Whence Blows the Wind (Limit Break 3)  

Start Area: Ru'Lude Gardens
Start NPC:Maat (H - 5)
Type:Limit Break
Related Areas:Beadeaux
Castle Oztroja
Monastic Cavern
Qulun Dome
Min Level:56
Max Level:60
Reward:Raises Level Cap to 65
(Average from 78 ratings)
Items Required:Orcish Crest
Quadav Crest
Yagudo Crest
Title Obtained:Sky Breaker
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Your innate limits can be pushed further by collecting the crests of the Orcs, the Quadav, and the Yagudo.


Orc Crest

=== NOTE: You will need Invisibility for this entire section

- Travel to Davoi, once in Davoi, go to the Zone entrance of Monastic Caverns at H-11

- Zone back to Davoi at the SW corner of I-8. At this point you will be in the house area at the center of the Davoi map.

- Head East across the bridge and then north onto the top of the fort at J-8 to a Tarutaru.

At this point, one person will need to do the mini-quest to get the Crimson Orb at this point to proceed farther. Speak to the Tarutaru to receive the quest. You must touch the Banishing Gate in Davoi before the Taru will give you the mini-quest.

The mini-quest basically tells you to go to the 4 red pools in Davoi. The pools are located at the NW corner of H-10, the NE corner of L-9, NW corner of E-8, and the last one which is not displayed on the map by yellow is found by following the river at H-6 north and to the east. WARNING: When you dip the orb into the 4th pool it curses you, so plan accordingly. Return to the Tarutaru with the Orb to receive the Crimson Orb.

- At this point proceed to the Banishing Wall at the SW corner of J-9 and have the person with the Orb open the gate by clicking on it. This will open a hole in the wall which anyone can walk through. WARNING: This room is populated so if you are doing this alone, make sure all the orcs are looking away when you drop invisibility to use the orb. The zoneline is only a few feet past the wall so if you do get aggro you can run for it.

- Once you've zoned over to Monastic, it's located just after you cross into J-6 on a ledge to the left.

-- Quadav Crest

=== NOTE: You will need Sneak only for this entire section. You also need to be doing, or have completed the Rank 5 Magicite mission to be able to complete this part.

Helpful information: - Mute machines silence you - Afflictor machines curse you - A silenced person can't be cursed by the afflictor - Echo drops remove silence

~~~ - Head to Beadeaux

- Once inside, follow the Tunnel down at H-7 (1st map), then proceed to the tunnel up at F-8 (2nd map).

- Once up top again, hug the right wall to the ramp at E-10 (1st map), then take one of the ramps in the northeastern half of this map at either (K-7) or (J-7) to get back to the lower level. Once there, take the tunnel down at section K-6 (1st map).

- Once below again, follow the path to M-8 (2nd map) and then zone over into Qulun Dome.

- The crest is located on the borderline of I-6/7. In the first room is most likely an NM, so make sure he's wandering away from the door before you try to run through this room. In the 2nd room, all the NM's are generally at the far north side of the room.

Yagudo Crest

=== NOTE: You will only need Invisibility for this entire section, please don't step near the leeches.

Important information:

  • It is imperative that you start this quest at the very beginning of a new game day as the passwords will change every day. (more on that below)

    • This section can not be completed by a single person unless you have some sort of movement enhancement (flee, strider boots, Ninja AF boots

- Head to Castle Oztroja

- For the first part you will need to find out what the password of the day is, which requires collecting the information from 3 brass statues.

- Head to the SE corner of H-8 and open the brass door. Click on the statue inside to receive the 1st password.

- Now head to the door at I-8 and then go up the stairs to the 2nd map (Remember the 2nd map as I'll be referencing it later). On this map, head to the exit at G-7 and zone over onto the next map. On the next map head north to I-7 and zone over to yet another map. Now head to the SE corner of H-9 and open the brass door and receive the 2nd password from the statue. (Note: If you've done the paladin AF2 quest, this is the exact same spot you were sent to fish)

- Proceed back along the same path to the 2nd map. (The one I told you to remember) The 3rd statue is located on the NW corner of I-8. If you've never experienced this section of the map before there are blocker points preventing most of the "obvious" paths and forcing you to walk around the outside.

Now that you have visited 3 statues, you should have 3 passwords. The ones I collected from multiple visits are Mong, Deggi, Duzu, Mjuu, Ouzi, Xicu, Ovzi, Buxu, Haqa, Gadu, Puqu, Duxo, Zhuu. You may receive other ones but write those 5 down in case the day flips over and you have to "guess" later on in the quest.

At this point you can actually go get the crest.

- From the 3rd statue point head west to the 4 lever door at the SW corner of G-8. To be honest I have no clue what the correct sequence of levers is, but I found that if I randomly flip them it generally opens the door. Once through the door, head up the stairs and zone over (G-9) onto a new map.

- The next map is pretty straightforward, just remain invis and don't step on the Yagudo Parasites (leeches), and proceed to the next map at H-11.

- You want to proceed through the Brass door at H-7 from here. In order to do that you must have someone light one of the 4 torches.

- There are torches at G-7, G-8, H-7, and H-8 in each of the small rooms. From my experience they all do the same thing, which once lit opens the brass door at H-7. This is where you need the 2nd person. One person lights the torch, the 2nd person goes inside (The door can be opened from inside). The Yagudo in the torch rooms operate on sight only so if you wait patiently for them to face the walls you can drop invis, light the torch, and re-invis. You can do this part solo with flee.

- Once through the door, there will be a wooden plank with a red circle (trap door) in front of a Brass Statue. Have everyone stand on the plank and have click on the statue and input the passwords (Order doesn't matter). The trap door will open and everyone will fall through to the bottom. Don't worry about invis, the bottom of the trap door is safe. Be sure to put it back up afterwards however.

Note: If you've taken too long and a day has passed, the passwords may have changed. Try a few of the 5 I provided in addition to your own and hopefully you can get through. If not, enjoy visiting the statues again.

- Once everyone has dropped down through the trap door, you will see a long corridor leading to a large room with a series of ramps up to a center platform. The ??? to get the Yagudo crest is located on the central platform. At this point you'll need to keep a lookout for the Yagudo NM (Generally the High Priest).

- Wait for the Yagudo NM to be sufficiently far away from the center platform, then travel up the ramps to the center platform, standing "behind" any regular Yagudo which may be on that platform, drop invis, click the ??? and re-invis.

- If you are in a large group, I highly suggest you send people up one at a time so that if they get aggro, they can run to the base of the ramp and die in a suitable fashion and not kill everyone, but still be within tractor range.

Once you have all 3 crests return and speak to Maat to raise your level limit.

Quest Series == This quest is part of the Limit Break quest series. The complete series includes:

Final Fantasy XI

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# Jul 17 2011 at 2:40 PM Rating: Decent
1 post
For clarification. You MUST examine the wall prior to talking to the Tarutaru for the mini-quest, or you will receive nothing more than empty talk.
