Vana'diel Bestiary: Bloodthirster Madkix  

Found in:Kuftal Tunnel
Level:69 - 72
  • Notorious Monster
  • Aggro
  • Linking
  • Detects by Sight
  • Pursues by Scent
  • Weak against Light
Updated: Fri Dec 28 10:26:12 2007

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General Info

  • NM is a lottery spawn from the Mercenaries in the small room on the second map at M-8 and M-9.
  • Usually spawns in less than 8 hours after time of death.
  • Has high double attack rate.
  • Has high accuracy.
  • Uses Mighty Strikes.
  • Resistant to stun.


An exceptionally bloodthirsty and warlike Goblin, he enjoys crippling and killing anything he catches sight of. He does not feel alive unless he�s bathing in the blood of his enemies.

Some/all of the information in this article has been culled from various FFXI guides, and translated by Elmer the Pointy.

Final Fantasy XI

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1 Death, 1 Axe
# Sep 04 2008 at 9:29 AM Rating: Decent
756 posts
I was camping this guy for my BST as a 75 MNK/NIN.

After killing 4 rounds of PHs I must've dozed off because I woke up the next morning standing at WG!

**** Goblin Alchemist got me good!

Not to be denied of my axe, I went again to the small Goblin room and killed the placeholder for 3 more rounds and BAM! the NM popped.

He was quite easy to kill. Just kept my shadows up as best as I could and he went down within a minute or so. I did have my 60 Soothing Healer NPC fellow out while I was fighting him, so the NM was debuffed somewhat (Slow & Paralyze).

I did use my 2 hour at the end, but the fight would've been just as easy without it.

The NM left me his gold coin, mail, helmet, and, the best of all, his axe!
1/1 on nm
# Jul 26 2008 at 11:46 PM Rating: Decent
9 posts
75Thf/nin and 75rdm/whm. 1/1 on axe. popped after 2 PHs. ez fight, just remember barfira.
1/1 on NM
# Jul 26 2008 at 11:43 PM Rating: Decent
9 posts
Just killed this NM today. Popped after killing 2 rounds of PHs. 1/1 on the drop.
Thf/nin and rdm/whm 2boxd. Got some DAs when shadows were down and got thf to low health, 2hrd and recovered after that. easy fight, but area is dangerously close to gobs and dinos. just be careful on the links.
# Oct 21 2007 at 6:44 AM Rating: Decent
85 posts
I'm still trying to figure out why everyone wants this axe so much. YOu cant use it until 68, and within a couple levels, there are MUCH better axes (Reserve captains pick especially if you're from sandy... it's faster, same dmg rating, and atk +10!). Theres Tabarzin also at 71... Dmg 49 vs dmg 46, same delay, dex +2 and Vit+2... I can hear it already.. "But, but... this has STR+ on it!!!!!" STR is a 30% mod, and you need a TON of it to see any real difference on rampage. Personally, I saw NO DIFFERERENCE at all in a test I ran with STR +52 and then went to STR+0 for the same dmg. You're MUCH better off ddirectly raising atk, acc, and the base dmg rating on yoru weapon if you want to improve your rampage dmg. This IS a mediocre axe to use AT lvl 68, but within a couple levels, it's completely worthless.
# Jan 10 2008 at 12:03 PM Rating: Good
1,191 posts
1. It's Free.
2. It's the best Axe for level 68-71.
3. ???

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65BST solo.... Duo is for chumps
# Aug 15 2007 at 10:39 PM Rating: Decent
28 posts
Soloed as 65BST/32NIN
1/1 on Axe

Pulled from the basement with a crab to the area where Amemet/Guivre spawn,
charmed crabs 1st to avoid any accidental aggro, then proceded to throw numerous lizards at him. Kept my distance, mischarmed once (quickly tamed), and only lost shadows one time. That little gobbie hit me for 200+/crit hit. No time for Sic on any of the 25+ pets I used. Fun as **** though. I will be using this axe the moment I ding 68... very excited.

Pull smarter, be patient, and dont fight in a "DC @ lvl75" area... thats just silly :P
Reason to lvl BST: Pets are smarter than most party members.


Blm solo
# Jun 26 2007 at 1:58 PM Rating: Decent
129 posts
Just soloed him as 75 BLM/RDM. 0/1 on axe.

Pretty easy fight, he didn't even lay a hit on me.
I killed PHs and other aggroing mobs in the area. He spawned about 1 hour of me being in the camp. The camp was cleared once he spawned, so I buffed (blink, stoneskin, phalanx), then cast Bind, Gravity, and Burn (for a little extra damage).

Had to use Manafont to finish him off though. Nice thing about BLM solo is you can kill him in about a minute, so you don't have to worry about other goblins respawning.
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# Jun 04 2007 at 10:32 PM Rating: Good
3,264 posts
1/14 on this Axe.

Duoed MNK/NIN and PLD/RDM most of the time.

Finally got it with PLD/RDM and RDM/NIN, easy fight.

Soloed it as PLD/RDM, long kill, used 2 Yag Drinks and Chivalry but managed to do it.

Edited, Jun 11th 2007 2:06pm by NCCoda
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# Apr 21 2007 at 10:22 PM Rating: Decent
11 posts
0/3 on this stupid NM.

I solo'd as SMN75. 1st try was by carby kiting while casting sneak at every opportunity. (took a good part of an hour to do it)

2nd and 3rd try, decide to fight straight up. Fenrir can tank rather well. Except when it 2hrs, use carby kite until it is done, and re-apply the puppy.

all three times, gold beastcoin, gob. armor, 6k of gils -_-;;
# Apr 28 2007 at 11:36 PM Rating: Decent
11 posts
after a few more tries... I'm now 1/6

Just use clear the area, and use the puppy. Run and resummon when your puppy is at half health. I had NPC out (she's lvl 61 for cure V). It works rather well.

