icon Spicy Cracker  

Stacks to: 99
This item is Food that lasts 3 min.
Auction House: Food - Meals - Breads & Rice

Spicy Cracker
[Inventory] All Races
A traditional cracker from a land far to the east.

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Food Effects

  • HP Recovered While Healing +7
  • Resist Sleep
  • Beast Killer

Final Fantasy XI

Category: Final Fantasy XI
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Guild Level: Journeyman

Exceptional Results can be: Red Hot Cracker

Made from Recipes

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# May 10 2007 at 2:54 PM Rating: Decent
Sylph server-
# May 07 2007 at 6:15 PM Rating: Excellent
Mistress of Gardening
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Added icon, AH category, guild, guild level, Beast Killer, Resist Sleep, and HP Regen. Updated food time, stacking, and HQ yields.
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Spicy Cracker Newb
# Feb 01 2007 at 7:51 AM Rating: Decent
732 posts
I was in an XP party in Bhaflua Thickets and I had this 62 BLM spamming Spicy Cracker every two minutes...

Fianlly after the 10th cracker, my WHM turns and says "WTF! That **** is annoying and I cant believe you are using that **** as XP food, You suck! I was like WTF too, I mean, Spicy Cracker? C'mon now. I can only see this being useful to a Melee that needs to heal while soloing and even then this food is questionable since there are much better foods out there to chose from for Melee let alone BLM? Proof that newbage exist even at the higher levels.
silly me
# Apr 11 2006 at 4:14 PM Rating: Good
13 posts
I assumed that these were like juices where I could have food effect + cracker, but noooo. Cooked up a bunch and couldn't use 'em the way I wanted. At least they sell back. d'oh!
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Cooking info
# May 29 2005 at 11:19 PM Rating: Decent
Cooking this for Skill ups.

Stacks to 99
1 synth = 33 crackers
# Feb 04 2005 at 1:55 PM Rating: Decent
40 posts
These now stack 99 per craft.

Stats are the same minus last 5 minutes
from my testing them out
Valefor - Opie

NPC lvl - 56

Cooking - 86
Bonecrafting - 60
Woodworking - 60
Alchemy - 60
Clothcrafting - 60
Leathercrafting - 20
Fishing - 15
Smithing - 30
Goldsmithing - 4
# Sep 05 2004 at 11:16 PM Rating: Decent
47 posts
does anyone know how much these sell for to vendors or to the guild?
RE: selling
# Dec 17 2004 at 5:16 PM Rating: Decent
7 posts
Saw these for sale in a bazaar in Bastok at 10 gil each!
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RE: selling
# Dec 25 2004 at 6:59 PM Rating: Decent
307 posts
i ate one, it last for about 5 minutes.....
The sleeper has awakened!

# Aug 02 2004 at 12:46 PM Rating: Decent
84 posts
I don't believe these crackers give you a chance to fully resist a sleep spell, but instead decreases the time of said sleep spell.

Unless I was very unlucky I've never resisted a sleep spell.
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# Mar 10 2004 at 6:22 AM Rating: Decent
14 posts
Exceptional results are: Red Hot Cracker

I didn't bother to eat mine, however.. just sold it back and kept going in my cooking. Cheers!
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Spicy cracker
# Feb 05 2004 at 8:33 PM Rating: Default
I was getting sick of constantly being slept by the dragoras in the jungles near kazham so i thought i'd give these a whorl. i went through about 5 of them and only avoided being slept 2 times.
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