Peace of cake considering my evasion and I had my dissector which I don't think I will ever break latent on but just sat there and beat him down w/ Spirits Withen. Took a good while but my npc was on soothing healer and had no problems keeping shadows up. Like I said fun fight. Tavnazia has alot of great quest. I am off to finish the mannequin qwest got the boots but, secound half lets u pose your mannequins and I have 4. Omg and finally got a Cop static and beat ouryo (4-2) finally.
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looking for help w/ Zilart missions I am on 14.And Cop 5-3/4- Lourv's path is all I need besides Snoll Tsar and I am equiped w/ lilies and salt.

<eviseration I have it> Merits here I come!(12 so far) oh and as for Dynamis LS Legends_Elite FTW~But,I need one with a better Schedule./cry Got my Dagger So I need Byne Please
fun fight
# Mar 21 2007 at 4:51 PM Rating: Decent
12 posts
This is 1 tough nm i just got done soloin it with my npc. i went as 66pld/30rdm. I buff up then call my npc wich is like lv45 so i go up 2 the ??? and click on it says somethng bout a smell then i see bloody coffin.
I start DoT out casting dia1 and poison1 i followed it up by casting slow and paralize. bout this time i get a link off another crab so i quickly try to sleep coffin but with dia and poison on :( you guess it no sleep. so i switch targets ingage the lesser crab me and my npc kills it quickly. now back to coffin i ingauage it and begin the long and very exciting fight i sart with a 300tp vorpal blade wich only did like 150points of damage. so it started slowly both me and coffin tryin to see just who was gonna "outlast" each other. coffin a rdm mob for sure cause he kept icespikes and enwater up pretty much the whole fight wich took me bout 45-50 min to kill him he did miss alot and his def, well any Pld would love to have it as a 66pld i hit him for 11-23 per hit and my ws did bout 40-150, my npc is lv45 and uses GK she hit for 0-12 reg hit and useally did bout 10-45 on ws but she used goten and enpi alot so i would just distortion it with vorpal, distortion would add bout 20-70 more damage. so me and npc doin ok i keep Dot's on coffin and he gets to bout 75% of his health and im out of mp so i use a either to get a lil mp and cont. fight well didnt take 2 long to have and redot coffin by that time im out of mp again. So i pop another either and also use my yag drink. and began fight again at this point coffin a lil under 50% and i think maybe ill dot him and gravity him and just kite him so i try but it looks as he hits harder doing this might just be me. anyways coffer gets down to 25%hp ive done been in battle with him for bout 30min or So im taking a beating im like 35mp/400mp 650hp/1253hp, so i have great ideal i disengage and sleep the bloody crab work like a charm plus my hp in red so my herc ring kicks in <<Life Saver>> and i get bout 200mp up so i dia andpoison coffin again and begin the again we battle for another 10min and he down to maybe 9-10%hp left but im out of mp and he seems to start hitin me harder so i use invincible and since my hp in red Herc Ring kicks in with its auto regan,refresh after 2hr wears im at bout 520hp 135mp and i cast dia poison on him and continue to hit him with melee hits and ws slowly beat him when he finally got to 5% health is where real fun began i once again out of mp 7/400 and hp droped to red bout 250/1253 Life saving Herc Ring comes to my aid and gives me auto refresh and regan and so i keep fightin after every hit spaming cure1 and when I had a few more mp casting poison so for final 8-9min of fight i kept myself alive spaming cure1 and usng ws and poison when i could after all said and done i survived with bout 113hp/1253 and 6/350mp. i quickly ran over an got my shell, this told my linkshell that I LIVED so every body who doin this quest Goodluk and the best of wishes to you cause he no cake walk for this 66pld.
# Feb 22 2007 at 9:10 PM Rating: Decent
5 posts
Soloed him as 75 sam/thf at 50% hp after my friend tried to kill me. <.< >.>
Wouldn't recommend attempting this alone pre-70, because of the insane amount of defense this @#$%^& has. He did have low accuracy, though.
# Feb 11 2008 at 9:08 AM Rating: Good
534 posts
75 war/whm/brd/rdm/thf/smn/bst
Monk62 Solo Bloody
# Dec 17 2006 at 8:17 PM Rating: Decent
2 posts
Soloed it as a monk62/drk31 without any food and potions.
I just used 2H and spammed raging fists. won with 241/1408 HP left.
Easy to solo
# Jun 16 2006 at 12:40 PM Rating: Decent
59 posts
I accidently spwaned him while looking for a CS and soloed this thing with carby all the way to its death as a lvl 62 smn I pulled off solo SC and MBed it I also had stoneskin blink barwatara up the entire time so as long as you know how to kite it around youll do just fine + carby will last long enough to melee a lil too
It moves fast for a crab so give it alot of room to kite
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Bloody High Defense
# May 29 2006 at 12:54 PM Rating: Decent
384 posts
Crazy defense. Judgment Bolt at lvl 65 only did 70 damage.

