Vana'diel Bestiary: Greater Amphiptere  

Found in:Xarcabard (S)
  • Notorious Monster
  • Aggro
  • Truesight
Updated: Tue Jul 21 10:53:24 2009

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# Jul 22 2009 at 9:18 PM Rating: Decent
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Soloable by scholar, blm, and rdm with mvmt speed capabilities. Confirmed to drop at least the following items:

Amphiptere Claw
Amphiptere Skin
Amphiptere Whisker

none are 100%
Blm: 75, Sch: 75, Rdm: 75, Nin: 75, Smn: 72

Blm 75, Thf 75, War 74

Bonecraft: 100 +6, Cooking: 60, Leathercraft: 60, Alchemy: 60, Clothcraft 55, Goldsmithing: 49

Bastok: Rank 10, Windurst: Rank 10, Sandoria: Rank 10
Zilart: Complete
CoP: Complete
ToAU: 19
WotG: 3?
Server: Bahamut
Just Beat The Beast
# Jul 21 2009 at 3:53 PM Rating: Decent
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ok, this thing is a monster and very annoying. it is True Sight and Sound While flying in the air and Blood Aggros. amount of HP not to sure of, but it does have a Regen Ability. it also does a claw attack, beilive its call blood claw, which steals HP and is a AOE fan attack, Storm wing which dedals no less than 550 Dmg and is a TP attack. its most annoying and possably dangerous TP attack is its Wind Shear type attack, doesnt deal damage but knocks you back consistanly for about 15 secs and he walks towards the person he hates while doing this, so you might/will get aggro from other monsters unless your in the right area with your back to your wall. the drop was nothing but it probally does drop SOMETHING not sure what. theres someone on WikiFFxi saying it can be duod with a pld and whm.... impossable...it cant be duod or solod. the knockback itself inturpts spell casting. My 2 1/2 party set up was 3 BLMs 2 Plds 2 Blus(myself blu/rdm) 1 Thf 1 Mnk/nin 1 Dnc/sam 2 Whm 1 or 2 Nin. and it took us about 5-10 min to kill it. BioII or 3 is needed to fight its Regen affect and it can be Paraylzed. area we used was I9 i beilive tis a caynon like area tight with a small cave in the back where elementals pop. perfect area to kill it. o and very important, IT CAN NOT BE SLEPT BINDED OR BLINDED. if your a Blu, Light Of Penence will not work ! Feather Tickle Will be a Big help in this fight aswell as Diamond hide is a must ! it has aknock back Silnce attack aswell. almost forgot bout that. and thats bout all i got on this thing.

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