Trial Size Trial by Ice  

Submitted by:Jyneefur
Realm:San d'Oria
Start Area: Northern San d'Oria
Start NPC:Castilchat (E - 7)
Related Areas:Cloister of Frost
Related Mobs:Shiva Prime
Min Level:20
Max Level:20
(Average from 30 ratings)
Items Required:Mini Tuning Fork of Ice
Last Updated: Thu Aug 20 01:00:36 2009

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The Rhinostery has developed a new "mini" tuning fork of ice. Ringing it upon the protocrystal in Fei'Yin will open the path to a one-on-one battle with the beast that awaits inside. However, only summoners are allowed to take up this challenge.


Things to remember:

  • This is a solo battle.
  • There is a level 20 cap on this battle.
  • There is a 15-minute time limit.
  • You can only use Carbuncle.

Speak to Castilchat in Northern San d'Oria, standing next to Gulmama. You must have at least level 4 fame in the Kingdom of San d'Oria before he will allow you to do this quest. If you meet the requirements, he will present you with a Mini Tuning Fork of Ice.

  • This is not a key item, like the Tuning Fork of Ice, and therefore requires a space in your inventory.

When you have made your preparations, trade the Mini Tuning Fork of Ice back to Castilchat. He won't keep it. Trading him the Mini Tuning Fork of Ice will warp you directly to the Cloister of Frost for the fight.

Try to fight Shiva on Firesday and do not fight her on Iceday

Upon defeating her, you will receive the ability to summon Shiva to your side.


Final Fantasy XI

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# Jul 18 2009 at 12:57 PM Rating: Decent
4 posts
when i summon carb and try to assault her, it says we are too far away....okay, fair enough. However, when i get close enough to try and attack her, she comes directly towards me, and even when carby is charging at her, she completely disregards him and goes straight for me, 1 shot everytime, and i have to most defense i can possibly get out of lvl 20 smn gear(with protect up btw)
# Apr 30 2009 at 1:30 AM Rating: Decent
1 post
Ugh, you guys. I need help. I keep trying to kill Ramuh and ifirt and I lose everytime. Here's what happens, i'll be fighting one of them and I'll use AF and then SL and it will be fine. I do everything right until I get to the second SL. It never works! Ever! Like Carby will be readying it, but then he will just stop and get interrupted. It always happens! Can you tell me what i'm doing wrong please? I'm getting so frustrated.
First try
# Jan 24 2008 at 1:12 AM Rating: Decent
2 posts
Okay, I just got summoner to 20 within the day and out of excitement (and lack of money to raise my fame just the one level in a few cities ><) I wanted to go fight some avatars. My first fight was with Titan, and I failed. I figured it'd happen, I had read the summoner.info guide but I was still nervous.

I was itching for more so I scraped enough money together to get 3 Hi-Potions, one Yag drink, two Hi-Eithers, and the ingredients to make a Boiled Crab. Most of my gear was crap (doublet, slops, ash clogs, some MP+ earrings, silver hairpin +1...) but better than Titan so I figured I'd have a better shot. I forgot to ask a high level WHM to buff me before so I went in on Firesday with just my own Protect I.

I traded to the crystal, when inside I used Crab, Aquaveiled, Yag drink then run to the bend, summon Carby. I ran to right before the pit and Assaulted her. Once he hit, I flipped off Astral Flow then SL. I made sure to stand here (not wanting him to miss) and once it was off, I ran back to the bend. He was still alive, so I popped a Hi-Ether. In the middle of my gulping, Carby died and Shiva was on the move. I held my ground and tried casting carby as soon as possible. I had a delay after the medicine though and had to recast Carby three times (third time she crit'd an Axe Kick but the casting still went through XD). Once he caught aggro I stood back some, popped a Hi-pot and immediately SL for 210 and she's now at like 25%. Right after she started Diamond Dust and I got caught in the rocks and couldn't escape so I got hit. Dropped Carby and got me down to 11 HP. I Hi-pot and Hi-either and manage to cast Carby without as much trouble. She keeps hitting me (cause Carby missed his first attack after summoning) and I'm jamming on the SL button. Finally, he readies Searing Light while I have 1 HP left and right before he casts --bam, Shiva finishes me off. T_T

It was a close fight.. I probably could of waited on the Yag drink and I maybe I could have bought another Hi-pot but other than that, I almost had her. Better buffs, or maybe even armor might've helped. So definitely, if you can get anything to up your defense, it'll probably help. T_T;;
Zilart Mission 5
# Mar 25 2007 at 7:28 PM Rating: Decent
112 posts
For those who are doing Zilart Mission 5, if you have completed the Trial Size Trial by Ice by beating Shiva, you cannot warp back to the Cloister of Ice by the NPC to get the ice fragment. You will have to run through Fei'Yen to get to the headstone.
Just did it.
# Mar 04 2007 at 1:13 PM Rating: Decent
5 posts
Alright, I just finished it.

I used lerkgjeowji's stategy, except I had 2 mulsums and no crab.

Cast Protect & Aquaveil in front of crystal, traded fork, ran up near her. Cast Carbuncle, she aggro's, used searing light. Carby disappears, I use both mulsums, MP recharges to 40, I used 2 hi-potions while waiting, cast carby, used searing light again, she uses Diamond Dust and kills carby, I use another 2 Hi-Potions, recast carby, use searing light. She has a little HP left, so carby and I melee her to death!

Great strategy lerkgjeowji! Thank you very much!

p.s. I was about 30 seconds off from the server record, i also used fraps to record it, so i'll youtube it. =p

Edited, Mar 4th 2007 4:38pm by alusar
Luck...Oh yea
# Feb 15 2007 at 12:27 AM Rating: Decent
2,374 posts
I just got extremely lucky on this fight. I wasn't paying the most attention in the world going into this fight, cause I wanted to get it done before I had to go to work. I went in, protected, aquaveiled, and did the usual summon carby, AF, SL, yada, yada, yada. The third SL, however, was resisted. I didn't panic too much, whipped out my Yew Wand +1, and started beating on her. Carby went down almost as soon as SL went off, so it was just me and her. My hit sequence...4, 2, 2, 4...luckily, on that last hit, she fell. In all my rushing and excitement, I hadn't looked at the clock. I finally did, and when the third SL went off, it was Iceday. >< So, needless to say, I got super lucky. Don't be like me and pay attention to the time. Could have been much easier for me if I would have waited for Iceday to pass.
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cerberus record
# Jan 22 2007 at 7:01 PM Rating: Decent
set the record tonight on Cerberus.... 3:26, beat the old record by 2 minutes (5:31).
Rysar on Cerberus - Bladesingers LS
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Shiva Strategy!
# Jan 15 2007 at 12:24 PM Rating: Decent
17 posts
I basically followed the technique used in the Avatar Section of http://www.summoner.info/ … GREAT! site btw I recommend checking it out… its got pics and all… answers a lot of questions and then some…

Instead of me yammering on and on about what I did… just go the site and read the strategy and ur good to go cus that’s the exact strategy I used… Happy Hunting!