I suppose it would've been nice to know he's susceptible when he's casting.
#firedrummer, Posted: Apr 17 2006 at 6:29 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) i had got the quest but didn't know what type of NM he was. so the moment i poped him i knew he was strong but i soloed he a** anyways 67mnk/33war ftw:) i had about 600 hp left after he was dead lol
Oh snap!
# Mar 18 2006 at 2:52 AM Rating: Decent
327 posts
Well, I hate that pop point. Hmm a "???" point in the field I say to myself. *Click!*

You smell death.

"Interesti...OH ****"

*PLD58/RNG29(god knows why I had rng sub)*

I soon found out that this battle was hopeless and called for help and ran off, He depopped somewhere as far as I know.
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Solo'd by a RDM60
# Dec 19 2005 at 9:28 PM Rating: Decent
43 posts
Solo'd this sucka as a level 60 Hume Red Mage with just my normal AF and typical gear. I just kept up the DoTs, buffed myself up and spammed Stoneskin. Coffin kept dropping my stoneskin and it was a pain, but I kept it up without any downtime. It was a long fight, I had to stay on my toes at all times. hehe Drained and Aspired the hell out of him and just kept the pain down on him. I'd advise Regen drinks because they are better than the normal Regen I get as a RDM. Other than Stoneskin failing right when I converted, it was a pretty easy fight. Just took a lot of time to do.
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tough... Nah
# Dec 19 2005 at 1:14 PM Rating: Decent
236 posts
why is everyone having so much troubles with him, i solo'ed him as 66nin/war and it only took 3 minutes, didnt use anything other than berserk, blind, slow, and paralyze.

was doing blade: jin for about 100-700 dmg in full DD gear

he's a push over, i got hit once, and thats when i started getting lazy and forgot about shadows.
75war/nin/thf (retired)
75 nin/war
My quest glitched :-(
# Dec 13 2005 at 11:22 AM Rating: Decent
60 posts
This is the third quest to do it... I'll prolly never be able to finish this one either.

I solo'd this ******* as a 57thf/nin. I have full crow gear except for my empress hairpin. I used lots of blind, bloody and acid bolts. Sleep bolts totally stopped working after about the 3rd or 4th one.

So, after a few test runs, I finally get a strategy that I think will work... and it does. I used Energy Drain (dagger ws) about 15 times and I think he was out of magic. I sleep bolt > sneak attack about 3 times, 4th time he woke up right before I hit him :-(
Anyways, I 2hr and BARELY kill him. Touch the ??? and I'll give you $100 if you guess what happened next. He popped again. Very first thing he does is paralyze (my shadows were down) and my flee gets paralyzed. Luckily, he never hit me and I made it back to the Safehold.

-peace and good luck

P.S. Took me a really long time to beat. Luckily my evasion kix ***!

Edited, Tue Dec 13 11:29:51 2005
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This is one funny crab
# Dec 09 2005 at 6:17 AM Rating: Default
4,634 posts
I just killed this (Popped it without knowing), and it took about 10 minutes or so to kill it (I re-berserked and it wore off again during the fight).