Good Luck on this NM
Hate this nm with a passion
# Jan 03 2007 at 3:31 AM Rating: Decent
10 posts
Well so far I am 0/3 on this.

First round: Rdm/nin + Rdm/War
Second round: Rdm/whm + Thf/Nin
Third round: Rdm/nin

It is soloable with lvl 75 rdm/nin without godly gears. The only piece worth mentioning I have was probably the Pahluwan Khazagand from assault. + acc always help in ending the fight early. (Combine with sole sushi the nm was con low evasion to me) The fight took less than 15 min. so not terribly hard to solo.

There are 4 mobs in that area. One raptor and 3 gobs (Goblin mercenary being one of them) It is possible to pull the nm without link, you just have to be very patient about it.

Soloing Advise for Rdm/Nin

Note that this nm can not be slept (that or highly resistant to sleep) but all other debuffs can be landed easily. Paralyze is a must-have to solo this nm. I used the paralyze II and it worked wonders. This spell helps a lot in keeping your shadows up.

All things consider, this nm hits pretty hard. A bomb toss or a goblin rush can eat up a fresh stoneskin. For normal attacks, my stoneskin doesn't last more than 3 hits, and a bomb toss usually ate it up with some extra dmg (65-69) to me. If neither stoneskin or shadows are being eat up too fast, bind it and run far enough to avoid getting hit while steering yourself clear from aggro. It lasts a good 5-15 secs for me and it was Long enough to get shadows or/and stoneskin up again. Also suggest to bind it as soon as it 2hr. You do not want to eat a goblin rush while its Might Strike is up.

Other tips:

- keep haste on at all time, that and your pimp hat for fast cast.
- Recast stoneskin before it wears (Cancel it after 2-3 hits and apply a fresh one)
- If convert is needed, quickly bind the nm and convert when you are out of its attack range
- Make sure the nm is paralyzed at all time.

Fun fight to solo over all, just not to fun to pop the guy. Always take about 3-5hrs for me. /sigh. Would be nice if SE makes all ext/rare equipment 100% drop but we all know it ain't gonna happen. OTZ

Good luck to whoever trying to get their on this thing

# Nov 07 2006 at 12:36 PM Rating: Decent
2 posts
Currently Im 0/3 on this son of a *****, once i even had TH2 and still nothing.
I just finished duoing it with a 75 smn and me 75RDM/nin.

We just fenrir to pull it to the cape terrigan zone and fought it there to be safe of links etc.

still no luck but gonna keep going at it x.x
# Nov 07 2006 at 12:36 PM Rating: Decent
2 posts
Currently Im 0/3 on this son of a *****, once i even had TH2 and still nothing.
I just finished duoing it with a 75 smn and me 75RDM/nin.

We just fenrir to pull it to the cape terrigan zone and fought it there to be safe of links etc.

still no luck but gonna keep going at it x.x
solo RDM/NIN > Bloodthirster
# Oct 02 2006 at 8:12 PM Rating: Decent
30 posts
Just wanted to offer a suggestion for any RDM/NINs that might want to solo this.

If you have both of these, I would suggest using Joyeuse in the mainhand, and Genbu's Shield as sub. When his hits get through utsusemi, the -10% physical damage and +10 evasion from the shield are extremely nice to have. If you're lucky, and have enough skill to pull it off, you can use convert whenever you feel necessary. The fight should only last about 10 minutes solo, so plenty of time before repops come and get you. The trickiest part is pulling the NM from the room, asap after you kill the mobs in the tunnel. After that, the rest was pretty much cake.

His bomb toss can be devastating if you let barfire fall. As was said before, paralyze and slow work wonders, and a DoT spell or two wouldn't hurt either. If you're going to put spikes up, may as well use shock spikes and hope the stun effect procs when you get hit. Also, unless you're very confident in your being able to withstand his abilities, save TP for Flat Blade.

Spells to try and keep on yourself:
- Barfire *******
- Stoneskin *******
- Utsusemi *******
- Phalanx *******
- Haste *****
- Aquaveil ** always good to have on
- En-spell * whichever you prefer, the added damage per hit is nice
- Spikes * ice spikes are a bit too unreliable, so just cast paralyze when you need to. shock spikes will deal some damage, and possibly give you the slight advantage of a quick stun.

Gear I used:
- AF hat/body/hands/feet, with AF2 legs
- Joyeuse and Genbu's Shield
- Enfeebling Torque
- Moldavite Earring
- Phantom Earring
- Electrum/Mana Rings
- Ocean Rope
- Rainbow Cape

I can't remember if I used any other spells, lol, it's been a couple months since I killed this NM. 1/1 on him, and I was so surprised because I hadn't fought anything like this before, with the gear setup I had used.
Easy. o.O
# Jul 16 2006 at 5:04 PM Rating: Good
1,463 posts
I just went 1/1 on this, popping it after only a single round of killing the Mercernary place-holder (so, uh, about 15 minutes).

75 RDM/NIN and 75 PLD/NIN did pretty well against him. He seems almost immune to Flash, and Blind landed but never appeared to proc. Paralyze and Slow both did their jobs nicely.

The links are easily slept, as the fight took us about 5 minutes (neither of us being high DDs). The PLD blew Invincible after Mighty Strikes just to spare MP, but it wasn't really necessary.

My BST is ~3000 from 68, so I'm stoked. ^^/
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Easy. o.O
# Oct 03 2006 at 7:27 AM Rating: Decent
845 posts
[quote=KarmaBum]I just went 1/1 on this, popping it after only a single round of killing the Mercernary place-holder (so, uh, about 15 minutes).

