Vana'diel Bestiary: Valkeng  

Found in:Talacca Cove
  • Notorious Monster
  • Aggro
Involved in Quests:
Updated: Fri Dec 28 16:26:12 2007

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Background and BC Fight Info
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Background Info:

Just in-case anyone's wondering, Valkeng is the robot that fights with Samarhaan (The PUP NPC in Bastok Markets). When you talk to Samarhaan, you'll see the automaton's name appear, but the automaton itself is not targetable.

For the quest "Puppetmaster Blues" (PUP AF3), you have to do a BCNM fight against Valkeng. Technically though, the robot that you fight is not Valkeng, it's an old battle automaton that you have put Valkeng's Memory chip into.

Finally, the last instance where you see Valkeng is for Limit Break 5, if you do it as PUP. You'll have to fight Samarhaan himself, and of course, Valkeng will be with him.

BCNM Info:

For those of you looking for info on the PUP AF3 fight, this guy is no joke... He'll start off as Harlequin, and then transform into one of the upgraded frames after about 30 seconds, based on what type of damage you're doing to it (If you're doing mostly physical damage it'll change to melee form, etc...) it'll do another scan every 90 seconds, and change it's form accordingly.

In it's Valoredge (melee) form, it has a defense bonus, 30% damage reduction, accuracy bonus, and a "Haste" effect. Luckily though, it only uses it's first 2 weapon skills, it won't use Cannibal Blade (skill that drains HP). It's somewhat susceptible to magic.

In Stormwaker (mage) form, it's a BLM type, unlike the PC version of the Stormwaker which is more similar to a RDM. It has a huge Magic Defense Bonus, a Magic Attack Bonus, and is very resistant to magic in-general. It will cast high level spells including ancient magic and AoEs. It will cast a spell every 10 seconds or so.

In Sharpshot (RNG) form, It has an extremely large accuracy bonus, and an evasion bonus. It's accuracy bonus is exceedingly large, it would likely still consistently land hits against a 75THF with capped evasion. Blind and Flash are near useless against this form. It'll fire a shot every 3-5 seconds.

I won this fight with a 72BLU, 75RDM, 75NIN, and 75DRG. It changed into Valoredge form, and the NIN was able to tank it very well, there was only one instance where the NIN took excessive damage, and that was when the automaton WSed after shadows fell, we recovered very easily. Took about 8 minutes, the fight is nothing to be taken lightly, but it's not anything to worry about if you have higher level help.
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