Castle Oztroja
# Jul 03 2009 at 5:19 PM Rating: Decent
10 posts
Castle Oztroja is by far the hardest of the three since you need to have someone light the torch in order to get inside the room where you enter the passwords. The other two are soloable.

What I have done in the past when helping someone out with Castle Oztroja is taken some powder boots and a reraise hairpin/scroll or whatever. First, use the Reraise effect. Then once you are in front of the torch, activate the powder boots and run towards the door, while the second person stays behind and actiavets the torch so that I can make it in. I obviously die, but inside the room. Once the mobs disappear, raise back up and open the door for the other person outside.

Then once we got to the bottom, I used the powder boots again to lure all the mobs, including the NM, away from the crest so that the person needing it can get to it. I then make a run for it to a safe spot and warp the **** out of there.

Way back when I tried soloing this I tought I could do it myself with the powder boots, but as soon as I took invis off and touched the torch, the surrounding mods attacked me and I couldn't activate the switch. You have to be very lucky so that the mobs around the torch are far away from it as possible, which is never the case.

Yeah, this method seems a bit primative, but it works. If you can find someone else that needs G3, this method works like a charm. Just be sure to bring lot's of Prizm Powder and Silent Oils. And don't forget the Powder Boots, Reraise Ring/Hairpin/Scroll (any of these will work) and something to Warp the **** out of there cuz there is no way out once you get to the bottom.
Case sensitive
# Jun 24 2009 at 11:52 AM Rating: Decent
25 posts
The passwords are CASE SENSITIVE

I found this out when i had about 5 game minutes to enter passwords and found that it said 'incorrect' because i used all caps. then same for all lower case. had to go get passes all over again.

Pity me. I am a fool.
My experience, and info.
# May 25 2009 at 10:59 AM Rating: Good
1,603 posts
I just finished up this quest with my RDM, which is actually more like a mission. I was going to wait until I leveled up some more jobs, but I needed access to Aht Urhgan, so I decided to kill two birds with one stone by gathering the intermediate level requirement of RA/EX items for Faursel of the Tenshodo, as well as LB3 since they both require the same zones. Ok, so the quest in itself is not very difficult. What makes this challenging is acquiring the crests undetected if you are doing it solo at level 60 or below. It is my recommendation that you do this at no lower than level 60. The tier 3 mobs in each of these zones checked from easy prey to decent challenge. Only the DC's would aggro me, but this probably won't be the case for those under level 60. Castle Oztroja in particular has a couple of these mobs guarding the combination brass door that leads to the torch room. If you are going to do this prior to obtaining level 60, be warned and plan accordingly in the case you get aggro from these mobs.


My first stop was the Quadav stronghold. This is the easiest of the three enemy bases because you don't have to drop sneak to click on the ??? for the crest. However, unlike invisible, if it begins to wear, you DO have to cancel it before you cast another sneak spell, enchantment, or item, which opens a window for detection. But to be honest, the Quadav aren't the most intellegent of beastmen so it isn't that big of an issue. In Qulun Dome you will encounter what I call the NM generals: Ruby, Diamond, and Adaman Quadav. All of them detect by sight and sound, and are Truesight. You still have to keep sneak up to avoid the regular Quadavs while waiting for the NM's to be far enough away from the ??? to click on it without getting aggro. I got this crest without any aggro whatsoever.


Now it starts getting a little bit tougher. What sucks about this is the Banishing Gate. If you currently do not have the orb to get through, then you are going to need a lot of luck. More than likely you will get detected when you drop invisible, or are recasting it after touching the gate. Orcs are not like the Quadav, and the Yagudo. They move around very frequently, and don't seem to stand still for too long. If you do not have to orb, there is no zone for you to escape to that's close. I was ill prepared for this, and I got KO'd.

If you are BLM main or sub, you can get past this easily with the use of the spell Escape, but it will require a different strategy depending on your choice of job combo. If you are not going to use blm, the best and most efficient option is to bring a scroll of reraise, and use it before you attempt to touch the gate. If you get aggro, run like mad back towards the taru that gives you the stupid mini-quest, and die like a man - go down swinging! I actually gave a VT Orcish Dreadnought a run for his money before he finally took me down. After you raise yourself, I recommend you wait for weakness to wear, and fully heal before proceeding, so go make a sandwich.

After you finish the mini-quest, just be ready to actually be prompted if you want to open the gate (how freakin' retarded). I got KO'd once again, when it failed to trigger while I was getting pounded. It actually said, "Event Skipped," or something like that. So my third time, I finally took the preemptive, and just slept both of the orcs guarding the gate. Once inside Monastic Cavern, you'll see the orc NM generals: Orcish Hexspinner, Orcish Warlord, and Orcish Overlord. They are all Truesight, but avoiding them is easy. The ??? is pretty much out of harms way. You should have plenty of time to drop invis, click it, and warp out of there.

Castle Oztroja:

My final destination was Castle Oztroja. Ok, so you have heard plenty of times by now that this is the hardest part of the quest. Well.. it is. No doubt about it. Your chances of getting detected here are far higher than in the previous two zones. Save yourself some time and forget about acquiring the passwords from the brass statues. Just use the ones that have been provided on this page, and utilize the process of elimination. Be sure to capitalize the first letter.

Everything is easy up until you arrive where the coffer key dropping Yagudo's reside - the giant brass door. You have to cancel your invisible, click on the torch, which prompts you if you want to light it or not, use flee, and recast invisible all without getting seen by the two to three Yagudo's that wander by each of the torches. Movement enhancing boots only eliminate one of those steps, and it is the easiest and fastest of them to do. If you're lucky, you'll arrive when there is a skillup/coffer party(s) killing them off. I had no such luck, and after three KO's, I really wasn't up for losing any more hard earned experience points. All in all, I did manage to do all of this, and get past the brass gate without getting aggro, but I had my warp scroll ready just in case. Very palpitating to say the least.

In the room below is the opportunity to rest up, and take a breather. You've come to far to blow it now, so take all the time you need. The only NM I saw was the Yagudo High Priest, but there were more than plenty of the regular Yagudo's wandering around. The only way you can really ***** this up is if the High Priest - who once again is a Truesight mob - detects you before you even have a chance to click on the ???, so watch him carefully. I had very little difficulty dropping invisible, getting the crest, and warping out of there before getting aggro.

Good luck to those who still need to do this quest.

~Vendict of Alexander~

To all those with the WoG expansion
# Apr 16 2009 at 9:52 AM Rating: Decent
For anyone who has sprinters boots, which you obtain in wings of the goddess or can purchase again with allied notes the boots are good enough to get you through the door in castle oztroja with plenty of time. Using one charge of the boots enables you to solo this in half a game day (about 24mins).

I went at this quest with 60mnk/30dnc spectral Jig kept me safe from harms way but I was careless when dropping invis and did get agro'd in each zone near the ??? however luckily i managed to outrun it in both davoi and beadaux however in castle oztroja i had no idea where i was going and just ran around until i died. So 65 and LB4 here i come.
