PM 4-3 The Secrets of Worship  

Submitted by:Osarion
Start Area: Tavnazian Safehold
Related Areas:Misareaux Coast
Related Mobs:Azren Kuba
Azren Kuguza
Mariselle's Pupil
Old Professor Mariselle
Mission:4 - 3
Min Level:50
Max Level:50
(Average from 7 ratings)
Items Required:Coral Crest Key
Sealion Crest Key
Items Granted:Reliquiarium Key
This Quest requires Promathia
This Mission is Not Skippable
Previous Mission: PM 4-2 The Savage
Next Mission: PM 4-4 Slanderous Utterings
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Mission Orders

Now that you have learned the Wyrmking's plan, you must travel to the fourth mothercrystal. Nag'molada has informed you where the stone lies. However, you will need the amulet you lent to Prishe before you are to make your way there.


After defeating Ouryu and returning to Tavnazian Safehold, check the Walnut Door on the top floor (K-7) for a cutscene. You'll be told that you can access the Sacrarium cathedral via Misareaux Coast "Iron Gate" at (H-4). The Sacrarium has a level 50 cap. You need to get 2 Coral Crest Keys (Rare/Ex) from fomor mobs to clear this mission. This key will disappear from your inventory once used. You'll need another key called the Sealion Crest Key from an NM called Keremet in a large hall at 2nd map (L-8). Hitting Keremet will aggro 6 additional Azren Kuba and 6 Azren Kugusa skeleton mobs in, so in effect there are 13 mobs rampaging at the same time. Clear these 12 skeletons first (they are very weak) and the Stegosaurs in the hall first before engaging the Keremet.

At this point, you may wish to remove the curse of the Fomors off to facilitate easy navigation further into Sacrarium. You can do this by killing orcs and gigas in Lufaise Meadows and Misareaux Coast. In order to determine your Fomor hate level, you can talk to the priest near the walnut door on the 3rd floor of Tavnazian Safehold (K-7). If you have killed too many fomors without killing a corresponding number of beastmen, fomors will start to aggro you and may even eventually start to see through your sneak. There is a lot of speculation as to what the ratio is, but to be safe, if you kill 2 beastmen for every fomor, you should be safe. The ratio may be closer to 1:1, but this is not confirmed.

After getting hold of the keys, head to (H-7) where there will be a Large Keyhole and Small Keyhole marked. Trade the Coral Crest Key to the Small one first, while the Sealion Crest Key goes to the Large one. This act cannot be done by one person alone, so when hunting for keys, entrust each key to different players in your PT/Alliance. Make sure you trade the Sealion Crest Key shortly right after the Coral Crest Key has been traded or else the Coral Crest Key will vanish and lose its effect. Walk straight ahead to the Wooden Gate (G-8) after opening the keyholes for a cut scene.

Next you need to find a key item marked '???' which pops randomly either at one of these locations: F-5, G-5, H-5, F-11, G-11, H-11. Checking the ??? mark will pop a main NM Old Professor Mariselle, and 2 other minions Mariselle's Pupil (Ghost type). Defeat them and check the ??? mark again to get the key item. Return back to the Large & Small keyhole at (H-7) again and do the same opening procedures as above and now you can open the Wooden Gate with the key item.

Mission Series

Final Fantasy XI

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# Jun 02 2009 at 5:26 PM Rating: Decent
20 posts
You need to talk to Justinius in the safehold before you check the Walnut Door at K-7.
Other way to open the door
# Oct 07 2008 at 3:29 PM Rating: Decent
274 posts
You can keep some one behind the gate to open the door who doesn't need that mission. So you only need one coral key and only one sedlion.
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So go along with it okay. rofl

looking for members
# Aug 15 2008 at 5:32 PM Rating: Decent
4 posts
hi, i've been wanting to do this mission for a while, but i can't seem to find anyone else who wants to. so i'm looking for members on the Garuda server that want/need to do this mission and maybe start a static for the rest of CoP. if you are interested PM me or contact me ingame. i'm Nist on Garuda
Successful 4-3 Run
# Apr 23 2008 at 7:14 AM Rating: Good
1,104 posts
I would like to first state that this walk only covers half of what is needed entirely. Reason for this is that I already had the Sealion Crest Key and we had an amazingly 4 Coral Crest Keys that many already had. With that said, please read other posters comments and experiences that involved all the steps from farming Crest Keys and obtaining the Sealion Crest Key from NM Keremet.

