PM 4-2 The Savage  

Start Area: Tavnazian Safehold
Related Areas:Misareaux Coast
Monarch Linn
Riverne - Site #B01
Related Mobs:Justinius (J - 6)
Mission:4 - 2
Min Level:50
Max Level:50
(Average from 7 ratings)
Items Required:Giant Scale
This Quest requires Promathia
This Mission is Not Skippable
Previous Mission: PM 4-1 Sheltering Doubt
Next Mission: PM 4-3 The Secrets of Worship
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Mission Orders

Ulmia is determined to know the truth, and is ready to revisit Bahamut to learn it. Enlist the aid of Tenzen and Justinius to help you find Ulmia before something terrible occurs.


Check on another Dilapidated Gate at (F-7) Misareaux Coast for another cutscene and you will be able to access to Riverne Site B01 this time from the Spatial Displacement. B01 has a level cap of LV50 this time so make sure you have the right equipment prepared at Safehold first. The navigation pattern for B01 is more or less the same as A01 in Chapter 2, where you'll need 1 Giant Scales from the Pyrodrake wyverns to pass through the Unstable portal. The final spatial displacement at (E-8) will bring you to the BC holding area of Monarch Linn.

BC fight of LV50 against the great dragon of Ouryu. This dragon has the ability to fly, which makes all close range attacks useless.

After the fight, return to the safehold. Go to the top floor and talk to Justinus at (J-6) for a cutscene. This mission is done procede to the next.

Ouryu's Tactics

Mob TP Moves

TP moves on the ground:

  • Absolute Terror: Terrorizes whoever has hate for roughly 30 seconds. Players who are terrorized are frozen in place and cannot do anything.
  • Geotic Breath: Frontal earth-based cone attack. Tank can take roughly 700 damage if standing directly in front of Ouryu. Damage is less if standing slightly off to the sides (on Ouryu's feet).
  • Spike Flail: Devastating AoE attack used if someone behind Ouryu takes hate. Utsusemi shadows will absorb this attack.
  • Horrid Roar: Dispels up to 10 buffs on a single target, including food effects.
  • Typhoon Wing: Frontal AoE attack that does 100-180 damage, as well as blind.

TP moves in the air:

  • Bai Wing: AoE earth damage that does up to 385 dmg unresisted. Also causes the effect of slow.
  • Ochre Blast: AoE earth damage that does around 400 damage.

Other Ouryu attacks and abilities

  • Evasion and spell resistance boost while airborne: Ouryu gains evasion boost which cannot be dispelled, as well as an increased resistance to sleep and other spells.
  • Touchdown: AoE damage of roughly 140 dmg per player when Ouryu lands without the party using a mistmelt.
  • Alternates between walking and flying every 2 minutes.
  • Usually uses invincible when around 70 percent health.
  • Uses a powerful stoneskin at the start of the fight, and he recasts later on.
  • Casts Slowga
  • Casts Stoneaga II
  • Ouryu's attacks on the ground are physical.
  • Ouryu's airborne attacks are elemental and will ignore utsusemi, invincible and other forms of physical damage reduction. His unresisted attacks while flying do 280 dmg.

Other Ouryu Notes

  • When Ouryu takes off, the wyrm can be brought back to earth using a Mistmelt. These items are obtained through the quest Fly High. They can also be bought from the auction house.
    • Don't use mistmelts on Ouryu if he's asleep in the air, as the mistmelt won't work until the wyrm wakes up.
  • Ouryu is resistant all forms of stun.
  • Ouryu can be slept with sleep and repose.
  • Blind, Paralyze and Silence all stick on Ouryu, but resistance builds after a few casts.
  • Slow does not stick on Ouryu.
  • Ouryu will return to his starting position and regen to full if the party is KO'd.

BCNM Strategy for Standard Party Setup

This setup assumes you have a tank, a healer, a support job and three magic or physical damage dealers.

What to bring to the fight

  • Plan on bringing eight mistmelts per fight; that's enough mistmelts to ensure victory despite most of the worst situations, assuming the party remains focussed and doesn't panic.
  • Tanks and melee DDs should bring hi-potions.
  • Paladin tanks (recommended for this fight) should also bring Yagudo drinks and hi-ethers.
  • Mages should also bring ethers and yagudo drinks. A Vile elixir is also helpful.
  • Other regen drinks are also recommended.
  • All party members should also bring reraise.
  • Someone in the party must have dispel or an alternative form of dispel.
  • Someone in the party must have Sleep II.
  • barstonra and repose are extremely helpful.

Battle Plan

  1. Split up mistmelts among tank and melee DDs and establish a mistmelt order.
  2. Enter BCNM, buff up and rest.
  3. Begin the fight by running in and sleeping Ouryu. The tank and melee DDs should get in position by standing on Ouryu's front feet. Tank provokes/flashes to grab hate. Mages stand off to the side of Ouryu, BUT NOT BEHIND OURYU, to avoid frontal AoE attacks and spike flail.
  4. Once Ouryu is sleeping, immediately cast dispel on Ouryu to remove his stoneskin.
  5. Tank and melee engage the moment Ouryu's stoneskin is gone. Mages should cast barstonra on melees and paralyze and silence on Ouryu.
  6. Ouryu will take off 2 minutes after being hit with the first sleep. Tank and melees should stay in place and immediately use a mistmelt to bring Ouryu down.
  7. Ouryu lands, fighting continues. Watch for Ouryu to recast dispel after landing. Dispel must always be removed immediately.
  8. Continue this cycle until Ouryu uses invincible.
  9. When Ouryu uses invincible, ALL MELEES DISENGAGE. Mage immediately sleeps Ouryu. Take this opportunity to cure melees and rest mp.
  10. Ouryu will most likely fly the moment he wakes up. Immediately bring him down with a mistmelt. Resume fighting, as his invincible has worn off. Watch for stoneskin recast.
  11. Continue until Ouryu's health is around 55 percent. At that point, everyone should unleash two-hour abilities (except ninjas). Be ready to use a mistmelt to bring Ouryu down quickly if needed, and watch out for stoneskin recast. The blast of 2-hrs is usually enough to bring Ouryu to 30 percent, when he gives up.

If at any point in the battle things begin to go south, sleep Ouryu and allow mages to rest. Remember that Ouryu usually takes flight after waking up from sleep (because 2 minutes have passed), so have someone ready to use a mistmelt. Ouryu can then be slept again upon landing. This can give your party valuable time to rest mp or unweaken members who had been KO'd. This is where bringing extra mistmelts can be extremely beneficial.

Mission Series

Final Fantasy XI

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Mist Melter
# Jun 02 2009 at 5:10 PM Rating: Decent
20 posts
When you've finished the fight you need to go talk to Justinius before checking the Walnut Door at K-7 in the safehold.
the best set up is...
# Dec 15 2008 at 7:28 PM Rating: Decent
3 posts
ok well i did this w/ 4 BLMs and 1 WHM(me) and 1 RDM
this is like the best set up.. we did 3 runs and all 3 won, just had a bunch of ppl needing this, on the last run we were going for the recored so we already new what to expect from the fight, and we did pretty well even though one of the BLMs died really earlie in the fight, all u need to do is freeze nuke it w/ all 4 blms and then repose it w/ a whm.. it's like 99.9% stick. and well rdm is there for refresh and kipping him on the ground. we also only used 3 nets each run all 3 runs. the last run was 6 min 45 sec and the recored i belife is 6min 25 sec, so if u go all blm or like us, u'd get the record pretty sure.
# Dec 15 2007 at 10:04 PM Rating: Decent
4 posts
just did this with 5 people
set up:
mnk/nin (me)
sam/nin (Mrpinchy)
pld/war (Abbso)
whm/blm (Tarod)
blm/whm (Darthreaper)

all we did was melee till we had to rest and blm sleep 2'd him. got him down to about 60% and we went all out. used about 5 mistmelts i'd say. just gotta make sure everyone knows what they are supposed to do. i still cant believe we won with 5 and that kind of set up. we rocked Ouryu so badly, i feel bad for the little guy
# Dec 10 2007 at 2:29 AM Rating: Decent
1 post
i done this last night. i got the title "mist melter" fyi
a little tricky but not too...
# Nov 30 2007 at 12:11 AM Rating: Decent
13 posts
Just got done with this. It was really not too hard, though it took us a run to test it out, and we beat it on the second attempt. The party setup was PLD/WAR, THF/NIN, RDM/BLM, WHM/BLM, BLM/WHM x2. We started off with about 8 or so mistmelts. Mages had pies, yag drinks, and some ethers and suchlike just in case. Not sure about melees, but food didn't seem to be a really big deal.

The first time we went in, PLD ran up to tank. WHM had some macro issues and the PLD dropped almost immediately. He rr-ed up, but that setback threw off our entire strategy just enough. BLMs are Freeze-ing, doing anywhere from 400-700 dmg. Ouryu started to resist sleep pretty quickly, and this was on Darksday too. We decided after a few more deaths to leave the BC and try again, with Ouryu at about 60% health and gaining.

The second time we send the THF in first instead of the PLD, and then the PLD. This run goes much better right from the start. We were down to about 3 mistmelts at this point, but that was really all we needed. Freezes did much better in the second run too for some reason, a minimum of 600 dmg, whereas some had only done about 400 in the first battle. Odd, since it had switched to Firesday by this point, but whatever. WHM actually DCed for about half the battle too, coming back just before we got Ouryu down to the point where he gives up.

A few tips: Bring things to get the mages MP back up quickly to cast Freeze as fast as possible. Barstonra at all times. And make sure to Dispel his Stoneskin when you can, because it is ridiculous, eating one whole Freeze entirely. Otherwise, it's a piece of cake. All in all, it was a great battle, and a lot of fun. Thanks to Danno, Nickrivierra, Kenshinxx, Lorintal, and Silvrien for the fantastic party. :D
Tarutaru of Windurst (Ifrit)
Stupid Easy Mode
# Nov 24 2007 at 10:48 PM Rating: Decent
2 posts
Ok so I beat this Mission twice today, here's how it went:

1st PT Setup - PLD(Rook), DRG(Dylandog), BLU(Shinkai), BLM(Yoshio), WHM(Coody), RDM (Me)

Gave DRG all mistmelts and let him handle bringing Ouryu down. Set BLU and DRG on Ouryu's right foot, PLD on his left. Mage's stayed to the sides as to avoid any AoE. Started fight with PLD Provoke and RDM Dispel. Fought him normally until he 2 Hourd with Invincible. RDM did ES Sleep2 and let him sit there for a good 2 minutes while Invicible wore off and the pt rested up. He was at 81% HP at this point. When he woke up continued normal fighting with DRG using the Mistmelts (only missed once) until he hit 50% HP. Then BLM 2Hrd and cast Feeze taking him to around 42-43%HP. Freeze again took him to around 35% HP and then BLM nuke with everything he had until he hit 30% and fight was over. Pretty easy. Set the record at 11 minutes and 2 seconds with noone doing CS due to 3 Test Runs. Oh, and it was on Earth Day also.