75 RDM/NIN and 75 PLD/NIN did pretty well against him. He seems almost immune to Flash, and Blind landed but never appeared to proc. Paralyze and Slow both did their jobs nicely.

The links are easily slept, as the fight took us about 5 minutes (neither of us being high DDs). The PLD blew Invincible after Mighty Strikes just to spare MP, but it wasn't really necessary.

My BST is ~3000 from 68, so I'm stoked. ^^/[/quot]

Someone was probably killing place holders for hours b4 u got there. I killed place holders for 3.5 hrs >.< partied came back and killed one PH and boom there he was. Me and my Npc pwnd him.

Guranimol 75 War Nin Rng Blu
Cerberus GAL Rnk10 BAS
Easy. o.O
# Nov 10 2006 at 9:07 AM Rating: Decent
28 posts
Guranimol wrote:
Someone was probably killing place holders for hours b4 u got there

Not Necessarily, if nobody killed them for like 6 hours then it could still spawn after 1 kill could it not?
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Easy. o.O
# Apr 30 2007 at 11:45 AM Rating: Good
2,793 posts
Possibly. Some NM' seem to have a cool down rather than a window. Could also very well be a true lotto, which would make it possible to pop anytime the mercenary would repsawn. Personally I don't know much about this one.

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fight !
# Jul 12 2006 at 10:56 PM Rating: Decent
277 posts
I decided to go for him when the armies of gilfarmer showed up and started fishing for Devil Mantas again. . .so:


easiest to find him is to zone into Kuftal from Cape Terrigan, then just hug the wall to your left until you are in a dead end with 1 Goblin Mercanery, 1 Gobline Tamer and 1 Goblin Alchemist OR Goblin Bandit, the Mercenary is the PH. The tunnel before the room is a rather safe camp, only 1 raptor pops in there.


I came,killed the Gobs in the room and he popped right 1st round of repops. . .after that the following repop was roughly 3hrs after death.


Due to various circumstances my group consited of me (mithra BRD74/WHM. . .oh the joys of dienamis) and a friend (elvaan MNK75/nin).


1: MNK used Ustu, boosted 3 times while i casted dual March +2 (haste song), then pulled with Chi Blast followed by Carnage Elegy +2 (slow song). After buffing with ja's (Dodge, Focus, Counterstance) started with 300% Asuran Fists (a raptor repopped shortly before). Next came Hundred Fists since he's supposed to be lvl72. . .After Hundred Fists wore we did Fast Blade -> Asuran Fists (Liquifaction) skillchain and he was basically dead. Mnk lost 1200 / 1700 HP because he didnt bother recasting utsusemi during Hundred Fists, most dmg was taken by Mighty Strikes. Dropped Gob Helm, Gob Armor, Gold coin, Archa. . .1/1

2: Rematch roughly 3hrs later. Buffed MNK with Soul Voice dual Minuet. MNK casted utsusemi ni, then pulled with Chi Blast, buffed with his JA's and went Hundred Fists again. . .MNK lost like 300HP total, Fight was over before Hundred Fists ended (~30secs). Didnt even get to melee as BRD >.> Drops were Gob helm, Gob Armor, Gold Coin and. . .Archa. . .2/2 on axe within 3hrs time. . .

Both times we also got 30XP/limit points and 3ooo gil each.

He doesn't double attack too often. His accuracy is pretty decent, his evasion isn't tho. Apart from Mighty Strikes he uses only the usual Goblin TP moves and no spells. He has about 9.7oo HP total. No added effects on attacks, no buffs or defensive abilities.No special resistence to Elegy. Resistence to elemental spells / debuffs not tested due to a missing mage class.
Just remember he's a war so he does hurt, especially during Mighty Strikes. Apart from that he isn't too much of a challenge.

Edited, Jul 13th 2006 at 12:01am EDT by Catslave
BST solo
# Jul 01 2006 at 11:16 PM Rating: Decent
182 posts
Just solo'd this guy as 68 BST/WHM. Seems a lot like fighting aquarius but in a high aggro zone. The key is to minimize the hate on yourself, because pets have a hard time building it, and he will take you down pretty quickly if you give him a chance. Note that as with aquarius, you will lose claim a lot while soloing him, and since you have minimal hate, anyone can steal it pretty easily.

The first time, I pulled it with a 2 hour'd level 68 raptor, but bad things happened when I hit {Leave} instead of {Heel}. I had RR up, but I had lost my 2 hour.

The second time, I spent a while in the tunnel that leads down to the goblins (with crabs and a few raptors). This is one of the hardest parts because you can't get out of hate range without casting sneak, which will of course pull hate. The basic idea is to kill enough crabs so that you have room to cast sneak, and then head over to the spider area (watch out for wind elementals). When I did this I stopped to throw a few crabs at him, but this can be tricky because you have the problem of casting sneak again after charm.

The spider area is still dangerous, but the spiders are a lot stronger so they can recover hate much better. Here the approach is to alternate sides of a large area so that you can always run out of hate range. You'll want to keep blink up as much as possible, but forget stoneskin unless your hp is maxed.

When he died, he didn't drop the axe (T.T) but he did give me 252 exp, and given my level, my exp ring and my pet puts him at level 72.

My equipment was CHR+26 including apollo's staff, with raven bracers and healer's earring for enmity-6.

Also, killing the PH is easy as BST, as long as you can handle charming the raptors. I also found that leaving the goblin BST alive gave me a good way to farm seals (by having the raptor kill the pet).
Got it!
# Jun 03 2006 at 10:19 PM Rating: Decent
50 posts
I just got this axe for myself. 2/2 now on kills, first one I got for the warrior in my spt back in the day. Spawn time is variable. I've seen it as long as 6 hours, I left the camp to someone else but they sent me a tell when he popped. Took 4-5 today.

