Strange Apparatuses  

Start Area: Windurst Woods
Min Level:1
Max Level:75
(Average from 49 ratings)
Items Required:Black Chip
Blue Chip
Clear Chip
Green Chip
Inferno Core
Infinity Core
Purple Chip
White Chip
Yellow Chip
Items Granted:Adaman Nugget
Arcane Flowerpot
Cermet Chunk
Dark Cluster
Earth Cluster
Fire Cluster
Ice Cluster
Light Cluster
Lightning Cluster
Rune Arrow
Rune Axe
Rune Bow
Rune Halberd
Rune Rod
Water Cluster
Wind Cluster
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In-Game Text


Dangruf Wadi It hides in the wall of F-11, and is a passage.

  • Red Chip
  • Fire Cluster
  • Adaman Nugget x2
  • Cermet Chunk x8
  • Arcane Flowerpot (?)
  • Rune Baghnaks
    • Rune Axe
    Gusgen Mines If it enters, it will progress straightly, and if it gets down from stairs, it will go into a right door. It hides in the wall of the map J-6, and is a passage.
  • Yellow Chip
  • Earth Cluster
  • Adaman Nugget x2
    • Cermet Chunk x8
    Ordelles Caves From La Theine Plateau (F-7) to Ordelles Caves. It progresses to the following map from I-6, and is to the following map from H-9 of a there again. The trap of G-12 is hidden in the wall of the map F-11 which fell, and it is a passage. It is a hidden passage to the wall of the passage F-12 again.
  • Green Chip
  • Wind Cluster
  • Rune Bangles
  • Rune Halberd
  • Adaman Nugget x2
  • Cermet Chunk
  • Arcane Flowerpot
    • Rune Arrow
    Crawlers Nest To the map of the first map J-10 to the next. It hides in the wall of the map J-8, and is a passage.
  • Blue Chip
  • Water Cluster
  • Rune Bangles
  • Rune Arrow x6
  • Adaman Nugget x2
  • Cermet Chunk x8
  • Arcane Flowerpot
    • Rune Axe
    Garlaige Citadel It hides in the wall of the map J-8 of the point of the 2nd gate, and is a passage.
  • White Chip
    • Light Cluster
    The Eldieme Necropolis From Batallia Downs (I-10) to The Eldieme Necropolis. It falls to the trap of the sandbox of the west side middle of G-9. It hides in the wall of the map L-13, and is a passage.
  • Clear Chip
  • Ice Cluster
    • Cermet Chunk x8
    Maze of Shakhrami From Buburimu Peninsula (F-6) to Maze of Shakhrami. It progresses to the following map from L-9. It hides in the wall of the map K-10, and is a passage.
  • Black Chip
  • Dark Cluster
  • Adaman Nugget x2
    • Cermet Chunk x8
    Outer Horutoto Ruins From West Sarutabaruta (F-4) to Outer Horutoto Ruins. It progresses to the following map from I-6. It hides in the wall of the map F-6, and is a passage.
  • Purple Chip
  • Lightning Cluster
  • Rune Arrow x6 King Ranperres Tomb It hides in the wall of the underground map E-8, and is a passage. - Ranguemont Pass It hides in the wall of E-5, and is a passage. - FeiYin It hides in the wall of the first map G-6, and is a passage.

    Gaining an Item An item is obtained by trading "Infinity Core" and "Chip" with Strange Apparatuses. Password can be found out at http://sholin.user.tehh4x.net/password/ie_password.php

  • Infinity Core : This drops in Dynamis. You can also purchase one in your favorite AH under the Other > Misc section.
  • Chip : Goblins sell for 21000 Gil(s) each in the three starter countries.
    • Chips are Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, White, Clear, Black, and Purple.

    Chip sale Goblins (11:00 - 22:00)

  • Northern San d'Oria -> NPC : Gaudylox (Firesday holiday)
  • Port Bastok -> NPC : Blabbivix (Windsday holiday)
    • Windurst Walls -> NPC : Scavnix (Lightsday holiday)

    An item is obtained by trading Chip and Core corresponding to an attribute of equipment.

    Both chip and core are lost.

    If Chip besides corresponding element is traded, an Impossible to gauge elemental will appear. Only the chip is lost.

    Item obtained is random.


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    Other places
    # Jan 17 2008 at 9:21 AM Rating: Good
    1,045 posts
    Has anyone found the chip colors for the other three places...

    Fei Yin
    Ranguemont Pass
    and KRT

    Just wondering
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    Other places
    # Jan 17 2009 at 10:09 AM Rating: Decent
    14 posts
    Yeah they've found the chips for the others, but they're still broken so it's useless. There's nothing to indicate that the chips are used for the Apparatuses, but:
    Rang - Grey Chip
    Fei'Yin - Cyan Chip
    KRT - Carmine Chip

    Also, I didn't know people were still doing Strange Apparatus stuff here at Alla. Please, contribute to my site? XD

    Strange Apparatus Results

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    Strange Apparatuses - Mini-Quest
    # Jan 10 2008 at 10:25 AM Rating: Decent
    2 posts
    I've done a few times and so far i'm up in gil.