# Apr 10 2009 at 6:51 PM Rating: Decent
2 posts
I REALLY hope this isn't as hard as this guide makes me think it is.
Sounds like way too much trouble.
# Apr 05 2009 at 6:45 AM Rating: Decent
166 posts
Finally I did the last part of this one. I've played FFXI for a few years, very much as a casual player.
I did Genkai 1 entirely solo (with my NPC buddy).
Genkai 2 I did two times, the first time I forgot to activate the quest. :-(
Both times I got help from some generous (American and Japanese) people who where doing this quest.

Genkai 3 didn't look that hard to me to do solo at RDM 59.
The Orc crest wasn't really that hard to do. The Quadav crest was also not hard.
But then I had to do the Yagudo crest. This was a tougher run.
Up till the brass door it was easy, then I had to open the brass door.
The first time I went there I met a group who also had to go through the door. That went well.
Then I guessed the passwords and we all fell through the trapdoor. What happened in my mind then I will never know.
While the others were settling to prepare I ran like a maniac to the ??? point and got killed by the High Priest.
Fail. After a while I tried it again but couldn't get anybody to open the brass door for me.
I decided to try it myself. I put on my sprinter's shoes, dropped invisible, lighted the torch, became invisible again and ran like a madman to the door. I remember running through some Yagudo that slowed me consideralebly down, of course I didn't make it through the door.
The second time I tried I didn't even make it from the torch because a Yagudo just turned around and saw me when I was casting invisible.
I tried a couple times more but don't remember what happened, I didn't make it that's for sure.
I decided to give it a rest and did some campaign battles and besieged battles, got to level 60 and then quit FFXI for almost a year.

A week ago I decided to go back to FFXI, this game always keeps luring me back in. Though this game is an ultimate team game I found through the years that playing this game while alone also can be very enjoyable.
All the more with the expansions of the last couple of years.
So I was back in FFXI and did some Campaign battles. After almost reaching my level cap I decided to give the Yagudo Crest another try.
Up till the brass door went smooth as always. Then I shouted for someone to open the door, immediatly someone did.
I guessed the password and fell through the trap door.
Then, I was scared, really scared. I remembered the last time I was here and got killed in an instance.
I don't care to much for the experience loss, but the thought of going back again and finding someone to open the brass door made me freeze.
So I called out my NPC-buddy, which doesn't make much sense because I will get killed instantly anyway, and did some scouting.
After a while I felt somewhat comfortable and waited for the High Pries to turn his back. But it just wouldn't work out, either my invisibility wore off or the High Priest would turn around so I would run back in panic to the trap door.
After several hours (yes really) I decided to log off and try another day.

And this afternoon I logged back in for another try. I was now a bit more comfortable with the situation and waited for the Yagudos to turn their backs.
After several minutes I thought "now or never", ran to the ???-spot saw the High Priest standing next to me, thought "what the ****", dropped invisible, clicked the ???-spot and...Nothing!
I still had the controll cursor stand on the Magic icons and couldn't click on the spot.
I started to panic a bit because I couldn't select the ???-spot and I saw some movement from the High Priest.
But the High Priest was only casting a spell so I had some time to find and select the ???-spot.
At last I selected it (still not detected by any yagudo) got the crest and began to run back to the trap door when I got detected.
I casted Escape got hit once by a Stonega III and ended up safe in Meriphataud Mountains went to Maat and now I've got my limit break 3.
Level 65 here I come.

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Soloed Castle O w/o flee
# Mar 08 2009 at 6:04 PM Rating: Good
2 posts

So I got to the brass door where you need to light one of the four torches and then run to the door before it closes. Well I forgot to bring powder boots ><
Oh well, might as well hope that someone is passing through. Waited, got antsy, tried shouting for help, set a comment. Nothing. Oh well lets see if we can flirt with disaster.

Tried dropping invis, popping a torch when yags were turned away, throw up spectral jig and make a run for it. After several tries I kept getting to the door just too late.

So I decided to be a bit more ballsy. I wanted to see how far away from the torch I could stand and still light it. Well that didn't go so well. Got aggro from the two yags guarding it and started getting wacked. I then ran out of the small torch room to the next little intersection where I died just around the corner.

Luckily I had stopped to get reraise from a field manual. I waited until the two yags despawned and then got back up. I ran back over to the torch and stood as far away from it as possible and lit it. I then tossed up spectral jig and off I went! I just made it through the closing doors with not a moment to spare! ^^ The rest of the trip went smoothly and I got the crest and warped out. :D

Good luck to all with this quest!
# Mar 04 2009 at 10:20 PM Rating: Default
15 posts
I haven't bothered with this one yet. my 60PLD/30WAR is capped on EXP and now my WAR's soon to be there. ~.~ I need to do it soon. WAR56/NIN28. I want two sets of af before 75. =] I had 2/6 WAR AF 'fore I ever started with PLD. >.> ^^;; See you guys in game! :D
"How do we prove we exist...Maybe we don't exist..." --Vivi FFIX


just to make sure
# Aug 29 2008 at 7:56 PM Rating: Decent
21 posts
When you go to beaduex (yes it's spelled wrong), make sure you are prepared to travel through the silence and curse areas. I just helped someone tonight with it and completely screwed myself over. It's been more then 8 months since I did LB3 and I decided to help someone today. I carelessly ran as a 70 SMN (I downleveled a bunch by being stupid) and got agro from some quadavs. Nothing I couldn't handle until I decided I'd run for the zone. Bad Idea. The curse hit me and I wasn't silenced to avoid it. I ran slow as **** and got knocked the heck out. lmao. I felt so stupid. Anyway, make sure you have atleast an idea of where you are going if you don't want to get screwed up like me :p
I've been playing longer then I can remember, but I won't claim my opinion of how to play is better then your own. Unless of course... You refuse to have FUN on ffxi. No FUN = Bad gaming experiences.