He double attacks (Funny seeing a crab double attack, I think he's the first crab i've seen in the game that does), and he casts annoying spells (Ice Spikes, regen) I was hitting him about 10-15 per katana hit, blade: ku's where doing 150-300ish (One blade: ku did 548 damage O_o don't ask me)
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# Dec 06 2005 at 9:35 PM Rating: Decent
146 posts
War58 <me>
Pld60 (was /whm)

alot of fun! but its hard to hurt this guy! i was hitting for about 19 each hit (/nin so two hits of that) and my friend for about 9 ><! rampage was doing about 198 and vorpal blade was doing 98 ><! while it did turn to me alot i was able to keep shadows up because pld flashed/paralyzed/slowed it down. ended up haveing the pld use invincible which helped alot. he used 3 hi-ethers too. the crab is one tough customer thats for sure. paralyze AoE stuck to me pretty bad >< was annoying. it was at 1% and i couldn't get an attack off. we did win! both of us ending at about 20% hp ><! yes we are a duo team that needs a bit of work but hey we'll get better. Not bad for our second duo quest :) BTW we didn't build tp to 300% before fighting (we should have done) and we should have been useing spirits within to do maximum damege. (like i said, duo team in the makeing)
RE: Duoed
# Apr 01 2006 at 2:39 PM Rating: Decent
16 posts
whoops, posted on the wrong one... my bad.

Edited, Sat Apr 1 14:18:14 2006
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# Nov 11 2005 at 12:07 PM Rating: Excellent
830 posts
Hi everybody Smiley: smile

Soloed this guy as 55Bst/whm, and it was one of the most hilarious solo NM fights I've ever had. Took me a ridiculous amount of time to beat, and in the end, it was actually Dia that dropped him, believe it or not. XD

For any other bsts that would like to try this, here's what you'll need:

1 Gaudy harness . . . no exceptions
1 Stack of Fish broth
1 Stack of Pet food Zeta
1 Heaping amount of patience

Basically, I just Charm-kited him around til I could call another jug on him. The nice part about this is that Charm builds up a respectable enough amount of hate that he will largely ignore your pet and chase you while your pet continues to damage him. Be sure to keep Dia on him when he finally turns and starts dismantling your pet. This will prevent you from losing hate from being too far away. That happened to me twice in the fight and allowed him to regen from 1/4 almost all the way back to full at one point ><.

Happy Hunting! Smiley: boozing

Edited, Fri Nov 11 12:21:14 2005
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This crab is weaksauce...
# Nov 09 2005 at 3:21 PM Rating: Decent
731 posts
I went out as 74DRG/RDM, rdy to slay this ******* thinking it would take a long time or something gaddam. I think I used healing breath once before it died XD

It was totally weak ^^d
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could i solo?
# Oct 27 2005 at 9:03 AM Rating: Decent
15 posts
Im a 57 war/nin and i havent seen any clear indication as to this nm's lvl. could i possibly solo?
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RE: could i solo?
# Oct 31 2005 at 10:34 PM Rating: Decent
There is absollutely NO way you can solo this at 57. I am a 61 rdm, had ninja subbed, and went with a 61 whm and 48thf. Took us 10 minutes. each one of us took a lot of damage. My guess on this nm's level would be high 50's (58+) or low 60's (60-62) he casts the stoneskin effect a LOT. By the time We were done I think I had about 30-40mp left, and about 100mp left for the whm
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RE: could i solo?
# Nov 18 2005 at 9:32 AM Rating: Decent
15 posts
ok, thanks alot for your info^^
To do a common thing uncommonly well is an accomplishment.
Markas, 57war/nin of Seraph.
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# Oct 03 2005 at 4:05 PM Rating: Good
399 posts
Solo'd this as a BLM68. I basically killed it entirely by Drain, with decent dark magic skill and a dark staff you should be able to take out about a tenth of its HP with each drain. You just need to time it so that Drain hits it as it's casting, not very difficult (especially if you bind it and take a couple steps back).
Yay, crabby fun
# Aug 02 2005 at 11:46 AM Rating: Decent
181 posts
This guy is so amusing to fight! Especially when he casts magic and does his lil' stompy dance. He's a Red Mage for sure, as I saw him cast Paralyze, Blind, Ice Spikes, Enwater, Haste and Bio II amongst others.