    You need Infinity Core and associated color chip with area...see other peoples notes below.

    Seems there's alot of things that may affect what you get so it's going to take alot of testing...if there is a way to know what your going to get before you trade your expensive items that would be...well less expensive. :)

    With that being said heres a theory i have and maybe you can help me out to prove this wrong or right.

    Each area has a typical weather element also; theory i have is trade your chip and infinity core when the weather matches the element of your chip. The moon theory sounds interesting too and i'll be paying attention to this as well...as There's so many posabilities for this it's gonna take some time to figure out - providing there actually even is a formula for items just as there is for a password for this quest.

    Im going to keep trying this and see if it's true or not.
    Let me know if anyone notices a difference in items you get if you trade a chip matching when you wait for the corresponding Weather.

    eg. Ordelle's Cave = Wind chip = Wait for Windy weather before you trade.

    Panthor - Titan Server

    Strange Apparatuses - Mini-Quest
    # Mar 08 2008 at 2:47 PM Rating: Decent
    19,999 posts
    Panthortrail wrote:
    With that being said heres a theory i have and maybe you can help me out to prove this wrong or right.

    Each area has a typical weather element also; theory i have is trade your chip and infinity core when the weather matches the element of your chip. The moon theory sounds interesting too and i'll be paying attention to this as well...as There's so many posabilities for this it's gonna take some time to figure out - providing there actually even is a formula for items just as there is for a password for this quest.
    Can't be right - no Light weather in Eldieme, nor is there Dark weather in Shakhrami.

    Nice try, though. Smiley: thumbsup
    just to be sure
    # Dec 25 2007 at 3:11 PM Rating: Default
    24 posts
    the guide is not very specific I think. we need the infinity core the chips and the password??? or with the password u jump the chip and core?
    The correct way
    # Oct 29 2007 at 12:13 PM Rating: Default
    72 posts
    Make sure you click on the strange apparatus first before trading your items. If you dont, it wont work.
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    just to clarify
    # Dec 10 2006 at 3:28 PM Rating: Good
    182 posts
    I'm running short on time, so I'm just going to ask instead of research it right now. Do the drops you get from these apparatus' have anything to do with what day it is, the moon phase, or anything of the sort? I've read a few posts and people are saying they went on so n so moon phase, this day, ect. Does that really play a role in what gets dropped, or is ot just a random based item drop?
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    just to clarify
    # Jan 05 2007 at 3:03 PM Rating: Decent
    94 posts
    yes, the day matters greatly! can't remember if you want to go on the day that is strong to the chip or weak to the chip (weak would make more sence to me, what I mean is, if you go to CN you would want to go on lightningsday, or more likely, firesday. but going on watersday(the element of the SA there) you are highly likely to just get water clusters.
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    Strange Apparatus Dangruf Wadi
    # Nov 16 2006 at 10:27 PM Rating: Decent
    1 post
    I've done the Dangruf Wadi run a few times and input the code and all I seem to get is cermet chunks or rune arrows. The (?) next to the arcane flowerpot seems to be a dead giveaway that its a pretty hard drop in this location. Next up for me is Crawler's Nest, I'll post my results after I give that place a shot.
    Crack the Code
    # Oct 13 2006 at 8:52 AM Rating: Decent
    3 posts
    The passwords are easy and all you need is a pen and piece of paper or a good head for math... no longer do you need to search and search for a site that has a generator only to find that it is a now non-working site..
    Here is the complete formula for getting your distinct password.. and NO I cant take credit for this. Kudos however to Slipknotpsycho and Robintaru as that is where/who this information is compiled from
    The passwords are based on 2 things.. a LETTER code applied to the first 3 letters of your Character name and a Location code applied to the location you are in.. (further down Robin wrote down the formula but here it is simplified..
    A = 00, B = 01, C = 02, D = 03, E = 04, F = 05, G = 06, H = 07, I = 08
    J = 09, K = 10, L = 11, M = 12, N = 13, O = 14, P = 15, Q = 16, R = 17
    S = 18, T = 19, U = 20, V = 21, W = 22, X = 23, Y = 24, Z = 25
    Next the location codes...
    Dangruff Wadi (DAN) = 00, Gusgen Mines (GUS) = 01, Crawlers Nest (CN) = 02
    Ordelle's Caves (ORD) = 03, Eldieme Necropolis (ELD) = 04
    Outer Horutoto Ruins (OUT) = 05, Garliage Citidel (GAR) = 06,
    Maze of Shakrimi (MAZ) = 07
    L1 = Letter One of Name, L2 = Letter Two of Name, L3 = Letter Three of Name
    LOC = Location code, ST = Subtotal GT = Grand Total, CODE = (Doh! The Code)
    Formula is as follows
    L1 + LOC = ST1
    L2 + LOC = ST2
    L3 + LOC = ST3
    ST1 + ST2 + ST3 + LOC = GT
    CODE = ST1,ST2,ST3,GT