Crests x 3
# Feb 24 2008 at 9:34 AM Rating: Decent
8 posts
Just finished soloing this Quest as a Bst58/29Whm. I didn't find it easy and had some luck on the way. Started in Davoi, I had to do the mini quest for the Crimson Orb which when gained becomes a permanent Key Item. The Banishing Gate is directly opposite a short way from the Tarutaru who gives you the Quest, you do need to touch the Banishing gate before you can activate the Quest. I dropped invis' touched it, unfortunately the Orcs aggroed before I could cast invis', and I didn't warp out in time; I always have a scroll of warp it comes in handy, I think you'll need some luck not to get aggro here. Ok now back to Davoi. Received the Quest for the Crimson Orb which is all on the lower level where you enter Davoi, from the tarutaru, it didn't seem all that mini when I was doing it. The Crimson Orb will now open the Banishing Gate, the zone is only a few steps away so if you get aggro run for it you should be ok. Now follow the main guide above for the Crest, directly North if I remember correctly keeping to the left. Next Beadeaux just sneak here, makes it easier, you need to be Rank 5 to open the very last door to the room where the crest is. I had some luck here, high level players were killing off the NM's. I found the Crest opposite where you enter, atop a small ledge when you open the last door, just run around to the left a bit and then up to the right for the Crest, from there you can zone out to the left, If you follow the main guide above you should be ok. Finally Castle Oztroja, here is the most difficult Crest to gain, to make it easier here are the 17 passwords, you only need three of them to drop through the trap door; Domi, Puqu, Gadu, Deggi, Mjuu, Xalmo, Haqa, Mong, Ouzi, Duzu, Buxu, Quu, Misu, Xicu, Ovzi, Duxo, Zhuu. (The credit for the passwords goes to Zythas at Final Fantasy.XI Vault). I just kept guessing, I remembered the correct answers 'till I had all three passwords, but you need to arrive at this location, again I had some luck, here more high level players were killing off the Yagudo's in the areas where you need to light a torch to open the Brass door, there are four torches you only need to light one. You'll need some form of speed enhancement to light the torch and run through the Brass door I had Sprinter's shoes, which I gained from a Quest in Windurst Waters[S] they're exclusive, you can't buy them at the AH; not as fast as flee but fast enough to take you through the Brass door. Once through the trap door you're nearly there. The Crest is in the middle of the first round platform, watch out for the NM, he does walk to the back of the platform with his back turned now's your chance run up, you'll have to bear to the left or right to reach the middle of the platform drop invis' claim the Crest warp out Quest done. Please note I had all the maps to these areas and I followed the main guide above, I did loose my way on occasion and did die >.<. Had to wait sometimes for good opportunities to advance. I hope this helps anyone if only a little to get it done. Good luck.

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The Banishing gate.
# Feb 19 2008 at 3:58 PM Rating: Decent
15 posts
hmm.. i did this solo on THF 60.
(GF was too lazzy to help with her 75 RDM ¬_¬ )
did everithing fine was easy though.. "waiting for the orcs to face the other way" not so good, and if you do get agro. your F*#Ked.. you cant "triger cutscene" whilst being atacked OR after using THF's 2H. so if you do get agro before manage to open the gate. i would advice you eather Flee out and hope to make it out alive,
or cut your loss's and use your 2H and then use a scroll of warp.
(though use the scroll of warp STRAIGHT after your 2H, outherwise youl be interupted.)

i tryed opening it with agro.. couldnt, 2Hd at 200/900 HP, and c/s still wouldnt work (after i finaly tab'd it) and flee'd to the NPC outpost to try an use warp scroll, failed D-Leveld. -__-" sucks. nvm, you know what they say, "homepoint & learn"

Edited, Feb 19th 2008 7:01pm by Samnuie
# Feb 17 2008 at 11:16 PM Rating: Decent
6 posts
I don't know what happened but In Beadeaux, as soon as I entered the area around the ??? I got agro, and I definitely had sneak up. (I cast sneak when I entered the zone and had no agro at that point)
Make sure you have the maps for Castle Oztroja too. Maps on the net don't help much with this quest. For this guide to be effective you kind of need to see where you are on the map and where you're heading.
Also, I was lucky when I reached the gate, there were a couple of parties going through at the same time. I guess most people would be able to /shout for help and get it though.
I found the crest pretty easy, no agro at lvl 58 with invisible up all the time but I did die right after getting the crest, no way to avoid it if you're alone.

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# May 24 2009 at 1:21 AM Rating: Good
1,603 posts
I know this response is late, but this for the people who still wish to solo this quest. Three of the Quadav in Qulun Dome are NM's: Ruby Quadav, Adaman Quadav, and Diamond. All of them detect by sight as well as sound and have Truesight meaning that sneak alone will not protect you. The NM's generally stay away from the crest, so you don't have to worry about the other Quadav that are guarding it. However, the Ruby Quadav in the first room does wander around the pathway to the door you need to go through, so you have to wait for him to be away from it.

Edit: Updated this comment after completing all three zones.

Edited, May 25th 2009 3:21pm by SmokesAlot
~Vendict of Alexander~

Not so fun
# Feb 11 2008 at 5:27 PM Rating: Decent
17 posts
This was really hard.Davoi and beaudeux were easy but the castle was ****. Dont waste time getting passwords just guess from list its so much faster. Overall i would say it took about 5 hours but i was badly prepared.
Not a bad Guide
# Nov 27 2007 at 7:45 PM Rating: Decent
4 posts
Ok at first this guide ****** me off but now I dont think its so bad. I just soloed this as a 60whm/27blm with no deaths. (I know Im gimped, working on it).

Started with Davoi, got really ****** when I found out I needed that red orb. Got to taru, got quest (I think you need to have done Magicite to do get quest though Im not sure). Heres my method: Get the quest then head back south and start at the furthest south ponds. Invis up, on in, drop invis and check. Heres what noone tells you: Theres a quick cut scene for when you do the orb bit. Keep that in mind for your timing. Put invis back up and bolt like you stole it. Get them all and on the last one it will curse you. Ready cursna or take it like a man and head back to the taru. Upon finishing that load up invis, head straight south and wait til they are facing the other way (they will aggro at level 60). Shove that orb right up in there and head on down into the cave (no scene will activate, as soon as you do it run in, no need for invis). Once you get in the monastic cavern head till you can see baddies and throw up invis. Head northeast and go through the tunnel till you come to a split then make a right and then south. Once you are in there throw up invis one last time and head to the ???. Warp your tail out of there.

Beadeaux was a joke. Head in. Go to the cave at H-7. Once in there make a right at the first junction. If you have some echo drops then go silence yourself by making a right at the next. If not...forget it...youll have plenty of time to rest coming up. Head through, get cursed and roll on through to the next map at F-8/7 (its like right on the line). Once outside if you are still silenced you are golden, if you opted to curse stay cursed and go up at E-10 to the top area. I ran south and around then to the east on to the other part of le map. These guys will aggro you but an echo drop and a sneak will take care of that. Head east and then north around the outskirts of the top portion till you get to K-6. Dead center on the map in K-6 is a cave going back into the depths of ****. Head in. Now...getting silenced here is something only a jerk would do so dont do it. Make a left at the first junction and BAM! cursed. Dont uncurse yourself yet, because following that curse is...You guess it...ANOTHER CURSE! wooooo! Make a left (or east for those with direction) and head into that door. Theres crawlers in this room. If ya sit down you are toast...so dont. Head south through that door and you are almost home free. Un-curse yourself now and head around the bend. go to just before the entrence to the next zone and siddown. Relax. Make a semmich. Then get up and head in. When I went in it was like a warzone of farmers...who all died. I raised them then head straight in. Invis wont do jack here. Rubys are true sight buuuuut....they dont aggro to sight so it doesnt matter. Sneak yourself up and get your ???. Warp out...Another one down.

