Intermediate Teamwork  

Realm:San d'Oria
Start Area: Northern San d'Oria
Start NPC:Vilatroire (C - 7)
Prerequisites:Introduction To Teamwork
Min Level:1
Max Level:75
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Title Obtained:Second-rate Organizer
Items Granted:Scroll: Mage's Ballad
Last Updated: Thu Aug 20 06:00:36 2009

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Adventurers of the same race are required in order to form a functional party.


  • Talk to Vilatroire in the Watchtower, via Northern San d'Oria (C-7).
  • Form a party of six people of the same race, then talk to him again to complete the quest.

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suspiciously easy
# Aug 21 2008 at 2:20 PM Rating: Decent
15 posts
Ok to clarify what are the 3 quests needed for this? i know i need 6 people same race and from the same town (ie bastok) and fame 3 and fame i have the fame and rank just need 5 more players to help out anyways as long as i have 5 players meeting the race and bastok thing is all i have to do speak to the npc a few times and i get the scroll?1?
# May 01 2008 at 5:24 AM Rating: Decent
17 posts
Hello! I have tried getting it the hard way but there arent many bastokean pepole in sandy. If anyone is thinking of doing this in Midgardsormr , please contact me: hector.guerra@live.se so that we can help us both out.

My name is Soulstar lv28, BRD, Hum, Batostokean.
# Jul 20 2007 at 2:22 AM Rating: Decent
20 posts
Confirmed...need to have fame of 3. Maybe someone wants to confirm the level.

Traded in about 34-38 x 3 rabbit hides, and did 4 quests completed.

Fame check: K-6 (Lion Springs Tavern) Namonutice.
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How to check Fame?
# Jun 03 2007 at 9:30 AM Rating: Decent
3 posts
Can someone tell me how i check my fame level? thanks
How to check Fame?
# Jul 28 2007 at 1:17 PM Rating: Decent
36 posts
If you're from Sandy, go to Lion Spring's Tavern in South Sandy and talk to the NPC in the corner to the left as soon as you walk in. He will say something about how he has or has no heard your name.
to easy
# Apr 17 2007 at 2:01 PM Rating: Decent
78 posts
This is an easy way to make 50k on my server...
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Minimum lvl required
# Mar 24 2007 at 1:28 PM Rating: Decent
2 posts
After the update the min level you need to be is 10 to start this quest and you need level 3 fame
# Mar 10 2007 at 6:26 AM Rating: Decent
4 posts
Ok... I did this quest before on my main character and got the scroll quite easily and sold it for 16k... now I'm leveling bard and the scroll is going for 150k >.<

tried to do this with a mule for the song again... got the first part of the quest done "Introduction to Teamwork" but can't seem to get the next part done... I checked my fame with the NPC in southern san d'oria and it's at level 5 (says according to ffxiclopedia.com) My Mule may be rank 1, level 4, but I thought all I needed was fame. Am I missing something here?
No Need To Zone
# Dec 14 2006 at 4:42 PM Rating: Decent
1,137 posts
You dont even have to zone to get all three quests. There is some fame required though - a rank 2 lvl 35ish blm that was with us got the first quest but not the second. He said he turned in about 7 rabbit hide stacks, so yo uneed to do more than that.
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# Jul 31 2006 at 3:42 AM Rating: Decent
311 posts
After 4 hours of /tells and /shouts, I finally have this song to sell. This song is running a pretty penny. It was well worth the effort getting it.

In the end, we had 6 Windurstian Lv1 WAR Tarutaru. All 3 quests were cleared consecutively for each of us^^
Trolling at it's finest
# Jun 28 2006 at 6:28 PM Rating: Decent
58 posts
lvling brd now and i did this quest back in 03 and just throw away the song after was only selling for 2k then :/
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# Jul 02 2006 at 1:33 AM Rating: Decent
14 posts
lol.. I did the same thing..
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Easy gil.
# Mar 16 2006 at 5:06 PM Rating: Decent
140 posts
This baby is going for 350k, you heard me. 350,000gil. On Bismarck.

Edited, Thu Mar 16 16:03:30 2006
Easy Money
# Feb 03 2006 at 7:08 AM Rating: Default
This quest is really quite easy. You can do it on your own with the aid of sneak oils and prism powder. You only need Prism Powder for the final room where you place the banishing seal behind the shed.
I did this quest in less than 30 mins, after i got the fame of coarse. :)