    Example "I will use my self" (The first three letters of Charachters Name (KIN) And Location ELD (Eldieme Necropolis)
    (L1)K "10" + (LOC)ELD "04" = (ST1)14
    (L2)I "08" + (LOC)ELD "04" = (ST2)12
    (L3)N "13" + (LOC)ELD "04" = (ST3)17
    (ST1)14 + (ST2)12 + (ST3)17 + (LOC)04 = (GT) 47
    CODE ST1,ST2,ST3,GT or 14121747
    OK Code taken care of.. NEXT the Color of Chip for each LOC

    DAN = RED
    CN = BLUE
    Hope this helps

    Edited, Oct 13th 2006 at 11:32am PDT by Kingfuji
    strange apperatus
    # Oct 01 2006 at 6:25 AM Rating: Decent
    13 posts
    well, I did the Dangruf Wadi 4 times, I entered the password every time, and got nothing but fire clusters. am I doing something wrong, or is it based on time and day?
    Rune Staff from Outer Horototo Ruins...
    # Sep 17 2006 at 2:36 AM Rating: Decent
    709 posts
    Got some Infinity Cores in Dynamis-Bastok tonight, so I looked up all the info on the Strange Apparatues. I was in Windy at the time, so the closest was Outer Horototo Ruins. Using 3 Purple Chips, 3 Infinity Cores, and the "doctor" password I ended up getting 2 Adaman Nuggets, 8 Cerment Chunks, and the Rune Staff.

    Doing some quick tests the Rune Staff seemed to do 6points less damage with my NQ Fire Staff casting Fire III on some Ghouls. However, it did 26points less damage than my HQ Auster's Staff casting Aero III on some Stink Bats.

    4MP a tick while engaged was what it seemed to be taking off, due to my Refresh giving -1MP a tick.

    Wonder why SE put something like this in the game if the NQ and HQ level 51 Ele staves are so much better. It's level 70 and almost useless... unless of course there is a way to clean the weapon of the -MP effect, like you do when cleaning a weapon for a weaponskill quest.

    Hmm... has anyone done any extensive testing with these Rune weapons??
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    <3 Zavia
    Arcane Flowerpot (?) in Dangruf Wadi
    # Aug 19 2006 at 1:52 AM Rating: Decent
    In the item drop listing it has a (?) by the "Arcane Flowerpot" in the Dangruf Wadi rewards listing. i guess this means it is unsure that this is a reward from completing this quest in that zone, im not sure. But i have only done this quest once, and it was in Dangruf Wadi. I recived the "Arcane Flowerpot" there as my reward.

    aparently this item no longer is a Rare item (read that somewhere), and im not sure if they changed the locations of where u can obtain the "Arcane Flowerpot", but just wanted to let u guys know that i got it there, and if the locations have NOT changed... then i guess u can still get it from the secret room in Dangruf Wadi. yeah im totaly sure no1 cares, but w/e...
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    <3 Charmed (dead)
    # Aug 17 2006 at 8:14 AM Rating: Decent
    125 posts
    Can someone please tell me the use of the password because when I went to the strange apparatuse and I wasnt asked for a password basicly waisted a min to get a password that your suppose to have. So can someone please clear this up and tell me what the password is for.
    i'm just craptastic
    # Aug 18 2006 at 10:20 AM Rating: Decent
    1,648 posts
    Having the password makes it so you don't get crystal clusters supposedly
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    # Aug 14 2006 at 4:23 PM Rating: Decent
    1 post
    After some time, and angry emails, I've decided to put my password generator back up, you can find it here

    Edited, Aug 14th 2006 at 5:24pm EDT by Alynda
    # Sep 19 2006 at 11:54 AM Rating: Decent
    9 posts
    After some time, and angry emails

    Thank you sooo much, I've been wanting to try this for a while after finding a few of the apparatuses in my explorations. Being seriously mathematically challenged, the directions for figuring out my password are...buried on my desk. :D
    # Aug 08 2006 at 6:56 AM Rating: Decent
    6 posts
    Does anyone Body Know what level this Mob is? (Dangrif Wadi)
    Everyone had told everything but the lvl of the Mob.
    # Aug 07 2006 at 6:07 PM Rating: Decent
    33 posts
    This is not a quest,

    Rumor has it the password is 44981567


    Password's for aparatus's are different for everyone except people who share the first 3 letters of a characters name, and also different for every aparatus.

    only correct info i see above is the color chips to use at which places. Where, if you use the wrong color chip you will spawn an elemental that can kill a lvl 75... a blm 75 could solo but they don't drop anything 'cept clusters so it's not worth it.