Soloing this NM is no joke. I'm 75 NIN, but I underestimated him pretty badly. He's got enhanced accuracy like the DRK AF weapon NMs. Missed maybe 5% of his hits, and my para didn't proc much at all. He killed me around half, messed up and started to kite him on 2 hour because I got concerned about his hits, in that small area I messed up my casts while running.

Returned with a 71 RDM and it was no problem duo'ing him. As a melee you want Haste and you want heals of some kind, or lots of HP and Haste gear. My brother is a 75 MNK and solo'ed Madkix so it's not impossible, but he's been killed trying as well.

Ah well, the axe is worth it. No better axe for a while.
# May 30 2006 at 11:05 PM Rating: Default
458 posts
After reading what everyone has said, I was kinda nervous going to camp this guy.

Party: 75NIN/37WAR(me) 75THF/37NIN, 61WHM/30BLM, 61BLM/30WHM.

After killing Goblin Mercenarys for about two hours, A 75MNK/37RDM shows up and uses a tactics pearl. And starts camping the room with us. We thought "you have to be kidding" (but she wasnt, she tried to chi blast him when he poped).

So as we start to fight i figured we were going to die, that everything was going to be a huge mess. I was wrong, it was incredibly easy, actually. He missed me twice in all, out of like 15 hits. He does not have as much HP as people think, for it was about a 45 second fight.

Nayruna defeats Bloodthirster Madkix.Chubbs gains 28 limit points. Chubbs obtains 2291 gil.
You find
a Goblin helmon Bloodthirster Madkix.
You find
a suit of Goblin mail[/Green]on Bloodthirster Madkix.
You find
a gold beastcoinon Bloodthirster Madkix.
You find
an acha d'armas[Yellow] on Bloodthirster Madkix.

I was so excited when i saw this^^. 1/1.


-Mercenary's ARE the PH's.

-Add 6:50 game time to ToD of PH, this will give you new pop time.

-This bad boy has ~90% or so Accuracy.

-I love my new axe.

Good luck to all you camping him. Bring a skilled tank, a WHM or two, and a THF, and its pretty simple.
Hades Server
# May 30 2006 at 11:20 PM Rating: Default
458 posts
After reading what everyone has said, I was kinda nervous going to camp this guy.

Party: 75NIN/37WAR(me) 75THF/37NIN, 61WHM/30BLM, 61BLM/30WHM.

After killing Goblin Mercenarys for about two hours, A 75MNK/37RDM shows up and uses a tactics pearl. And starts camping the room with us. We thought "you have to be kidding" (but she wasnt, she tried to chi blast him when he poped).

So as we start to fight i figured we were going to die, that everything was going to be a huge mess. I was wrong, it was incredibly easy, actually. He missed me twice in all, out of like 15 hits. He does not have as much HP as people think, for it was about a 45 second fight.

Nayruna defeats Bloodthirster Madkix.
Chubbs gains 28 limit points.
Chubbs obtains 2291 gil.
You find
a Goblin helmon Bloodthirster Madkix.
You find
a suit of Goblin mailon Bloodthirster Madkix.
You find
a gold beastcoinon Bloodthirster Madkix.
You find
an acha d'armas on Bloodthirster Madkix.

I was so excited when i saw this^^. 1/1.


-Mercenary's ARE the PH's.

-Add 6:50 game time to ToD of PH, this will give you new pop time.

-This bad boy has ~90% or so Accuracy.

-I love my new axe.

Good luck to all you camping him. Bring a skilled tank, a WHM or two, and a THF, and its pretty simple.
Hades Server
# May 30 2006 at 11:08 PM Rating: Default
458 posts

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# May 30 2006 at 11:18 PM Rating: Default
458 posts
Someone broke allakhazam ; ;

It keeps replying when i edit, this blows. Sorry everyone :(

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Just killed
# May 14 2006 at 2:14 PM Rating: Decent
130 posts
Just took him down Duo, 75whm/blm (me) and
75nin/war. Ya, his acc. is amazing, I just made sure haste was on nin at all times and used flash every chance I could. All in all it was a very easy fight. 1/1 on drop.^^
# Mar 22 2006 at 1:03 AM Rating: Decent
38 posts
Wow. What a %&*^$#. 2hr pop? Don't think so. Here's my experience with this dude.

We get there, 8 of us, ready to get this thing and get my axe. I set up a timer and become the announcer when 15 min pass and a Mercenary will pop (yes 15 minutes in between spawns). After 2 whole hours, we figure the next couple will be it. No go. I use my Empress Band for the fun of it, knowing I'll kick myself later cause I'll probably get an invite after we get this done.

Another 2 hours pass by, still absolutely nothing. Two tactic pearls and one signal pearl worth of NPC lvling goes by. A couple have left by now, but we remained determined. A friend of mine came to help, then left and hour later. Yes, five hours from when we started.

We press on, now down to three of us. Trowan (75WAR), Haleth (75RDM) and I (67WAR) are determined to at LEAST get this thing to pop. Dropping the axe is ideal, but knowing it's not a broken NM is good enough. I call a GM on basis of "NM timer breaking" (which has happened before, I didn't call to cry at a GM for my axe). I'm 40th in line to get GM attention.

Hour Six comes and goes. SIX full hours since we came as an 8-person alliance, excited to skill up while camping a stong NM.

I give it one more time. A bandit pops and we start to fight it. with my back turned to the spawn area, I don't think much of monitoring the area.

Trowan: it's up!

I freaked. It was indeed up. We healed up, Hal got MP, and we engaged. It was a tough fight, he used Mighty Strikes and even {Rampage}'d Trowan O_O.

A couple of minutes later, Trowan delivered the final blow, and Madkix was down and out.