If u look like this o.O when battling Ramuh… fell free to read my post about what I did in the “Trial Size Trail by Lightning” section… <found in Quest>By Realm>Other>… made some tweaks but basically same strat as the site given!

Ramuh 1/2
Shiva 1/2
Ifrit 1/2
Leviathan 1/2
Garuda 1/2
Titan 1/1

That site again is http://www.summoner.info/ … make sure u check it out…
asura record
# Nov 07 2006 at 6:12 PM Rating: Decent
1,972 posts
just beat her for the first time. got record on asura i followed thiefcats plan. and fought on lightsday instead of firesday

Shamaya is the awesomeness
# Aug 18 2006 at 12:18 AM Rating: Decent
3 posts
just beat her first try tonight. but what do i do with the mini tuning fork? is it involved in getting fenrir? thanks in advance.
Ls: DisturbedShodows
# Jul 20 2006 at 8:52 PM Rating: Decent
33 posts
Go to http://www.summoner.info

best advice ever, this woman put in a lot of effort into making this information available for everyone. check it out

the plan is simple and easy, and i managed to beat them all on my first try in under 3:20 each time, setting a record for each.
# Oct 25 2008 at 10:11 PM Rating: Decent
50 posts
It is a broken website now.
# Oct 25 2008 at 10:10 PM Rating: Decent
50 posts
It is a broken website now
# Jan 10 2007 at 1:32 PM Rating: Decent
17 posts
Indeed great info... i recommend checking it out as well!
ty for tat site
# Jul 31 2006 at 9:09 PM Rating: Decent
34 posts
yea that person really has a really good guide ty it awnsers all my questions
My Plan
# May 21 2006 at 2:58 AM Rating: Good
49 posts
ITEMS : Tank food, 3 Ethers, 2 Hi-Pots (maybe 1 more if you wanna be cautious) 1 Yagudo Drink

Map : 1 = Where you spawn, the entrance/exit.
2 = Middle, mainly where you see a line go through the passage.
3 = Avatar
(1) - (2) - (3)

Step 1 Get buffs, anything before you enter.
Step 2 Get ready to use Yagudo Drink and go to Area 2, before the line.
Step 3 Use and summon Carbuncle, don't worry it'll auto attack the Avatar (Avatar aggroes by spell casting, so it'll come.)
Step 4 Once Avatar is hitting you or your pet (BE NEXT TO THE MOB AND CARB) 2HR and Searing Light Run to Area 1
Step 5 Wait till your carb dies and cast again. Once up Ether
Step 6 Repeat Step 3
Step 7 Once SL Lands, run to area 2-3, your pet might die early as you run.
Step 8 Use any potions if needed. Smn Carbuncle when you can and have a range from the avatar.
Step 10 (maybe) FIGHT!!

Extra Tips : This always happens to me. When I summon carby for the 2nd SL, the SL is never ready so I just run up and wait until carb dies and then resummon and SL. Repeat.

Edited, Sun May 21 04:04:21 2006
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me KenshinxIfritServer
# May 14 2006 at 11:22 PM Rating: Decent
4 posts
do i have to keep my mini tuning fork so i can fight fenrir or can i throw it away and get tuning fork for lvl 65+ shiva fight? im on Ifrit server and if anybody can help me send me a tell or leave a message to Kenshinxx if im not on. thats my name in the game.
Tell me what you think
# Apr 29 2006 at 1:03 AM Rating: Decent
3 posts
Okay this is my plan will this work

7 Hi-Ethers,7 Hi Potions,1 Yagudo Drink,1 Potion,and 12 Mulsums,1 ether

Ok im try this Before i go in there i cast protect and aqua on me heal mp with 1 ether go in Then i get half way there cast carby go up to shiva Carby assult i use 2 hour then searing light to go with it run as far as i can back till carby dies cast carby the moment he dies by the time she gets to me carb will be out aqua just in case ok carby steales the hate i run i use 1 hi ether wait till carby dies cast carby carby steales hate use searing light run as far as i can go away from Shiva wait till carby dies cast carby carby steales hate use searing light run as far as i can use 1 Hi-Ether and 1 Hi-Potion to go with it wait till carby dies cast carby run as far as i can wait for carby to die Cast carby carby steales hate use searing light if not dead yet ill do it again

Well will it work 20smn/10whm
RE: Tell me what you think
# May 11 2006 at 12:25 PM Rating: Decent
27 posts
yeah i think it will work ^^ but, i think if you run back far enuff, but not too far, after carby dies, shiva wont be after you
Mee Kote =D
x-core /pwnage
# Apr 13 2006 at 12:59 AM Rating: Decent
28 posts
-.-:; i decided to tackle this (Bio)(tachi) first.
Figured... I can do it. I wont give up!
So... I got all dressed for teh occasion.
hermit want
fortune egg
compound eye circ
black silk neckercheif
energy earring+1 (x2)
baron's saio
carby mitts (Thanks to Grandsniper, Karisitha and a few others! <3 you all!!!)
Eremite Ring
Tranquility Ring+1
Cape+1 ( -.-:;)
heko obo+1
mage's slacks
light solea

got the usual... 3 hi pots, 3 hi ethers, 3 yag drinks, a potion or two...