Save the best for last. Castle O. I followed the guide pretty much to a T but Ill minimize it down for those that just need a point A to point B. All of us have done most of this crap before so here you go. Gon into that big room and light the torch at H-9. Go in and get the PW (mine was Xicu). No aggro in here. Head to that trap door at I-8, flip the switch and run back a sec (its always the right switch for me). Head on in. Nope, still no aggro. Head up stairs go all the way to the exit at G-7 (kinda like headin to magicite room). Head north to exit at I-7. Go allllll the way down these stairs till you get to the junction and make a right (or head to the big room in the middle if you have a map). Next PW is at H-9. There were two jerks guarding the door but just wait. They'll move. head in, drop invis, check the statue and bam, next PW is yours. (Mine was Mong). Alright now go all the way back to the second floor and go around to the southern part of this map. Head east to I-10 for the lever combo if you need it though randomly throwing switches works too (mine was 0-1-0-1). Now head west then north to I-8 for third PW. I put invis up just in case but while I was checking both of the yagudo turned and like ran around me like "hey, whats up?" but didnt touch me. Be safe but know you probably wont get aggro in here. Bam PW 3. (Mine was Ouzi). Whew. Ok now head west to the brass door and head on through. You are almost there. Next map is straightforward. There are leeches in the pond in the middle. Like the guide said, dont touch em. Carrying on...Ok next area is different. Head on and prep for the run of death. I did it like this: Head in and use your item of speedy running sweetness. This will cancel your invis and quick check that torch and run like you wanna not die. If you time it right you wont get aggro. Use your PW's on the statue in here and drop down. Rest up. You're almost done. Heres what I did: P3 SH3 Blink Stoneskin Invis. Run in and find the ??? while High priest isnt looking. Drop invis and check then IMMEDIATELY warp out. I got hit by a nin type which broke through blink but didnt penetrate SS. Warp out and homefree. Talk to Maat, give him the finger, enjoy continued levelling.

PS. If you need help doing this on bahamut server let me know. /t Sheik

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Pld solo. 20nin sub
# Oct 21 2007 at 6:08 AM Rating: Decent
36 posts
Too easy. Just solo'd this.

I'm a 59 Pld. set 20Nin to do part of it.
Anyone who is a Pld of this level with all AF gear to this point shouldnt find getting round a problem.
Beadeaux you just follow the same route you did to get to the coffer chest area and then through. used 3 silent oils to get through the whole place.

Davoi is easy when you know the way round (after taking days working it out for Pld flag) and with Nin you can just Tonko all the way round.

Castle Oztroja was harder to get through the room with the candles that need to be lit. There was enough people in the area to get them lit without me having to do anything.(maybe try on a weekend?)
And same people meant i didnt have to guess any of the passwords.
Used to get around and the list of passwords down the side. Just watch for that High Priest. He is a right pain.
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Please Help Me!!!!
# Oct 05 2007 at 4:31 AM Rating: Decent
7 posts
Hey ive been trying to get this quest done for like 2 months now . . . No body seems to want to help they all say the same thing like its premeditated "sorry that ones a *****, I don't have time" just wanna know if anyone can actually help me, please im screwed otherwise lol

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Thanks for any replies ^^ send me a /tell ingame please ^^
Please Help Me!!!!
# Oct 08 2007 at 4:46 AM Rating: Decent
1,087 posts
Ya, tough to get help..ended up soloing with a lot of powders & oils, plus reraise item, had to wait at yag door for like 2 hrs b4 someone opened ...lol
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castle O
# Oct 04 2007 at 2:51 AM Rating: Decent
21 posts
just finished soloing this quest as DRG60/WHM30. wasn't toooooooooo hard. only thing i wanted to add to anyone attempting to solo this quest is that you will need some sort of speed enhancement shoes or potion or something in order to make it through bronze gate before it closes in castle O. i thought this should be stressed. also if you are soloing this be sure to start castle O at beginning of game day because you will use darn near every second of that time running around getting the passwords. that is if you do run around to get passwords. they change everyday fyi.
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Banishing Gate and more...
# Sep 30 2007 at 1:09 PM Rating: Decent
34 posts
Okay, I just finished Genkai 3 and it was just as annoying as it sounds. Some corrections to this guide:

Wall of Banishing aka Banishing Gate aka.. Annoying field of Death.. is located on the opposite side of the bridge that you cross to get to the Tarutaru NPC. So, if you come from the house area, walk over the bridge, take left, then straight, you'll have 2 options, well actually 4, they are, turn around and go to wherever you wanna go. Go left to reach the Taru, go Rightto reach the Banishing Gate, or finally, just stand still and wait for something that may or may not occur.

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Castle Oztroja - Torch
# Sep 13 2007 at 4:49 AM Rating: Decent
28 posts
For the final door, you need only light ONE Torch (of the 4) to open the door.

That piece of detail is implied here but never stated outright.
# Aug 01 2007 at 10:42 AM Rating: Decent
7 posts
i hate this guide.. had me run to taru, then tell me i had to run to banishing gate?!?! which im not sure even funking exists.
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# Sep 29 2007 at 2:19 PM Rating: Decent
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Same here... retarded guide this one.
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# Dec 06 2007 at 1:19 AM Rating: Decent
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yea i did the same thing, i was like omg now i have to find the banishing gate?
G3 Hints
# Jul 10 2007 at 1:56 PM Rating: Decent
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I have to do this Genkai next. It sounds like a serious pain in the ****. I'm bringing a lv75 nin/whm with me for sneak/invis. Anyone have any other hints? Thanks :)
About the passwords...
# May 27 2007 at 1:30 PM Rating: Decent
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You need to type them in a proper name format.

When I got the paswords they were: DUZU XICU DEGGI

and you have to type them in: Duzu Xizu Deggi
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One last tip.
# May 06 2007 at 1:11 PM Rating: Decent
18 posts
Get for the passwords, I got the crest around 15:00 of the same (Vanadiel) day where I started, and I went for every password and the lever combination and as well got agro twice (once an EP another DC, didnt die MNK58/NIN15), so there is no rush, really, get the passwords and lever combination, you´ll do fine :)

For the last part I didn´t have flee and powder boots was not an option (Monk here) so I bought an expensive Hermes Quencher to do this last part, but reading the posts I realized that most ppl did a simple mistake: drop invis, hit lever, flee, invis, run... When u can simply (still invisible, just wait till the yags turn) hit flee (Hermes Quencher, or whatever) so the invisible drops itself, hit lever, cast invisible and run... I got pass the door easily and still took some time before it closed with me already inside.

Its just a matter of seconds, but better safe than sorry :)

Hope this helps.

If u still lazy


These were the passwords I got.
My own thoughts on G3
# Apr 22 2007 at 4:35 PM Rating: Decent
4,475 posts
Thankfully an LS mate needed to do this for his NPC and helped me out. I died 2 times in Davoi and both times where at the wall of banishing.

I do not recommend soloing' Castle O, but if you can't get help, the option is there of course. Just remember when you/if you solo you have many things to do that put your xp in jepordy. There's levers, there's the name code. Then there the door that you must haul *** to before it closes, all the while being invisible and not getting aggro. The only Yag at the "???" that is a TS mob is the Yagudo High Priest.