Best part?

He dropped every item you see above.

[ 1/1 on Bloodthirster Madkix ]

HUGE THANKS to everyone involved, especially Haleth and Trowan for sticking it out to the very end.
75 BST | 75 WAR | 71 WHM
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#Kofdizz, Posted: Mar 05 2006 at 11:58 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) I'm a lvl 70 war and i dont wunna buy a maneater, i'd rather have this axe. What is the positoion at where he pops and what is the spawn window?
# Mar 05 2006 at 4:17 PM Rating: Excellent
311 posts
1/7 on drop.
PT was 75NIN/WAR and 75WHM/BLM, with the exception on the 7th time I went NIN/THF. I controlled the whm on my laptop, so it was still solo but duo. It's not too hard if you have the right jobs for this.

Goblin Mail,
Goblin Helm,
Gold Beastcoins
are all 100% drops when you kill it. Lightning crystal isn't, though.

Acha took me 1/7 tries, a friend 1/4, so I'd estimate it's a ~20% drop, very bad droprate. My friend(the WHM) had TH2 when he got his, I was /thf with TH1 on mine, so perhaps this may say something.

As for times, here is how I worked out a way to pop it 7 times in a timetable of 4 days:

I would usually only attempt to hunt it around 10-11pm, for 3-4hours maximum each time. It popped within those 3-4 hours each night, except for 1 day. Then, I would go to sleep and log back and kill again around ~11am in the morning, killing the PH (which is the Goblin Mercenary) and it would pop again those ~3-4 hours.

About 3 times it popped within 1 PH or less than 1 hour. (Each Merc takes ~16min to respawn)
The other 4 took anywhere from 2-4hours.

Killing him isn't too hard as a 75NIN.. although his accuracy is pretty high, landed about 80-90% of his attacks without missing. He uses mighty strikes around 60-70% hp, it might be wise to turn around and tank him backwards to prevent him from getting TP to throw a 3x critical gob rush at you (which, without shadows, is probably going to take ~500-700hp off)

He is sleepable, slept him once while dealing with links.

I learned from the link mistake that the best way to clear was the Raptor in the hallway, which should be made the campspot, then try to get the merc first if you can. That way you only have to deal with the Raptor if it repops, as some of the other gobs attempt to walk close or near into the hallway.
# Feb 19 2006 at 8:32 PM Rating: Decent
94 posts
Just wondering… Can this thing be solo’ed by a 75RDM/37NIN ?
# Jul 07 2006 at 7:38 PM Rating: Decent
247 posts
Yes, this can be soloed by a 75RDM/NIN. Not too terribly difficult, and depending on gear/skill can actually be pretty easy. This guy does hit very hard though.
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# Jan 16 2006 at 1:19 AM Rating: Decent
829 posts
just got my axe, 1/1 dropped everything listed
The Murderous Tantrum Goblimon!
# Jan 11 2006 at 4:13 PM Rating: Decent
450 posts
Notorious for throwing fits over the smallest things, in an effort to draw unsuspecting adventurers into a trap of Goblin-induced gore and carnage.
Kayberry uses Steal!
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Kayberry uses Flee!

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# Jan 02 2006 at 5:46 AM Rating: Good
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I was in a skill up/trials party with my LS in kuftal in the main room fighting Robber Crabs when i would occasionally check the widescan to Guivre wouldn't come around and get us while we weren't looking, and this NM name caught my attention, Bloodthirster Madkix. At first i thought it was maybe the Great Katana WSNM but the name didn't sound familar and it sounded like a goblin name. I told everyone that he was up on widescan and they informed me his level and what he drops so we all thought what the **** lets go get him.

Our party was set up was: 75WHM/NIN, 72RNG/NIN, 75PLD/RDM, 63DRK/WAR, 60+BLM/WHM?, 65RDM/NIN - we were mostly set up just for skill ups so probably not your standard subs for the most part but it worked. As we got down there, there was a DRG/WHM soloing i guess clearing his way to it but he was unclaimed so we went and claimed it avoiding links <whew>. The fight started out kinda shakey, he does hit hard >.< 222 damage on me average, and i'm so happy my WHM friend has AF2 pants, helps ALOT with barfira - we barely took any damage when he did bomb toss. So WHM/NIN and PLD/RDM would bounce hate back and forth as did me and the DRK. Was trying to get a Light SC goin with my WHM friend but we had to take it out fast cause DRK was down to 100ish HP with hate on him, so with 5-10% health left finished it. And wow just about everything dropped from the list above even axe.

The axe looks really nice so only 2 of us casted lots and i ended up obtaining the Acha d'Armas - sweet looking axe. I've only gotten to use on RNG and i'm impressed looks like i gotta level WAR to get the full experience from it though. Anyways, i guess we got pretty lucky we saw that it was up and just ran down there to fight it plus get the drop ^^b Though i do feel bad if anyone was camping and we just ran in there and claimed, if so.. i'm sorry ; ;
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gobby eating sushi?
# Nov 16 2005 at 5:40 PM Rating: Good
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Went down there and he was just up and roaming around.

Must of been a higher lvl spawn, because he did not miss me once (75nin/thf) even with Kurayami on. Only was able to parry a few times, but this gobby's accuracy was 100%.

Just a warning for soloers, bring medicine or a healer along because I don't know if this gobby can be soloed.
1st Try
# Nov 10 2005 at 11:44 AM Rating: Decent
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Killed 2 Mercenaries before he popped. Killed him last night as a 67 BST with a 66 BST to round out the duo. Was an easy fight because the raptor charms went surprisingly well. We didn't use any "tough" pets so mabye that's why. The crabs are nice stallers because there are so many but they don't provide much offense, as opposed to the raptors who deal most of the damage. He should not be solo'd as a BST around this lvl because you really need a pet to occupy while finding a new one...you probably know that. If you're above 67 BST and are confident in your raptor charming then it's doable. Our strategy was...