Get the fork... warped in...
Summon, yag, run in...
me -> Ow, dammit.
/carby miss carby miss
me -> Stupid friggin... hit the **** thing!
i AF'd, SL'd, and missed. >< then i got /pwnzd.
It was horrific.
I will get her though. Hear me, wench?
You will be mine.
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body equipment
# Apr 08 2006 at 8:08 PM Rating: Decent
7 posts
I am lvl 19 smn about to get 20 and do solo avatar fights and i was wondering for my body equipment should i use a black tunic thats def:18 and no head gear or use traders saio def:14 but i can equip good head gear. what should i use?
and if u have any tips on doing solos please tell me on a post of my character Vellocet server: lakshmi thanks^^
Rank:5 Sandy
Linkshell: IceCold
mission complete
# Mar 25 2006 at 2:36 AM Rating: Decent
10 posts
over at hydra, i worked myself to the bone getting my smn to lvl 20 in a week(no pwr lvling, all soloing).
after that i had to raise my magic skill to 60(started as 28, full days casting)
i bought, 2 ethers, 2 hi potions, 2 potions, 3 melon juices, a yagudo drink, and a boiled crab.

right before i go in, my friend casts protect II and shell on me.
i go in, cutscene, yada yada....
then, my heart starts pounding.but i know if i panic ill lose right away...
cast aquaveil, barsleepra, drink the yagudo drink, cast carby, and it starts...
first SL, 210 dmg, i get hit once.
2nd SL, 210 dmg again, im smiling as i run towards the nest.
she got her 2hr off, 134 dmg.after several swear words i improvise in, use my first hi potion.recast carby, pull off SL3, but only 104 dmg? crap!

i say ***** it, i switch weapons(hermits to holly staff) and go in.cast banish, doesnt kill her.i use my last few potions and prey.banish again, thats the clincher, i dance in circles, my heart stops pounding, and after all that i realized...i never even used my boiled crab XD.

was alot easier than some ppl claim it to b, and being on hydra, barely cost me anything..heres my list..
ether-4k each
potion-400 each
hi-potion-2.5k each
boiled crab-1.5k
yagudo drink-5.5k
melon juice-1k each.

very cheap, and well worth it.i hope everyone else finds it as easy as my prey was, and GL to u all.
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jitchaku titan server
-next target,learn all teleports,get raise II
way too hard
# Feb 01 2006 at 7:05 PM Rating: Decent
12 posts
This is the **** hardest thing ever i spent 100k prepareing for the battle went in and i thought i was doing pretty good but then i ran out of MP it was so hard and my macros werent working and carby would run in there like a dumbass when i wouldnt tell him... if your doin this battle bring ethers there worth the 20k cost
RE: way too hard
# Feb 02 2006 at 9:50 PM Rating: Decent
165 posts
Its not that hard. Ether...20k?!?! Either your getting Hi-Ethers or your server is totally whacked.. You want normal ethers for this speed is everything. Go to upper jeuno and check your map, theres medical/hospital type place here, its where you get cs for part of CoP's i believe with the freaky ghost looking kid. The person at the counter sells ethers fairly cheap roughly 4338 (7or8 jeuno fame). You want as much defense and magic resistance toward the avatar your fighting. Use a steamed crab (or boiled) try and have a friend give you some high lvl buffs i always use protect/shell 2 because i have horrible luck with lvl 3/4 buffs never last but a min or two and a normal slow fight should take no more then 5 mins tops. i use only 1 yag drink 4-6 ethers and 1 hi potion throught all my avatar fights on some occasion's i only used 3 ethers and no potions. When you walk up there she will always (99%) of the time cast frost armor before she can finish run up there sic carby astral flow >> SL, ether ether run back a good 10 ft. carby will die recast just stay put cause shiva will be coming let her beat on ya for a bit it shouldnt hurt to bad if you have decent equip wait for BP timer to run out walk next to shiva SL ether and run because DD will be coming at this point your yag drink will be gone you can drink one if you want i never did i used the ethers to get fast mp and tank her till i get my BP back and use a Hi-Potion when i need to (hi-potions activate just about as fast as ethers like 1.2 secs use those and ethers always for these fights) once your BP comes back just SL and you have a new avatar. Key is to not move while carby is "getting ready to cast" dont move till the avatar is facing carby youll know because shell want to beat on you and its fine, then carby jumps in the air and shiva is like wtf?! is that blue flying squirrel doing.. just keep calm and just remember to basically tank the avatar till carby jumps in the air for SL. I have not lost a fight this way i only lost to ramuh hes a 50/50 because of paralyze effect from his thunderspark sometimes SL will work others it wont. but it really isnt that hard.. hope you find some use in this random chatter :D

Edit: Spelling, also I have come to realize i have hero fame (lvl 9)

Edited, Wed Feb 8 15:32:28 2006
RE: way too hard
# Feb 05 2006 at 9:55 PM Rating: Decent
12 posts
oh the ethers at the shops that i went to sold for 15,689 each... and yes our server has very high prices
RE: way too hard
# Feb 08 2006 at 3:25 PM Rating: Decent
165 posts
I have no clue where your getting them but in Upper Jeuno where the medical place is where you start your promy quest i dunno been awhile where you first meet the "empty" kid when you first walk in that building to the left theres a counter with a person standing at it "customer" and the person behind the counter they should always be around 4.3k-5k 5k AT MOST if you have super low jeuno fame i have never once had to pay over 4.4k for the ether its a standard merchant so the price cannot jump around like guild prices do. As for carby he was protection you, you got too close and shiva aggro'd you, you basically have to inch your way at first till you can "assault" her, as for mp make sure you use a yag drink i used a couple items to give a slight boost in mp maybe 19 or 20 it wasnt much but just enough to get the job done, mainly i went in defense/evasion or agi gear so i can take a good beating not having to worry about carby missing his SL even if you did get too close shiva should have casted frost armor she literally always does not once have i not seen her cast it before battle, when she does just run up to her and hurry and use astral flow youll gain hate so carby wont die early, you cant mess up casting since its instant cast and shiva will automatically turn to carby once he jumps in the air to ready SL thats your chance to run back on your way back down the hill you should see when carby does SL and you see it in the log "Carby uses SL, Shiva takes 210 or 211dmg" thats your que to drink a couple ethers and a yag drink run back down the hill where you started from wait till carby is dead resummon, chase carby till he meets shiva you should have about 13-20 secs before bp is back let her get a few hits in carby takes hate you drink a hi-potion spam SL macro till it goes off when it does run back to the top quickly drink a ether or two then shiva uses DD carby dies wait 1 tick cast carby shiva beats on you, wait for bp use hi-potion spam SL, once you die a couple times you figure it out, its really not all that bad just takes a couple tries to figure it out. Good Luck!!