Davoi if you're a BLM will be a breeze. Just sleepga the orcs at the wall of banishing.

Beadeaux is a joke. In the room with the "???" just wait for the quadavs to make thier way down the slope away from the "???".
So fun, so fun
# Apr 14 2007 at 5:30 PM Rating: Decent
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Just a note to all who try and solo this, the Yag Crest is the biggest pain in the **** you will ever experience. I died 2 times on this one! ><

You only need flee to get the last part of the Yag Crest, you do not need it to obtain the passwords in time. But you will definetly need it for the Torch lighting, in order to make it into the door quick enough.

Now to give you some idea of what a pain it is this is what I had to do:

I had to wait for the Yags to face the other way in order to light a torch to open the door. Then I dropped my Invis, light the torch, used my Powder Boots, and even before it said 100% on the boots I hit Invis. If you try and cast Invis before you use the boots it'll drop the Invis(I learned this the hard way, I had a train of Yags following me into the password chamber >.>, and I got smoked with a quickness) Also if you wait too long to cast Invis after you use Flee or the Powder Boots, then you just screwed yourself. With the Powder Boots you'll have to wait for another 10 mins to use em. Also the door shuts fairly quickly even with Flee on, the 3 times I got into the room with Flee it shut with me barely inside.

Also as a side note, try not to guess with the passwords. I got 2 of the passwords the first time and tried to guess one of em, I used ALL of the passwords I could find everywhere where FFXI has a internet site.....NONE of em worked, period!

The fastest and easiest way to get this done is to get all the passwords then head up to the room.

Also when you do get the passwords needed and you do get to go through the trapdoor, just know this. Though the ramp is completely dumb leading up to the ???, remember that there are Truesight NM's up there. Just don't run up there without checking like a idiot like I did. Scan the area before you even step foot on the ramp, and when you spot the NM's, wait til they are looking the other way before you run up there. While these NM's aren't as strong as the Qaudav NM's in Qulun Dome, they still pack a bunch. I was dead before I could get to a place to reraise without aggro.

Good luck to those who try and solo this limit break. This is the only title I am truly proud of, because I soloed it completely(all 3). And though I had 4 deaths worth about 6k of exp on all 3, I did this completely on my own, with absolutely no help whatsoever. :P
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G-3 Orc Crest
# Mar 26 2007 at 11:50 AM Rating: Decent
8 posts
in Monastic Cavern at I-8 all I got was an altar and a dead end and a bunch of true sight orcs. Did I do something wrong?
# Mar 18 2007 at 6:00 AM Rating: Decent
38 posts
I was doing the davoi part, not fully wanting to read the guide all the way through, just figure I would do it step by step. The Taru wouldn't give me the **** quest... So I decided to go mess with the Banishing wall. Someone walked up right next to me, and opened the wall, and I got through... Having no clue what was on the other side I went in and kicked it for a while looking around... then "Drain" for a large portion of my life... True sight ***** of an NM rocked my world... and there went that golden op to just get it done. Stupid me.

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So fun
# Mar 07 2007 at 5:07 PM Rating: Decent
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I started soloing this last night and only got 1 done because of my death.

One thing you should know is that you have to go through about 4-5 Curse Inflicters doing the Qaudav Crest, which started ******* me off. Now if you wanna speed this up make sure you have Cursna, and if you do this as a Drg itll speed it up even further. As at my level 58 Drg, my Wyvern would use Healing Breath 3 when Cursna was cast.

But honestly when reaching the end of this part of the mission, you should just make sure you keep Sneak up instead of removing Curse and resting up. Because towards the end of the Qaudav part you'll just be passing through one Curse Inflicter after another til you're ready to zone into Qulun Dome. So as soon as you're on the map that has part of it burned, just keep Sneak up til Qulun Dome.

Also don't underestimate the NM's in the 2nd room where the ??? that you need for the Qaudav Crest, they hit Hard! I was dumb enough to get close enough to them because I thought Sneak would keep me safe, but I was wrong and I barely got the Crest from the ??? in time before I was owned by the 2 NM's that were there.

When you enter the 2nd room the ??? should be directly in front of you on the other side of the room from the entrance. If the NM's always stay put where they were when I was there then you should be able to wait til they face the wall and cut straight across and quickly get your Crest. Or you can scout the room and see exactly where they are and just go around them, there should be enough room for you to do that. But the ??? is kinda close to where they were, so just make sure they are looking the other way when you hit the ???.

GL to all who solo this like I did, and I'm trying for the other 2 later tonight. Which honestly should be fairly easier (NM wise) then this one was.

Also I never got Silenced throughout this part of the mission, so maybe I took a slightly different route idk....
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Thank You
# Feb 10 2007 at 11:39 PM Rating: Decent
2,374 posts
I'd just like to thank Solrain on the Caitsith server for bearing with me and helping me finish this quest today :-D I'm glad I could help a little along the way as well. It's a bit of a doozy when you get to the Wall of Banishing in Davoi. I aggroed all the Quadavs around it so he could activate the quest without dying (RR2 ftw!) Once that's done it's cake. Castle O is cake until you get to the actual room with the ???. It was absolutely SURROUNDED by every type of Incredibly Tough Yagudo you could imagine...plus the High Priest. I just had to take another death when I got there in order to get the Crest. All in all, if you have a decent cushion on your level and you're not afraid of dying a few times until you get it right, it's not so bad.
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Soloing the quadav chrest
# Feb 06 2007 at 1:41 PM Rating: Decent
32 posts
alright.. so.. its shamrock again:

with a helpful hint on the quadav chrest

you can solo this chrest no matter what lvl you are ( your probably 56-60 anyways)

you really dont need to bring your Posse with you..

all you have to do is not be stupid about your prisms and silent oils

follow this allakhazam guide up until you reach the last part of the quadav crest... namely: Qulun Dome

in this room there is one mute, several quadav, and a right turn to a magic door that requires rank 5 to open...

as soon as you zone into qulun dome use BOTH SNEAK AND INVISIBLE or both sneak oil and prisim powder. the quadav in this area Fully aggro and will kill you in seconds.

take the only right, to the magic door. take off your invisible ONLY, and open the door. barely step through to where you are Just on the other side and Put up Invisible again. make sure your sneak is up aswell.

make your way to the "???" and wait. pan your surroundings and see if all, or the majority, of the quadav are looking away or out of aggro range. then quickly take off your invisible touch the mark and invisible up again.

for extra safety: exit qulun dome before warping.

and congratz you just solo'd the quadav chrest.

now isnt that better than getting a "alliance" to bring with you?
you know what they say! if you want a job done you got to do it yourself ^.^

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60 RNG
# Jan 23 2007 at 10:01 PM Rating: Decent
4 posts
Can a 60 rng/whm solo this quest? ^^;
~RNG59~ ~BRD39~
# Jan 21 2007 at 2:17 AM Rating: Decent
5 posts
Remember not to kneel if your mp is low or want to recover hp, cause the most from there aggro when you did that, and not saying in the guide.