2nd PT Setup - SMN(Banggugyangu), SMN(Kacha), SMN(Lynchilles), NIN(Cloudient), RNG(Thorir), RDM (Me again)

Went in, buffed with Titan Stoneskin and Garuda Aerial Armor. Same thing as before, NIN voked RDm Dispelled. All 3 SMNs had Garuda out and 2 hrd at the same time taking his HP to 75% with first wave, 49% with second wave and 34% last. (Dunno why it did less on the last time). Then RNG 2 hourd with Eagle Eye Shot and finished him. Broke my record from earlier in the day with 5 minutes 58 seconds, including 4 of the people doing the CS in this one. No test runs, jsut went in. This setup made this fight stupid easy.

Hope this helps.
Good Luck and happy hunting!

Edited, Nov 26th 2007 6:56pm by Breasticles
BLM x 1 is enough.
# Nov 19 2007 at 6:35 AM Rating: Decent
512 posts
Yesterday, my LS and two others beat this wyrm into submission. Here was our set-up:


We did 2 dry runs. Those went poorly, but then, we didn't use any mistmelts. Our first real run, we were doing fine until Ouryu took to the air. I was the mistmelt person and I was mid-ranged-attack, so it managed to do an area attack that crippled most of us. The tank dropped and we all followed.

Our second "real" run was the last one. With quicker reflexes on the Mistmelt macro, it never stayed airborn for more than 1 second. In the end, the second Astral Flow from the SMN finished Ouryu off.

I just want to say, for the record, the only time we slept Ouryu on the successful run was when he used Invincible.

I also want to say to everyone who claims this dragon is easy... you have no right to say that if you went in with 2+ black mages and a sleeper. That is lame, and duh, of course he was easy with that gimmick.
LS Heretic: Our Run
# Sep 21 2007 at 10:21 AM Rating: Decent
1,104 posts
Well, we finally got around and regrouped to move forward on this as our Static kinda took a break. I think we just revolutionized this BCNM cause how we did it and something that many people say don't do or cant be done.

Party Setup:
PLD/WAR - me
NIN/WAR - Kajima
WHM/BLM - Reginald
BLM/WHM - Khyri
RDM/BLM - Orimi
BLM/WHM - Mrtaru (d/c just as we all entered BCNM to never return)

Kajima did an excellent job at guiding us to the displacements. Forgot our dragon scale and after about 4 or 5 dragons, Kajima was warped to go back and get it. Sure enough, we killed one just after he left and got drop, oh well. He was back in record time, he must have hacked :). We had one other problem and that was getting some aggro from some Nitro Clusters. Be warned that there is a short run from one displacement to another at one point and if you are not looking you might get aggro. They are kinda hiding behind some bushes and you don't see them till they are on top of you. They will be on your left side and they aggro to sight and magic so be careful. We had a few wipes there but we raised and moved on. After that it got to our destination without any problem. We would have been there sooner but the dragon scale being forgotten and our mishap with the Nitro Clusters. But all good and we got the job done :).

Mobs: Dragons (Ignidrake/Pyrodrake) aggro by sight, Nimbus/Strato/Imdugud Hippogryphs are true sight, Lunantishee are sound aggro, and Lesser Rocs aggro from sight.

Ok, on to the more important part, the battle. We get to holding area and go over strategy and sleep order. Kajima and I were not to engage and control hate. At first 2x Blm and Rdm and Whm would be doing all the damage and what not. We decide not to do a dry run for the fact for a dry to be effective for this fight you would need to use mistmelts. We only had 5 so we decide against a dry run and go in with intent to kill. Well, we enter, buff, food, take a breath and engage.

No sooner then engaging and debuffing Ouryu, our SECOND BLM D/C. D/C earlier on the way here but came back. At this point lots was going. Being we just lost a key DD and Sleeper we were no way we win with 5 people, 1 BLM and RDM. What also added to some panic was, pretty sure it was this move, we got hit with Spike Flail. Not sure why but maybe the mages were to close to Ouryu and casting from behind him. That hurt bad but no deaths. Amazingly we able to cure back up without to much trouble and move forward and try for a Win even though short a key job/player. Now to only add to a very fun and strange fight is that we slept Ouryu while flying. Yes, as many people will say not to attempt this or it doesn't work, it worked for us. It was by accident I think and was the first Sleep so that probably helped. What happened was Ouryu went to flight and the NIN went to use his Mistmelt first but Sleep was casted and landed before item was used. After a few seconds of wtf isn't Ouryu coming down and me also using a Mistmelt thinking the first failed to activate and no one was taking damage, we noticed it was asleep. We did get one Freeze off which is why Ouryu was slept in the first place. We were pretty shocked and went to resting mod. Obviously rinse and repeat.

NIN will be very hard to tank this just due to lack of hate tools and fast hitting mob. Ouryu is fast and loves double attack. Even as PLD, I had many Cure III interrupted and started spamming Hi-potions. Brought 12 with me and walked out with 4. Just use Hi-potions to get your HP back up then try for a Cure III again. Hate started bouncing around toward the end and our only BLM, Khyri was getting the beat down. Luckily a Cure III in that direction and a voke help control it along with the NIN voking also. Only suggestion to mages if you have hate, if you feel the need to kite don't run to far away from the PLD. That Cure III PLD can get on you could make or break the battle.

Ouryu was hitting me on average for 80-110. Criticals were about 160 or so. Remember to dispel Stoneskin at beginning and if recasted, silence / paralyze / slow / blind it and no DoT spells. WHM will pretty much be doing Haste, Regen II and Cure III at the minimum when Ouryu is not slept and attacking tank. Static can expand on this if need be. Alot was going on and was a little nervous so some detailed have me at a blank.

Not sure what clear time was and pretty much don't care. Forgot what day we fought on but sure it wasn't Earthsday being we won. Just wanting to state that the fight isn't that hard and we managed it with 5 Mistmelts, 5 members, 1 BLM and RDM and no melee damage. I used 8 Hi-potions, Tav Taco, 2 Yag drinks and 2 Ethers. I Sentinel + Voke at beginning and saved Flash for when it was not slept to get a Cure III off. I put up defender being I wasn't attacking. I shield bash at some point after a Freeze. Voke as often as you can, especially while it is sleeping.

Good hunting all. Very fun fight! MVP goes to Khyri but also inclue Reginald and Orimi. Again, me and NIN(Kajima) didn't do a whole lot. :)

Edited, Sep 21st 2007 1:26pm by Stucco
4-2 manaburn lewlz
# Jul 16 2007 at 11:49 PM Rating: Decent
2 posts
I'm going to do this fight with 1BRD(Me) 1RDM 4BLM
>.> blm powah
My experience
# Jul 12 2007 at 8:14 PM Rating: Good
239 posts
1st run, quite bad:

It was also on Earth's day, which apparently makes quite a difference. The problem with the setup was that we didn't have enough sleeping power (even with a BLM and a COR) and also we didn't have enough DD capabilities.

So for the next run, we went on Fire's day with the following setup:

PLD (main tank)
PLD (back-up tank + healing + flash + mistmelt) << this was me
BLU (main healer + Dispel Stoneskin)
BLM 48 (so no Freeze for him)

Here are the roles, for every job:

For all BLM the strategy was to use the DD cycle described at some point on this page. Namely: AERO >> AEROGA >> FREEZE (with synchronize on time) >> ES + SLEEP >> rest >> repeat. Also keep Silence on the mob.

1st PLD straight tanked it. EXTREMELY important is to have and spam hi-potions. The dragon hits hard and fast and only curese, won't keep you alive, even coming from a PLD and a BLU at the same time.

2nd PLD healed, flashed, used mistmelt and, of course, was ready to take hate when needed. Flash makes a big difference, as if it saves 2-3 hits, it's like a Cure IV with 25 MP. Also, this PLD was ready on the mistmelts. The rule was that whatever PLD was not tanking, would use mistmelts, so they were split, 4 to one PLD and 4 to the other. It turned out that hate stood in a single place.

BLU was main healer + Dispel stoneskin, absolutely no fighting from this guy, just spam cures.

The fight was very easy. The dragon flew about 3 times. Use mistmelt immediately. Do not try to Sleep in air or anything.

We went for the dry run. After the 1st cycle of Aero >> Aeroga >> Frezee it was at 64%, even if only 2 BLMs actually had Freeze, since one was 48. Sleep didn't stick, so the other BLMS casted also and it finally went to sleep.

Rest, use potions, whatever. Tank continues voking the dragon while it sleeps, to keep hate. At this point we decided it's ok to transfor the run into a normal one, as things looked good.

Plan was to Invincible >> Manafont when the main tank was close to death. However, after the 2nd round of Aero >> Aeroga >> Freeze, the fight was over, with the dragon at 30%. No 2H used. I used no hi-potions at all. Some juices used. Overall, really easy.

Important things:

1. Do not rely on cures only, they will not keep you alive. Bring hi-potions. Like 10-15 won't hurt.

2. Do not do something like Freeze >> Sleep >> Freeze. The tank will lose hate. Stick with something like described.

3. Bring mistmelts. About 8 would be good, so that you can do two runs (you won't use more than 4 on a run, IMHO).

4. Calculate carefully your DD power. Healing can be supplemented with hi-potions. You cannot really replace or suplement DD with items.