Edited, Wed Feb 8 15:47:09 2006
RE: way too hard
# Feb 05 2006 at 11:12 PM Rating: Decent
132 posts
??? I can get them from the outposts for about 5K...
Tanky Tanky!!
# Jan 06 2006 at 9:19 PM Rating: Decent
14 posts
Items used ) 1 Boiled Crab, 2Yagudo Drink, 4 Ethers and 2H-Potion. If at all possible its always good to bring any extra Ethers/Hi-Potions etc. When you first get warped in the actual Battlefiled (after the cutscene and you follow the winding hill up to the avatar). A reminder even though its a capped 20 fight the avatars will still say "Shiva Prime", "Ifrit Prime" etc. Do not be alarmed just check where normal buffs are and make sure there is a yellow circle in the top left with LVL written in it. Get a Protect/Shell II, lvl 3 or lvl 4 will not last throughout the whole fight be warned.. Equip i used Barons set minus the head i replaced the head piece with Nobles Ribbon and for rings i used 2 Knowledge rings for the +4 to ice and earrings i used two +1 Energy Earrings. (Def).
Weapon Hermit for the less interruptions and +1 Obi to do the same. In theory it seems that while your in a avatars arena/battlefield you have a more likely chance to interrupt your casting then out in the normal Vandy world note this is just theory not fact. (If this answer is known please reply so i too understand). In the arena (after cutscene) eat your crab drink a yag and summon the blue flying squirrel. Dont worry about creeping on shiva 99.9% of the time she will always cast her frost armor or whatever as soon as carby or you is in aggro range which is perfect because you can get your Astral Flow off right away and steal hate so carby doesnt get hit. Once you do the flow shiva will start to slap on you for little damage (should be) and pop off that SL macro. This is where most mistakes are made. DO NOT RUN!! You have just became a smn/whm smn/blm tank let carby jump in the air and wait till you see carby readies Searing Light and shiva hit carby for so so damage before you even think about leaving that position as soon as it hits pop a ether and run back down the hill till you cant see carbys life bar but only the name and wait for him to die. As soon as carby dies resummon and pop another ether and a yag drink this should set you up for your second SL which is tricky because this is where she will use her 2hr everytime. Follow carby up to the hill because if you dont she will come after you first till carby hits her (which he may miss) and meet shiva about half way to the hill and smash that SL macro till it goes off if it says you have 10secs or whatever dont fret she wont be able to hurt you fast enough by just her melee attacks a hi potion after about 8 hits should heal you full and use that SL macro. Now when you do this tank remember when carby uses that SL shiva will follow with DD. The point in following carby up the hill is to make sure shiva stays far enough from the protcrystal as possible so she cant use her 2hr even if she tried to cast on you after the 2nd SL. When you pull that 2nd SL macro off make sure carby is in the air and you see shiva hit carby and run back down to the crystal chance are she will cast DD while your on your way down the hill on carby no biggy pop a couple ethers and resummon if you followed carby right you will be able to summon carby about 3 secs before she tries to attack you. The only thing that you must watch for is if she uses BlizzardII it will not 1 hit kill but it does hurt a bit and can interrupt your casting. Once the last carby is summoned make sure you have the mp for SL and just mash the SL macro till it goes off. Now this is where you will use a Hi-Potion because YOU WILL have to wait about 10-15 secs before SL comes back but she wont hit for no more then about 5-9 dmg with a additional 6-11 dmg which you should be able to handle with 1 Hi pot wait till your life is about half way before using it incase she decides to throw out another BlizzardII. Wait for your SL macro to open up and mash it dont worry just sit there and watch the fireworks she could use a BlizzardII at this point and smack ya 4 times but it wont help carby will get the last SL before she can kill you. If all goes well it should be over you will have roughly around 140+hp with around 4mp left after the fight. I always had 100+ hp with 1 last tick before carby vanishes due to no mp. Also not sure if its a fluke but i noticed after i used a SL i would have around 6-8 mp left that would last about 5-8 secs before it will finally take that 3-4 mp tick while having carby out. Hope this helps and Good Luck!!
Fame ?
# Dec 22 2005 at 3:13 PM Rating: Decent
78 posts
What is the fame lv for each avatar cause I heard a ppl fought ramuh at lv 3 fame plz list it
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RE: Fame ?
# Jan 06 2006 at 10:11 PM Rating: Decent
14 posts
Chances are you had your question answered but ill answer any ways :P For any of the capped avatar fights at 20 all you need is lvl 2 fame including Ramuh as well.. Good Luck!!
Help me I did something stupid
# Dec 14 2005 at 4:11 AM Rating: Decent
8 posts

Edited, Wed Dec 14 03:17:04 2005
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Help me I did something stupid
# Dec 14 2005 at 4:10 AM Rating: Decent
8 posts
I want to know if you drop the mini forks... is there anyway to get another one... or am i stuck with having the quest in my quest log forever.
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I wasnt ment to fight avatars
# Sep 17 2005 at 8:57 AM Rating: Decent
2 posts
i have no luck with any avatars. I spent 100k on titan fighting him 8 times and finally getting him, then i go from kazam to sandy spend about 20k to get lvl 3 fame then i get some buffs so i go to the dude and relize its iceday. I would of fought her but i have bad luck with the avatars so i didnt. I then get a guy from my linkshell to buff me on the next day. I go in, get tov the field and get D/Ced. I should just become a DRK.
mini fights
# Aug 29 2005 at 11:07 PM Rating: Decent
5 posts
Mini Avatar Fights

What you need: level 20 SMN/WHM

Tuning Fork for Avatar

1 stack of Mulsum

6 Hi-Potions

1 Yagudo Drink

1 Boiled Crab

All equipment that helps with spell interruption

Good Timing

Attention: This is a very different approach to the normal “Cast Carby...wait to die ...Recast Carby” method. This is a very “Guns-A-Blazen” technique.

Step 1 Acquire Tuning fork and accept warp to crystal location.

Use Boiled Crab and cast Protect. (No need to regain MP)

Step 2 Trade Tuning fork to crystal and enter battle field.

Step 3 Run up the path till you are a small distance outside of agro range from Avatar

Summon Carbuncle and use Yagudo Drink.

Step 4 Move close enough to have Carby assault the Avatar. As soon as Carby hits (or misses) the Avatar hit Astral Flow, immediately followed by Searing Light 2hr.

Important!! Never move while using 2hr wait for Carby to hit before moving again.

Step 5 This is where a little luck comes into play. After using Searing Light your mp will drop to zero. As soon as that happens use a Mulsum other wise Carby will disappear and the Avatar will come after you. Be aware of the Avatar’s 2hr, it can kill you in 1 hit. If you see the Avatar ready its 2hr do whatever it takes to get out of range. If you get hit and live through a 2hr use 2 Hi-Potions and you will be in good shape.

Step 6 Time to prepare for the next Searing Light. Carbuncle needs at least 40 mp to use Searing Light again, so use as many Mulsums as needed. Wait for the recast timer to run out and use Searing Light again. Remember do not move till Searing Light is done. I have defeated Avatars in 2 Searing Lights but not all fall that easy. If need be use Mulsum, avoid 2hr (if Avatar hasn’t used it already) and prepare for another Searing light same as before. No Avatars have lived through 3 Searing Lights.