well, thanks to the guide and the ls, we did the hard look like easy, and the ease become anoying hard.

only 1 death, about I kneel when was low on mp and got aggro and loose invisible cause this, the next was all in the area link and killed me in seconds.

at least we did it, now we can continue lvling, enjoy the game.
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Notorius Monster
# Jan 20 2007 at 3:21 AM Rating: Decent
So this guide made no mention of the other NM you can run into while doing the yag crest. I was a bit lost and inadverdently ran by Tzee Xicu the Manifest while a party was fighting it and got hit by a well timed Banishga III aimed at the party. Invis dropped and everything around me aggroed. Fun times lemme tell ya. Died 3 times soloing this as WHM58/BL29.
# Jan 16 2007 at 7:07 PM Rating: Decent
2 posts
Just finished this quest solo as a 59 Thf. First I went to Davoi because I thought it would be the easy one, get a stack of shinobi-tabi and run around.My exp on Thf is precious so I went as Nin and figured if I get aggro I'll Mijin Gakure. Didnt quite work how I thought it would...noone told me about the house on the hill..and its yellow on the map...NM thunder III for a dead hume. Next time I'll read the guide more carefully :P that deleveld my Nin to 36...grr...sonext time I went as Thf got the first 2 orbs then got aggro and died. went back and got the other 2, went thru...had no trouble after that.

Next up, Beadeaux, I thought this was gonna suck because no ninja tools for sneak. but I found some silent oils tucked away on my mule leftover from the Corsair quest...so I headed out, followed the directions. pretty straight forward, silent oils...mute...NM's other side of room, ran out the backdoor and Beadeaux was done.

Now for the pain...castle oztroja...I head out...follow the instructions...a friend gave me the possible answers so I went straight to that door and set about tryin em out 1 by 1. I went to a torch, waited for the the yag to turn around, dropped invis clicked it, flee'd, re-invis then ran into the room. then I found the password...took me about 15 minutes. Amazing since I'm using the controller cuz my keyboard broke. dropped down, scoped out the ???, saw the NM...sat on the the ledge before the platform for all of them to turn around then ran up, cancel invis, click, reinvis. got it with no aggro, w00t. but now I'm stuck in that place with nowhere to go. theres no exit there, and I've got 2 hours left on my warp cudgel! thats why I'm on here, wastin time lol. Thanks for listenin to my story and gl to all the future solo'ers out there.
fuck this one.
# Jan 13 2007 at 10:07 PM Rating: Decent
219 posts
I've been trying to do this for many hours now. The davoi one was pretty ******* annoying. The Tarutaru wouldn't give me the quest for the ORB! I was getting reaaaaaaaallllllyy ****** off because of it. No one from my LS would help at all and I couldn't find anyone else who would help in Jeuno or Aht Urgan who wouldn't demand a {reward}. **** those people. I'm not helping any of them ever again and I'm getting a new LS. I'm on Hour 6 right now.

In davoi if the Tarutaru won't give you the quest, don't freak out. SPAM him until he gives it to you. I didn't see this anywhere in the text above about that. I got angry and spammed it and I finally was offered it. I was happy about that. Make sure you do the pool that curses you last if you don't have Cursna.

For the Yagudo Crest, Make sure you bring another person. I had a group with me. At the end for the ???, there are three yagudo ontop of it, There is no way you can survive that with out agro. I sent Carbuncle up there for agro, then got the "???" then died. I was ****** and happy at the same time.

I'm about to do the Quadav one, which I find will be quite easier then the other two. I'm used to going there to farm NMs on my Samurai/Ranger which is my main. I have some Echodrops incase things go bad and I run out of silent oil so I can cast Sneak. Believe me, Curse is much worse then Silence so you'll need that. Silencing Potion is 2000 gil each here and somehow I'm down to 500 gil, so I picked up an Echodrop from my Mog House and I'm about to run in there to this last one.

So far, I'm at hour SIX, and I've died more then 8 times. That's a whole level worth of xp on my main and more then two levels on my 52 summoner. I may have solo'd Limit Break 3, but I've lost a whole day's worth of EXP in the process. **** this quest if your going to solo it. It's a *****.

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@#%^ this one.
# Mar 10 2007 at 1:00 PM Rating: Decent
20 posts
I have to agree with you here, this quest is a ***** to solo.

So far, I've got the Quadav and the Orcish Crests.
Quadav was quite easy, i got aggro from a Ruby Quadav, but
managed to zone and come back to get Crest with no death ^^

I then went to Davoi, I died three times in the process.
Reraise is a blessing and a curse lol

About to go to Castle Oztroja, I hear its the hardest and I
feel I have died enough already ><

Wish me luck!
White Mage
bah! any one kan do this...-ish...
# Jan 13 2007 at 12:36 PM Rating: Decent
18 posts
1st off.....it is very much soloable...it sux...but it is soloable. just go very very prepared, my dumb self spend over 40k on powders and finaly realized i have /nin and shinobi tools give you 99 instead of 12 4 same price if not cheaper...sux...
but if u do go solo, and i did it as a 60/18 drk/nin. just folow these directions word 4 word, helped me alot, didnt think i'd b able to do it
well plus i didnt have any of the maps to any of these places so kinda had 2 compass escort my self with the maps online....good thing was i only died once, and thats kuz some guys who where doing the quest wouldnt listen 2 me and tried 2 open the gate without orb quest and being the jerk i am, i tried 2 take mob off em, and died...and they still booted me from pt, suckers.. but this has helped me out alot. thank you to everyone who contributed to clearing this complicated quest up.
o yeah, and who ever does the check system for this game should be fired. decent challenge my ***. ( well maybe 2 a rdm or nin its easy, but ima drk and it hurts!!)
thanx again.
(and if ur a poor kid like me who kant find help, trust me you can do it!!)
Qulun Dome Tips
# Jan 09 2007 at 4:11 PM Rating: Decent
557 posts
I went to Beadeaux today, and the guide doesnt mention in the room right before the '???' there is a Aggro by Sight/Truesight NM Ruby Quadev. Additionally, the higher level NM's near the '???' might also aggro to sight as well.

I would recommend using Invisible in this last section just in case; and waiting till the Ruby Quadev faces the wall, then running to the final door before the '???'.

If you do get aggro in this last section, you can run back to the zone(before the door); or also to the south west after you go through the door/down the drop. If you do go southwest though, you cross another drop, and cant get back to the '???' easily.
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# Jan 02 2007 at 3:23 PM Rating: Decent
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Castle Oztroja was ..... fun, this makes me want to go back and slaughter everything in Davoi

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easy genki
# Jan 02 2007 at 6:46 AM Rating: Decent
5 posts
100% solo'able
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Good Time with this one
# Oct 29 2006 at 4:14 PM Rating: Decent
5 posts
Started this. Did Yag then Quad then Orc. Got all on first kill and even got my dark knight test on first kill. **** i got lucky by the looks of everybody elses attempts.
