Vana'diel Bestiary: Dark Rider  

Family:Unknown Family
Found in:Caedarva Mire
Mount Zhayolm
Wajaom Woodlands
    Updated: Fri Dec 28 10:26:12 2007

    Dark Rider Picture

    Has been spotted wandering around various zones in the Aht Urghan areas. If you have any additional information, please let us know!!!

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    # Feb 11 2010 at 2:22 AM Rating: Decent
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    Mount zhayolm H-9 Wed feb 10 1:22 am mst
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    Odin's behavior
    # May 30 2009 at 8:02 AM Rating: Good
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    It would be really cool if this "Dark Rider" aggroed player and monster alike. Sometimes saving your *** from mobs wanting to give you a beat down with one swift stroke otherwise known as "Zantetsuken", or cutting your own hide in two whenever he ****-well pleases.
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    # Jan 15 2008 at 5:02 AM Rating: Decent
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    This just spawned, 21:32FFXI time, Earthday, J-8 at about 7am Central USA time.

    Azoulph isle
    # Oct 12 2007 at 10:35 PM Rating: Decent
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    Well, I just saw him while we were exping at Wajaom. First a Dark Bugler spawned and then he came riding in from behind. It was pretty impressive, wish I could take a SS but the buglar pretty much wiped our party.
    # Jul 21 2007 at 10:17 AM Rating: Decent
    When wandering around, spawns the Warhorse Hoofprint and a Dark Bugler.
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    horseback rider
    # Jul 19 2007 at 8:53 PM Rating: Decent
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    anyone else realize, Final Fantasy is a series where the common mode of land transportation are chocobos, no horse stables to speak of... Why is this Dark rider not riding a demonic chocobo?!
    horseback rider
    # Dec 13 2007 at 4:09 AM Rating: Default
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    Odin always rides on Slepnir. If you played Final Fantasy you would know that.
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    # May 12 2007 at 2:25 PM Rating: Decent
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    who knows maybe if u beat him u'll have him as a new avatar! either that or of course all the servers will implode and the apocalypse of Vana'deil will begin with vrtra and all his brothers and sisters alike will wreak havok on the cities..... either one..... of course =] I hope someone beats him

    on a lighter note..... Alexander is gunna beat him first!!!!
    New Avatar?!?!!?!?!?
    # Jan 14 2008 at 9:12 PM Rating: Decent
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    /hurray Alexander!!

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    # Feb 22 2007 at 2:21 PM Rating: Decent
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    From Teutonic Mythology:

    The horse which this woman of torture and death rides is black, untamed, difficult to manage (styggr), and ugly - grown (ljótvaxinn). It drinks human blood, and is accompanied by other horses belonging to Leikin, black and bloodthirsty like it. (All this is stated by Hallfred Vandradaskald.)* Perhaps these loose horses are intended for those persons whom the horsewoman of torture causes to die from disease, and whom she is to conduct to the lower world.

    Popular traditions have preserved for our times the remembrance of the "ugly-grown" horse, that is, of a three-legged horse, which on its appearance brings sickness, epidemics, and plagues. The Danish popular belief (Thiele., i. 137, 138) knows this monster, and the word Hel-horse has been preserved in the vocabulary of the Danish language. The diseases brought by the Hel-horse are extremely dangerous, but not always fatal. When they are not fatal, the convalescent is regarded as having ransomed his life with that tribute of loss of strength and of torture which the disease caused him, and in a symbolic sense he has then "given death a bushel of oats" (that is, to its horse). According to popular belief in Slesvik (Arnkiel, i. 55; cp. J. Grimm, Deutsche Myth., 804), Hel rides in the time of a plague on a three-legged horse and kills people. Thus the ugly-grown horse is not forgotten in traditions from the heathen time.

    Voluspa informs us that in the primal age of man, the sorceress Heid went from house to house and was a welcome guest with evil women, since she seid Leikin (sida means to practise sorcery). Now, as Leikin is the "horsewoman of torture and death," and rides the Hel-horse, then the expression sida Leikin can mean nothing else than by sorcery to send Leikin, the messenger of disease and death, to those persons who are the victims of’ the evil wishes of "evil women"; or, more abstractly, to bring by sorcery dangerous diseases to men.t
    Source: http://www.boudicca.de/teut.htm

    Hel is the daughter to Loki and and Queen to Hel(Realm, the underworld). This is the only thing I can find regarding to the identity of the three legged horse. Hope we find out soon!

