Vana'diel Bestiary: Malfud  

Found in:Al Zahbi
Mob Functions:
Updated: Mon Jan 5 19:28:37 2009

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F-8 at a stall
# Jan 05 2009 at 11:24 AM Rating: Decent
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He is at F-8 in the Balrahn Way part of Al Zahbi, standing behind a stall.
# Jan 04 2008 at 2:50 PM Rating: Decent
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gona make me some navarins
# Jul 01 2006 at 6:40 AM Rating: Decent
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Sells 4 of the ingredients needed to make Nevarin :).
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wrong placement for this guy
# Jun 14 2006 at 11:25 AM Rating: Decent
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this guy is F-8 Aht Urghan Whitegate...

Rock Salt 16
Black Pepper 255
Olive Oil 16
Eggplant 44
Mithran Tomato 40
Pine Nuts 12
Merchant info
# Jun 01 2006 at 1:06 AM Rating: Good
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Current prices with very low fame in Al Zahbi:

Rock Salt: 16g
Black Pepper: 255g
Olive Oil 16g
Eggplant: 44g
Mithran Tomato: 40g
Pine Nuts: 12g

The merchant is located in the NE booth on first level Balrahn Way (F-8) in Whitegate.
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Incorrect Location
# Apr 27 2006 at 11:56 AM Rating: Decent
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NPC isn't in Al Zahbi.

He's at F-8 in Aht Uhrgan Whitegate.
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