Vana'diel Bestiary: Zoraal Ja's Pkuucha  

Found in:Wajaom Woodlands
Found at Location:J - 9
  • Notorious Monster
  • Based on Wind
  • Strong against Wind
Updated: Sat Jun 6 01:02:47 2009

Zoraal Ja's Pkuucha Picture

General Notes

  • NM is a lottery spawn from Lesser Colibris at I-9.
  • Has fast movement speed.
  • Immune to silence, sleep and gravity.
  • After half of the NM's HP are gone, Percipient Zoraal Ja will appear, restoring all of Zoraal Ja's Pkuucha's HP. You must defeat Percipient Zoraal Ja to prevent him from curing the other NM.
    • If Percipient Zoraal Ja is already up when the main NM is claimed, then Percipient Zoraal Ja may respawn a second time after being killed.
    • Percipient Zoraal Ja will despawn if adventurers fighting Zoraal Ja Pkuucha are killed, but it will respawn if the main NM is brought below 50 percent HP again, or attacked at below 50 percent HP.

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# Nov 05 2009 at 6:53 AM Rating: Good
159 posts
Duo with a PLD friend

PLD/RDM friend

Was pretty easy like this actually. Didnt even drop a crystal.

Edited, Nov 5th 2009 8:11am by Tuvae
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# Sep 05 2009 at 5:16 AM Rating: Decent
12 posts
I solo this thing everyday at least. Easy. Dancer/Ninja

Anyway, I was fighting the BST he summons and a pair of NIN come and take the Bird, i was so pissed. So i warped out real fast, and let the BST despawn so they had to do it again.

I came back and laughed at them trying to beat it, they kited it alot, and had to have a WHM come out and help them. And the funny thing is, a NIN STILL Died...something i do on DNC so easily, 2 pretty well geared NIN and a WHM could not do to easily, funny, he deserved that death....

So, watch out ppl!! Its easy to claim the Bird if you switch over to the BST if your solo'ing.
# Jun 04 2009 at 2:40 PM Rating: Decent
123 posts
Tried 74THF/NIN No eva gear
and rdm/whm
died reraised brought a nin/dnc trio no problem
1/1 on fowling :o thats all i needed


# Nov 08 2008 at 9:18 PM Rating: Default
Most likely a lottery spawn, I've seen this pop in 2 hours of partying and in as little as half hour. Lottery spawn seems to fit
KalessinMC wrote:

This is just another example of how I feel SE doesn't seem to care abut BST. This has been a problem for years and many, many BSTs have fallen prey to this. Another example of a stupid problem that has yet to be fixed is that BST still remains the only pet job that cannot zone with summoned pets. And to cap it off, we're also the only job that actualy PAYS for our pet.
# Apr 18 2008 at 1:16 AM Rating: Decent
20 posts
Okay I just trio'd this on Odin. had DRK/THF (me) DRK/NIN and RDM/NIN
First time messed up pretty bad. and RDM was /BLM.
Just be sure to target the BST when he pops out and sleep the bird, otherwise it gets a little rough because the BST is immune to sleep or has strong resist sleep.
Pretty easy fight, about 30% or so I did SAT +SE and LR then Spiral Hell'd him for about 2k damage.
All in all, easy fight, if you know what you're doing, also very fun.
1/1 on the earring.

On Odin? Hit me up sometime "Thejew" I'm normally free so lets chill.

Edited, Apr 18th 2008 8:24am by Kyatan
(o_o;) i was just bored
# Jan 25 2008 at 7:48 PM Rating: Default
32 posts
{Party}{Do you need it?}
(;-.-) yur fkin dumb
( v v)
# Jan 13 2008 at 9:39 AM Rating: Decent
10 posts
i wanna gonna try him as pld/nin or pld/rdm at 75 , well when i get pld to 75 63 atm working on whm and nin subs to 37 than back to pld woot, anyways i was just gonna solo him with pld but i guess hes a toughy if ya need a party set up woo that was close good thingi read the comments lol.......