Edited, Fri Feb 3 06:09:27 2006
**WORLD** Phoenix
RE: Easy Money
# Feb 05 2006 at 11:06 PM Rating: Decent
132 posts
That's the Teleport-Holla quest you're talking about :)
RE: Easy Money
# Feb 05 2006 at 8:54 PM Rating: Decent
654 posts
umm, wrong quest dude. That is one of the teleport scroll quests if memroy serves and this is for mage's ballad.
lazy bastards
# Nov 23 2005 at 12:58 PM Rating: Excellent
56 posts
200k on asura right now, that just shows laziness. This quest is really easy
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I'm all over this
# Aug 05 2005 at 1:15 AM Rating: Decent
66 posts
Just realized the price of this bloody scroll on gilgamesh. After seeing how bloody easy the quest is, I'm heading of to sandy. All this for 1/3 refresh. ; ;
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# Aug 04 2005 at 10:04 PM Rating: Good
23 posts
I'm thinking about doing this quest because of my desperate need of money and I was wondering if any one knew if every person in the PT had to be doing quest, so that maybe I could get some ls buddy who already did it to help me?
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RE: Question
# Sep 23 2005 at 8:57 PM Rating: Decent
1,980 posts
As long as the others are the same race as you, it will work. They don't have to be on the quest themselves. If they've already done it, they can still help; if they want to do it themselves but don't have enough fame yet, they can still help.
# Jun 28 2005 at 2:36 AM Rating: Decent
31 posts
Selling for 100k in Shiva
ZM 6 ( Through the Quicksand Caves )
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The Whole Party
# Apr 03 2005 at 12:55 AM Rating: Good
722 posts
Just to clarify, having them all in your party isn't sufficient the whole party needs to go to the tower together.
Just my 2 gil....
numps(my profile)
# Feb 22 2005 at 9:16 PM Rating: Decent
273 posts
40-50k for Ballad at AH on Midgard.

Organized a party of 6 Windurstian Tarutaru Black Mages and we did all 3 quests at once. Getting them all together took about an hour and a half though >_<. It was very rewarding when we finished it.
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What you need
# Feb 04 2005 at 10:35 AM Rating: Good
4,194 posts
To activate this quest you need Fame 3

I tried it at Fame 2, 24 war rank 3 and couldn't get it. I did some repeatables and get fame 3 and was able to activate the quest.
This Quest was Cake.
# Jan 20 2005 at 9:30 PM Rating: Default
60 posts
Just follow what the conditions are and make sure they have FAME level 2

not hard at all. hardest thing i had was explaining to them they weren't going to get the scroll cause they hadn't did the 1st quest.

you might have to bribe people
i know i did but it wasn't hard i gave out my trade mark "FireWorks" i always give those out when i need help with quests

Again for 20K scroll this quest was ******* Cake

on ifrit it sells for 20K in Jueno

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# Aug 01 2004 at 11:26 PM Rating: Decent
i cant find him/her at all
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RE: help
# Aug 02 2004 at 10:07 AM Rating: Good
108 posts
He's in the watchtower of San D'Oria (which technically resides in the West Ronfaure zone. The watchtower is accessible from North San D'Oria. Go to the point in North San where you are at the turn off to the North gate exit to ronfaure. To the north will be the smith and woodworking guilds. To the west will be the stairs down to the north gate. Turn west, but don't go down the stairs. Keep going west, and you'll enter the watch tower. (Note that it IS on the map.) The man you're looking for (Vilatroire) is on the right side of the tower, near the windows.

Good luck!
RE: help
# Dec 26 2005 at 3:19 PM Rating: Decent
189 posts
yes Alla needs to update this... it faukin pissed the **** outta me when I couldnt find it in N SD, when i finally did... i lost it
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Requirement: only fame based?
# Apr 07 2004 at 11:49 AM Rating: Decent
405 posts
I'm only Rank 2 (haven't done the training mission even), level 10 WHM, and I qualified for the Intermediate Teamwork quest... I don't know how high my fame is, but I have 25 unique quests and some repeats (bat wings mostly). So although the certified adventurer clause sounds specific, fame might be the real factor.
RE: Requirement: only fame based?
# Nov 29 2004 at 8:20 PM Rating: Decent
1,410 posts
I think fame is the only requirement. I was one of five people (in a 6-person PT, of course) recruited by a fellow who'd had the brilliant idea of getting together a party that could do all THREE "teamwork" quests in one fell swoop. (We all were San d'Orian taru WHMs.) Anyhoo, it worked like a charm except for a couple of PT members who found out the hard way that their fame was a notch or two too low to activate the cut scenes for one or two of the 3 quests.

I lucked out on that fine day; I had simply responded to the "recruiter" who was spamming NEED TARU WHMs BASED IN SANDY FOR TEAMWORK QUESTS, took 45 minutes, and DAMN if I didn't up my fame further and get a very valuable Mage's Ballad scroll in the bargain. Best 45 mins I ever spent in-game.

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Journey Abroad
# Feb 17 2004 at 11:26 AM Rating: Default
Completing Mission 6 gives you rank 3 and the title "Certified Adventurer." When you talk to this NPC, he'll tell you to come back when you are a....certified adventurer.
and for beastmasters
relative fame
# Dec 29 2003 at 11:37 AM Rating: Decent
277 posts
I did the introduction to teamwork before I left to do mission 6 (the Emissary), but I seemed to lack the requirements to do the next teamwork quest. I thought for sure I checked again after I completed the mission *shrugs*. I came back as rank 3 with 25 unique quests completed and finally got it. Now I just need to wait for more english speaking people to come online so I can explain why I need them...

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Challenging the old fashioned way!
# Dec 14 2003 at 9:28 PM Rating: Decent
Title for this quest is Second-rate Organizer
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