    The drops off the aparatus's are completely random, although some aparatus's have their own unique rune weapon, example a rune rod can be found in maze of shakrami aparatus, but all of them drop at least 4 different rune weapons including rune arrows. I have noticed different rates of drops depending on the element day and color chip you use, not affected by the moon phase. I seem to get more rune equipment if i trade the chip on same element (Like a red chip, in dangruf wadi, on firesday) and more flowerpots, cermet chunks, adaman nuggets on days that are strong or weak against the element of cooresponding chip. Also i have noticed, out of about 200 runs i have never recieved a cluster. As far as i know you can't get them unless you trade the wrong color chip. but you can probably get a cluster if you type in the wrong password and don't get doctor status, which i've never used the aparatus without doctor status.

    that's all the info i have, thanks for reading ^^;

    Edited, Aug 7th 2006 at 7:14pm EDT by Ortega
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    # Aug 15 2006 at 8:29 PM Rating: Decent
    Yes with doctor status by entering the correct password, you cannot receive a chip. This helps your odds of getting better items.
    Something missing here ...
    # Aug 06 2006 at 12:45 AM Rating: Decent
    12 posts
    I found this quest by looking up the arcane flowerpot and first thing off the bat I noticed is ... there's no description of how to get the quest going, not even a "just get the items and do this". The quest info says it starts in Windhurst Woods, so who's the starting NPC? There are quite a few mentions in these posts of the higher Zilart missions - do you have to have completed them first?

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    Something missing here ...
    # Aug 07 2006 at 8:57 AM Rating: Good
    Phedrelana wrote:
    I found this quest by looking up the arcane flowerpot and first thing off the bat I noticed is ... there's no description of how to get the quest going, not even a "just get the items and do this". The quest info says it starts in Windhurst Woods, so who's the starting NPC? There are quite a few mentions in these posts of the higher Zilart missions - do you have to have completed them first?

    You don't get it started. It is not a real quest. There is no level or mission or rank or fame requirement. All you need is an Infinity Core and a colored chip. You do need access to the area's where the strange apparatus are located, however none of them (I think) are CoP or ZM areas. Theoretically you can do this at level 1, but running around in the Eldieme Necropolis at level 1 is not recommended.

    Infinity Cores drop in Dynamis and can be bought off bazaars and AH (Other => Misc).

    Colored chips can be bought from a goblin like NPC in each of the 3 starting towns, San d'Oria North: Gaudylox, Bastok Port: Babblivix and Windurst Walls: Scavnix and cost 21K a piece. You have to buy the correct color chip, matching the strange apparatus you'd like to visit: e.g. Red for Dangruf Wadi, Green for Ordelle's Cave, ... The color reflects the element mostly present as weather effect in that area (red = fire, green = wind, ...).

    Then you have to go to the area of your choice, find the strange apparatus and trade both the infinity core and colored chip. You will in return receive an item or items, like the infamous arcane flowerpot, cermet chunks, rune equipment, ...

    You can repeat this as much as you want. There will be no 'quest' flagged in your log (neither the 'current' nor the 'finished' one).

    The description given on Allakhazam is a shameless and hopelesly outdated, direct translation from a JP site:

    If it enters, it will progress straightly, and if it gets down from stairs, it will go into a right door. It hides in the wall of the map J-6, and is a passage.

    should be read as: "Enter the area, go straight down the stairs and take the door to the right. The passage to the strange apparatus is hidden in the wall at J-6."

    Edited, Aug 7th 2006 at 10:05am EDT by Demetres
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    # Jul 26 2006 at 6:25 PM Rating: Decent
    91 posts
    Isn't it true that at one time the Strange Apparatuses actually duplicated items?
    Don't make me get metaphorical with you.

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    Small Trial
    # Jul 12 2006 at 2:38 PM Rating: Decent
    Went to 2 apparatuses - Outer Horutoto Ruins and Crawlers' Nest with a friend.

    I did each 7 times, she did one 8, one 7. All were done on Watersday, FQM 52%, no weather effects, though the Nest did say it feels a little damp when I went to put in my password.

    Ruins (14 trials):

    Arcane Flowerpot
    4 Adaman Nuggets
    48 Cermet Chunks
    2 Rune Rod
    Rune Staff
    Rune Halberd
    6 Rune Arrows
    Arcane Flowerpot

    Nest (15 trials):

    18 Rune Arrow
    30 Cermet Chunk
    Arcane Flowerpot (didn't obtain because I already had one)
    4 Rune Axe
    4 Adaman Nugget
    Rune Bangles
    Rune Blade

    Edited, Jul 12th 2006 at 3:45pm EDT by kingofzeal
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    Passwords Explained
    # Jun 11 2006 at 5:26 PM Rating: Excellent
    8 posts
    Ok, first of all I would like to say that I am not copying this information from anyone. I figured out how this works based on testing my name at the site mentioned in Cuteawto's post. Credit should be given to those who figured it out before me. However, I can't seem to find a link to a site that explains how people originally figured it out. If someone does find out this information, please let me know so that I can credit them.

    So, I went to the link mentioned above and tried my name (Robin) in each zone. These are the passwords I received:

    #0 Dangruf Wadi............17140132
    #1 Gusgen Mines............18150236
    #2 Crawlers Nest...........19160340
    #3 Ordelles Cave...........20170444
    #4 Eldieme Necropolis......21180548
    #5 Outer Horutoto Ruins....22190652
    #6 Garlaige Citadel........23200756
    #7 Maze of Shakhrami.......24210860

    Since previous posters mentioned that the passwords are based on the first three letters of our character's name, I went searching for how "Rob" fit into these numbers. Having done many codes and such when I was in school (and since Robin is my real-life name), I quickly noticed that my password for Gusgen Mines (#1) started off with 18-15-02 or R-O-B if you use a standard A=1, B=2, C=3, ... Z=26 code. I then noticed that every other code for the other zones had this same relationship, it was just offset by 1 as you go down the list. So for (#2) Crawlers Nest you just add 1 to each letter getting 19-16-03. In the case of #0, you'd have to subtract 1 from each since #1 had the normal A=1 code. Perfect! That explains the first 6 numbers of each code.