I charmed the raptor in the room with the ??? for the Sam WS quest. My partner pulled with a crab when the gob was away from link range on the "leave." If it had linked before the leave, no big deal. Just after is the problem. Which happened on our first shot at it. Led to death. We fought in the room with the ??? and in the hallway going up. Again, an easy fight with 2 BSTs as long as you're able to charm the raptors successfully. 0/1 on the axe though. Dropped everything else. Good luck!

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# Oct 05 2005 at 2:23 PM Rating: Decent
22 posts
Ok, so we've been camping this thing killing PHs for the past couple of nights. Last night, I DCed and just decided to go on to sleep. I got on after class this morning around 9:15 central and there's blood looking right at me. I tell my ls, and after asking a friend, I call and wake up my war friend we've been camping this for. Actually another member got him on the phone after I called b/c I was hoping a Japanese XP PT would get the bandit off me that had aggroed when I logged in. Anyway, gradually some of my ls mates showed up. However, they didn't arrive before a pld, nin, nin, and thf from a Japanese link showed up. Therefore, the drk and I that were already there (he had just arrived) decided to pull Blood and convince the Japanese that we had others very close by, thereby forcing them to fight before being prepared. (We also wanted to kite the mob, but a drk and brd kiting is kinda....weak.) Anyway, needless to say, we died. The Japanese had invisibled, therefor they did not receive aggro. However, they chose to pull the NM anyway.

For the first 3 or 4 minutes, they did an excellent job. However, the pld finally ran out of mp. A few gobbie bombs later and they wiped. However, right before wipe, a whm from a neareby Japanese exp party decided to toss in a Cure IV for good measure. Well of course he got aggro after the final nin's death.

The EXP party runs back to their "safe" area and begins to wipe. Gobbie bomb from this joker is hardcore. By this time, our group of 6 (pld, brd, drk, thf, war, whm) is ready to do some damage. Howver, a rdm/nin gets the claim from the wiping party. Luckily for us, and through some kind words and requests, this rdm/nin @ 10% health left on the gobbie allowed us to invite him (we were set in alliance formation in case others showed up).

To wrap up, our war got a lovely new axe to use in his SP.
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Any suggestions?
Mr. Gobbie NM,...where are you???
# Oct 03 2005 at 8:27 AM Rating: Decent
370 posts
- Round One: Up til 3am camping this Gob. Our party camped him for 6 hours. He never showed up.
*Shouts back into the cave before being warped* "I will be back for you Gobbie, and you will Die...." lol
-- Party set-up: 70+ War, Rdm & Blm and a 64 Thf, 66 Rdm, 66PLD

- Round Two: Popped under 1 hour and left me hanging. No drop. =(
-- Party Set-up: 70+ War, Rdm & Blm again. With 66 Rdm and the 64 Thf(was afk during fight)

- Round Three: Dropped
-- Basic overkill scenario. 70+ War x2, Rdm & Blm again. 66+ Pld, Rdm & Thf. We had just finished a ZM12 fight for the Pld and decided to drop in and take a peak.

Note: A linkshell member of mine didn't get his drop until his 12th attempt.

Edited, Wed Oct 19 12:17:19 2005
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Some Info
# Aug 28 2005 at 5:30 AM Rating: Decent
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Its a lottery spawn from the Goblin Mercenary at M-8 - M-9 on the map that exits to Cape Teriggan, approximately every 2 hours.

Its Lv 69-72 and uses Mighty Strikes.

Happy Hunting!
Took him down in EXP party
# Aug 21 2005 at 12:15 PM Rating: Decent
Heh. We took this NM down 3 nights ago in a lvl 59-60 exp party. :P


It was funny, it was my first fight with this party.. I had just replaced another WHM that needed to leave only to be welcomed by this NM... little did I know.. this party took it down with ease. No drop though.

We proceeded to get 7k/hour exp over the period of 2 hours. It was probably the best party I've ever been in with my WHM.

Edited, Fri Aug 26 10:55:59 2005
RE: Took him down in EXP party
# Sep 16 2005 at 9:38 PM Rating: Decent
93 posts
props to the RDM/BRD, a very nice combo for exp PTs!
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# Aug 09 2005 at 2:11 AM Rating: Decent
6 posts
I got my axe 1/1 fighting him, the fight was really easy the only hard part was the patience waiting for him to pop. My LSmates and I had actually left our camp to go get a coffer for one of them when the RNG shouted "He's up let's go!" so I called in my 75WAR/NIN buddy and along with my LSmates 75BLM 75RNG 75WHM we proceeded to beat the tar outta Bloodthirster with no problems whatsoever, and the axe dropped YAY! Happy Hunting!
Another NM Down
# Aug 06 2005 at 5:51 PM Rating: Decent
3 posts
Took this gob down yesterday with my linkshell, fairly easy fight for us. Not many people camp Bloodthirster cuz the axe is rare/ex so its only a matter of time killing the placeholders til he pops. I can't really give any suggestions or battle stategy, because we just out muscled him. 75 mnk, 74 Pld, 73 War/nin, 73 Blm/whm, 70 Thf/nin, 68 Thf/nin, and myself 67 War/nin. I got the drop (im sure the 2 TH2's helped) TOD around 6pm est. BTW then we owned Sewer Syrup and got the Jelly Ring for the Pld. WE ROCK!
# Jul 30 2005 at 10:15 PM Rating: Decent
37 posts
This guy makes me mad, I am currently 0/5 for the axe. ; ;
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# Jul 17 2005 at 6:41 AM Rating: Decent
5 posts
He pops in M-8>M-9.