Finally finished
# Oct 20 2006 at 11:54 AM Rating: Decent
5 posts
Just did all 3 Solo. Was worried that I would have a problem in the castle with the torches but I got lucky with a few people going through that last brass door. The castle was the hardest. I suggest when you do LB3 that you do the castle 1st since it takes the most time.
rank 5?
# Aug 25 2006 at 2:06 PM Rating: Decent
1 post
Do you really need to have started rank 5 missions?
# Aug 25 2006 at 8:23 AM Rating: Decent
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Hehehe--I tried this with a group of people but we didn't get past Davoi. Partially because we were all on edge and weren't concentrating, and I think that we just wanted it too quickly and didn't take our time. Hehehe--watch out for that Orchish Warlord that wanders in the Monastic Caverns! Anyway...frustrations abound and the party disbanded. Attempt 1 = No crests^^

My good friend Niqem and I (a member of the original party) decided to regroup take a deep breath and try for the Beaudeux crest. This part was cake for us and we got lucky! There was a party in Qulun Dome so all of the Quadav were preoccupied. Woot--Quadav Crest.

The next night I went to Davoi on my own to pick up the crest...while standing by the Wall of Banishing (south of the taru), invisible and waiting for the Orc to turn away so that I could drop invis and touch the wall to start the quest (I don't know why it's posted as a gate) for the mini-orb, a high level drops the forcefield and waltzes in...LOL I follow in invisible still and 30 secs later got the Orc Crest! There were Orcish Hexspinner and what not in the cavern but they left me alone as I hugged the left wall all the way to the crest.

Finally, I ventured to Castle O by myself. I decided to make my way to the password door and guess from the list. Of course, trying to figure out how to get there using the instructions from finding the statues I was lost and invisible thinking--What Now? Appear Shudji :D (73SAM) He laughed at me <LOL> and offered to take me to torch door. {All right!} We were joined by Gael and in their supreme kindess they touched the torch and let me in. Hehehe--both got aggro from two Yags and after a long fight came screaming up the hallway to let them in (Shudji was poisoned but I was sub /blm so no poisona). I healed Shudji up and proceded to the password door. I must say that guessing the passwords was way easier than finding all of the statues. I did it in less than 2min. I got lucky though, the first password was the 2nd on my list. The next password was similar so I took a chance and guessed that the third password was also similar. BINGO! I'm wondering if the passwords are set this way? All three of mine were consenant-vowel-consenant-vowel!

Off to the altar room...I thanked them both figuring they were off to finish farming Yagudo necklaces, but my personal FFXI Jesus Shudji said he would aggro the Yags and I could touch the crest and Gael would escape us out! For some reason I wasn't ready and he got the Yags so I go screaming up the ramp trying to reach the crest. Fumbling with dropping invis I just barely got the crest before Escape went off. Poor Shudji died because I didn't move fast enough and de'lvl'd to 72...I felt like a total Schmoo! He was incredibly gracious though! After I promised to help someone else when I was high enough level we parted ways. This would have been a great strategy if I had been quicker. Didn't even see the Yagudo High Priest!

Shudji--I owe you my G3 :) You are what makes the game fun!

THANKS (Merci Beaucoup) to Shudji, Gael and Niqem for lots of {fun} and {excitement}

Woot--off to level this rdm to 65!
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You got lucky, try finding generous help from high lvl people is pathetic on my server. Up until Castle O. I did solo, when I got to the room where you had to touch a torch I got stuck. 57BLM/28WHM, no flee, no speed enhancment whatsoever. There was a 75 THF camping yags in the area with his NPC.

I aks him nicely to touch a torch for me so I can get through...

idk he says...I don't know if i'm going near one.

Please? They are just around the corners...I say.

oh, I have to leave now...he says after a short while.

Dismisses NPC and he uses a warp cudgel out. I then spend the next 10 minutes trying to figure a way I could make it past the doors on my own as I was, failure because in the time it takes me to cast invisible again, I could make it to through the door, but it'd agro VT/IT mobs on the way.

Not coming back until I got help or a group backing me up.

As for this person, he is black listed by me forever, in ANY party I will never help him, whether it is to exp or another reason. No heals for him with his shadows fail and the WHM is out of MP. No teleports or warp IIs EVER. No dealings with quests, or business (outside of if I buy something of his at the AH) ever. And if he asks I will /say it so anyone nearby can hear my reason. This person wouldn't take the 10 seconds to help out a lower lvl person.

Yes I am sore, yes I am ****** off. And I think people will agree i'm justified in being.
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(At this point, one person will need to do the mini-quest to get the Crimson Orb at this point to proceed farther. Speak to the Tarutaru to receive the quest. You must touch the Banishing Gate in Davoi before the Taru will give you the mini-quest. )

I make it to the Taru but for some reason I didn't get the crimson orb quest I do have 'Whence Blows the Wind' under Jeuno: Current Quests and I am 58DRG maybe do I need to be at level 60? I sort don't think so because all other Limit Break you can easy get the stuff need before you reach if you have some help.
OMG Too Week
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for all you people that are on here complaining about how hard this quest is i just wanna know what are you smoking?? I just soloed this it was way to easy.
so now all you tough drk and war out there you gonna let a lil mithra thf show you up.

and oh ya 0 deaths and yes i opened the door in castle O my self and no skill ups in any of the areas when i went

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I am lv 72 but didn't recall anything I have done for this lv cap quest. Maybe just because my brother helped me out for this quest and i was just on follow. ****, this quest is annoying.

My online buddy asked me to help him with this. It's not I don;t want to help, but I just have bad sense of direction. So, I just gave him 100,000 to hire someone who knows what to do. =P
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Lighting the torches
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The torch area is not so hard if you can cast Invisible and bring a Hermes Quencher along with you. Simply wait for the hallway to be relatively clear to where you'll be able to run down it a ways without catching agro, while being far enough away to not catch agro from the Yagudos in the torch room you have chosen.

Stand just at the end of the ramp and wait for the Yagudos within the torch room to be facing away from the torch and away from the hallway (so basically they must be facing the outer walls or the back). Next use your Hermes Quencher, which will then drop your invis, and immediately activate the torch and light it. Flee down the hall a little ways so as not to catch agro from the torch room Yagudos and then cast Invisible. Next just run to the door.

Invisibility will drop when you use the drink however the flee effect granted by the drink does not fade when you invis yourself. This makes it easy to use the potion's flee effect while still being able to invis and avoid agro; no need for any Reraise.
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lol **** this quest
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PLD panic?
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Did the Yagudo part a couple of days ago. Aggroed the NM though. The High Priest thankfully only cast Banishga II or something on me and being a Paladin I survived. Invis went off, touched the ??? and hit panic macros.

/ja "Invincible" <me>
/item "Warp Cudgel"

>.> I had the macros ready and warp cudgel equipped before I went in. Can't do the same trick twice in two hours of course, but it worked.
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