RDM Solo
# Oct 08 2007 at 11:50 AM Rating: Good
163 posts
Soloed this as a 75RDM/37PLD. Yes, you heard right. /PLD sub and not /NIN sub. I have a good defense build up my Red Mage, and I need the Fowling Earring for my Samurai so I figured I would give this NM a try since it's usually always up anyway.

Long and behold the NM was up when I got there. Since I would be tanking everything directly I was sure to get Sanction Refresh, this fight is a long one so you want every bit of Refresh you can get. I also had an additional Auto-Refresh from /PLD, so I had a 4-5 MP Refresh depending on my MP status.

I used a dagger for this fight, despite having a Joyeuse, Energy Drain is much more beneficial than putting yourself in danger to try to kill the NM faster. The NM didn't hit me terribly hard despite not using any defense food either. Usually about 20ish with a shield block, and 40-60 normally. This NM is very accurate and usually hit me everytime even with Flash. Regardless, the time it took for the Colibri to reflect the spell back at me was enough for me to get Stoneskin up again. It's also safe to use Slow since it will not overwrite your Haste, but do not use Slow II as it will overwrite your Haste, do not apply any DoTs as well. Ice Spikes is a great alternative to Paralyze spell.

After getting it down to about 25% the master Mamool popped. So I kept the Colibri slept and started killing the pet. It has significantly less HP than the bird, but it's completely safe to use your whole ******* to enfeeble the Mamool. I switched to my Joyeuse here to try to speed kill it, though I kind of regret it because MP was getting tight towards the end. You can also Bind/Gravity the Mamool to create distance and Convert. The Colibri will wake up and reflect your Sleep immediately, unfortunately this slept me most times except one (Resist Sleep lol), but I saved my Sentinel for emergencies and get things under control.

After the Mamool died it was the exact same deal with the Colibri all over again. It does not do anything different except it will not spawn the Mamool again. Unfortunately it did not drop the earring, but it did drop the axe. Oh well ;_; An RDM/NIN can do the exact same solo and more liberally apply debuffs, but the fight was a lot more fun and challenging as RDM/PLD~
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# Sep 11 2007 at 9:23 AM Rating: Decent
2 posts
Me and a couple of LS Mates found this guy while snapping pics for Colliseum last night, and killed him pretty easily.

75 RDM/WHM (me)

Friend said he was going to be a <bio>tch, but we straight up smoked him. Started with buffs for us all, and DD's pull him. Drop buffs on mob and wait until his master shows up. Master pops, Sleep II the bird and WARs switch to Master. Buffs on Master. A quick convert for me and rest while DD's take him down. Back to Pkuucha FTW! One WAR got into yellow a few times, but a couple of Cure IV's and that was that. It was an easy fight, but they only drop we got was the crystal. Oh well it was fun anyway.
# Aug 10 2007 at 4:34 PM Rating: Decent
10,227 posts
I've nearly soloed this numerous times on my RDM/NIN. Strategy is as follows: Melee bird until 30%, turn around, reapply all buffs, and hit a blizzard III on him. This will usually force him under 20~25% and make him summon the Master. Then, Sleep II Bird, Bind Master, Poison II master, Slow II Master, and begin a DOT Kill on the master while kiting him, keeping Sleep II on the bird. This works, and I have done it this way, but I was only able to do it once, when no RMT were around. I stopped trying to do it again anymore, because RMT are so desperate they are willing to dia the bird + claim it (flawed claim system lets someone with no hate get claim on something someone has a TON of hate on...)And MPK me over 20k. It DEFINITELY is possible, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
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# Aug 10 2007 at 11:59 AM Rating: Default
52 posts

