Vana'diel Bestiary: Nosferatu  

Found in:Aydeewa Subterrane
Spawned using:Pure Blood
Secondary Job:Dark Knight
  • Notorious Monster
  • Aggro
  • Not Linking
  • Detects by Sight
  • Detects by Low HP
  • Based on Dark
Updated: Wed Sep 23 01:03:59 2009

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General Information

    • The ??? will respawn fifteen minutes after Nosferatu is defeated or despawns.

  • Resistant to Elemental magic damage, Dispel, and Gravity, and will build a resistance to Stun and Magic Finale over time.

  • Has a Draw-in effect.

    • Soon after Drawing in players, Nosferatu will charm them.

    • These monsters will all perform a TP move on whoever has hate before instantly despawning.

    • This process can be prevented by stunning Nosferatu during the summoning animation.

Nosferatu's Special Attacks

  • Absorb-ACC: Single target Accuracy Drain effect.

  • Absorb-TP: Single target TP Drain effect.

  • Drain: Single target HP Drain effect.

  • Drain II: Single target HP Drain effect.

  • Dread Spikes: Self target Spikes effect that drains HP from all melee targets equal to the amount of melee damage they inflict.

  • Stun: Single target stun effect.

  • Bloodrake: Frontal cone AoE HP Drain effect.

  • Decollation: Frontal cone AoE physical damage.

  • Eternal Damnation: Frontal cone AoE gaze Doom effect.

  • Heliovoid: Single target Status effect drain.

  • Nocturnal Servitude: AoE Charm and Bat Costume effect.

  • Nosferatu's Kiss: Single target HP Drain effect.

  • Wings of Gehenna: AoE physical damage with additional Knockback and Stun effects.

    • These monsters will all perform a TP move on whoever has hate before instantly despawning.

    • Nosferatu will perform this move at roughly 50% HP.

Historical Information

The term Nosferatu is derived from the Slavic word "nosufuratu", which itself is derived from the Greek term "nosophoros", which means "plague carrier".

The term is most famous for the 1922 F.W. Murnau silent film "Nosferatu, eine Symphonie des Grauens" ("Nosferatu, a Symphony of Horror"), as it is used extensively in both the title and in the film dialogue as a term synonymous with "Vampire".

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# Nov 10 2008 at 12:23 PM Rating: Decent
3,947 posts
Two PLD/NIN with proper back up can hold this mob forever.

As said earlier this mob can be nasty. AOE drain and drain spike are a pain, along with his pets he summons and astral flow and blood weapon. The ONLY enfeeble that will land is Frost.

Recommended Setup for Tank PT:

Another RDM/WHM or BRD/COR

PLDs can tank backwards to avoid Doom attack.

Best strategy is to pull him to the zone and fight there. Pulling is extremely easy. His spawn area is covered in chigs but once u get it out of there he easily kited. He will lose hate over water so avoid stepping in water when pulling.

Best thing to do is have PLDs hold him below main alliance and have dd sub thf and trick attack onto the PLDS. If they dont have DD then have them zone after WS. Rangers work extremely well on this guy.

He can and will use AOE charm, AOE drain, Dread Spikes, and AOE doom. He also summons 3 pets every minute or so. Pets only stick around to WS and then leave. Pets can target other PT members nearby to WS. He will use Astral Flow at some point and summon 8-9 pets for a TP move rape fest. He will also sue Blood Weapon at some point.

This fight can go from smooth sailing to oh **** in a few seconds. It is recommended to keep focus even at low health as it tends to be the worst below 10%. I would also recommend some kind of 3rd backup tank, capable of holding it for a few minutes incase PLDs get charmed or killed.
# Oct 24 2008 at 8:03 PM Rating: Decent
49 posts
LS tried this tonight.

Nasty lil booger first off. With the alliance fresh everyone opened a can and we cut him back to about 50%, just as we get all excited he gets angry and started spamming AOE drain (taking 2-300 per person within about 15yds of him) and either an AOE Doom spell, yes AOE (but it doesnt seem to get everyone - not clear on that yet - I told ya he was nasty anyway, or single target AOE. Eternal Damnation is the single target I believe, dropped me with that one 2-3 times.

Note, is seems he spamms AOE drain more at lesser health, particularily at the 25% mark, so get your melee away from it, and be ready. I would suggest saving two hours for this point, its incredibly difficult to heal something that drains your alliance for 3k every 15secs.

Recommended setup minimums:
2/3 PLD/WAR (sheilds) - Fast pants highly recommended for kiting in the tunnel
3 WHM (saviors)
3 RDM/DRK (stunners/refreshers
3 BLM (boomers)
4/5 MNK/RNG/SMNs (anything that can slam him from a Distance is great, ChiBlasts on a well geared MNK for me did 700-1300 easily.
If you can sneak some SMNs in place of DD or BLM thats not bad.

Pull it almost all the way to zone and fight 50yds or so from it. Simple strat keep tanks with hate, wittle him down, shouldnt take but 25mins or so. Nukers/Mnks Slamm em then zone hate rinse and repeat. Have your WHMs cycle out hate too if possible. At that 25% mark I'd suggest a serious stun order, maybe even a 2x chain-stun from your RDMs, if you do this your MNK/BLM/SMN can toast his butt right fast with 2hrs.

Note, if you do decide to melee him beware of his Drain spikes, particularily disgusting as they deal and give back ALL the dmg you deal to him -1 or ALL indeed, so every hit will deal a net 1 dmg, great. If you crit, you hurt yourself even more!! MNK 2hring with spikes would be dead in seconds lol AND since you are hurt in the process, you further tax your mages so.. turn away. (Unconfirmed Dispellable)

Note again, he gains resistance to Stun over time so dont start off spamming it or chain-stun until your ready to take him down. Same for Gravity, use it sparingly. Bio 3 works great, dots dots!! Everything else didnt seem to be worth it.

He has a status effect snatch too, much like colibris on food, which is often what he took from me, idk about other buffs, but it did seem to be one at a time. Again, he has both a single target for this, and AOE - which I why I recomm ranged attackers, magic range seemed to beat out his AOE attacks.

ALL members need some holy pots for the Doom AOE, you;ll get it on ya at some point no doubt, cursna is worthless only make you well.. the name says it all.
Without the opposite of that which one is, that which one is cannot be. That's why there's Tanks and DD's, and there Warriors and there's... Paladin. ROFL And so I am Warrior!
Like I always say, just hit em.
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