Vana'diel Bestiary: Areuhat  

Found in:Grauberg (S)
Found at Location:D - 13
Updated: Thu May 15 01:31:25 2008

This is a Freelance NPC that may join your forces to fight along side you in campaign battles if you meet her requirements. She will mention that she is 'tired' when you speak to her. Giving her medicine will influence her to join your nation. Has the chance to morph into a Wyrm as she fights. Yeah. Crazy.

When she joins a side, her position will change depending on which nation she joins:

Areuhat: So this is one of these "cities" I've heard so much of, is it? Hmph. Seems to be nothing more than a mass of people crowded into a noisy, confined space.

Categories: Final Fantasy XI | FFXI NPC
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