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# Aug 10 2007 at 12:03 PM Rating: Decent
52 posts
Took Me Smn75,Smn75,Drg75,Bst66,Bst65,Nin70+ To Kill This Guy And Pet Got 2Wind Crystals And Some Deaths.
check me out at myspace.com/bahamutsraj >:P
Wow this bird is cheap
# Jun 08 2007 at 7:41 AM Rating: Decent
18 posts
I was coming off from a victory from Gaurda...my mentor said i couldnt solo rdm/nin but haha! Anyways...i saw it..and i was like... RAWR. It wasn't a problem and the reflect thing was weak if i timed it to hit shadows...but i got it to 30% and something said "Chainspell shim chainspell" but i was like no way...20% ( i didnt know this happened) some damn mamool "its master" spanwed and kicked me to the curb, some rdm took the puk and the mammool depoped!? i mean cummon, you come help your colibri then ditch it? Anwyays..fun fight but next time i see it i am so getting revenge... ._.
pewp '_'
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Wow this bird is cheap
# Jul 26 2007 at 10:43 PM Rating: Decent
1,064 posts
Soloed today as 75 thf/nin.
Wow this bird is cheap
# Jul 26 2007 at 10:43 PM Rating: Decent
1,064 posts
Soloed and OWNED both of them today THF/NIN ;)
# May 13 2007 at 9:02 AM Rating: Good
11,742 posts
On our server the RMT's have now been reduced to camping this thing. The earring doesn't even sell for much anymore.
Wind Crystals.... hurray
# Feb 28 2007 at 9:21 PM Rating: Decent
12 posts
Camped for about 2hrs, got claim w/o much of any comp.
Was hard to tank as 70Sam/Nin, LS came in to help.
Damn thing dropped 3 wind crystals for our trouble.
I feel cheated >_>
# Jan 09 2007 at 10:55 AM Rating: Decent
14 posts
Hmmm. lets see Got to J-9 today while Pting it poped, 4 lvl 75 grabed it <they were cool cuz they let us have the Bird around it and didnt steal our kills^^> they kill it and its pet. almost a 1/2 hour later it poped again... not sure what ppl r saying about 4-6 hrs but it most certainly seems like Lottery Spwan to me... Also it doesnt Agg or link... We pull right infront of it and we rested... So...

Edited, Jan 9th 2007 1:53pm by TheRickyB
75SAM/37DRG + 60WHM/30SMN > lolbird
# Jan 08 2007 at 2:10 AM Rating: Decent
32 posts
Me and my friend were getting her Olduum Ring done, when we turn the corner, finding this guy just sitting there. Staring at us. So... Because I knew it dropped the Fowling Earring, I wanted to murder it that moment. I barraged my LS, asking for help on this guy. No one responded, so I said "**** it, let's do this." Buffed up, then I came swinging in, ripping a Self Fragmentation onto the poor bird.

I know it was going to recover its' HP at 25%, and its' master would pop, so I kinda' started to freak out. It was hitting like a truck when my Seigan was down, and my friend was running low on MP.

Then, it went back to full HP, closed my eyes... Its' master didn't pop... "What... Oh well, YOU'RE GOING TO DIE, CLOWN!!!" I spoke to myself while "Master Of Puppets" was playing in the background.

She used Beneidiction shortly after, because she had no MP, then she continued resting while I Meikyo Shisui'd its' face off, and bam "You find the earring you already have on the bird that has a neglecting master." Woot. So, I give the earring to her, and when it sells, we're going to have 150k each.

But the thing that keeps me wondering... "Why didn't its' master spawn?" Could someone enlighten me on this?
RDM solo
# Jan 05 2007 at 6:43 PM Rating: Decent
477 posts
This NM can be soloed by RDM/NIN. Unfortunately on my server it's heavily camped by RMT who will most likely steal the colibri NM when it goes unclaimed.

Some interesting facts about this NM:
Zoraal Ja's Pkuucha will not build resistance to sleep cast by lv75RDM, like other colibri it will reflect spells. NIN sub is pretty much a must.

The master must be killed otherwise he will keep rewarding his pet. He is not sleepable but is susceptible to bind and gravity.

Zoraal Ja's Pkuucha will resummon its master if for some reason it's allowed to regenerate to full hp after the master is killed.