5. If possible, do not fight on Earth's day. The difference seemed to be quite big.

That's about it. Good luck to all! ^^


This is madness!!!
# Jul 07 2007 at 8:47 PM Rating: Decent
204 posts
set up was cor drk smn smn blm rdm basicly i stood and watch as people died and nuke and me ice shot the crap out of it and 2hrs and nuke and then .....win :P
Merits: Dagger:8/8 Triple Attack:5/5 Trick Attack:3/5 Sneak Attack 2/5
Crit:4/4 Eva:4/4 Enmity:1/4 STR+2 Feint:3/3 Aura steal:1


CoP static
# Jul 05 2007 at 11:27 PM Rating: Decent
5 posts
Hello, I am Finnegan on Diabolos. I want Sea in an unhealthy way. If you are on Diabolos and would like to join me in hopefully getting a CoP static to quickly get Sea, that would be great. I posted on this mission because this is the one I am currently on. 75BLM 54WHM 59BST available for the fights. Send Finnegan a /t in game if you are interested please.
Shiva 05/29/07 - CoP 4-2 .....Cursed?????
# May 30 2007 at 6:02 AM Rating: Decent
121 posts
After trying to put together a party to CoP 4-2 run, i reallize that that mision is cursed! oO
About 3 times that I form party to do the CoP 4-2 run, always as soon we are at Riverne site B-01 and we say "Are we ready to go" someone DC.
And last night was the same. my party was PLD, WHM, SMN, BLM (me) and RDM after a few hours we got another blm to help us.
as soon as we were all together at Riverne site B-01 and start moving... the smn DC.... we wait for about 30min and no coming back, so we decide to try a dry run. We went to the BCNM without any problem. As soon as we get there the rdm DC. 8( "CoP 4-2 is cursed" rdm came back, great. we were 5 again. I explain the strategy and we go in! As soon as we got in and had the CS the other BLM DC inside BCNM 8( "CoP 4-2 is Cursed" a few a minute later he came back 8)
We start the fight ( PLD, WHM, BLM, BLM, RDM 5ppl) without using any items it was supposed to be a dry run, at 70% the dragon start to flying and we were with full health, so we decide to start to use items... we used a mistmelt to the Ouryu to land, Sleep, we rest just a little. As soon we got MP to cast Freeze we start casting.... the Ouryu flies again! we use mistmelt to bring it down... sleep it again, rest for a while... frezee again.... Ouryu flies at this point we still were with full HP and the dragaon was at 45%. I called "2 hours now" pld invicible, both blm 2 hours and cast aeroga II ...
....CS to everyone...
we went to the BCNM for a dry run and we left the bcnm being the winner with a new title! The Cursed was broken!

easy easy fight! We even didn't have the HP in dark yellow...
FFXIV: Conj21 Thauma15 GS18 Weaver LW & Miner (the magic is fading away)
FFXI: BLM75 SMN75 RDM41 WHM44 (retired)
WoW: Hunter80 Warlock80 Mage80 Priest80 Druid80 DK80 (...)

Shiva 05/29/07 - CoP 4-2 .....Cursed?????
# Jun 24 2007 at 9:25 AM Rating: Decent
10 posts
Defeated Ouryu in 10 minutes or so. Relatively smooth fight using 5 mistmelts.

Setup: Pld/War (Chaoahbeng) Rdm/Blm (Rywena) Rdm/Blm (Gravione) Blm/Nin (Finns) Blm/Whm (Chuchusan) Thf/Nin (Deathnote)

Buffed up and Barstonera. Mistmelts with Pld and Thf. Pld with lots of hi-potions. Thf (backup) to used Mistmelt if Pld is terrorised and Ouryu takes flight.

- Thf runs in first, Rdm opens with Dispel. Pld voke + flash + shield bash. PT takes up position in a quarter circle arc with Ouryu at the centre.

Ouryu - Pld
| Rdm Rdm
Blm Blm

- Blm x 2 starts the spell *cycle*, AeroII -> AerogaII -> Freeze. Each spell cycle will do around (200+400+700)x2 damage to Ouryu.

- Rdm x 2 cast AeroII when possible and support Cure on Pld.

- At the end of each spell *cycle* after Freeze, Rdm will SleepII on Ouryu. PT will then heal up with 1 Rdm standing by to re-SleepII Ouryu.

- Repeat spell *cycle* when Blm MP > 504.

- By the third spell *cycle*, Ouryu should be down to 30% HP.

- Ouryu does gain resistance after having been SleepII 3-4 times. RDM will need to use Elemental Seal + SleepII subsequently.

Contributed by Finns@Fairy
{Too weak}
# May 24 2007 at 10:31 AM Rating: Decent
3 posts
Just did this fight with a very unconventional setup. It was like this:

Blm/Whm (Me)
Whm/Blm (Was /anon so I'm guessing on the subjob)
Drk/War (Once again guessing about the subjob)

If you didn't notice, we had no tank. One Pld even wanted to come, (We were at 5 and shouting for a tank. We didn't have the Smn at that point) but said that our setup wouldn't work and was complaining that we only had 1 Mistmelt and 4 Hippogryph tailfeathers. While I was shouting, a Smn said he needed it. I got to thinking and came up with a plan. The party was skeptical, but I was confident. Here's what my plan was: the Drk was to go in and pull initial hate, and then use Souleater and Blood Weapon, to make sure he had hate and would stay alive. At that point both Blms were to begin casting Freeze, and the Smn was to use Diamond Dust with Shiva. I was expecting Shiva to get hate from that, and then shortly after that the Blms would get hate from Freeze. At that point I planned on having Blms sleep it or the Cor Light Shot it. After that, I was just thinking rinse and repeat. Well on the way to Tavnazian Safehold, I had to go afk for about 10-20 minutes, and didn't know if I would be able to come back, but I told everyone to wait for me anyways. I got back in about 20 or 25 minutes and everyone was already at Riverne Site #B01, so I ran up there, forgetting to make Mistmelts while I was there. So we get there and go through Riverne Site #B01 with no problems, and someone already had a Giant Scale. Once at Monarch Linn, I went over the plan with everyone, and we decided to go in get CS, and then do a dry run. It was late for me and I had finals the next day, so I said all or nothing, and we went in. Now keep in mind that this was the first time 5 of us had ever done this fight. Ok, so we go in and do all the normal things, such as food and buffs. Once we were ready, the Drk did his thing, and us Blms did our thing, but the Smn didn't do his. So I started saying {Diamond Dust} {please}, and I spammed it until he summoned Shiva. We casted Freeze and he had yet to 2 hour. The other Blm did the initial sleep, and Shiva woke Ouryu, so I used Elemental Seal Sleep II, and that kept him asleep for a while. We rested and started casting Freeze while he was still asleep. He woke some of the way through casting and interrupted the other Blm, so he just kited while I continued casting. At this point he was flying and the Drk used the only Mistmelt we had, Ouryu landed, I casted Freeze, and the Cor used Light Shot. Now we were back to resting. Smn used Diamond Dust two times already but had missed both, so as soong as Oury woke, he nailed him with it, and we hit him with 2 more Freezes, and we won!

This may not been exactly what happened, but it was last night at 1 A.M. and I don't remember the exact details. But this is how it mostly happened, and we did it on our first try with no tank and only one Mistmelt. Not too shabby if I do say so myself. ^^

Edited, May 24th 2007 6:11pm by lolryannpwnsu
{Fight} {Do you need it?} {You can have this.} {Death}
Ouryu downed without BLMs or SMNs
# May 17 2007 at 8:19 AM Rating: Decent
Well, I just beat Ouryu and used the following setup:

MNK50/NIN25 (me)
DRG50/NIN25 (Tahla)
WHM50/BLM25 (Minuet)
RNG50/NIN25 (Phelan)
WAR50/NIN25 (Ryuumu)
PLD50/WAR25 (Chinman)

That's right, NO BLMs! Just straight up owned that wyrm :P Well, it wasn't quite ownage. Our WHM ran out of MP with Ouryu at 80% HP (not sure if she used ethers or not), ran up, used Benediction, and died. We were all thinking "Oh crap, we have no chance at all" as we watched our PLD slowly die with Ouryu at 70%. So he turns to me (I'm fresh off of the hate from Hundred Fists) and starts wailing. I happened to have 15 hi-potions on me, so I spammed like crazy and ended up tanking for about a minute and a half. Ouryu finally killed me and instantly owned the DRG, leaving just the WAR and RNG. Somehow they pull off a skillchain at the last second and it was just enough to take Ouryu down to 30%. VICTORY! ^^ It was one of the most fun fights I've done in a while. He only flew once, and our WAR was quick on the mistmelt. We made quite a few mistakes though, and I imagine any basic party with a good stock of items can take Ouryu down. I'm just thankful SE took out the EXP loss for CoP battles.

~ Vetramont (MNK for life ^^)

Easy Fight
# Apr 02 2007 at 8:14 PM Rating: Decent
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Went with: (Fenrir)

Fight was fairly easy if eveyone listens and does there part. Mages brought Hi-Ether's,I brough Hi-Potions PLD brought Both. Got to Monarch Linn with out a problem. When we got in we did buffs, food, reraise, etc...Then healed to full MP. When full we walked up PLD ran in Provoke & Flash, 1 BLM Elemental Seal Sleep II. After that RDM Dispel making sure he didn't have Stoneskin up and kept it Silenced,i kept Boosting up for Chi Blast did about 200 while Both BLM cast Freeze mean while PLD Provokes and Flashes everytime he can to build up hate. BLM's Freeze did about 760+. After thats PLD and I engaged and fought for bit it went in the air like a ***** BLM casted Aeroga II and Aero II while in air then I used my Mistmelt got TP Raging Fist, Disengaged next BLM Elemental Seal Sleep II. PLD repeated Hate process. Both BLM Freeze again. Engaged once again i used Icarus Wing and Raging Fist, It went in air again used another Mistmelt. RDM and WHM kept PLD healed and Bastonra up. BLM's Stuned once in a while so PLD wouldnt get interrupeted on Cures. By this time its about 40% dead i used Hundred Fist both BLM Manafont and casted Freeze. During this Ouryu used Geotic Breath while Barstonra down PLD took 736 HP PLD Invincible with 20 HP left RDM cured once Both BLM got thier last Freezes off the fight was over. It went pretty smooth. Just important to keep your tank Healed and keep Barstonra up.

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Help Me!
# Mar 19 2007 at 8:04 PM Rating: Default
I am on Fairy and everyone I know has beat this and oonw wants to do it again. My main is thf but, I lvled my war just for this fight only to lose it about 11-15 times. Last night we tried again and once again we wiped. I have no mages lvled but, Blm is looking better than ever. Anyone on my server making this run I got a war or mnk that would love to get this over with...Smiley: disappointed
~~thadrizzle of Fairy server~<please

check it>~
75 thf I made it!~I love

this game. Rank 10 Sandy Baby Allways

looking for help w/ Zilart missions I am on 14.And Cop 5-3/4- Lourv's path is all I need besides Snoll Tsar and I am equiped w/ lilies and salt.