    But what about the last two digits? I started off with #0 Dangruf Wadi and tried adding the values of each letter, my code was 17140132 so 17+14+1 = 32. Excellent! I thought that was it, but when I tried the next code (#1 Gusgen Mines 18150236); 18+15+2 = 35. Hmm, that's not right, it should have been 36. But I quickly noticed that if you add in the 1 next to Gusgen Mines then you get the right value. So for every zone except #0 Dangruf Wadi you have to add 1 more to the total of the 3 letters as you go down the list(You can also see that for each zone the last two digits increase by 4 each time. This is because you add 1 to each letter plus 1 to the sum of the letters). So for the last zone (#7 Maze of Shakhrami), my password would be 18+6; 15+6; 2+6; 53+7, or 24-21-08-60. If you want to make it a little easier, you can start off with A=00, B=01, C=02, etc. The zone number = z, the values for the letters in your name = a, b, c (in my case a=17, b=14, c=01).

    Password = a+z, b+z, c+z, a+b+c+(z*4)

    So my password for zone 4 would be:
    17+4, 14+4, 01+4, 17+14+01+(4*4) = 21, 18, 05, 48 or 21180548.

    The only thing that bothered me was why the zones were in this order (why is Dangruf Wadi 0?). I tried a bunch of algorithms and was about to give up. Then I realized that I forgot about the elements associated with each of the zones:

    #0 Dangruf Wadi............Fire
    #1 Gusgen Mines............Earth
    #2 Crawlers Nest...........Water
    #3 Ordelles Cave...........Wind
    #4 Eldieme Necropolis......Ice
    #5 Outer Horutoto Ruins....Thunder
    #6 Garlaige Citadel........Light
    #7 Maze of Shakhrami.......Dark

    Hmm. Fire > Earth > Water > Wind > Ice > Thunder > Light > Dark. Where have I seen this before? Oh, it's the order of the days of the week in Vana'diel.

    As I said before, I would like to thank all the people who figured this out and made the password generator. I could not have figured this out without you all. I just felt like figuring it out for myself, and I hope this explains it for those of you who care.

    Edited, Sun Jun 11 22:35:46 2006
    New Password Site
    # May 26 2006 at 4:01 AM Rating: Good
    39 posts
    There is a new password site for the Strange Apparatus considering the old one is off-line so CE will be hosting it now. Please check here.

    You can also find this at www.cosmicenigma.net and go to the Forum. Once there go to Around the World under Quests/Missions and select Strange Apparatus. Link is the third post down. Hope this helps~

    Edited, Sun Jun 11 21:01:01 2006
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    # Mar 21 2006 at 8:12 PM Rating: Default
    24 posts

    passwords solved
    # Jan 30 2006 at 3:13 PM Rating: Good
    Here' get your Rune Weapons. Most of them suck anyways.

    Use this link to generate your character's unique password and get an item everytime.


    Thank you for the rate ups.
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    # Jan 23 2006 at 9:20 PM Rating: Decent
    8 posts
    Apparatus wont spawn Elemental unless u trade the opposite chip, not just any chip, i.e: Trade a Blue chip and it summons a Fire elemental. i did that one day and the thing spawned and started casting Firaga IV on me :(, i hit Chainspell warp really fast -.-
    Gil can buy happiness.....so the rich people say...
    #HadrielXIII, Posted: Jan 22 2006 at 9:25 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) ok first off the password is based off first 3 letters of your character name and then the number of the zone your in also u must enter ur password to the strange aparatus before u trade ur core and chip to it or an NM elemental will pop or you will get a cluster matching the area ur in > then the chip must match the colore of the zone your in or the NM might pop again other than that allakhazam has it all down pretty tight
    #HadrielXIII, Posted: Jan 22 2006 at 12:53 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Ok i wanna make sure u guys arent waisten gil on this when u dont have it right, first the chips u buy only 1 goes to 1 area such as Green Chip goes to Ordelles Caves and this quest doesnt have a starting npc and doesnt show up in your completed/started quest log and the password thang is based on the area and first 3 letters of your character name.
    # Jan 21 2006 at 2:56 PM Rating: Decent
    77 posts
    How the **** do you even start this quest?
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    # Dec 18 2005 at 9:29 PM Rating: Decent
    so you have to fight an impossible to gauge element everytime? if so, around what level will it be?
    RE: Hmmmmm
    # Dec 27 2005 at 10:28 PM Rating: Decent
    5 posts
    It's just a saying that the apparatus gives if you use the wrong chip. It doesn't actually pop an element that you have to kill.
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    Strange Apparatuses
    # Dec 10 2005 at 10:21 AM Rating: Default
    2 posts
    How do you even start this quest? And yes i am a noob.
    strange apparatus
    # Dec 07 2005 at 10:57 PM Rating: Decent
    8 posts
    ok hope this helps... IF you put the right PW in the machine you WILL NOT GET CLUSTERS only the good stuff ^^
    # Nov 28 2005 at 1:43 AM Rating: Decent
    180 posts
    First time doing this :B.
    I went to Maze of Shakhrami, black chip, correct password.

