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Witch Hat
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Witch Hat
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Is there a specific costume you have to wear? I've followed both the witches and I can't get them to tell a story. Yes, I flagged the quest.
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You dont need a specific costume, you may wanna try zoning and restarting the quest, I had the same problem at first but it worked after a zone.

In case any1 is interested, here is the dialog from the first Windy Waters ghosts:

You hear a voice speaking softly...
Bikho Ronpotteh: This...was a secret place...
Bikho Ronpotteh: A place...that nobody knew...
Bikho Ronpotteh: The perrrfect spot...
Bikho Ronpotteh: An enchanted spot...
So many fish...
They would just jump...onto the hook...
Bikho Ronpotteh: To fill...my empty belly...
Bikho Ronpotteh: To help...my strrruggling mother...
Bikho Ronpotteh: I would fish...and fish...and fish...
We were poor...I had no other choice...
Bikho Ronpotteh: Even so...those days were fun...
But I hated...being poor...
I delved...into forbidden magic...
Bikho Ronpotteh: I'm sorry...mother...
The day...I left home...
I wanted...wanted to tell you...
Bikho Ronpotteh: Enough...
You have learned my secret...
Leave me in peace...

Here is the exorcist that gives you the quest initially:

Roger: Is that the glow of success I see upon your face?
What of the spirit...?
Roger: I see...
So that is her purpose...
Roger: The tale is tragic, but this world is no longer meant for one such as she.
Roger: I will prepare for the exorcism.
Roger: You have been a great help.
Please take this as a token of my appreciation.
Roger: This hat is modeled after those worn by the Dark Lilies.
Perhaps you might wear it during the season's festivities.
Enjoy yourself, and forget about this sorrowful affair.
Roger: However, should you wish to aid in another exorcism, I would welcome your help.
Obtained: Witch Hat.

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To get the Witch Hat, talk to one of the exorcists in either San d'Oria, Bastok, or Windurst. Their locations are:

Northern San d'Oria (D-8) Gertrude
Bastok Markets (G-8) Brian
Windurst Waters (F-5) Roger

He will talk to you about ghosts for awhile. Say yes and then go find one of the ghosts. There is two in the zone, they are not too hard to find as there will usually be a lot of people following it. Get a costume from one of the monster npcs (you have to trade some sweets to him, a ginger cookie will do). Now you have to follow behind the ghost. DO NOT let the ghost see you. It will occasionly stop and turn around to look for someone so when it does run away from it. Just keep following it and it should be talking about its past life and such. At some point it will say something like "you know my secret now, leave me in peace". After it says that go and talk back to the excorcist to claim your reward of a Witch Hat.

Happy Halloween!

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This year (08') the term exorcism is incorrect. You are to simply gain a costume, and follow the ghost Witch you're told to follow. As with before you are to always stay behind the Witch. After a certain distance you are told you're done and may return to the same NPC for your reward: The Witch Hat. Repeat the next game day to receive the Coven Hat. Hint: To gain more than one costume per game day you must trade different sweets to the Trick NPCs. (I'm not sure if fruit works)

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You can actualy stay pretty far away from the ghost and still hear what she says. I followed a few steps behind everyone else, and even when she turned around to face me I was still far enough away that it didn't cancel my costume. So you dont have to be right on her *** the whole time like most people have been doing.
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Anyone get this in Sandoria yet? Or does anyone know where to start it?
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Here is how you get the hat in windy. Talk to Roger at by the gate in waters. Get into costume by trading a Trick monster a cookie of some sort (i pretty sure u cant trade the same type of cookie twice) thne get behind the witch Bikho Ronpotteh and dont let her see u. stay behind her untill she tells you to leave her in peace. then go back and talk to Roger and he will give you your hat.
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Arent there usualy 2 types of items for special events, usualy a robe or body peice of some sort in addition to a hat? I see all the races in the Trick Or Treat announcment wearing what appears to be witch hats and witch robes. My point being, is there a body piece to this event that anyone knows abotu?
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Anyone know how to synth this item?
Eyervan Remora
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Possibly obtained in the upcoming Halloween events?
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your criticism was neither constructive nor accurate to the object in question, i would suggest reading the information contained before trying to **** on the proverbial bonfire.

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looks like an event item to me
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