<eviseration I have it> Merits here I come!(12 so far) oh and as for Dynamis LS Legends_Elite FTW~But,I need one with a better Schedule./cry Got my Dagger So I need Byne Please
# Mar 05 2007 at 9:42 AM Rating: Decent
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I beat this with:


Used all 7 of our melts, the first NIN died of course but since everyone had enough hi potions and ethers the second NIN actually managed to stay alive while the first NIN unweakened.

I've been trying to do this fight again with my boyfriend who needs this. Tried twice and both times we had no BLM or SMN. We lost of course because silly me forgot to tell everyone to get all those potions and ethers as I think the main trick to this is keeping the tank alive. When they die it's a fumble of choices and decisions on whether to fight without the tank or keep Ouryu slept. When deciding to fight, hate is everywhere, mages are dieing and using too much mp to cure. When sleeping we have no time to rest we're too busy curing people.

And just to say on my first time on trying to help my bf I(RDM) actually managed to sleep Ouryu 7-8 times. That's right, 7-8 times. Although I didn't want to push my luck on the second try so we decided fight in between some sleeps when the tank is weakened since we didn't have much choice. I think when we had to sleep the 4th time I was in the middle of curing someone so the DRK decided to Sleep I. It lasted like 5 seconds, I tried to sleep him again but resisted. :(

And yes, I don't recommend that mages carry the mistmelts. It's a pain when I'm so caught up trying to catch it when he starts flying that I'm too scared of refreshing, curing and nuking as I also still have to run all the way up to Ouryu to use it. But I don't really recommend that tanks use either unless you're confident you can keep them alive always. But that's just my opinion from my half-assed attempts at trying to win this again. >.<

Going to try this again with me reminding everyone of those potions and ethers.

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Just beat this today
# Mar 04 2007 at 3:10 PM Rating: Decent
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Beat the record on Asura!
Setup was:

We wiped on the first try but the second try went very smoothly, no deaths. Be sure to Dispel him first and keep him silenced. Our SMN 2 hr'd, dont know if the BLU or SAM did. I was busy healing LoL. Not sure how many melts we used cause the tanks were holding them. But it IS possible to beat without BLM ^.^

Good Luck!
Fun fight for Summoners
# Feb 06 2007 at 2:12 PM Rating: Decent
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I went with a party to do this last night. The setup was SMN/SMN/RDM/NIN/BLU/COR. The strategy was pretty easy and effective. Basically, when we started to fight, someone from the party would sleep Ouryu. After it was asleep, myself and the other SMN would have Garuda use Aero 2, then retreat it and one of our sleepers would put it back to sleep. Part of the strategy was to keep the Garudas out the whole fight, so they would build up hate from thier BPs and hopefully get attacked when Ouryu woke up. Although other avatars like Shiva may have been more effective with Double Slap, we used Garuda because the Wyrm was weak to wind, so we wanted to finish with six Aerial Blasts.

During the sleep/BP downtime, the other members of the party did their jobs, like enfeebling, buffing, de-buffing, re-sleeping, refreshing, using melts etc. I didn't really take notice of everything they were doing, as I was mostly focused on checking my BP timer and healing the NIN, which wasn't needed very much. Anyway, once we got it down to around 80% HP, both of us SMNs hit it with Aerial Blast and it was down with the final AB. We did one dry run, without using melts, and won on our actual attempt with very little trouble.
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COP4.2- Win
# Jan 28 2007 at 6:07 AM Rating: Decent
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We completed COP 4.2 it wasnt perfect, but we won.

Set Up:
3 BLM's - Codah, Dagroon, Kenshen
1 DRG-Deathedge
1 PLD- Hando
1 RDM- Miah

Fairy Server: LS Fellowshipofthearts
"Life is short, make the most of it."
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OMG you won't believe it
# Jan 12 2007 at 10:22 PM Rating: Decent
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If I hadn't been apart of it, I wouldn't have believed it... Just did this fight in a scramble, make-shift party.

took us 4 hours to get the pt set up, and figured out, and on our way...

I started out as whm, and had 2 smn, 2 rdm, and a blm.

Well, people suddenly not able come, or others not trusting the set up left, and we were thinking, we don't have a tanking job. I was the only one with a tanking job lvled close, (42 pld), and just for sh*ts and giggles, figured "let's do it. if anything, we'll get a good laugh"

Final party setup:

The game plan was: The three blms would time it for start of battle, Freeze X3, and then rdm was on it to Elemental Seal+Sleep II. One of the rdms had the Mist Melts... which we only went through 3 total.


When he woke up, PLD Invincible, and the other rdm gravity Ouryu, and I kited it around, while the three blms in the middle of the arena cast freeze again. and then the other rdm ES+Sleep. And still every 30 seconds, I'd send a provoke.

We beat this thing in 12 minutes, 10 seconds on Ifrit server, just 2 minutes shy of the record. First try even. We were right, we definitely got a laugh out of it.

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OMG you won't believe it
# Jan 26 2007 at 10:36 AM Rating: Decent
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Ouryu can easily been manaburned, and it is usually the preferred method if you're just looking for an easy win.... to those ppl who ran away because of the set up; lol at them... if i wouldve seen 3+ blm in my party when i did this, i wouldve done anything to have them let me tag along :D
# Jan 11 2007 at 10:06 PM Rating: Decent
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Just won, farmed 44 tailfeathers (LOL) Setup was...

WHM/BLM (me)

gave pld and nin 7 melts each. won on 3rd run.


went in RR and buffed then rested to full, barstonra haste regen etc etc. melee'ed it til it flew (went around 96%) mistmelted it continued to beat on it. flew again around 86% ES sleep2. rest to full timed freeze, it flew upon wake. Sleep2 again rest freeze again. melee went in again and blms 2hr'ed freeze for kill. not hard just annoying.

forgive the grammar and such late and i want to go to bed. :)
# Dec 31 2006 at 12:40 PM Rating: Decent
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keep him on the ground. just by doing that alone you greatly increase your chances winning this battle. Ouryu seems to take to the air pretty randomly, because in my experience i've seen him go up shortly after the fight begun. and there have been times where i've seen him take to the air maybe 3x the entire fight.

so depending on how long your fight goes, the amount of mismelts you should be carrying will vary. the suggested number of mismelts seem to be 5x, but it never hurts to carry extra. especially since there is always a chance you could wipe on the 1st try, having those extra mismelts can be handy for a second shot at him since the first few could be wasted on the previous run.

my set up on this fight was: pld, nin/war(me), nin/rdm, blm, blm, rdm

thats right, we did this with no whm and it worked out fairly well. our strategy was pretty well thought out and this is how it went:

for starters, we had our pld carry as many hi-pots as he could fit in his inventory. since our rdm was going to be main healing, we knew we were going to have to conserve as much mp as possible in the event of a long fight.
we went in, buffed up and since i was the only nin/war i volunteered to tank the first 8 or so shadows to give us a headstart, then the pld took over and spammed his potions. the nin/rdm spammed ni nukes, and the blm did their thing.
Ouryu likes to spam stoneskin and slowaga. his stonekin absorbs approx 300 dmg, so having a rdm is very useful on this fight for dispel. this fight is pretty weird because Ouryu can be very random. sometimes he will spam powerful aoe's or take to the air alot, and sometimes he can be a little more laid back.
i think we were able to get him close to 50% when our pld hit the ground, and the only real reason he went down was because ouryu landed a 250+ crit on him then followed with some special attk (which i couldnt tell what it was since i always have filters on). i tanked him for a bit, then we proceeded to disengage and sleep him. three seems to be the magic number on sleep for ouryu, because he starts building resistance to it. while our pld was was recovering, i kept voking the slept Ouryu to keep it from going after the mages.
since this fight is over when you get him to about 30%, we went ahead and engaged him before our pld was unweakened and i took over tanking duties. then our pld used invincible, and the blm manafont+freezed him to get the last of his hp ftw!

note: Ouryu can be very deadly when he takes to the air and is below 50% hp. when he does so, he spams some kind of breath shot move that does 250+ dmg per shot (even on pld's). this move is extremely deadly because it goes through shadows and he shots very quickly. i wish i knew the names of the moves he does to warn you all getting ready to do this, but my filters prevented me from viewing that.... but yeah, just make sure you keep him on the ground
1/1 I think god likes me
# Dec 16 2006 at 11:08 PM Rating: Decent
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I just won ouryu 1/1. We used 3 mistmelts and here is setup.
DRG/WAR (me)

We tanked this thing straightup the entire time. The rng had 6 mistmelts and he macroed them. We used no sleep or bind. The tank held hate and the smn 2hred int he begining puting it down to 70% with 2 Arieal Blasts and then let garuda tank till it died. I was doing a lot of damage around 70 a hit and never missed. My 2hr made a good dent in it's hp. I had 2 wyvs, 1 pre summoned and 1 for 2hr. Ancient circle bought some time. We had a lot of curing power if you notice and the rng 2hr did 360 at the end. Nothing special other than using mistmelts and fighting it like a exp mob. The tank took some bad damage but he had barstona up constantly and I cut it's tp with my 2hr. Keep it on the ground and keep the tank healed and the fight isn't too tough.
# Dec 14 2006 at 9:49 AM Rating: Decent
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3 BLMs (1 was gimp and got resisted a ton)
1 WAR (leeching)
1 RNG (leeching)
1 PLD (Me, prolly nesecarry but feels like your leeching lol)

As PLD i used 23 Hi-potions, i ran out towards the end (with fairly good gear, defender, a tav taco, periskos au lait etc i was being hit for ¬230 per hit, he also hits fairly fast. His Stonega II were weak even without barstone (100ish).

Biggest 2 problems as PLD are making sure you can keep hate off freze, you need the very best gear to stand a chance. parade cuirass, hateful collar, high breath mantle are bare minimum.

He probably hits too fast to be able to stay alive by healing, so i suggest saving MP for healing when he is slept and spamming hi potions the rest of the time.

As a BLM, do NOT come gimp, your freze getting resisted is the maker or breaker of this fight and if you dont come sufficiently equipped and prepared your PT will suffer.

