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# Apr 24 2007 at 11:58 AM Rating: Excellent
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Updated Summoning Magic Skill.
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CHR > Skill?
# Apr 04 2006 at 2:08 PM Rating: Decent
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Edited, Tue Apr 4 14:10:41 2006
CHR > Skill?
# Oct 11 2006 at 6:40 AM Rating: Decent
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those bards all suck. its rather obvious they are merit whores and not much else. skill is very important if you actually want to be useful on god fights aside from being a buffwhore (which is very boring).

landing elegy on kirin, landing requiem on byakko are bragging rights only bards can have. and if you need charisma, we have 2 etudes that can easily add +40 to our total.
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This cape sucks for RDM
# Nov 17 2005 at 11:25 PM Rating: Default
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***** this cape for RDM :P I'd MUCH rather have the Altruistic's Cape

MP+25, Enfeebling, Enhancing, and Healing Magic+5 I do believe
RE: This cape sucks for RDM
# Feb 13 2006 at 10:12 PM Rating: Decent
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The name being "Astute Cape" means its for the ppl smart enough to be the unwanted uber job of RDM/NIN ^^
RE: This cape sucks for RDM
# Jul 08 2006 at 3:44 AM Rating: Decent
17 posts
Sorry to burst your bubble, but RDM/NIN is only good as a solo class. You'll probably get the invites because of refresh, but no party with half a clue would take a RDM/NIN over a RDM/mage. On a personal level, RDM/NIN replying to me with 'Sorry, this is my only sub' = not in my party.
RE: This cape sucks for RDM
# Aug 15 2007 at 10:14 AM Rating: Default
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It's not like we really care we get parties so easy we don't need yours :P
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# Sep 22 2005 at 3:42 AM Rating: Default
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Allakhazam had a typo. The pic says summoning magic skill+ 5, but were Allakhazam typed summoning magic skill they put+3 lol.
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Seen it
# Sep 22 2005 at 12:01 AM Rating: Decent
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i seen like 1 rdm with it, and one ninja with it, if a Nin/rdm used this oh boy what a treat
# Sep 15 2005 at 6:46 PM Rating: Good
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Wow, this would be a great cape for a brd or smn... Don't really see why a ninja would need it?
But since a jester cape+1 would be better for chr stats......

RE: Nice!!
# Sep 21 2005 at 8:35 PM Rating: Decent
4 posts
I dont think a Ninja would use this. However from what i gather a rdm who subs nin could benefit a lot from this. The mp +25 is a definate plus for a Rdm.
Ohh there it is.
RE: Nice!!
# Sep 22 2005 at 12:41 AM Rating: Decent
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If you were doing NIN/BLM, this wouldn't be a bad item. Other than that, not very useful.
RE: Nice!!
# Sep 22 2005 at 2:53 PM Rating: Good
47 posts
Idk i could see this cape being relatively useful.

As a bard your singing skill effects your songs sticking. I am not a high level bard, but as a Blm and Rdm, i know that at some point i can have all the int in the world, and without enough magic skill my spells won't stick. I would imagine there would be a very similar "diminishing return" on super high chr, but thats just my thaught. 30 mp is pretty hot for a brd though no matter what.

Summoner: From what a ls mate has said about summoner (he is 56 level or so)your avatars effectiveness is determined by your summoning skill. Assumeing that is the case, then this cape with a bunch of other summoner stuff would make your avatars useful in combat maybe (not talking BP, talking just meleeing with your avatar). The ONLY reason i dont really believe this is there are so many high level smn and things like summoners torques are soooo darn cheap >_<. If smn skill does make your avatars do more dmg in combat, then this could be cool in a big way. If not, its 30 mp <_<.

Not like an everyday useful item, but i could see useing it.
RE: Nice!!
# Sep 29 2005 at 3:16 AM Rating: Decent
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Ninja or /ninja : Your Ninjutsu skill determines how shadows you lose from various attacks, and also determines how well your debuffs stick. This cape is ideal for any soloing job who likes to sub ninja. If a thf/nin can stick blind paralyze and slow they have almost nothing to worry about in the ways of getting hit. As for the MP...this is the highest MP + cape a rdm can wear without spending 20-50 mill on an errant or mahatma cape.
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RE: Nice!!
# Jun 04 2006 at 8:58 PM Rating: Decent
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I could see a Brd macro switching this for party buff songs like Minuet because Chr doesnt affect songs like Minuet and Minne but singing skill does, so +5 Singing skill could probably give out more attack for the party.

Otherwise, I think Id rather use the Jesters Cape +1 for debuffing mobs.

EDIT: Wow, was I an idiot when postin this; would definitely rather use Astute Cape for Debuffs and then either a Errant/Umbra/Peiste Cape for buffin/idle depending on the situation

Edited, Aug 10th 2006 at 3:22am EDT by Creelo

Edited, Mar 16th 2008 2:45pm by Creelo
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Where to get this cape
# Sep 14 2005 at 11:30 AM Rating: Excellent
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From what I've read you get this cape by trading a Vice of Aspersion to Meret (Tavnazian Safehold - J8)

You get a Vice of Aspersion from killing NM Ix'Aern that is lottery popped on the 2nd floor of the Garden of Ru'Hmet at locations G8, I8, G10, and I10

This Ix'Aern is a Drg type and will summon 3 Wynavs (which are Brd types). These cannot be slept, so plan appropriately.

Edit: oh, I also read that the Vice of Aspersion has a low drop rate (what else is new?)

Edited, Fri Sep 16 15:19:04 2005
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