    # Apr 29 2007 at 1:19 PM Rating: Default
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    probly can't kill him till they finsh ToAU story and/or key item,item.
    # Mar 09 2007 at 8:44 AM Rating: Decent
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    This one does have 4 legs though, as stated in previous posts. The angle makes it look like 3.
    # May 07 2007 at 3:57 PM Rating: Decent
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    not really, when ever odin appears in games there are 2 sets front legs and one set of back instead of what some people might think they see in that pictures
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    New lance?
    # Feb 16 2007 at 11:22 AM Rating: Decent
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    i wonder if hes killed will he drop that lance.... i really dont care what the stats are for that thing are, i want thaty god d%^& lance
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    # Feb 16 2007 at 1:08 AM Rating: Decent
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    Dark Esquire sighted at I-8 in Bhaflau Thickets just now. 75Pld and 67Blu got it down to 75% HP before losing. While fighting Dark Esquire, Dark Rider rode past. Warhorse Hoofprint left in I-8 path to Postern.
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    # Feb 15 2007 at 10:55 PM Rating: Decent
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    you guys do realize that in order for this to be Odin he'd have to wield gungnir right? that isnt gungnir in his hands >.>
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    # Feb 07 2007 at 6:39 PM Rating: Decent
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    i thought odins horse had 6 legs....this one has only 3
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    # Feb 07 2007 at 3:57 PM Rating: Decent
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    Of course it's Odin, they have put other high ranking Avatars in there we can only see them. I have seen Bismarck the whale on my way over on the ferry, I only caught a small glimps of him, but I was sure it was him, the detailing on his belly wasn't normal for any other sea creature.
    No matter how many times I went on the ferry to catch another glimpse, but I have not seen him again. I have yet to see Dark Rider, but judging by the pics, it is Odin.
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    tough mob or no
    # Jan 15 2007 at 6:47 PM Rating: Decent
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    what is this the toughest mob or something?
    dark rider death
    # Jan 05 2007 at 3:33 PM Rating: Decent
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    i heard this guy alrdy been taken down by BtL hnmls inseraph server
    dark rider death
    # Jan 10 2007 at 4:25 AM Rating: Decent
    Thief's Knife
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    finalhart wrote:
    i heard this guy alrdy been taken down by BtL hnmls inseraph server

    He can't be killed, he takes 0 damage from everything. He only exists to leave behind a warhorse hoofprint.
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    I thought of it first:

    How strong?
    # Dec 16 2006 at 9:05 AM Rating: Decent
    14 posts
    How tough are these things? It certainly looks intimidating, but looks may be decieving...right?
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    4 Legged Pic
    # Dec 04 2006 at 10:23 PM Rating: Good
    22 posts
    It's just a bad angle pic. Dark Rider's horse has 4 legs.. here's the proof.


    You can see the Dark Bugler in the corner of pic too.
    Started keeping a photo album of the NMs I've faught or passed by along w/ my drop rates. Any questions, comments, feel free to ask!
    # Nov 27 2006 at 9:30 AM Rating: Decent
    2,815 posts
    In the traditional myth, Slephnir has 8 legs. In the Final Fantasy world, Odin's horse always had either 4 or 6 legs (four legs in the older ones). Yyou can see pics here http://www.ffcompendium.com/h/espmon/odin.shtml . Seeing that FF11 brings back a lot of old school things, I wouldn't be surprised if they depicted Odin's horse with 4 legs, like the old ones.

    And this horse has 4 legs -- it only looks like three in this screenshot because one of them is bent up and hidden. Here are better pictures of him http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/ten13films/my_photos .

    Interesting detail : The sculpture figure of FF8's Odin (which i own cuz that was my favorite Odin so far) actually has all 8 legs. At least in principle : If you look closely you can see that 2 of his legs have been amputated at the body...
    (It's that badly painted orange nubby thing on hiss chest)
    Prety cool detail huh?

    Oddly this doesn't seem to show on the texture of the ingame version though.
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    # Nov 21 2006 at 10:53 AM Rating: Decent
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    someone lost a leg lalala
    56kness >_>'
    # Nov 21 2006 at 10:51 AM Rating: Decent
    6 posts

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    # Nov 19 2006 at 10:29 PM Rating: Decent
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    O D I N
    Fight like a brave.
    dark rider
    # Oct 31 2006 at 11:36 PM Rating: Decent
    28 posts
    just saw him on lightsday, 6:00, no weather effects.
    A dark bugler was pecking at some players as my pt lay dead. ;.;
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    # Oct 27 2006 at 4:27 AM Rating: Default
    49 posts
    his armor looks like iron musketeer armor...maybe he's in the shadowe family?
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    Dark Rider
    # Oct 26 2006 at 11:47 AM Rating: Decent
    8 posts
    Just saw him a few mins ago. My pt was xping in Caedarva Mire and first I saw demons and was like "Why are there demons here..." then I saw him and was like Holy Crap! Then he came towards my pt and I thought we were all screwed but he didn't agro just walked past us. It was really awesome he's pretty impressive.
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    # Oct 16 2006 at 10:38 AM Rating: Decent
    387 posts
    this horse has 3 legs? o.o;
    # Nov 17 2006 at 8:47 PM Rating: Decent
    189 posts
    "You ever play pocket pool?"
    # Oct 13 2006 at 2:51 PM Rating: Decent
    2 posts
    Was reading through forums on this guy.

    HNM linkshells try taking this guy on and from what I hear, none have won

    In fact only once have I heard anyone hurt him. He uses death quite a bit... well enough to wipe your party easily, and can't really be hurt at all. SS I've seen ( ) show he CAN be hurt, but they have no idea how

    It spawns Imps and Demons
    It can be killed (hence the death dat in AltanaView) but no one knows how yet.