5x BLM 1x PLD would make this incredibly easy. sleep as soon as you enter. syncro freeze and invincible for hate. sleep again, syncro freeze again. Sleep again, manafont syncro freeze --> win. If he flies use mistmelt before attempting to re-sleep. if possible give the mistmelts to a melee, the tank will be spamming high potions and the BLMs correlating their nukes/sleeps so if there is a use for melee in this strat it is to use mistmelts at the right time.
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Not too bad
# Dec 02 2006 at 8:07 AM Rating: Decent
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Did this yesterday, 1/1 with one dry run to get a feel of the battle.


4 mistmelts used.

Pretty straightforward. Do not bother trying to sleep it in the sky; we could not get it stay asleep while flying. Others may have luck with it, but don't bank on it.

Go in, PLD vokes, RDM dispels Stoneskin. Melees set up on side of tank and whack away. Mages do their thing. NIN (me) mistmelted on first two flights. On the third, everyone disengaged and Ouryu was slept. We used that time to regroup and recoup. When it woke up, we kept going as we were. Used fourth melt and MNK 2hr'ed when the PLD died. Gave up at 37%.

1. At least 3 Mistmelts, if not 4. You will not win otherwise. Drop rates of feathers are awesome, so we had 22 in 2 hours (we have 2 groups in the static).
2. At least one BLM is strongly recommended!
3. PLD tanks are best.
4. When you sleep after a mistmelt, you are also using up the time that the melt keeps Ouryu down. So if you rest like we did, he will start flying again very shortly after he wakes up.
5. Give one person all mistmelts, preferably a durable melee.

Not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. Hope I can say the same thing for the future...

thf any good?
# Dec 01 2006 at 10:27 AM Rating: Default
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are thf any good in this mission?
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Shan's Ultimate Strategy Guide after losing 13 in a row
# Nov 30 2006 at 5:48 AM Rating: Decent
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Ok, after just winning 1/14 on this bad boy, i decided to give an uberly long post to help out those who actually struggled on this fight as I did. For those that had an easy fight 1/1, you are incredibly lucky and I envy you. For the rest of you reading this, Here's a miniguide to help you with some more ideas. From loss learning is most paramount; from a victory the challenge of knowledge is inaccessible. Ok so here goes:

Most important
1) tank has mistmelts, pld tank uses melt right after invincible.
2) blm doesnt over sleep >>> you only get 3 sleeps! (explained below)
3) if any party member 2 hours = dragon flies up

almost as important
4) regen the tank if tank doesnt have regen drink
5) dont stand at the rear
6) stagger your damage over time to help manage hate as well as because of the new resist factor put directly into this as well as other impossible to gauge! Fights.
7) save a chunk of your firepower for later on in the fight…don’t 2hr till at least like 60%, and vary that % based upon how many blms you have. The less blm/smn u have, the closer to 40 or 50% you really want to save those 2hrs for.
8) bring hi potions, yags, ethers, food, reraisers, icarus wings, etc. specially regen drink for tank(s). See the list below for recommended items.
9) refresh all those who dont have yags
10) everyone reads the fight log in order to know what to do and be proactive about it.
11) list of the only spells that are effective to cast against it: paralyze, silence, gravity, bind (bind kinda weak tho)
12) main tank brings 20 hi potions, then you wont be afraid to use them liberally.
If you only bring 5, you wont use but 1 or 2 usually because you will want to conserve them.
13) Use potions during your sleep time instead of actual resting. You wont truly wont have enough time to actually rest to the full unless you have both a blm and a brd and the blm ES sleep2 and the brd lullaby on top of that.
14) Someone keeps reraise up so that the party doesnt have to quit after you lose! Designate that person to not reraise during the fight, and they have to be able to raise the other party members.
15) Don't do a load of damage at the start, as it will fly up too much during the fight if you do.

Strategy tips
*open up with smn’s garuda hitting the monster and tanking it for small damage
*if you don’t have a smn, then skip that step and go straight to
*opening up with a dispel and a voke
*if you have a nin and pld tank, let the nin tank the ground and the pld tank the air. Also, you can coordinate vokes so that the pld can cure himself while nin tanks and the pld can tank while the ninja is casting utsemi. Having both a nin and a pld using this strategy is great, since pld can tank it/ kite it in the air quite nicely.
*if you have no more melts, have the pld run in a circle while the mages are in the center. In this way the pld can be within cure radius as well as run the dragon tired enough to land. If you do this, you need to have gravity on the dragon however because the dragon will smak the pld for too much dmg otherwise.
*You only get 3 sleeps! After your given 3 sleep2, you have to use a brd 2hr or Elemental seal sleep2. ES sleep2 will always land on this dragon despite resist. SAY in party chat what number sleep you used. Sleep2 #1 (just used it) works wonders! Then #2, then #3, then sleep2 (I’m sorry) (/no) more. Or the like.
*do this bc in two trips, one day (2 or 3 hrs) of farming just melts, and then another day to do the actual bc. (2 or 3 hrs, especially if you get agro/cant reach bc fast, plus dry runs)
*Pld tank help desk section: tank success (my successes) were when I had enmity + as well as having 20 potions. I was not afraid of using them all in that one fight, as I knew my future towards beating all of pm rested upon my ability to advance. As well, the combo of gear/pots helped me tank better. The monster rarely hit the mages (except in a run or two where I disengauged and lost target of it -.-) Well that’s a good reason to open up a spell and run the other way while not using the spell and still having the lock on. This is confusing, I don’t know how else to explain it tho. Maybe this will help: if you use menu to cast cure 3, right when you are targeted and the second before you cast cure 3, you are not forced to stare at the mob. There u go. The gear I used in my win was a parade curiass as well as a grudge sword, iron musket set, and some other less impressive items. You can also get hateful collar and astral rope; you can get rush gloves. That’s the good gear for pld at this lvl. Oh I had unyielding ring which did amazing wonders. And you can get verve+1 of course.
*don’t fight this monster on earthsday lmao
*oh hers a tip, use cookies to rest up that mp after you buff, then use your mage food for the rest of the time, pie etc. or just use pie +1 lolol.
Job combination suggestions

Blmx4 Brd Rdm (best)
Blmx3 Brd Rdm Pld (second best)
Blmx2 Brd Rdm Pld Nin (third best)
Substitute a smn for any blm if necessary

Job explanations

Blm: blm is better than smn for this bc simply because blm can always cast a freeze,
Yet smn only has 1 2hr. A bit tricky however, if you run out of melts…smn garuda can
Tank the boss.
Smn: smn is good because garuda can tank the boss for about 2 mins while you rest mp
If you run out of sleeps and you run out of melts.
Pld: good for tanking it while it is in the air, good for invincible for the blms
Nin: good for tanking it on the ground. Rather sucky 2hr here tho, unless he dies and rr and is weakened…but still sucky.
Rdm: need dispel and gravity. Plus rdm can main heal. Combine those and you get a better
Main heal than whm which can only main heal without those needed enfeebles. Whm 2hr would help if you are almost dead once you sleep the monster. Saves time/mp.
Brd: bard is amazing in this bcnm. Bard allows you to dispel and also add 2 layers of refresh to your blms that are in your party. Also, bard is amazing for threnody, allowing the freeze and smn two hr to do way more dmg. Also! Brd sleep stacks on top of blm sleep, making the sleep duration about 50% longer.

Why these jobs/setup?
In this bc, a backup tank is almost a necessity because without a backup tank the rest of the mages are going to die pretty fast. This is not true, however, if they know how to bind it, run up and use a melt, then sleep 2 it, then rest mp….you know….use actual skill instead of just nuke. However, most blm not yet at this skill level, nor do they ascribe to this level of skill. So my perfect party of blmx4, rdm, brd is almost unrealistic given the lack of blm skills that I have seen at this bc fight. Yet, it truly is the best setup if you have blms with skill. Nin + pld is great if they work together, but too often nin and pld have hate contests. This shouldn’t happen in this bc or you will die very quickly. Calling out in party chat when for the other tank to voke is essential.

What happens if I have (insert job here)
Drg? Other guides recommend taking a drg because of dragon killer will paralyze it from acting for a few turns. The more drg the more this effect will take place. Plus I think they might have an party aoe that gives the similar effect just like paladin and undead killer.
Mnk? Some say mnk is a good thing for this bc, but if you don’t use a melt right after hundred fists, the thing will fly up into the sky. Then the monk is hitting air with his fists lmao.
Sam? Sam 2hr would be ok, but certainly not the dmg of a smn or a blm.
Drk? Drk rather useless in this bc. Def is too low and the dragon turns around and smacks melee too much for it to be useful. Also drk 2hr is too weak to make any good effect. However, if the drk is a most amazing stunner, and knows what to look for and/or gets lucky, the drk can stun some of the more damaging attks of the dragon.
Thf? Again thf is useless in this bc as it is for most of pm. You would never ever want to stand at the back of the dragon lololol. Even if you did, your thf dmg wouldn’t be very impressive.
Pup? I doubt pup would have much usefulness in this bc.
Blu? blu head **** is nice in PM's, but this would not be a good job for this pm.
Cor? Cor would be nice for this bc, but not as nice as blm rdm or brd. Cor only has mp while resting for party by this point I think. Cor ranged attk would do decent dmg I would think.
Rng? Rng pwns this bc just as all other pms. However, rng def is way weak. It really depends on if your tank is wearing enough enmity +. I wore enmity+3 and had good hate. Tank with no hate gear tho will leave the rng dead so fast it wont be funny. Mpless is an advantage, but also a weakness. Advantage is that the rng 2hr would be able to go off despite the dragon being in the air and you could do it after you die and use your reraise items. Disadvantage is that rng will not do as much dmg as smn or blm…at least if the rng is normal. Im pretty sure that if the rng forked up enough mils into gear, the rng could pwn any other job class for dmg at any lvl or any mission promathia mission, zilart mission, or anything else. However, disadvantage…. The ranger cannot heal the party or cast stoneskin/blink on himself unless he subbed smn or whm. Stoneskin + blink is more shadows than simply the 3 from nin. Considering the aoe attks of this monster, more than 3 warded off is good. So I guess rng/whm would be appropriate for this bc, but not exactly the most damage dealing lmao.
War? War is a pretty weak DD in this bc just as are all melee jobs. On the otherhand, war can tank~ish while doing more dmg than nin or pld, making it an ideal backup tank. Just don’t wear evasion minus gear please X.X.
Whm? Whm not a good choice for this bc, but better than nothing. Whm is the most efficient cure job of all, yet curaga is rather pointless when everyone is so scattered as they are in this bc.
Bst? Bst would be amazing for this bc as would it for almost all of pms. Courier carrie is a water based pet, and as well it’s the only (well, one of two I hear, but only one to go from 1-75) pet that goes up in lvl as the bst goes up in lvl. So a water based pet vs a stone mob = a good thing. As well, It would make an awesome backup tank. Only downside of bst is that bst 2hr is not exactly the most DD type of 2hr.