Note: If at any time carbuncle dies or disappears simply summon him again. If Avatar hits you and interrupts your cast use Hi-Potions as needed and try again. This is why the Spell interruption gears are needed, and believe me it helps a lot.


Mulsum- /item “Mulsum” <me>

Hi-Potion- /item “Hi-Potion” <me>

Yagudo Drink- /item “Yagudo Drink” <me>

Astral Flow- /ja “Astral Flow” <me>

Carbuncle- /ma “Carbuncle” <me>

Assault- /pet “Assault” <bt>

Searing Light- /pet “Searing Light” <bt>

Banish- /ma “Banish” <bt>

Best Day to fight Avatar:

Shiva- Firesday

Ifrit- Watersday

Ramuh- Earthsday

Leviathan- Lightningday

Garuda- Iceday

Titan- Windsday

Lightday is Carbuncles day. Fight any one on that day.

Hope this helps and Good Luck ^^

Iceiss, Titan server.

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RE: mini fights
# Apr 29 2006 at 11:43 PM Rating: Decent
3 posts
I need help i bought 7hi potions 7 hi ethers and still didnt beat her i also waited till firesday and use 1 yag drink and one boiled crab was

shiva does (llllllllll) <--- ok this carby hp onr hit from shiva this is hes hp (lllllll )
now i dont have time to wait for carby to get hate is that proble why i lost?
one question???
# Jul 18 2005 at 10:17 PM Rating: Decent
7 posts
ok so can i do this qwest to get shiva, but then can i do the full trial by ice to get fenir and/or the items??
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# Jul 05 2005 at 8:54 AM Rating: Good
34 posts
I beat Shiva on my first try yesterday night, i was really nervous but it was easier that i thought.
The trick is to get out all 3 Searing Lights and NOT fight her on iceday obviously...the ideal would be firesday or lightsday..having said that i fought her on lightningsday cause i was too stressed to wait XD
I didnt even have capped summoning skill(lvl 41 atm)I just cast Carby and ran to the other side of the field while he fought Shiva, then once he died i recast him and ran again.. did this about 3 times to get her health down a bit, then i let off the first Searing Light which only did 104 dmg >< the second and the third did 210 dmg each ^^ the last one finished her off... I used 4 ethers, 3 yagudo drinks and a Tazvanian taco or what ever its called XD i know its expencive (50k a stack on Hades) but it really really helped keep me alive when Shiva turned against me, i came out of there with 168 HPs so i'd say it helped. The whole fight took me 7 mins 14 secs... o.O i have no idea who set the record at 3 mins.. but i /bow to them m(_ _)m

Good Luck to everyone who tries to beat her! ^--^
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avatar fight shiva
# Jun 10 2005 at 8:02 AM Rating: Decent
i have faught shiva 2 times and each time i came close to beating her first time she was
second time she was
third times the charm maybe
btw on second one i used smn/nin my intteruption status was 58%
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my noobish mistake
# Jun 08 2005 at 12:27 AM Rating: Decent
7 posts
ok, first off the first time i fought shiva i made the biggest mistake you can make comin to one of these fights, i completley forgot that while i was playin as my main (DRG by the way ^^)
i got on a choco with my wyvern still out and bam insta wyvern death lol. so after awhile i decided to give smn another try. and with my blood full of adrenelin i entered the battle used my yag drink sent carby to attack and went to use astral flow and it still had 23 min left before i could use it lol. i cursed my own stupidity as i released carby and alloed shiva to pummel me to death to punish myself for making such a noobish mistake lol. so long story short always make sure your 2 hour is ready before you try this fight.
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# Jun 04 2005 at 9:03 AM Rating: Decent
7 posts
Today, I faced off against Shiva... Ouch.
I got pwned easily.
But I will try again tommorow.
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I hate her......
# May 27 2005 at 10:10 PM Rating: Decent
73 posts
I've tried beating shiva at least a dozen times. A few of my deaths were mistakes on my part like not running far enough away to avoid being nailed by her 2 hr. 2 of my attempts were the most sucessful but I still got pwned. First one I did splendidly got her near death and then poor carby got Diamond Dusted while the last SL was charging (I managed to avoid it but was hurting hardcore) then she floated up and thwacked me while I was trying to pop my last potion trying to prolong the inevitable.

The other try goes down as one fo the most infuriating things to happen to me since I started playing. I did everything perfectly textbook like was about to kill her and BOOM screen goes black and up pops "FFXI error: Network server is busy or not responding". The string of high decibil obscenities I spewed at that point would make George Carlin blush.... Unfortunately it was also really late at night and my screaming woke up my entire house hold and got me chewed out for an hour the following morning and more or less put the top slice on the whole **** sandwich.

I haven't tried again in months and haven't used SMN in almost as long. I also have titans mini fork but whenever I go to bastok I never seem to think about it until I'm on my way home again. I may give him a try or take another crack at shiva if for other reason than to get rid of the hi potions and ethers that are taking up space in my safe
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This women...
# May 08 2005 at 5:18 PM Rating: Decent
25 posts
I was a buddys house, he was packing 2 Hermits wands as a 20SMN/10NIN and had 2 Yagudo drinks and 2 hi-ethers. He got a few buffs and headed on in. he summoned Carbuncle, put up his Yagudo Drink. and headed on in. he sat and watched carbuncle get his **** kicked a few times, recasted as nessesary till 2/3 HP. he then used Searing Light. He didnt get the 3rd one in and he had no way to resummon. Shiva was barely holding on to dear life. so he ran up there and started smacking her around with his wands. I didn't even see the HP bar on Shiva when she landed a critical and put him down. he was sooo close ><
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# May 08 2005 at 10:56 AM Rating: Decent
239 posts
this sucked... i tried for my third time and i was sure i would beat her... so she's got a little under half HP left (enough for one searing light to completely destroy her) and i use searing light but just as i do she kills carbuncle so i dont get to use searing light but i get carbuncle back out and the blood pact has been timed reset meaning i have to wait to use it again even though i never used it and Shiva takes this chance to kill me! /sigh it utterly sucked
I will try again tomarrow
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Just trying to enjoy playing the game
# Apr 24 2005 at 1:00 AM Rating: Decent
107 posts
would equipment really matter in these fights? or could i just go in all lvl 1 equipment and still be ok?

Edited, Sun Apr 24 02:02:53 2005

RE: Equipment?
# May 17 2006 at 2:17 AM Rating: Decent
36 posts
YES! Spell interuption equipment (hermit's wand, and hobi... whatever+1) then DEF DEF DEF! Shes gonna hit you and its gonna hurt. Most people even use def+ food, i did.
dont panic
# Apr 17 2005 at 3:02 AM Rating: Decent
4 posts
I've fought all of the avatars except leviathan and fenrir, and I have only lost once. I lost my first ever battle against Titan. After reading thiefcats guide, which is pretty good, I thought I was ready.