    It gave me Rune Bangles. It was Lightningsday, and the moon was Waning..but I can't remember the exact percent.

    edit: I went to Ordelle's Caves this time, did it on Windsday, moon at 29%. I got Cermet Chunk x16 and a Runeblade. (200k on midgard)

    Edited, Mon Nov 28 02:26:18 2005
    RE: title.
    # Jan 20 2006 at 9:54 PM Rating: Decent
    35 posts
    how do you get the password?
    With my shield or HP-ing with it.
    # Nov 27 2005 at 11:33 PM Rating: Decent
    42 posts
    Well my first time doing it. Curious. traded 4 times. And I got

    16 cerment chunks
    6 rune arrows
    2 Adaman Nuggets

    This was Dangruff Wadi on Firesday. Waning cresent 36%

    Any ryme or reason people like to trade when moon is at 68% ?
    Joe Dirte`
    # Nov 23 2005 at 6:58 PM Rating: Decent
    6 posts
    It puts the lotion on It's skin!!!!
    RE: Joe Dirte`
    # Jan 25 2006 at 5:05 PM Rating: Default
    799 posts
    VERY funny!

    FAQ2.0 wrote:
    Most people consider a rouge to be over-powdered.

    Guild: "That Kind of Orc" Server: The Scryers
    could someone post password
    # Nov 21 2005 at 1:25 AM Rating: Decent
    95 posts
    on the site with this link:
    i can't seem to go into "password generator" section, it probably doesn't work, and everything in that information section is like that.... i would really like to spend some time to find out what's this about, and get one of everything^.^
    RE: could someone post password
    # Nov 21 2005 at 11:26 AM Rating: Decent
    22 posts
    The site has stated that there is a problem accessing the password page if you are using microsoft web browser. Try this link instead:

    Link doesn't want to work... If you go to the link for Site Problem with Internet Explorer, you can get there that way

    Edited, Mon Nov 21 11:43:58 2005

    # Nov 16 2005 at 11:15 AM Rating: Decent
    6 posts
    Well, I saw this quest and decided to take it up, got 3 cores and 3 blue chips and went to CN. I traded and got a water cluster, after i put in my password (which i got from link below, works great thx ;) i got "Doctor" status...traded and got 2 rune bows. I don't know if its just Remora or what but all the rune gear goes for about 10k-20k except the halberd which goes for 60k and the blade that goes for 190k. In the end big lose of gil unless u get one of those items, and the doctor status appeared to effect the drop. Currently searching for the Blade, maybe Eld. Nec.
    Items I got
    # Nov 13 2005 at 8:54 PM Rating: Decent
    102 posts
    I got a Rune Bow and Rune Bangles at the one in the Crawler's nest for anyone who cares ^^
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    getting passwords?
    # Sep 14 2005 at 1:15 PM Rating: Decent
    149 posts
    You guys posted the site for the password generator. But how do you normally obtain the password in the game? One post mentioned that the password is a "one shot" and you must get a new password after you've entered it. ??? Wouldn't the password generator just give you the same password (for the same area)? Or can you only use each area apparatus once? never did this before, so I'm asking...

    Edited, Wed Sep 14 14:40:15 2005
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    RE: getting passwords?
    # Sep 19 2005 at 3:05 AM Rating: Decent
    87 posts
    Not sure how you would obtain it in game. SE at some point mentioed that the password has something to do with the first 3 letters of your character's name, then a bunch of people on the Killing Ifrit message board figured out the formula. The password isn't one shot, you can use it as often as you want on its specific machine. The only thing I can think that the post you mentioned was refering too is that you can only use each password on one specific machine.
    Celeblin -- Phoenix Server

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    # Sep 10 2005 at 2:47 PM Rating: Decent
    6 posts
    Has anyone registered themselves at each of the 8 locations that you can? I tried going to the one in KRT and it doesn't respond. Just curious because there's not a lot of info on KRT, Ranguemont Pass, or Fei'Yin's apparatus. Maybe the others need to be registered first before accessing those three? Just thinking on the keyboard. :P
    RE: registering
    # Sep 29 2005 at 1:38 AM Rating: Decent
    148 posts
    The 3 inactive apparati probably need to be enabled in a future update or expansion. I've tried getting doctor status and using a core/chip at each of the active ones in elemental order, but still nothing.

    There's some very compelling evidence that they will be related to the 3 colored chips dropped in Pso Xja. The 8 elemental colored chips obviously correspond to the 8 terrestrial avatars. But the 3 new chips correspond perfectly to the colors of the Great Wyrms, introduced in Promathia as a new type of aerial avatar : Cyan -> Jorgemmund, Carmine -> Tiamat, Gray -> Vrtra. I don't think it's a coincidence ^^
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    RE: registering
    # Nov 11 2005 at 12:35 PM Rating: Decent
    9 posts
    That chips are already related to PM3-5... Diabolos.
    RE: registering
    # Dec 28 2005 at 8:35 PM Rating: Decent
    49 posts
    Just because it is used in one mission doesn't mean that is it's only function.