First of all, you have to expect to die a few times. If you work a few dry runs, you should be able to get the monster to 50% with no potions or 2hrs. If people are not patient enough for that, you will most likely lose. As well, you need to be patient enough to farm 10 melts. So patience and teamwork are key. One time I said during the fight like ten times not to sleep the dragon as it was pointless. The blm continued to empty their mp on the dragon by sleep instead of damage. Needless to say that we lost pretty bad, and our subsequent attempt(s) did not work either. Basically you cant have sleephappy blms. The more inclined they are to want to nuke instead of sleep, the more likely you will win. Teamwork is key, as you need someone to shout orders during the fight. If you don’t everyone paying attention to the log and talking in party chat to each other about what to do, everyone will be crapping in their pants at the sight of the dragon and you wont even put a dent in it. I know that my first run I was that way lol. It is the orders that takes the attention of ‘how the ???? we going to kill that’ to ‘oh that’s what I need to do right now’.

Purchase list:
20 hi potions for the tank
yagudo drinks x3
icarus wing x1
2 stacks of sneak oil
2 stacks of prism powder/invis
Pamama Au Lait x3
int potion for the blm (not necessary, but after losing 13 times, you start to get desperate, so heres a 'desperate' potion)
5 hi ether for each mage
vile elixir +1 (restores 50% hp/mp) (again hers another 'desperate' item)
warp cudgel or cp warp scroll
reraise earring, or reraise scroll from cp.

There is quite a controversy over damage over time spells by blm or whm. (dot) Dia2, choke, rasp, etc, are examples of the spells that we are talking about here. These spells generally are the staple of the way that we fight. Weakening defense, lowering evasion of enemy, and other status effects are greatly valued. However, this is a mob that people generally think to be a manaburned bcnm. I have seen people say soo many times: sleep >> freeze >>> sleep >>> death. While this isn’t really true, it takes a lot more to kill this dragon, the need to sleep and use high dmg spells from blm and smn does play an important role in this bcnm. Using dot spells cancels any chance of sleeping the monster.

So why a controversy? Well, myself and others have seen a huge bit of damage done over the normal with a DOT spell active. Upon careful thought and consideration, I conclude that it is because the melee had 2hr’d after the dot had been applied. If you do your best combination of dot before your melee’s 2hr (example u have sam), you can make more effective use of melee. However, this would require skill as well, since most ffxi players seem to have a difficulty in the basics of the English language including reading, writing, and overall prose. The skill needed is reading since reading is necessary for all parts of the DOT play, from casting to the end of its effect. Reading the log seems to be reserved for only the highest caliber of players on ffxi…the only way you would not know that DOT had ended would be to ignore the log. Further, the pivot from moving away from DOT to sleep >>> freeze >>> sleep has the necessity of understanding when the DOT would end so that the other could begin.

Most common mistakes!! Please read this if anything!!
1) sleephappy blms. Blm’s that think I lie about the 3 sleeps are the first and foremost reason for death in this bcnm as a full party wipe. If the blm cannot listen or take orders to not sleep more than 3 times, its best to even bring a melee because their damage will be more than a blm using up all his/her manapoints on sleep.
2) Second most worst mistake is to give a mistmelt to the mages. There is nothing more *** than handing the melt to the mage that gets 1 shot as soon as they hand their melt in. First and foremost is to hand the melt to the tank, since the tank isn’t going to be doing much in the way of damage anyways, and isn’t curing the party for much as well. Handing the melt to the tank is the priority. Remember that you can trade the feathers BEFORE you even turn them in to become r/ex.
3) The third most important thing is to spread out your damage. Ive been in far too many parties where they try to get the blms to freeze all at the same time. Not only is this counterproductive because of the amount of (resist) that occurs to that specific element, but also because the dragon flies up into the air immediately afterwards. If you are able to produce small amounts of damage for a full minute between each of your damage hitting spells/attacks, then you will not only be able to do far more amount of damage with your spells (say 1200 dmg for a freeze instead of 300) but also the dragon will pop up into the air far less often. #4 mistake is similar to this
4) Fourth most common mistake is to two hour without expecting to mistmelt right after. Every time that I have 2hr (invincible), the dragon has popped up and 1shot me basically. The key to avoiding this is to have your melt ready and willing to use it right after the 2 hour is used.
5) Another huge mistake is to expect a full party of 6 to want to go farming after many hours of shouting. I once shouted 5 hours for enough people for a run….at the end of this time they were all crabby and didn’t want to farm feathers. The key strategy then, is to have those that are not shouting to be farming feathers while waiting on new members. You can gather up enough feathers while you wait to hit that 10 melt mark, especially if you farm in riverneA1 instead of B1.
6) This BC is going to take an incredibly long period of time, therefore following my list of meds for each player is going to guarantee a far bigger set of success than avoiding it. Med-less parties are about as successful as expecting Ronald McDonald to have Burger King as his favorite restaurant. This is also the longest BC as of yet on the promathia set of missions. If you don’t expect an eternally long fight, you wont be able to understand the mechanics of spreading damage over time, bringing meds to help your health and mp outlast the fight, as well as farming mistmelts because going without them is like jumping without a parachute. So many people want to go with less or none mistmelts because of the ease at which it is expected that this bc is won. However, if you have people that have not fought this bc before in your party, and especially if one of them is your blm, your chances of success is far less than what you might hope for. On the other hand, (Veterans) that have beaten this bc many times, if they are your complete set of teammates, your need for mistmelts will be far less. My personal win was blm smn smn nin pld rdm. 3/6 had won the bc before, and I was 1/13 on it, so effectively we had 4/6 that knew what we were doing basically. That went the full distance in helping us win.
7) Another reason for loss is death of the tank too soon. If the mages are hesitant to cure for 0 damage on a paladin tank, they will end up leaving the pld to die too soon. And its pretty obvious that in this BC, if the tank dies, the party wipes. So the rdm needs to take curing the tank as second most priority (first being to dispel the monster) A nice way to avoid this is to bring both a nin and a pld for the melee for this bc. The nin can tank the ground for taking almost zero dmg, and the pld can take the air while taking only about 60 dmg a hit and running around in a circle getting cured by a mage in the middle while the rdm gravities and makes it so that the dragon doesn’t quite catch up to the pld. Kiting is a nice strategy if you run out of melts and you are just trying to get it land, not the best strategy if you actually are trying to damage the dragon.
8) Another reason for wiping is people standing behind the dragon. The dragon does a special tail whip move that basically will put party hp at ½.
9) Biggest reason for death (besides oversleeping of course) is that people or a smn’s pet does not disegange and/or a dot is still applied to the dragon….therefore rendering sleep2 as pretty much useless and a waste of mp that could be rather used curing the party.

Sample Strategy
Blm blm rdm brd pld nin

Party runs in, watches the cs, walks out. Leader announces to go back in again. Food, magic buffs applied. Then party waits until every last mp is refilled through resting. Then nin and rdm run in at the same time. Nin vokes and rdm dispels, but it doesn’t matter who does what first, just that they both do it as quickly together as possible after mp is filled back up. Nin tanks and party does minimal dmg for about till it gets to 70-80%. Rdm DOT after dispel, and pld and nin melee till dot wears. DOT would be a good measure to how long you do small dmg before you pull out your guns. If you do too much dmg at the start, the dragon will fly up in the air too much during the fight. After dot wears, party should be at about 20% health with no one dead yet. Then the nin uses a melt, nin+pld disengage, and then blm sleep 2 for sleep#1/3. Brd slaps lullabye on top of the blm sleep and party uses potions to get back to health. Round 2: Brd uses ice threnody to make it weaker to ice. Then the blm opens up with a freeze to wake the dragon up after the party potions back to health. Rdm slaps DOT on the dragon as a timer to the next freeze spell and party fights for a few mins. DOT wears, then melt used, and then sleep #2 used, repeat this process till the dragon hits about 50%. Then pld uses a melt, invincibles, and rdm mp potions to full and everyone 2hrs it till it dies at the 30% mark. Congratulations on a new victory to a very hard bc.

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This post made my final fantasy career/i couldn't laugh harder "Boomeranger":
# Nov 25 2006 at 5:29 PM Rating: Decent
9 posts
Hey can anyone tell me who the NPC is that i trade the feathers to to get Mistmelts plz? Thx
# Nov 22 2006 at 6:24 AM Rating: Decent
7 posts
We did this last night with nin/war (yes Ninja tank) war/nin drk/nin smn/whm rdm/whm and rdm/blm <me>. We took a dry run just to check its strength and attacks. If you are worried about time, do the cut scene, then exit the bc and go in again. Then you don't waste time on cs. Tank died on dry run, because we didn't want to waste mismelts. Second run was pure clockwork. You really can use any setup if everyone knows their jobs. Nin debuffed and used the wheel to keep hate, drk absorbed int and vitality, war did war thing, rdm's silenced, dispelled and gravity, and buffed party. Our smn got 3 bp's on astral flow. I didn't even have to convert. We used maybe 3 mismelts and slept it 2 or 3 times. We only used sleep II so it would not build tolerance. We beat our server record at 8min 6 sec. So don't get discouraged if you don't have a paladin tank or 2 blms's. If everyone does their jobs, many combo's can work
Ouryu WE WON
# Oct 28 2006 at 12:08 AM Rating: Decent
8 posts
set up:
Well first we had a few runs before we actually did it, our first run we did dry we lost at 91% i should say (in total have 5mismelts used 0 on this one) then secnd try we took it down to 36% it was earthsday...we used 3mistmelts so 2 left, we decided to stay for next game day (us being in pt for about 4hours) why gve up now? so we stayed, when we went in we buffed, healed up, nin and drg dd'ed Ouryu and rdm enfeebled, blms drained and aspir for fun 0o so then it was at 95%, usually dding him he gets up at 91% so to save 2 mistmelts i decided to make BLMs ES+freeze at 94%, i then made rdm so sleep2 exactly after they had casted freeze so we saved 2 mistmelts!, then we rested,he woke up so i had to use mistmelt#1then slept him again, blms 2hred and uses freeze again, we kited for a bit and the blms died, i thought **** we lost, i raised Orim and Solkanar raised Shonuf, they rested a bit and used aeroga2 while he was awake flying, then i used our last mistmelts and they slept after many fails, then we rested and he woke up blms didnt have enough mp to aeroga2 again so we let him come down by himself with touchdown, right when he did blms had enough we almost all had died i had Cure4'ed the NIN right before and she was down to 15% hp Orim uses aeroga for 365dmg doesnt kill then shon does and we barely won! in beginning drg used ancient circle too, and jumps while flying, NEVER USE TOD SPELLS EVER!!! U ALWAYS WANT TO SLEEP HIM he resists after 4sleeps my rd kept trying to sleep while he flew or did on accident from being too late so we used up some sleeps, he gets resistence FAST! so only sleep him on the ground when he flies it dont work well i hope u learn from this TY ALL!! (I WAS LEADER AND MADE ALL THE RULES TOLD THEM WHAT TO DO AND WHEN, PLZ LISTEN TO A PERSON LIEK THIS WHEN IT COMES TO CoPs IT HELPS PUT THINGS AND ORDER AND OBVIOUSLY THE PERSON KNOWS WHAT HES TALKING ABOUT!!)
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easy fight
# Oct 17 2006 at 11:38 AM Rating: Decent
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must admit we had 5 Blm/Whm and a Sam/War

