Quests Starting in Grauberg (S)

Name Min Level Starting Area Starting NPC Reward Title Granted Type
Succor to the Sidhe (R)1Grauberg (S) Callisto (F - 6)    General  
WG43 - Pillar of Hope1Grauberg (S)    Mission  
WG44 - Glimmer of Life1Grauberg (S)    Mission  
WG45 - Time Slips Away1Grauberg (S) Bottled Punch Bug,    Mission  
WG46 - When Wills Collide1Grauberg (S)    Mission  
WG47 - Whispers of Dawn1Grauberg (S)  Mender of Wings  Mission  
WG48 - A Dreamy Interlude 1Grauberg (S)    Mission  
WG51 - Maiden of the Dusk1Grauberg (S) Moonshade Earring,    Mission  
WG54 - Lest We Forget 1Grauberg (S) Moonshade Earring,    Mission  
Witchfire Glen (R)1Grauberg (S) Fay Spring (F-8) Pixie Hate Reset / Gains influence with the Freelance Titania  Side Quest  

Quests Involving Grauberg (S)

Name Min Level Starting Area Starting NPC Reward Title Granted Type
A World in Flux0Ru'Lude Gardens 30000 Gil   General  
ANNM - Blue-Labeled Crate - Grauberg (S) (R)1Bastok Markets (S) Keenan (G - 8) Coeurl Ledelsens, Polyflan Paper, Bast Parchment, Gold Ore, Platinum Ore, Platinum Beastcoin, Rhodonite, Toolbag (Uchitake), Toolbag (Mizu-Deppo), Toolbag (Hiraishin),    ANNM  
Fires of Discontent1Bastok Markets (S) Engelhart (K - 10) 10000 Gil  General  
Healing Herbs1Windurst Waters (S) Rhinostery Door (J-8) Tincture  General  
Her Memories: Of Malign Maladies1Southern San d'Oria Amaura (G - 7)    General  
Light in the Darkness1Bastok Markets (S) Gentle Tiger (Past) Adaman Ingot  General  
Message on the Wind1Metalworks Romualdo (K - 9) Smart Grenade Windtalker General  
Scholar's Gown - SCH AF (R)50Bastok Markets (S) Loussaire (G - 10) Scholar's Gown  Artifact  
Seeing Blood-red - SCH AF3 (R)50The Eldieme Necropolis (S) Erlene (J - 8) Scholar's Mortarboard  Artifact  
Succor to the Sidhe (R)1Grauberg (S) Callisto (F - 6)    General  
The Fumbling Friar0Garlaige Citadel (S) Fondactiont (I - 6) Scroll of Recall-Pashh  General  
The Unfinished Waltz - DNC AF1 (R)40Upper Jeuno Laila (G - 7) War Hoop Promising Dancer Artifact  
WG50 - Fork in the Road 1East Ronfaure (S) Primal Glow,    Mission