    Many items have multiple fucntions.
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    Password is Broken!
    # Sep 02 2005 at 9:53 PM Rating: Decent
    14 posts

    gives you password for Strange Apparatus.

    based off first 3 letters of character name and location you are in.
    # Aug 31 2005 at 1:42 PM Rating: Decent
    33 posts
    If it enters, it will progress straightly, and if it gets down from stairs, it will go into a right door. It hides in the wall of the map J-6, and is a passage.

    haha- it rubs the lotion on its skin
    RE: wtf
    # Sep 03 2005 at 3:13 PM Rating: Default
    47 posts
    hehe Joe Dirt

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    RE: wtf
    # Sep 10 2005 at 2:42 PM Rating: Decent
    115 posts
    Silence of the Lambs
    100 Goldsmithing

    Strange Apparatus Password Generator!
    # Aug 31 2005 at 1:12 PM Rating: Decent
    28 posts
    For all of you that don't know, the formula to find your password has been discovered by some JP's who released a generator for you to find your password. It's been translated to english and can be found here.


    Rumor has it that the only special thing you get for putting in your password is that you no longer get clusters ^^
    # Aug 22 2005 at 5:50 PM Rating: Default
    33 posts
    do i get a cip for the daya like red to a fires day and how do i get a password
    RE: all
    # Sep 02 2005 at 1:16 PM Rating: Decent
    25 posts
    You get a chip based on the element of of the apparatus. IE if the apparatus has a blue mark at the top, like the one in Crawlers' Nest, give it a blue chip, otherwise, you'll get a Elemental NM that will beat you around like a little plaything.
    Rune Axe Recieved
    # Aug 20 2005 at 3:29 AM Rating: Decent
    8 posts
    First time ever trying this, lucked out apparently, traded 5 times, 5 Infinity Cores - 4 Red Chips, 1 Blue Chip, Firesday, Waxing Crescent 21%. Items Given as follows:

    Trade 1: 2 Adaman Nuggets = 25k each on Ramuh
    Trade 2: Fire Cluster = 4k
    Trade 3: Rune Axe = 530k
    Trade 4: 6 Rune Arrows = 1k Each
    Trade 5: Fire Elemental that nearly kicked my ***! Had to Chainspell Warp to get out in time.
    Gil can buy happiness.....so the rich people say...
    wrong chip
    # Aug 10 2005 at 2:44 AM Rating: Decent
    87 posts
    never ever ever ever use the wrong chip in the apparatus... i usually go between wadi and crawlers nest... one is red chip, one is blue chip... well i got mixed up and the apparatus summoned a fire elemental on me (checked Impossible to Gauge)... cast flare, and 2x Fire III on me and i was done... (btw, im level 75PLD)

    just a fair warning
    75PLD,75WAR Galka on Diabolos

    70 Night Elf Warrior on Stormrage
    damit -.-
    # Jul 31 2005 at 5:06 AM Rating: Decent
    61 posts
    I went there on lightningsday but got lost and ended up there on lightsday. NOTE* the right whole is the one right below switch, the north one. It was 5 a.m. and just started, didnt want to wait for darksday. I did 5 attempts.

    1 cerment
    2 cerment
    3 ice cluster
    4 ice cluster
    5 arcane, but I already had one, when I traded again I got another ice cluster.

    Was very unhappy with results, but when I sell the cerment it will come out to about 40k loss. I strongly recomend not doing it on lightsday.
    WAR75 BST71 NIN37 WHM37 RDM37 THF42 BLM42

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    My turn!
    # Jul 21 2005 at 1:19 PM Rating: Decent
    176 posts
    Went to Eldieme Necropolis SA (Lightning Day, Waxing Gibbous 68%)... here were my results:

    First trade (Inf. Core + Clear Chip): Ice Cluster (groan)

    Second trade: Rune Blade (score!!)

    Third trade: Cermet Chunk x8 (eh, I'll take it =D)

    Fourth trade: Ice Cluster (bleh)

    Spent 104k with trading materials, made a little over 810k in results. {Sweets}
    Hmm wrong element?
    # Jul 12 2005 at 2:28 PM Rating: Decent
    Everybody seems to be doing it right?

    But i havent seen anybody tryign to give the wrong element on the day of the chip.

    I'm gonna try this today, but if somebody has tell me what happens cuz i dont wanna waste 21k like that :P (50k budget T_T) thanksk ^^
    RE: Hmm wrong element?
    # Jul 12 2005 at 10:34 PM Rating: Decent
    well i went and did it.

    Got me an Earth Elemental with 10,000 HP.