He also has En-paralyze on his physical attacks. It doesn't trigger often, but it hit me once throughout the fight and the effect didn't last long. As others have said, when he's casting he takes full damage, so take opportunity of that if you're not going to Silence him.

Edited, Tue Aug 2 12:46:11 2005
Long time
# Aug 02 2005 at 3:02 AM Rating: Decent
247 posts
Just spawned this **** by accident. Didn't think a NM would pop but anyway. My friend (75whm/37smn) and I (57Nin/23war) were exploring cuz we had nothing else to do and we came across this. Thinking nothing of it we spawn it and I begin to tank it.

And tank it.

And tank it.

Needless to say it took well over 20 mins to kill this thing with no real DD. We did kill it no problem, but it was just a long *** fight. As long as you keep your shadows up and keep it slowed and blinded you shouldn't have a problem.
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Dont get me Started on this crab
# Jul 18 2005 at 4:25 AM Rating: Decent
2 posts
I finally unlock luf meadows a couple weeks ago I go down to safehold I do a couple quests i get map and i start searchin all the maps for ??? so i can mark them for future questin i find 2 ??? in meadows that turn out to be nm fights but as a 64rdm/32 war they were chumps first for a the flower band for missing daughter quest and second fight was for knights quest so i say heck with it i go to other area i find another ??? so i said well first fights were nadda i got this chump to. so at 300tp i check the ??? viola Bloody Coffin comes up. i say this will be quick i throw up stoneskin and phalanx switch to vermy cloak hit him with Vorpal Blade right after a berserk " Breht uses Vorpal Blade the Bloody Coffin takes 52 points of damage >< needless to say i continue to fight this guy every time my bio wears off I would sleep him and rest
i was not prepared at all but i came back with a 67 pld we demolished him. *note dont think Spirit's Within will work either cuz u will still get the 70 damage even from that at 300tp and full health but this mob can be solo'd by a 64+ rdm easily if u know what to expect, or a blm just hit a few times silence and sleep em sleep sticks to coffin like a mithra sticks to kitty litter he wont stand a chance
Boiled Crab anyone? :3
# Jun 23 2005 at 11:57 AM Rating: Decent
715 posts
I just soloed this guy as my BLM75/RDM37 and boy was it a trip seeing Blizzard IV land for 170 damage xD Since BLM WS kinda suck other than Spirit Taker, I mainly won this through applying every DOT I could, Choke/Rasp/Frost/Bio II/Poison II. The NM doesn't have a lot of HP, so with those 5 DOTs I could see its HP dropping measurably with each tick.

Just note, it is VERY susceptible to Paralyze. I had Ice Spikes on the whole time and many of its spells were Paralyzed out.

It does use typical crab WS in addition to spells though, Bubble Curtain, Bubble Shower, Big Scissors, Scissor Guard.
# Jun 20 2005 at 5:02 PM Rating: Decent
25 posts
My gf & I had just unlocked the promy areas and were exploring when we came across this ??? on a beach cliff. Being the moron that I am I clicked it and immediately got my head rocked by this angry crab. We each had /THF & weren't ready with my 54 Drk & her 63 Drg. This crab hits hard has high defense. Didn't realize that he takes at least twice as much dmg while hes casting until fight was over. Good thing to note. Anyway we BARELY beat him with 150 HP left on each of us as he died. Thats about one hit from him... moral of the story is dont go clicking ??? unless you're ready to rock.
Damn. The only NM I killed was Jesus & all he dropped was Hate & Prejudice...
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