Quests Involving The Eldieme Necropolis

Name Min Level Starting Area Starting NPC Reward Title Granted Type
A New Dawn - BST AF1-5 (R)50Lower Jeuno Dietmund (G - 11) Beast Trousers  Artifact  
Acting In Good Faith1Windurst Waters Gantineux (E - 10) Scroll of Teleport-Mea Pilgrim to Mea Spell  
Battle on a New Front75Ru'Lude Gardens Voidwatcher's Emblem: Qufim, White Stratum Abyssite III, White Stratum Abyssite II, Voidwatch Alarum, , 30000 Gil   General  
Blue Ribbon Blues1Windurst Woods Roberta (I - 13) Blue Ribbon, 3600 Gil Ghostie Buster General  
Borghertz's Shadowy Hands (R)50Upper Jeuno Guslam (H - 8) Chaos Gauntlets  Artifact  
Borghertz's Stalwart Hands (R)50Upper Jeuno Guslam (H - 8) Gallant Gauntlets  Artifact  
Borghertz's Vermillion Hands (R)50Upper Jeuno Guslam (H - 8) Warlock's Gloves  Artifact  
Borghertz's Warring Hands (R)50Upper Jeuno Guslam (H - 8) Fighter's Mufflers  Artifact  
Chasing Quotas50Port San d'Oria Ceraulian (I - 10) Drachen Brais  Artifact  
Escort For Hire (San d'Oria)1Northern San d'Oria Rondipur (F - 6) Miratete's Memoir, 10000 Gil  General  
Fire and Brimstone - RNG AF250Windurst Woods Perih Vashai (K - 7) Hunter's Beret  Artifact  
Girl in the Looking Glass1Upper Jeuno Luto Mewrilah (G - 8)   Fellowship Quest  
Legacies Lost and Found99Eastern Adoulin Octavien (I - 8) Runeist Trousers, Secrets of Runic Enhancement,    Artifact  
Pieuje's Decision - WHM AF350Chateau d'Oraguille Pieuje Healer's Briault Paragon of White Mage Excellence Artifact  
The Geomagnetron1Lower Jeuno Darcia (H - 7) Adoulinian charter permit, Geomagnetron,    Mission  
The Requiem - BRD AF2 (R)50Lower Jeuno Bki Tbujhja (H - 8) Choral Slippers  Artifact