    BLM owned it...well sor toff.. anyways I got an Infity COre and Earth Cluster drop. I think there's more to it than just those items. gonna see if more ppl in my LS wanna try it.
    So Cool
    # Jul 07 2005 at 1:55 PM Rating: Decent
    11 posts
    Oh My God this is so awsome. i went on Darksday to the one at CN and i got :
    1. 2x Adaman Nuggets (30-33k each)
    2. 2x Adaman Nuggets (30-33k each)
    3. Water Cluster (1.5k each)
    4. Arcane Flowerpot (180k)
    5. Rune Blade (500K)
    6. 2x Adaman Nuggets (30-33k each)
    7. Water Cluster (1.5k each)
    8. Water Cluster (1.5k each)

    Cores are 8-15k on seraph and Chip is 21k... so i spent 288k and got 882.5k in items... so i made 594.5k

    Edited, Sun Jul 10 19:16:10 2005
    I'm Artamas a mithra from Seraph ^^ - 75BRD 66WHM 62DRG 71THF 37SMN 37WAR 42RDM 37NIN 34SAM 41BLM 23BST 20RNG 17MNK 2DRK 2PLD BLU1 COR37 PUP1
    Bonecraft 100+3 Alchmy60 Leathercraft60+1 CC56 GS51 Cooking 70
    # Jul 06 2005 at 8:57 PM Rating: Decent
    40 posts
    could someone please post how this works?
    another attempt
    # Jul 06 2005 at 12:10 AM Rating: Decent
    9 posts
    yesterday, i noticed it was near full moon again, so i took off to Crawlers Nest with 6 of each.
    Rewards: Watersday, (100%) Full Moon 23:00
    1. Water Cluster
    2. Water Cluster
    3. 8x Cerment Chunks
    4. 8x Cerment Chunks
    5. Water Cluster
    6. 8x Cerment Chunks

    again, another loss in gil... about 143k from rewards. and I spent around 147k. 4k loss. >.< haven't even seen a rune weapon yet. I'll try again, maybe next time on a New Moon
    Ulyssez -- Caitsith
    # Jul 05 2005 at 3:14 AM Rating: Decent
    9 posts
    well... my friend and I went to Eldieme Necropolis with high hopes, which my friends were dashed right away.
    First my friends rewards.

    Firesday, (86%)Waxing Gibbous (not sure of time)
    1. Ice Cluster
    2. Ice Cluster

    Iceday, (96%)Full Moon (0:00)
    3. Ice Cluster
    4. Ice Cluster
    5. Ice cluster
    6. 2x Adaman nuggets

    Now these were horrible results... and mine weren't at all better.
    My Rewards

    Windsday, (93%)Full Moon (23:00)
    1. 8x Cerment Chunks
    2. 8x Cerment Chunks
    3. Ice Cluster
    4. Ice Cluster
    5. Ice Cluster
    6. Ice Cluster
    7. Ice Cluster
    8. 2x Adaman nuggets

    now cores were going for 2k on my server... spent well over 180k (needed some silent oil/prism powder to get to the **** apparatus >.< ) and came out with crap(150kish back), not even making my money back :/ but im a gambler, and will try again.
    Ulyssez -- Caitsith
    testing results
    # Jul 01 2005 at 2:02 PM Rating: Decent
    341 posts
    Went down to Crawler's Nest with a LS-mate, we each used one blue chip, each put in a password before we traded, relevant data to follow:
    Day: Watersday
    Moon: Waxing Gibbous (71%)
    Weather: none
    Game Time: roughly 1:00
    Attempt 1 (me): Arcane Flowerpot
    Attempt 2 (Markalike): Water Cluster

    New data:
    Went back to Crawler's Nest again, once again I put in a password before each attempt. Oh, and I should note that Infinity Cores are 20k each on Lakshmi server.
    Day: Watersday
    Moon: Full Moon (100%)
    Weather: Water
    Game Time: ~19:00-20:00
    Attempt 1: Water Cluster (;-;)
    Attempt 2: Cermet Chunk x8
    Attempt 3: Adaman Nugget x2
    Attempt 4: Adaman Nugget x2

    More results, spanning several attempts:

    Day: Watersday
    Moon: Full Moon (90%)
    Weather: none
    Game Time: 3:00ish
    Attempt 1: Water Cluster
    Attempt 2: Adaman Nugget x2
    Attempt 3: Cermet Chunk x8

    Day: Lightningsday
    Moon: First Quarter (40%)
    Weather: none
    Game Time: 0:00-0:50
    Attempt 1: Water Cluster
    Attempt 2: Water Cluster

    Day: Firesday
    Moon: Waxing Gibbous (76%)
    Weather: none
    Game Time: ~11:30
    Attempt 1: Cermet Chunk x8
    Attempt 2: Water Cluster

    Day: Watersday
    Moon: Waning Gibbous (81%)
    Weather: none
    Game Time: ~12:00
    Attempt 1: Water Cluster

    Day: Lightningsday
    Moon: Full Moon (98%)
    Weather: none
    Game Time: ~12:00
    Attempt 1: Cermet Chunk x8
    Attempt 2: Water Cluster
    Attempt 3: Rune Axe (score!!!!)

    All my attempts are in Crawler's Nest, and I put in an incorrect password before each attempt. Hopefully this helps people get a handle on the apparatuses.

    Edited, Fri Jul 15 13:06:15 2005
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