Have fun with this NM and good luck on drops
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Maat's Cap
# Oct 05 2006 at 2:57 AM Rating: Decent
27 posts
was exping for the first time in wajaom at lvl 57 on colibris in his spawn area, he popped and we dont touch it cuz we know it will kill us so a pty of 4-5 comes of and takes it on andd all i saw after that was death ....... >.> is he that bad

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Boots [x]
hands [x]
body [x]
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Got it
# Oct 01 2006 at 7:16 PM Rating: Decent
29 posts
I go afk at its spawn point for an hour or 2. I come back its not there... I wait around watching this level 65 NIN soloing birds and it pops.

I get all excited thinking someone will claim it and not many ls/friends were on to help.

I did get a 75 RDM/75 RNG/69 THF to help, we got murdered. The RDM had a friend in his Dynamis HNM LS who would help (75 everything almost, he came as NIN). Simple with a NIN, RDM and NIN can easily duo it. It drops the earring.

The NIN then needed the earring the next day and when I signed on, it spawned and the 75 RDM, 69 THF, and 75 NIN killed it, it dropped axe and earring.

Since then we've killed it 2 more times just for the 900k (now 600k) drop, got it every time (4/4). I swear the THF's hacking or has an amazing TH2, I farm with him a lot and increases rates by 95%, unlike other TH2's where its like 50%.
# Sep 02 2006 at 9:57 PM Rating: Decent
58 posts
xping at j-9 and this guy pops so we pull him right away to see what happend all dead had a 59 pt. getting a 75 nin otw atm to try and team up with him lets see how its goes. pt set up so far is all 59 cor rdm blu(me) drg whm brd.
75drk 37 rdm 37war 37thf 40nin 36 sam 75BST 43WHM 75 blm 75 blu
woodworking 34 smithing 15 cooking 60
3/30 on leaping lizzy :( was 1/4 long ago.
# Sep 02 2006 at 10:07 PM Rating: Decent
58 posts
dead again lol ppl are pissed everyone is going 75 jobs now to kill it. shount take long now.
75drk 37 rdm 37war 37thf 40nin 36 sam 75BST 43WHM 75 blm 75 blu
woodworking 34 smithing 15 cooking 60
3/30 on leaping lizzy :( was 1/4 long ago.
# Aug 24 2006 at 5:33 PM Rating: Decent
28 posts
I just killed this NM today thursday 8/24/06. I killed placeholders with a friend 75 war. I am 75 drg. This NM did not agro to us. It flew THROUGH us as we killed a place holder and did not link us. It may agro/link to lower levels but the group that killed him were all 75 and the place holders just watch us kill it. Just some info to help you all out :)
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saw this while runnin...
# Aug 23 2006 at 8:33 PM Rating: Default
213 posts
I was omw to EXP pt and I saw this, I wanted to kill it but I had no idea if we could kill it.. PLD BRD WHM RNG THF WAR..WHM was afk tho ._.
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a boom boom chicka chick boom boom chicka boom
# Aug 15 2006 at 10:07 AM Rating: Decent
19 posts
ok i can do that CHAINSPELL thunder3!!! zap zap zap zap zap zap zap! HUH? it didnt claim! oh well! but just then i see that the ninja whos atacking the zoral master guy is at like 10hp! then my friend says the NM colibri has REFLECT and my nukes all reflected onto him!

This made me laugh so hard XD
Duo-ed 75Rdm/nin 73Blm/whm
# Aug 14 2006 at 11:23 PM Rating: Decent
185 posts
so im on my way to camp the devil mantra for the 90000th time completely knowing that ill fish it up a few times and get absolutely nothing - anyways - mah bud thurle from the LS is out in Wajoam-jihadlands exping as a 66 BST. He wants me to come camp a NM colibri with him or something. i figure eh? well it might be better than going 0/30 on the devil again so sureeee why not??? plus i heard the drops were worth millions and almost guarenteed.

all of a sudden! omg its up! come quick! aaaaaahhhhh
warp to alzabi, suite up with all my RDM/NIN gear, and get ready to do some good ole pwnage, choco to the place - its claimed!!!