    Until then good luck to anyone willing to go up against this guy ^_^
    # Dec 03 2006 at 3:23 PM Rating: Decent
    1 post
    Maybe someone should try throwing Fenrir at him. In norse mythology Fenrir eats Odin when Ragnarok begins.
    # Oct 28 2006 at 12:56 PM Rating: Decent
    599 posts
    notice how the death animation is him running away... not dying.......
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    # Oct 13 2006 at 10:58 AM Rating: Decent
    232 posts
    Just saw him awhile ago and he scared me ******** lol. now thats a drk
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    # Feb 18 2007 at 11:58 AM Rating: Default
    1,484 posts
    looks like a drg to me..
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    Demons xpable
    # Oct 02 2006 at 3:04 PM Rating: Default
    122 posts
    My friend Daecon saw this up close. He says it spawned on Dark Weather In Azouph Isle Stagging. 2 NM Demons (Yes Demons) popped first, then Rider. He also said demons are xpable, giving T-VT xp. Hope this helps.

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    # Oct 02 2006 at 9:26 AM Rating: Decent
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    yea id say that was odin too dispite odins horse have 6 legs but the one he rides here has 4, maybe we will find out after the october update
    # Oct 13 2006 at 2:35 PM Rating: Decent
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    Odin's horse Sleipnir has 8 legs
    tons of people mistake this
    I don't know why
    Also used in promotion to corporal
    # Oct 02 2006 at 12:04 AM Rating: Decent
    208 posts
    To gain Corporal rank, you must locate the hoofprint again ; ; Took me 3 days to find it for superior private.
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    # Oct 01 2006 at 6:01 PM Rating: Default
    143 posts
    thats odin >.>
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    # Oct 31 2006 at 11:37 PM Rating: Decent
    28 posts
    Odin rides Slepnir... an 8 legged horse. that one has 3. >.>
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    # Nov 05 2006 at 11:53 AM Rating: Decent
    7 posts
    In the traditional myth, Slephnir has 8 legs. In the Final Fantasy world, Odin's horse always had either 4 or 6 legs (four legs in the older ones). Yyou can see pics here http://www.ffcompendium.com/h/espmon/odin.shtml . Seeing that FF11 brings back a lot of old school things, I wouldn't be surprised if they depicted Odin's horse with 4 legs, like the old ones.

    And this horse has 4 legs -- it only looks like three in this screenshot because one of them is bent up and hidden. Here are better pictures of him http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/ten13films/my_photos .

    Edited, Nov 5th 2006 at 11:58am PST by waahooo
    # Nov 16 2006 at 10:11 AM Rating: Decent
    213 posts
    Slephnir had 4 legs in FFIX when Braun summoned Odin on Cleyra, and also when you gained him as a summon. So this might be a passing refference to Odin, who is indeed a "Dark Rider". Also, note the lance... it looks oddly like the lance Odin carried in FFIX. Could just be another reference to a past FF game. Anywho, i saw this guy while perusing around the Caedarva Mire, trying to find the zone for Puppetmaster flag quest. I had sneak and invis on, and he didnt aggro, but i ran as fast as i could in the opposite direction in case he decided to come after me. A few friends have confirmed reports on this sucker in Wajaom as well, so he gets around. Also, from what i hear, he does NOT aggro, but always has miniature helper NMs with him of Demon and Imp type. I've never specifically heard of the other NMs that pop with him aggroing either, so he seems to only be dangerous if you run up and attack him. From the reports i've heard, he CAN use Death, but doesnt use Deathga, so there's little danger there. Never actually seen anyone or anything fighting him, so i can't confirm or dispel the rumor that he is invulnerable. However, i CAN say he is from the Demon family, based on his summoned allies(pets?), and his horns. Maybe try spamming Light moves on him to dent him. Also, based on his equipment, and the rumors of being unable to harm him, i'd say he's most likely a paladin. I'll post more as i get more info on this guy. But what i CAN tell you for sure is, if you get a chance to see this guy up close, go for it, he's massive, impressive, and just awesome to see... just pray he isn't in a bad mood and decides to aggro ;).

    EDIT: Found out from a friend who's HNM shell tackled this guy that his weakness depends on the element of the day he spawned. Also, he's a Demon Dragoon. Drops are unknown (hasnt dropped anything so far as i know) and he is highly resistant to Silence. Finally, the rumor that he is invulnerable, is a lie. He's no more powerful than Hydra or Cerberus, the only thing is: he spawns Dark Buglers (Imp type NM) as a pet/ally type of monster. And that about wraps it up, good luck to all those who decide to try to fight this guy ^^b

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    # Dec 11 2006 at 9:39 AM Rating: Decent
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    Actually in 9 Sleipnir had 6 legs, 4 at the front and 2 at the rear:
    Dragoon Equipment Guide
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    # Oct 01 2006 at 5:17 PM Rating: Decent
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    The Dark Rider, as stated in the mob description, appears in outdoor zones across Aht Urhgan. He may leave a Warhorse Hoofprint behind. In order to upgrade to Superior Private, you must find this hoofprint and bring it back to naja, after flagging the promotion quest.

    The print moves once per conquest week I believe.

    It may be used in other quests as well, although I have no knowledge of them.
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