My macros were incorrect, when I got there, the map wasnt what I expected, and I panicked. And then I died:)

I went over what went wrong, fixed my macros, searched for a video.

That video is the only one I could find, but it helped a ton. Its a rather long fight, somewhere around 10 minutes, but that method is about the safest one.

Myself I follow the three sl method. i take:
Hi potion x5
Ether x3
Yagudo drink x3
fish mithkabob

I use smn/whm, and im a tarutaru. I use one physical earring for extra hp. I always go on lightsday, that way i dont get resisted so much. It happens, just its pretty rare.

For your first couple fights, just let carby fight it for the first five minutes, die, resummon for awhile. Get used to how to move on the map. Make sure your macros work. Make sure SL gets off before you run, and DO NOT Panic. Adapt, you may have to finish the fight with banish. For me, melee was out of the question.

For my fights, I only use 2 of each item, but ifirt and ramuh made me use nearly all of it. Do try to get higher protects, they are a shout or two away in most places.

Again, the most important part of these fights: dont panic. i still make a mistake or two per fight, but keep cool and deal with it and you will be alright.

Most of the fights on asura have been done at around 3 and a half minutes. Shiva was at 7 and a half until i got there, new record is 6 min:D

edit: video link appears to not be working anymore, i watched it only two weeks ago:(

Edited, Sun Apr 17 04:09:47 2005
Need MORE help?
# Mar 20 2005 at 9:13 PM Rating: Decent
77 posts
Here's the Macro list I promised:

1. Carby (/ma "Carbuncle" <me>)
2. Astral Flow (/ja "Astral Flow" <me>)
3. Searing Light (/pet "Searing Light" <bt>
4. Potion (/item "Potion" <me>)
5. Hi-potion (/item "Hipotion" <me>)
6. Ether (/item "Ether" <me>)
7. Milk (/item "Selbina Milk" <me>)
8. Assault (/pet "Assault" <bt>)

Now in case you're wondering <bt> isn't a typo... it target the closest mob, so you don't have to target the avatar all the time.

One thing I forgot to mention before...
Sometimes Carby dies too quickly, and you cannot summon him again from a safe distance. The avatar WILL come after you and WILL interupt your summoning. Here's where the Hermit's Wand and the Heko Obi+ 1 come in handy, as well as any equipment that raises evasion (like Scentless armlets or Compound Eye Circlet). Raising your SMN Magic skill will also help with this situation, you'll want to try to get it to at least 40 before attempting these battles, it doesn't take too long, and it helps quite a bit.

Don't worry, it'll happen at one point with at least one of the avatars you fight. Don't lose it, just keep trying to summon and eventually (hopefully) Carby will pop out.

I wish you the best, any questions feel free to contact me at lion_heart3050@pol.com or just send a message online to Svalitz (Asura server)

Good luck!
Having Trouble?
# Mar 20 2005 at 9:02 PM Rating: Decent
77 posts
Okay, there's no doubt about it... these fights are UNBELIEVABLY annoying. Don't worry though you WILL eventually get throught them, and the reward is worth the effort =)

Okay so after getting my **** kicked numerous times when I first started out, I've developped what has become an almost 100% successful method for these battles.

Now it costs a lot (depending on your server, for me this method can cost from 15k to 22k PER fight on Asura).
Here's what you need:

Potion X 5
Hi-Potion X 2
Ether X 5
Yagudo Drink X 3
Selbina Milk X 12 (just a clump of em will last for a loong time, and they're cheap too, only about 200G for 12)

Okay so very simple strategy. Get your hand on a Hermit's Wand and ANY other equipment that lowers spell interuption rates (like Heko Obi +1 for example), the rest of your equipment try to find things that raise your EVAsion stats, otherwise anything with the highest defense.

Now, when you enter the battlefield IMMEDIATELY cast Protect and Aquaveil (if using a SMN/WHM, I haven't tried any other combo), or you can try to get a Protect II or III from some nice player before entering the battle. Now having macros set for these fights helps a lot (I will post my macro list right after this).

Run up the ramp until you can see the avatar in the distance and cast Carbuncle right away. Use a Yagudo Drink RIGHT AWAY after summoning (it restores MP).

Use assault of the avatar where you summoned Carby (MAKE SURE that the avatar if busy with Carbuncle before moving) now run to the top and hide beside the crystal. Try to run far enough away so you no longer target the avatar and you can no longer see Carbuncle's health, only his name, you know then you are at a safe distance.
Now that you have a chance, use the Selbina Milk (it gradually restores HP). Be very alert during these battles, and restore anything that wears off if you feel you are safe to do so.

After a minute or so Carbuncle will be defeated by the avatar. DO NOT PANIC, this will happen MANY times during the fight, so get used to it. When you see Carbuncles name dissapear from the bottom of the screen summon him again RIGHT AWAY, DO NOT WASTE TIME. Once he pops out again, mash the Assault macro, and once the avatar has targeted Carby again, run back to the place you summoned Carby for the first time (a lot of people say to run back down to where you enetered the battlefield, personally I found this a waste of time, and it actually caused me MORE difficulty, so just do what you feel comfortable with).

Keep letting Carby get wooped until you either:

A) Have the avatar's health down to about 3/4's
B) Have less that 70 MP remaining.

Now's when you break out the 2-Hour.
Once Carbuncle has been freshly summoned, let the avatar come close to you and use Astral Flow, it WILL come after you, but don't worry. Now hit the Searing Light macro, and WAIT until Carby hit it before running away, otherwise you'll completely miss the target. This is EXTREMELY important!!! USE at LEAST 2 or 3 ethers IMMEDIATELY!!! Otherwise Carbuncle will dissapear due to lack of MP, and you will most likely DIE! After using the Ethers run to a safe spot (as mentioned before by viewing only Carby's name nd the bottom) and use potions as needed (Hi-potions if in the yellow and regular potions if you are below 75%HP).

Make sure you have at least 40MP remaining and continue the "Carby dies, you re-summon" method until you can re-use Searing Light. Follow the same directons as before, stay CLOSE to the avatar and wait for Carby to use it.

Using this method, the second Searing Light should do the avatar in. If for some reason it doesn't, then follow the same directions as before, and pray you have enough time to get another Searing Light in before the 2-Hour wears off.