well we went in and sleeped him and sam spamed provoke every 30 sec's

all the BLM's started casting freeze and we got it down to 73 sam used mistmelt
then 1 BLm E/S sleep II

then freeze round 2 after healing 50 MP each all the while sam/war spamming voke this took it to 37 sam uses mist melt

then E/S sleep 2 again

this time 2 of the Blm uses manafont and freeze again to end battle as battle is over at 30% health

i am not saying this is the only way to do it but it works no death and i am 1/1 on this no need for a refresh and no need for a pld or nin tank but you should have one to be safe

spamming voke just help with hate though it'll still target the mages but usuall only need 1 voke to retake the hate

we needed no one to heal and no refresh hope this gives some new insight into this mission
# Oct 15 2006 at 10:10 PM Rating: Decent
694 posts
We had 7 people going in for this mission so we did it twice. Went 2 for 2.

mnk/war (me)
sam/rng --> drg/war

We did a dry run and without food (acc+24 from gear and merits) I had good accuracy so I decided to eat mithkabobs. I 2houred on the first one and the drg and rng 2houred the second, but I don't think either was entirely necessary. We did lose our whm towards the end of the second fight but that was the only death. Hate control with a ninja is an issue, but I didn't notice her getting hit all that much--certainly not more than our whm could control. I think the main reason for this was Ultimate Terror. The terrorize effect lasts a long time, during which your tank can't voke, or do anything else to defend himself. Since nins have to voke like clockwork to maintain hate and plds can toss out big cures if they lose it, plds are probably preferable, but nins can certainly get the job done too.

We burnt 3 mistmelts in each fight. Definately the key to victory.
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Normal PT Set-up
# Sep 22 2006 at 11:41 AM Rating: Decent
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Just want to reiterate that this guy can be taken rather easily by a normal exp setup. Just make sure to Silence him and don't cast any DOT's in case you have to sleep him. And yes, he can be slept in the air by the spell, not just by Lullaby.

War/Nin (Great Axe)

I chose Great Axe for Armor Break, which worked like a charm. Two-handed weapons in general seem to work better on him; I was hitting for 65-85 on regulars, up to 160 on crits. The Dragoon was about the same, though a little less on crits and way, way more on weaponskills. Penta Thrust did 400+ each time it was used. And Ouryu was intimidated a lot. Dragoons own this guy.

The Ninja, on the other hand, was hitting for anywhere between 8-20 dmg. High base dmg weapons > dual wield at this fight.

We had 4 mistmelts, which is all he required. Didn't bother with a skillchain, and I was the only one who used a 2 hour.

Edited, Sep 22nd 2006 at 3:42pm EDT by Tadghostaltwo
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Ouryu too weak
# Sep 10 2006 at 4:19 PM Rating: Decent
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too weak battle 1/1, 8 min 45 seconds

BLM: Zia
NIN: Edwardillo
SMN: Chabon
WAR: Vinny
WHM: Lordjhon
RDM: Siman (me)

special thanks to Zaida (WHM) that he came to help us on the way.

Freeze rocks lol
Gimped nin can tank!
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95 posts
Went in this fight with this pt set up:

Went well, I went in and voked and casted my nin spells while the BLM nuked. At this time one of the BLM realized that I was only 47 and they were like, "We're gonna die!!!" I assured them we would be fine. I continued to cast my spells then they slept it and rested. I kept voking, but never engaged. We did this for about 9 minutes over and over again until he got to 37% then I 2hred taking him to 30% and us winning. Not too hard if you bring the right amount of mismelts and if your sleep sticks. Only one BLM died at the same time I 2hred. We never had any trouble with that though, other than the one death. Best of luck to you all!
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ouryu owned
# Jul 19 2006 at 5:28 PM Rating: Decent
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Well, this fight can definitly be done with a normal exp setup. We have WHM/BLM BLM/WHM SAM/RNG MNK/WAR NIN/RDM and PLD/WAR. Buff up, everyone runs in, mages to the right of him, and everyone else sits on his foot. beat beat beat, since ouryu attacks so fast, our PLD didn't bother curing, he just had about 30 hi-potions he spammed. When he takes off, mistmelt his ***, and more importantly, make an order for people to go in. makes for less confusion that way. Anyway, it went off without a hitch, he flew about 3 times, but we have 16 mistmelts between us (We had heard very bad things). Noone had to two-hour, and by the time we were getting ready to set up a freeze SC, he gave up.
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The fight
# Jul 11 2006 at 3:19 PM Rating: Default
Just did this fight with party of 5, BLMx3, RDM (me), NIN, and basically owned it. No deaths though twice the BLMs were hit very hard. Only used 2 melts. It wasn't fast fight, but it wasn't really hard either.
NIN grab aggro and paralyzed, I silenced, slowed, gravitated, bound and dispelled, BLMs did freeze and then we slept him. When he woke, I repeated, NIN used melt, BLMs cast freeze and we slept him. I healed BLMs and converted. Repeated same. Before I knew it, he was dead.
A good method/guide to this fight
# Jul 04 2006 at 12:46 PM Rating: Decent
There is no point in trying to fight him while he's flying. BUY or FARM Tailfeathers and get 5 or more mistmelts!! Its easy and takes very little time to do this. The mistmelt quest is repeatable so just keep turning in Tailfeathers. That being said...

Just did this, party was:

Blm, Blm, Sam, Pld, Whm, Brd

Barstona before going in. The dragon has a stone breath attack that killed our tank *INSTANTLY*. Like all COP BC...if you're unlucky you'll just die no matter how well prepared/equipped/skilled you are.

Be sure to Paralyze and Silence him, keep both enfeebles up, this will make your fight *MUCH* easier.

We begin by running in, the PLD grabs aggro. As soon as Ouryu is aggrod he casts Stoneskin so your dispeller (brd or rdm - I HIGHLY suggest either one of these) dispells it while sam (or whatever misc dd job) just pommels away (I'm sam/thf). I Sneak Attacked and WSd and didn't take aggro, but was carefull to control how much hate I drew by waiting until voke was ready again.

We beat on him and after maybe 7-10% be began to fly. Use a mistmelt ASAP. This grounds him, just continue beating on him. Keep him in the middle and the mages near the entry way hallway place.

Brd dispells stoneskin and assists in sleeping. PS: HE *CAN* BE SLEPT IN AIR. If you dont believe me I'll send you the video I recorded on fraps of him being asleep while flying. Try to keep minuet on melee and balad on mages.

2x Blm conserve MP entire fight just barely nuking enough to keep a small steady flow of damage on him. If you're using blms like we did, they will need as much MP as possible.

Whittle away at Ouryu's hp. You can sleep him AT ANY TIME and rest MP while ouryu is sleeping.. As I said he CAN (yes, 100% for sure) be slept in the air (like I said, I have video to prove it). He might resist a little more but in a pinch you can ES + Sleep. If you use a mistmelt on him while he's flying and asleep he wont land until he wakes up.

Keep damage up, keep him paralyzed, silenced, and dispelled and try to keep your PLD tank above 700 HP... because his breath attack can do 700-800 at any time without barstona on. Sleep and rest as needed.

At 50% you're close, but now your BLMs come into play. Have 1 person designated as a person to call when melee stop attacking at 50%. All melee disengage and blms or brd Sleep him. BLMs coordinate with vanadiel clock on screen when to cast freeze. This will drop him to near death from 50%. If ES is up still, ES + Sleep him after that first volley of freezes. Wait until freeze is up again. If sleep breaks a little before freeze is ready, PLD can invincible to hold aggro and keep Ouryu from eating your BLMs (dragon will be a little ticked that he just got freezed x2). At this point however, depending on your damage output and how well that last freeze volley did, you can either choose to cast a 2nd Volley of Freeze again or, do what I did as a Sam/Thf.. I just 2 houred Meikyo Shisui and my Self renkei finished him. BLMs didn't even have a chance to cast freeze again.

However, it's nice to have a samurai since they can self renkei Distortion and open up a MB for ice (Freeze) and those 2x freeze spells will Burst and totally obliterate Ouryu.

Nin tank is possible with this but honestly its a lot harder then a PLD. Ouryu casts stonega so that removes shadows. He was hitting our PLD for 70-90 on the ground and 200 in the air. If you're smart and prepared you'll have mistmelts, but without shadows a nin would be taking probably something like 100ish damage and he hits kind-of fast.

I hope you all found this usefull, most guides I read are kind-of poorly written / hard to understand.

