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Auction House: Weapons - Great Katana

(Great Katana) All Races
DMG:68 DLY:420
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Hidden Effect: Blunt Damage.

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Hidden effect and sidenote
# Oct 09 2006 at 5:10 PM Rating: Decent
4 posts
I used this in my mission 5-2 fight with shadow lord. I went as lv 71 and was waiting to level for a hagun. I 2hr'd him and basically solo'd the physical form of him.

I do believe this does do bonus damage on bone mobs.
It looks cool too, being all silver green colored, kinda matches the sam body gear. Really cheap too, 10k on Gilgamesh.
Bone Crusher
# Aug 03 2005 at 11:22 PM Rating: Decent
That Great Katana has the Hidden Effect Bone Crusher(Killer).
Bone Crusher
# Jan 04 2008 at 4:42 AM Rating: Decent
31 posts
dont think its bone killer but rather because this weapon has blunt damage instead of slashing like all other katanas
Bone Crusher
# Aug 03 2005 at 11:22 PM Rating: Decent

Edited, Thu Aug 4 00:22:04 2005
Bone Crusher
# Aug 03 2005 at 11:22 PM Rating: Decent
Really helps when you xp in KRT.

Edited, Thu Aug 4 00:22:58 2005
# Apr 18 2005 at 8:44 AM Rating: Decent
10 posts
hmmmm i dunno what the word "Bami" means in japanese, but the "Hone" part means bone, so potentially you maybe right
RE: interesting
# Jul 22 2005 at 7:34 PM Rating: Default
20 posts
hmm maybe bami means killer o.0 i ono if tat even is rite but u said hone is bone and the last post said more dam on bones maybe bone killer o.0 lol tats wat i thought lol
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hidden effect
# Sep 04 2004 at 12:02 PM Rating: Decent
9 posts
Seems to have hidden effect blunt damage.. Bones take more damage from this great katana than a kazaridachi. Test it out yourself if you don't believe me.. wasn't very expensive when i bought it.
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