And there you have it! This method has worked for me 90% of the time. Why 90%? Because I once continued hitting the wrong macro thinking there was some glitch with the game rather than using Searing Light, which lead my 2-hour to expire and Shiva to kick my bum. Other than that extremely stupid mishap, I've won every other time.

Don't worry you CAN do it! It just takes practice, it's very rare that anyone can get an avatar on their first try. Good luck!
why can't i get the quest?
# Jan 22 2005 at 2:49 AM Rating: Decent
99 posts
just wondering why i can't get the quest...

i have lvl 7 fame(checked 5 times)

i have smn unlocked and at lv 12, and my highest is 53 pld(forgot to update sig)

could someone please tell my why i can't get the quest?

thanks in advance

edit: had l instead of 1 x.x very sleepy when i wrote this

Edited, Sat Jan 22 09:47:00 2005
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RE: why can't i get the quest?
# Mar 10 2005 at 10:07 AM Rating: Decent
97 posts
You are not high enough. You have to be at least a lvl 15 smn at the time you talk to him to do the fights but it is recommend you be 20. When I hit 15 I am going to try and see if I can win but I am still a few lvls off.
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RE: why can't i get the quest?
# Jan 29 2005 at 1:26 AM Rating: Decent
Try talking to him as a SMN I couldn't get the quest either until I talked to him as my SMN. Also you need to be level 20 to get the quest.

Edited, Wed Feb 2 01:36:01 2005
Spent 20k for nothing
# Jan 14 2005 at 9:02 PM Rating: Decent
ok so i finally got to lv 20 from the dunes. THen i spent 20k on 4 hi potions, 3 yaguado drinks and 3 hi elixers <as told to buy ls members> so hten i finally get into the battle with shiva. I am nervous but no that i have my lv 34 SMN ls member telling me exactly what to do. SO i get up there and cazt carby and use a yaguado drink. Astral FLow then searing light. But somehow i miss!!!!!!! o ok so i run back down and recast him. but when i get 55%, i get attacked. SO i am trying to run for my life when i get hit for 30 dmg about every 3 seconds. i use a Hi-potion and run again. AFter 2 min of running and using hi potions, i die. THis maybe my 1st avatar battle, but i dont think it cud b that bad. DOes anyone have any sugestions. I have a lv 10 nin but insted used a SMn/WHM with a HOlly Pole+1. Plz reply or /tell emeraldweapon on pandemonium thank you
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RE: Spent 20k for nothing
# Feb 15 2005 at 3:15 PM Rating: Decent
3 posts
You probably missed cause you were standing to far away from Shiva. When you use searing light, shiva aggros you and leaves carbuncle sometimes getting out of carbys range. Stand next to shiva and do searing light..... then run away.

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/sigh sorry to hear ur failures
# Jan 13 2005 at 3:09 PM Rating: Excellent
31 posts
sorry to hear that some of u may not like or have had bad luck using the smn/nin method. i believe it works cause i used it for a tarutaru and a hume, and well i only lost to ifrit and ramuh on the tarutaru and ramuh twice and leviathan once on the hume... maybe u guys are doing something diff... or maybe ur too nervous. if u dont like to sub nin , then sub whm its the next best thing for aquaveil and paralyna. if you have any questions and ur on garuda server send me a /tell i'll help u out if im not too busy
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# Jan 04 2005 at 11:50 PM Rating: Decent
557 posts
Beat her today , I brought 32 Hi Potions and 7 Yagudo Drinks , lost once before , so this time I meant business . I have 55 inventory from some Gobby bag quests so I had 16 slots for equipment and the rest was all 32 Hi Potions and 7 Yag drinks . I didn't use all the potions though , had some left over .
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Shiva Prime
# Jan 02 2005 at 9:36 PM Rating: Decent
4 posts
[b][/b]Alright, about this evil purple shebitch...

I have fought Shiva four times. Here are my experiences...

First time- This was a test run, no potions, no ethers, no yagudo drinks, no macros. Just me, and carby. I ran up to the 90 degree angle, aka "the bend" and summoned carbuncle. Assaulted her, and ran...since i didn't have my macros set, she ran up to me while i was trying to summon and i got Blizzard II'ed to death.

Second time- Alright, got my macros, got 7 yagudo drinks, 2 potions, 2 ethers...same thing...wasn't fast enough...got beaten to death.

Third time- Alright, i was serious about this *****...i kept running..and running...she was down to about ---- that much health. After carby died the first time, i was all the way down at the bottom, summoned carby and made the dumb mistake of running to meet her halfway at the bend with carby. She got me.

Fourth time- Alright, macros, carby, hi-potion, hi-ether, yagudo...blah, blah, blah. This battle lasted for about 11 minutes she had -- that much health...i would have one, but one problem...I RAN OUT OF MP and tried to whack her to death...it turns out she's much stronger.

So, tommorrow, on Firesday, I am taking this thing on with more Ether, less potions. I will win.

Check me out on the Garuda server- Grungy or Hotelcalifornia.

Special thanks to those who have supported me: Chulainn, Kalia, Kolonapin, and Blaize. Without them, I wouldn't have gotten as far on these battles.
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I suck ><
# Dec 24 2004 at 7:54 AM Rating: Decent
107 posts
Bahahahaha! After a horrifying week LVing my SMN in the dunes, countless hours of research and preparations, thousands of gil spent on gear, food and drink, adrenaline pumping through my blood and with the cheers of my LS buddies still echoing in my ear... I accidentally entered the uncapped Shiva Prime battle! Got slammed hard for 532 damage (yes it killed me, obviously) and I deLVed... I suck bad!

But hey, I can laugh at my mistakes and learn from them. Suppose I can use the downtime to think about what happened and get the 400 xp I need to get my LV back.

Ah well, I didn't get my avatar on my first try like I had hopped, but the tale I took away from the Cloister of Frost instead is priceless! =)
I still suck =P
# Dec 26 2004 at 11:11 PM Rating: Decent
107 posts
Actually had some REAL battles against her, but I'm still not having any luck... 0/4 now, counting my mishap of entering the wrong battlefield the first time (which I still find pretty funny, even though it happened to me).

Second time I got pounded by Shiva while trying to get Carby back after he died too fast, then hit w/ her 2Hr (I would have survived either individually, but I ran out of hi-potions and couldn't heal myself).

3rd time I was doing pretty good, but waited too long to use Astral Flow and ran out of time ><. Stupid mistake, I know. This loss hurt the most because I really think I could have won if I hadn't been trying to 'play it safe'. I watch the clock from now on...

Fought her again tonight... me and Carby both got hit by Diamond Dust after I used my first Searing Light (which did 110 dmg...), then got meleed to death trying to get him back out. Finally got the spell off with 6 HP left, but didn't have time to do anything with Carby before Shiva finished me off.

