Vana'diel Bestiary: Seua Peek  

Found in:Ghoyu's Reverie (MMM)
  • Notorious Monster
  • Aggro
  • Truesight
  • Based on Lightning
  • Weak against Fire
  • Weak against Light
Involved in Quests:
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General Information

    • To ensure that Seua Peek will spawn, the maze rune Beast must be equipped to your Maze Tabula.

      • The rune Motion may be equipped in addition to the Beast maze rune, but it is not necessary.

Seua Peek Special Attacks

Note: The following attacks are the ones that Seua Peek is always able to use. Spells it is capable of using with the equipping of runes such as Enfeebling Magic will not be listed.

  • Roar: AoE Paralysis effect.

  • Claw Cyclone: Frontal cone AoE two-hit physical damage.

  • Razor Fang: Single target critical hit physical damage.

Historical Information

In Thai mythology, the Seua Peek was a creature said to have the body, head, and front legs of a tiger, but the wings, the hind legs, and the tail of a bird. It is often considered analogous to the Western griffon.

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