Was a difficult fight as a BST. Also had to keep him out of gilsellers view to keep claim -.- idiots..

Mighty Strikes almost got me. Almost. But otherwise he was fairly easy.

No drop.. /sigh

Edited, Sun Jul 24 22:55:20 2005
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# Jun 29 2005 at 11:27 AM Rating: Decent
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Killed it twice with LS yesterday. Got the axe on the second kill. Very easy fight once adds are taken out.
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# Jun 15 2005 at 7:34 PM Rating: Decent
1/4 Got it!! XD

Pop location is:


Click Kuftal Tunnel
Click Notorius Monsters at the Bottom
His little area is highlighted on the right side of the map, to the right of Amemet's pop area.
# Jun 09 2005 at 3:12 PM Rating: Decent
3 posts
Does anybody want to *F* share the information where he spawns? fisktrynen
# Jun 09 2005 at 3:05 PM Rating: Decent
0/3 on this dude. And each time I've had to bribe different people to help me.
73NIN has hard time tanking without Haste on this guy. Recommended two blink tanks or stunners, or both. Damage Dealing is optional, as with two blink tanks atleast 70+ the DMG will be enough if you just outlast it. Only had TH once when I camped it, this drop needs to be 100% :\
PoP where god damit?
# Jun 05 2005 at 12:19 PM Rating: Decent
3 posts
but Where does he fakking pop?
# Jun 04 2005 at 12:54 PM Rating: Good
958 posts
112 experience with a pet. I used nothing stronger than EM to kill it so that should tell you the level if you want to figure it out. 0/2 on the axe now.

Level 68 at the time

Edited, Sat Jun 4 13:54:42 2005
# May 17 2005 at 12:56 AM Rating: Decent
79 posts
I needed this axe and yesterday me and a WAR LS buddy wanted some skil up we went their with a LS skill up pt and camp the NM the same time ( 1 DRK , 1 War , 1 RDM , 1 WHM vary from 71-75)

After 1 hour of killing ph's it popped and since everybody was /nin sub for skill up we had little hope of the axe dropping but it did.

Anyway i passed so the war could get it but id like one for my Drk/nin so ill keep you posted about pop times.
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# May 15 2005 at 10:37 AM Rating: Decent
105 posts
just killed it while exp pt, lol, the pt was 58-59,
setup as:
took us about 10 minutes to kill it, and the axe drop =) but I lost the lot ><;

it die about 2 hrs earlier than now

Edited, Sun May 15 11:39:47 2005
IcookPizza wrote:
If 5 people were selected at random to be in a party to do a random "something", RDM is statistically gonna be the best 6th member to invite.
I hate you, Madkix
# May 04 2005 at 7:19 PM Rating: Excellent
2,371 posts
I've been trying to get this axe for over a week now, every day trying to visit my little friend Madkix.

I just want to say that the reports of the pop times are very inaccurate. I've spent most of my time trying to figure out how the **** to pop this mob because it is definitely not a 2hr lottery pop.

Here are some random facts:

- killing only the merc my first time, it took me 4.5 hours to pop it.

- a friend killed everything in the area using the scorp pet, including the raptors and after 7 hours he went to get dinner and had a friend come stay at the spawn to make sure no one claimed it. He came back an hour later and camped again for a few hours, totalling 12 hours, and still no spawn.

- the other day I went there and camped for 6 hours, killing every goblin in the area (ignoring raptors) and it never spawned.

- I went back later and a bunch of 70+ people came to help for fun and after 3.5 hours, it never spawned.

- Since then I've been going to test the optimistic comment from melbolt about only having to kill its merc once theory almost every day and it still hasn't spawned.

- Two days ago I saw it die at 3:30am but then I zoned into Kuftal 10 hours later at 1:30pm my time and it was sitting there spawned, unclaimed, with no one around. So it's at least possible that it spawns during that timeframe and therefore is not a 24 or 16 hour window lotto, maybe not even exactly 12.

I'm rambling but as you can see, survey says it's not a 2hr lotto. I was trying to figure out if there was some pop tricks to it that weren't obvious. Sometimes two bandits spawn in there. Sometimes a Merc spawns in the raptor room near the ramp to the upper area. Sometimes a Raptor spawns in that tunnel too. I was hoping to find some weirdo combination like, "if all mercs are dead, he will spawn" or something along those lines, but I haven't been successful yet.

Of course, I know which one the supposed placeholder is, having seen it spawn in that little room for a total of 4 times now (once was from an exp PT that was clearing the area and then I died trying to charm an Ovinnik before I could get to it >.>).

Anyway, as for the fight, I had originally tried as BST67+WHM66, using only crabs. This strategy sucked. He hits too **** hard and it takes a ton of crabs to kill him because they're all so weak.

Last time, I had hit 68 by then and was able to maintain a good hold on the Scorpion. Boy was this easier. :) I used the Scorp as much as it could, so when it would get to about 10% HP, Leave it, let it heal and then stall the NM with a crab while the scorp heals. For me, one crab was enough for the scorp to mostly heal up.

One caveat about using crabs should you choose to do so is that Sneak will take hate from them because they are so weak. Yes, that's right, every time you cast Sneak near him you will probably get hate. Just do it far enough away so that the crab can hit him again before he gets to you and removes your sneak. Bring silent oils for the extra-paranoid, but I'm not sure how much hate they generate relative to the spell itself. I took hate from a crab one time eating a Tavnazian Taco too.

Anyway, I'm 0/2 on actual kills now and still trying to get this axe. Very frustrating. Good luck to you all and don't be surprised if you are trying to spawn it for a VERY long time.
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RE: I hate you, Madkix
# May 05 2005 at 11:25 AM Rating: Decent
222 posts
Camped him for about 5~ hours last Saturday, and from prior camping of "lotto" NM's, I'd say he behaves like one in the pattern he pops.