I'm just not having any luck. Even when loading myself with Yag Drinks, hi-potions and hi-ethers I get wasted. Good thing I've been saving my gil for so long. I have a feeling I'm going to need it to get through all the avatars.
I feel stupid
# Dec 08 2004 at 10:20 AM Rating: Decent
14 posts
Well, last night was my 1st avatar fight, and since Shiva is the only one I have fame for, i decided to try it. Anyway, i went to sell stuff outta my MH, and put my supplies(Yag drink, hipotions, ether, and such) into my MH. Well, after sellin the spare items out of my MH, i forget to run back to the MH and get my stuff. Long story short, i went into the avatar fight with only Carbie and no supplies. You guessed it, i died a horrible death. Anyway, im 0/1 and am going to try to kill her again tonight. Wish me luck, and hope i don't make another noob mistake like that again^^.
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I'm Frustrated.....
# Nov 28 2004 at 5:56 PM Rating: Decent
I've been doing this night after night with no success..... I can usually get off two out of three searing lights before she does me in. Feel like my timing is off or somethin.. I don't know. I just get frustrated with the fact that after being defeated I can't go back and try again right away. Does anyone have any idea how I could get around being forced to wait a whole 24 hrs before I can do this again? And I'm not talking about doing it right before midnight and then again after like the chocobo quest. I want to be able to do it again and again until I get it. Can anyone help me?
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# Nov 19 2004 at 9:07 PM Rating: Default
164 posts
OMG after 7 losses fighting against shiva I FINALLY WON! i had to spend about 50k just fighting her >< i wonder how long its gonna take me to beat the others >.> if somebody would please like to donate me any items or gil it would be greatly appreciated. ie. ethers potions yag drinks.

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Male Tarutaru ^.^
If Everyone Gave Me Their 2 Cents/Gils Then I'd Be Rich =P
# Nov 16 2004 at 11:10 PM Rating: Decent
8 posts
3rd time i've lost to shiva EXACTLY how many days, game time, do u have to wait to fight her agian??
how many days?
# Nov 16 2004 at 11:00 PM Rating: Decent
8 posts
I've lost to shiva 3 times now and i would like to know EXACTLY how many Vana Diel days do u have to wait to fight her agian...... ps its a lil easier on firesday cuase she is weak, **** her 2 hring me when she is almost dead.
# Nov 03 2004 at 8:26 PM Rating: Decent
12 posts
omg, i beat her! i tried yesterday... got a little too cocky, and got wasted. so i waited until i could fight her again today, went in (the first time i brought 3 yag drinks, 1 steamed crab, 3 hi-potions and had my lovely girlfriend cast protect III on me. this time i did all the same, only i had a hi-ether to back me up) went to the top os the "stairs" used my first yag drink, and proceeded to fight like i was supposed to (smn carby, make him attack, run down, etc.) got her down to about the M in PRIME used my second yag drink, then unleashed my first searing light on her. that took her down to about id say 1/4 or less of her hp, carby stayed out because of my yag drink and while he fought her i decided to use my ether (for good messure). as my taru is fiddling around in his little pack to activate the ether carby dies and shiva starts comin for me. mind you, my activation for the ether was only at about 20% at this time. so im thinkin "oh crap, im done fore... again" but my ether activates as she gets to me, she hits me like 3 times while i try to smn carby back. needless to say it he failed to smn, but i tried again, and she hit me again, and now im really thinkin im done for, but lucky day, carby came out on my second try. i use a hi-potion (also for good measure, i had about 87hp at this point) get off my last searing light and she is takin a dirt nap. wasnt too bad that time around, so good luck to all you smn that are goin after shiva soon, i hope this can help you a bit. shes really not as hard as people say

p.s. i fought her on firesday
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Good Stradegy
# Nov 02 2004 at 2:56 PM Rating: Excellent
31 posts
ok here's how i did most my avatar fights....
/ma "Carbuncle" <me>
/pet "Assault" <bt>
/pet "Searing Light" <bt>
/ja "Astral Flow" <me>
/item "Yagudo Drink" <me>
/item "Ether" <me>
/item "Hi-Potion" <me>

4 Yagudo Drinks (YD)
3 Ethers
3 Hi-Potions
{REASON}(dual weild) 2 Hermits wands 50% chance of getting carby back out if something goes wrong.
enter battle feild and go a little past bend and use YD, then summon carby and make way to avatar stay out of aggro range and inch ur way to avatar while mashing assault macro. carby should go straight to him without u getting aggro. run back past the bend a lil bit... while waiting there mash ur carby macro til carby gets summoned after carby comes out wait for him to engage then run back behind crystal as far as u can go and mash carby macro. after he gets summoned wait for him to engage and run past bend a lil bit...use YD when it runs out and do this over and over til ur 2nd yagudo drink runs out {REASON} to wittle his life down so u can use 2 Searing lights instead of three. NOW his life should be at 5/6; when ur second yagudo drink runs out... wait for carby to die. when u summon him pop a yagudo drink and use astral flow right away {REASON} cause u get all hate right now....then when carby hits avatar he takes all hate in 1 to 2 hits. Now run up to avatar make sure ur 'close' hit searing light macro( you dont have to target avatar /pet "Searing Light" <bt> automatically tagets the "partys" mob)...bam carby has all hate take off running to other side of map {REASON} need time for Blood Pact to come back. carby dies u summon him... pop ether and follow carby to avatar Searing light should be ready... and hit searing light macro to kill him.

I've only lost to leviathan and ramuh all others took me 1 try with this method. Hope this works for all u smns out there!

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Very odd happenings
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I am so happy i finally beat shiva and no longer have to come to this portion of the page, but previous to this i was having a slight problem and would like to know why. It started out plike a normal battle, but i start running down the path and she follows me and im like "alright i can handle this just let carby attack once" he did and i ran towards the top she yet again followed me. I was starting to get freaked so i let carby hit her again and run again. She still follows me.I get to about mid path stop and wait for carby to come and hit her he comes smacks her and then i take off. As soon as i turned around i see my carbys life gauge go from full to empty in one attack. Still to close to her and i try pitifuly to resummon carby. I magically get carby out, he hits (i have 39 hp left, dang taru hp issues) and i see her use her 2hr and my life bar, not carbys, hit zero and i die. SO i would like to know why she had all this hate for me and just wouldn't attack carby. I didnt cast any spells aside from carby when i got in there and i used all my items far from her can anyone please help me out

"Even the darkness can shine true..."
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