And now on to Sacrarium... :( :( :(

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ouryu die!
# Jun 19 2006 at 8:48 AM Rating: Decent
55 posts
going in like 1hour with
brd, smn, smn, whm, pld, drk <_< hope we win :D
it might help that i have 7 mistmelts XD
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# Jun 16 2006 at 4:50 PM Rating: Good
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just owned him with blm blm blm blm rdm pld

started off with ES + sleep, timed freeze x4, pld 2hr kited it for a few seconds, 2nd round of nukes got it down.
Very easy
# May 21 2006 at 1:03 PM Rating: Decent
Finally, a CoP BCNM im 1/1 on! It was very very easy. Our formation worked well and ill post what we did:

Black mage:

By far the hardest and most important job. We used 2. They would use the Vana'diel clock and pick a time so they casted at same time I.E. its 12:30 on the clock so theyll cast at 12:45. Then they sleep (ES when u can and always sleep 2 and please have effeble capped), let everyone rest, and go again. By the time they run ouda mp it will be at 50% hp if ur doing it right. 2hr. Nuke. Dead. Stick to Freeze and sleep 2 only. When he flies stop casting and wait for him to be brought down. Yag drinks and Hi eths are advised.

Paladin (me):

NIN tanks dont work well (not to start NIN flame). Even if u do keep it on the ground hate is a big factor. BLMs will be nuking and u need as much hate control as u can get. If he flies a PLD is more likely to survive cause when in flight he goes past shadows and hits harder then usual. Never used a Hi-pot (take tho cause theyr useful in a pinch). Kept refresh up with yag drinks (2-3 i recommended) and a regen drink (weird name, get the best u can 1-2 should do it). You will start the battle by going in and grabbing as much hate as possible. Once u have let everyone come in. Spam cures on urself cause ull prolly get hit for 100+ and hes not the slowest hitter. As soon as he flies stop attacking it and just stick to provokeing and flashing. Rest when u can. Be ready for when BLMs release another volly of freeze to keep grabbin hate and spam cure. When close to death and BLMs 2hr u can use ur own 2hr to grab pemenate hate.

White mage:

Ignore everyone else unless they pull hate and get pounded. Spam cure on the paladin. Rest when hes asleep. Bring Yag drinks and Hi eths. not hard but u need to just keep spamin.

Red mage (waht we used) or Bard will work:

Dispel (Finale) is a must. Use it to take down any buffs he may cast. Refresh mages. Bring the same items as white and black mages. Silence and other debuffs sept poison (if it can stick, I dont know) while its asleep.


OMFG A DRG IN A BCNM BATTLE! "Dragon killer" makes em hit harder then anything else. Have em /war so that they can help bring hate down from mages with provoke. Make sure to stop attacking when mages sleep. 2hr to finish if needed and Super jump 2hred brings hate from mages (thats what he said i think but he never 2hred either).


Farm as many hippo feathers as possible. Give them all to the drg (get 4 mistmelts, we used 3) 2 feathers is 1 mistmelt. When he takes flight (be VERY careful to not use to early, its easy to do and will lose u a mistmelt. Even let the pld get hit for 200+ just to make sure its in full flgiht.) Once hes down have blms sleep and let everyone rest.

- Your only tryin to lower him to 30%; u dont need to kill

- **** be on the ground most when you start. after he flies **** do it more frequently.

- Stone based. Ice is the oposing element.

- Abilities arent to threating. Keeping silence up keeps him from casting stonega. he has a AoE but didnt hit hard. Stoneskin u gotta watch if ur rdm. When he flies (more of a hovering) he can only be hit by long range weapons and DOUBLES in attack. kiting is messy to cause he spits rocks from across the room.

- People wwerent easy to find, specialy pld. i was gonna go origonaly as white mage but switched to my main (pld) cause some1 had a whm friend who already did. Its prolly cause PLD isnt used a lot in CoP.

Good luck and i hope this has helped.

EDIT: On seraph we hold record cause we did right after a maitnece but this worked very smoothly.

Edited, Tue May 23 11:55:00 2006
my win
# Apr 26 2006 at 1:55 AM Rating: Decent
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Just did this today and had a blast. Set up was PLD, RDM, WHM, 3x BLM. Off the bat rdm sleep 2. 3 blms freeze. he drops to 70% hp. pld keeps voking and flashing while rdm keeps stone skin off. he wakes up stun sleep 2, aspair frreze x3. 40% hp. stun sleep 2. freeze x2. fight ends. Total time 5 minutes. new record.
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A definate learning experience
# Apr 22 2006 at 5:46 PM Rating: Decent
335 posts
Beat this with:

Bard 2 hour double minuet on melees and paeon, ballad on pld and whm to start.
Pld uses as many hi-pots as he can hold(at least 10) and regen drinks.
sam and drg both had icharus wing(bst might have also...can't really remember). Bard and beast were back up healers. Whm used regular ethers..yup I said regular ethers... we learned the hard way that hi-ethers took to much time to use. Regular ethers are almost instant. Whm used benediction near the very end when we got hit with cyclone wing. We used about 3 mistmelts also. Slept Ouryu just once and that was when he invincibled.
I think our final time was 7 min. and something seconds.

what if you cant find enough mages....
# Apr 09 2006 at 12:08 PM Rating: Decent
516 posts
i notice a lot of these party setups have 3 BLMs. I think we can all see that 3 Freeze's will do lots of damage, but its often hard to find 3 BLMs willing to do 4-2. if you're like me and cant find 3 BLMs that need 4-2, i recommend Rangers and Thiefs. it may seems weird, but sleep bolts work like a charm in this fight, as long as hes on the ground. plus if you have even 1 BLM, Split Shot >> Viper Bite is what? That's right, Distortion. the damage from Split Shot >> SATA Viper Bite is decent, and you get mega Freeze on top of that, then you get her on the ground and sleep her again.
Ouryu 1/1 much to my surprise
# Apr 09 2006 at 11:11 AM Rating: Excellent
After hearing so many horror stories, I really expected to get alot of "learning experiences" in on this one. Took us 3 tries to beat Diabolos and everyone told us he was cake compared to Ouryu. Smiley: eek

My promy static went in yesterday, fully stocked with Yag drinks, food, persikos aulaits (we are usually over prepared with items) and plenty of mistmelts.

PLD/WAR Scottyboy
RDM/BLM (me)
MNK/WAR Angelan
BLM/WHM Ceredwin
BLM/RDM Willfried

PLD took immediate hate with Provoke, Flash, Invincible. I kept him silenced, paralyzed and slowed best I could, while healing the PLD. The dragon never moved off the PLD, even after the the MNK Hundred Fisted him on the ground and the BLM all Freezed him at once. I think we used two mistmelts total (though I wasn't in charge of them). Brought him to the ground after Hundred Fists and Triple Freeze, slept him, rested, Triple Freeze and it was over. PLD was down to 65 HP and I was trying to get a Cure 4 on him but I couldn't cast. It was cutscene time! Smiley: yippee

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Hate this mission....
# Mar 21 2006 at 10:13 AM Rating: Decent
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The party I had got together for this after a few hours of shouting in Jeuno was..

Drg/whm (me)

Now mind you we tried twice.. I had 5 mistmelts, one I wasted on the 1st try, the rest on the 2nd try.

During our first try Ouryu cast slowga so the whm just tried getting rid of that and the pld died so the rest of us zoned out, so we raised pld and when weakness wore off when again..

this time blm ended up dying rather early so no freeze, melee took out 50% by ourselves more or less, the rdm was also good since he was lvl 75 and had enfeebling merits. the whm was also very good since we told him not to worry about the slowga...

as someone said he goes crazy when he gets to about 50%, I can confirm this as well... He used Invincible which made things hard when the blm was still weakened. long story short whm 2hrs and rdm had used convert to raise the blm and the blm and other drg had zoned out without telling anyone and wouldnt come back in so by now whm and pld are dead, only me and rdm and rdm kept sleeping him so the other 2 would come back in but they still wouldnt... and I do believe that had the pld gotten the raise and used invincible when the blm used 2hr for 2 freezes we probably would have had it.. So amoungst the bickering Ouryu woke up and as soon as he did he took to the air... no more mistmelts = dead rdm

The other drg had TRIED doing this mission before and kept saying we need to mana burn it and that it would take 4 freezes to kill him... To which I more or less said yes, it would take 4 but NOT when hes already at 50%, the pld uses invincible @ raise, rdm sleeps and blm burns 2 hour for 2 freezes and a cpl melee attacks and he would have gone down...

So needless to say 2 runs and we still dont have a win. and by then I had wasted all my mistmelts which aggrivated me that much more...I just want to beat him up. lol

Anyone on shiva doing this send me a tell please, I have drg or whm that I can bring hahaa, I will agree with the person that said drg is effective hear, ancient circle helps decrease some damage and we can hit jump even when he is in the air ...that and i was hitting him pretty well, but maybe a 2nd blm next time or even a 2nd whm *shrug*
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RE: Hate this mission....
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we justdid this suppppeeer easily, we had 7 mismelts used about 2.
pt setup as follows:
pld/war <me>

all we did is go in sleep II, freeze, while i kept voking flash sentinal all that stuff,and then slept again and freeze again and slept again and freezed again we would use mismelts when in air and it would sleep. I got hit maybe 10 times at most. Was toooo easy almost. at 50% we used 2 hours and just tore it up
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Easy Setup
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An easy setup for this fight:
WHM/SMN (or /blm)

This should seem pretty obvious what happens in this setup lol. Go in Rdm sleeps Ouryu and dispels stoneskin. Pld gets hate while you do debuffs on Ouryu. Once ready all 3 blms freeze on a set time. This will take a nice chunk out of his hp. When he goes up we had mistmelts to bring him right back down. If you don't have mistmelts have the pld tank* him until he comes down. When he comes down the rdm sleeps him** again. Take this time to rest (pld voke when you can to get hate). When ready all 3 blms do the triple freeze on him. Rinse and repeat. After about the 3rd set of freezes you probably won't be able to stick sleep because he kinda goes crazy after he goes below 50%. Just nuke the crap out of him and 2hr if necessary.

*Paladin- Our pld tanked him straight up no kiting necessary. Just hold your ground stay alive and most importantly dont let your mages get eaten.

**Red Mages- When sleeping Ouryu use sleep 1 then sleep 2 after a little while. This will extend your resting time which im sure your mages will love you for.

If the whm really needs to be told what to do spam cure on the paladin and KEEP UP BARSTONRA!

Its also nice to bring a few yag drinks and hi ethers because the rdm will be busy and you want their extra mp going towards back-up healing.

Forgot about poistioning. We had the Pld stand on his right foot (This one is further out) and mages all stood on his right foot. When standing like this he NEVER used Geotic breath or anything other than Stonega that I can remember.

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... is it just me or is this walkthru the EXACT same as the Mysterytour website..

Mysterytour website

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