Example: Enkalados is a Lotto pop.

Enkalados popped for a buddy of mine 3 times in 1 hour. This was directly after maintenance of course but he still popped 3 times in 60 mins.

The Goblins in that room repop every 15 mins. I established an order of killing each mob in the immeadiate area one after the other and noticed that even the gobs are lottos but the WAR Gob will always pop during this. Sometimes they would pop THF > WHM > WAR | THF > BST > WAR | WAR > BST > WHM w/e and it was somewhat random.

Anyway, he has a chance of popping within that string of Goblin repops, it's not a guaranteed thing that he'll pop. By this logic he can theoretically pop again as soon as 15 mins after you kill him, but that occurence is so terribly rare I think I'd have a seizure on the off chance I was there 15 mins after killing him, unless I didn't get the drop.

As I noted I didn't camp him for more than 5 hours and he popped, I almost duo'd him as 73NIN with a 58WHM healing me but I underestimated his ability to eat my shadows with +50 Evasion and 259 Evasion skill =.= and we died. I did, however, get him down to 25-30% with only me hitting him by spamming 100%TP WS and slowly eating him away. I'm gonna recamp him this weekend with a RDM75 along for the ride, hopefully get lucky and walk away with the Axe so I can fully retire NIN to be career WAR again.

On a side note, this guy is defenitely easier than Alkyoneus, that sad gigas only ever hit me with his TP move that went thru shadows nailing me for 150~ each time.

Edited, Thu May 5 12:29:07 2005
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rare drop
# Mar 04 2005 at 2:06 PM Rating: Decent
3,640 posts
I duoed this 3 times so far while trying to get the axe.

2 bsts can kill it at around 64, it's possible to solo if you're careful but can be risky without so many aggro's around.

I'm 0 for 3 on this guy, he drops everything except for the axe.

a bst i know killed it 4 times before finally getting the drop, seems like he drops about 1 in 4 kills or so.

it's not a hard mob to get though, is poppable every 2-3 hours just by killing the goblin mercenary in that room. usually pops after the first mercenary is killed since nobody camps it.
NM's level
# Feb 21 2005 at 6:57 PM Rating: Default
629 posts
This mob is level 69.

My lv.67 static fought this when it popped as we cleared the room. We got EXP chain 4 and 88 EXP from him.

This means, to us, his base EXP is 56 according to Chain Bonus Table, and so that puts him 2 levels above us.

He's no harder than Cancer, but he does have a lot of health and uses Mighty Strikes. He's also a big gob compared to the others in the room.
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RE: NM's level
# Sep 25 2005 at 12:33 AM Rating: Excellent
15 posts
Based on all your accounts, that simply means his level shifts from 69-72 like most NM's.
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RE: NM's level
# May 10 2005 at 4:36 PM Rating: Default
1 post
This is a level 70 mob. I'm a 69 BST and I killed it with a pet and it gave me 89 EXP.
RE: NM's level
# Jun 13 2005 at 1:07 AM Rating: Good
787 posts
I killed him at BST68 and got 168xp with pet, which puts him at level 72. So it seems that he can be 69-72.
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other drops
# Feb 02 2005 at 12:30 AM Rating: Decent
3,640 posts
also drops gold beastcoin, goblin helm, goblin mail, and around 5-6k gil
Scary ;;
# Dec 14 2004 at 10:52 PM Rating: Excellent
358 posts
While running around in a squirrelly manner looking for a coffer for the map, I ran into this bad boy. Luckily for me, he didn't see me and I managed to beat a hasty retreat.

He spawned in L-6 of Kuftal, in a little end of a tunnel with about four or five other gobs (that checked IT to my 58). If anyone's interested, I ran into him at about 7:45 PST
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RE: Scary ;;
# Feb 01 2005 at 5:31 AM Rating: Good
171 posts
Rate up for correct use of the phrase 'squirrelly manner' XD
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i got axe
# Nov 27 2004 at 9:08 AM Rating: Excellent
798 posts
fought him today and was lucky to get the axe.

this was my 2nd time fighting it. i was 72 bst, and had a party of 66blm, 66rdm, 66thf, 66pld(subbed bst for skill up pt) and 59drg.

we were there for the coffer for our friends af3 drg quest. and were fighting spiders to drop the rare/ex item for the last Star onion brigade quest. while i was looking on widescan i noticed he popped.

he spawns in the little room on the right side. if you look at the map where amemet spawns (the big room of lizards and crabs) there is a room that is directly to the right of it, but you have to go up north up the few stairs past the scorpion, then take a right.

as of the fight, he is pretty tough. my 66pld/33bst teammate and i were charming crabs to fight it and i was using the lone scorpion too. when it hits around half-life it will use it's 2 hour of mighty strikes. it was hitting the scorpion for over 250+ criticals and he does have double attack since i'm guessing the goblin mercenary's are placeholders.

i was fortunate to get the axe and i like it so far. it's not the greatest axe, it's meant for more damage dealing (since -agi -vit) but if you look at it, most of the axes at that level are fairly expensive (500k+). not to mention the axe is blue ^^.

i'm really not to sure about respawn time since when i was able to get the NM, there was a pt leveling down there off of raptors and assuming goblins. however they didn't feel like pulling this NM.

so yeah, 2 times fought, and i got the axe. i know another bst friend of mine fought him at least 6+ times and never received the axe.

NOTE: since 66thf was in pt we did have treasure hunter 2 and i had my food effect on still (i had eaten a lucky egg while we fought amemet about 45 mins before hand). assuming lucky egg gives treasure hunter 1....
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