a 75nin/rdm and a 75brd/whm are there and theyre poking the birdy -- check em out -- oh snap theyre from the same LS that stole this NM from my friend last time...

they get the colibri to about 20-10%hpish and it pops his master Perciperant Zoraal dood, the colibri is healed to 100%hp - this is where the fun begins, the Brd sleeps the colibri and the ninja goes for the mamool master guy, they start beating on the master guy so the Colibri went un-claimed!

now normally (well recently normal me) i dont try to yeh know steal stuff or anything but meh they stole it from my friend so why not? i poked it the colibri with a nuke - still not claimed but the people havent noticed - just then i remmeber that funny chart from the monster enmity update - oh yeah generate more enmity than them, ok i can do that CHAINSPELL thunder3!!! zap zap zap zap zap zap zap! HUH? it didnt claim! oh well! but just then i see that the ninja whos atacking the zoral master guy is at like 10hp! then my friend says the NM colibri has REFLECT and my nukes all reflected onto him!

immediately i see alotta japanese jiberish and the words "MPK" and "GM" next to eachother - - - - u h o h - - - -

the brd slapped some cures on the ninja and they ended up killing both the NMs with no problem. i was kinda nervous but w/e i really wasnt trying to mpk, just trying to repay them for stealing the claim last time mah friend had the NM (thats completely different lmao)

we came back about 3 hours later and chilled until spawned at the four hour mark, right away i claimed it and slept it, the colibri is sleepable, my bst friend wasnt going to do anything until the Percipant Zoraal mamook guy spawned, Strategy was for him to solo the mamool with pet swaps while i keep the birdy slept. Well it woulda worked fine but wen the mamool spawned after i soloed the bird down to birdy down to 10-20%, he couldnt get the hate of the mamool at all of me so i was being bombarded by 2 75NMs hitting for like 100s - death - death

HP & regroup & claim same thing - death - death -

ok well i figure "allright almighty GMs youve punished me enough i understand! i tryed to steal a mob almost MPKed a guy! we're even ok?"

nope - death - death - (again)

***** this i just lost my entire buffer on 75 only 200 exp into it now! i cant die again! noooo i need my meritted slow2! i got my friend to go get his 73 BLM and come back so we can give it one last shot! so we tryed it same deal - i solo the colibri to 20%ish he pops zoraal mamool guy, this time i have my friend sleep the birdy while i kill the mamool guy, becuz u cant sleep the mamool and he will heal the birdy to 100%hp if left alive while trying to kill the bird.

the fight was pretty damn long, and got very scary wen the thurle's Stuns/sleeps would refelct off the bird onto me. not to mention his enfeebling was kinda well meh not so hot and he had only assembled half of his gear bcuz he was in a hurry. but in the end, after soloing the bird 1.8 times (becuz its HP resets wen he calls his BST) and after soloing the lizard man, we got a Fowling Earring worth about 1mil on the Ifrit server, not bad eh?

thurle was able to think of a creative way to help me wen the bird and lizard guy were both awake and i needed a quick cure after putting up shadows up, hed cast cure3 onto the colibri and it would reflect onto me w/o giving him any hate what-so-ever, keep that in mind if your going to attempt fighting this guy as a whm with a tank.

hope this helps anyone going attempting to kill this mob, i realize this is a longlonglong post but if u just skipped to the end, check out some of it. uh on that note Happy camping
NM details
# Aug 08 2006 at 7:47 AM Rating: Decent
38 posts
click on the Fowling Earing link, i made a post there about most of the things you will want to know when hunting this bird.

Thisisi 75DRG/37WHM rank 9 sandy
this is the only NM drop ive ever gotten
0/12 Leaping Lizzy
0/4 Valkrum Emporor
0/1 Leech King
0/27 Centurio X-I (trying to get quake)
0/3 JeJ
2/4 Zoraal Ja's Pkuucha
and 0/2563475634056203847566 on a bunch more that i cant remember -.-
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