Being we had all the necessary items, Sealion Crest Key and 4 Coral Crest keys, we did not need to farm Fomors or kill Keremet. We simply had to get to and pass through the large door for some to get the first CS within the Sacrium. Then we simply and to start checking ??? to spawn Old Professor. Even after reading all the posts/replies and walk through for this mission, I was under the impression that only one ??? would spawn and you had to find it. This is incorrect and you should know that the ??? is in all 6 rooms. You must keep examining them until one pops Old Professor.

Party Makeup:

Pld/war-Degamorth (me and second provoker of the minions Mariselle's Pupil)
Mnk/War-Stone (first provoker of minions Mariselle's Pupil)
Mnk/nin-Ajizzle (I think I saw him cast shadows)
Nin/war-Kajima (main tank and provoker of Old Professor)

Note: I still don't understand the whole Fomor hate at 0 for we were all extremely sure we all had 0 Fomor hate. 0 Fomor hate is suppose to make you avoid blood aggro when very low on HP and able to walk around them with no Sneak. I am not 100% sure how that works so go as if they aggro to sound and to low HP.


We went with the "fight in hall way" approach. Works fine but one thing to remember. Hope you do not spawn him in a room with a short hall as this shortens the distance of the mages and fomors behind them. This also brings the party tighter together and makes the mages more vulnerable to AoE Sleep and Curse, something the mages want to avoid. Have someone with Shadows that can pop Old Professor as this will help keep sneak and avoid aggro from the Fomors. If a person pops Old Professor with Sneak and then loses it from a hit, he/she will most likely get Fomor aggro which is very bad.

Once popped, run back out and wait for OP. It will take a few seconds for it to come out as it has to summon its 2 helpers. Helpers usually came out first so you have time to get Provoke on them. Provoke usually held hate for the short time you would fight OP before it would teleport. But do keep an eye on them incase they head for the mages. Note: Let one person Provoke first as to not Provoke the same mob twice. Once the first helper is Provoke, the second Provoker should Provoke the second helper. Stone was very good at getting the first voke off followed closely by me on the scond. Focus all attacks on OP as the helpers posed minimal threat and will just respawn with OP when killed. You pretty much rinse and repeat. When it teleports back in the room, you will have a good 20-30seconds to rest, possible to get 2-3 ticks in at least for the mages. Melees should make the attempt to rest to.

Mages will probably be the busiest. They will be casting a barrage of spells toward the party members alone i.e. Cursna, Regen I/II, Silena, Un-sleeping, Cures, Refresh, Haste etc... The primary person to focus on with buffs should be the main tank whether Pld or Nin. If Pld is main tank, make sure to have Regen II/Refresh/Silena and with a Nin tank Regen II/Haste/Silena.

As a Pld attending this mission, I didn't feel like I contributed a lot as far as DD. I was more of a support role. I left Berserk off as not to take to much damage from the helper I was Provoking and become an MP sponge. I threw out Cure IIs/IIIs to help mages as I seemed to always have a lot of MP. Flash was obviously used every 45 seconds. Holy Circle was used twice, at start and when timer was ready. And of course Sentinel to give the Nin a breather for an attack round. I thought I would throw a Cure III at OP but it only did 9 damage :)

We wipped our first go around as Orimi did a convert to close to a Fomor and it did not like that. I pulled a rookie mistake and voked it causing me to die along side Orimi. It despawned and we both RR but that just threw everything off. I ponied back up and ate a Tav Taco instead Sushi as before to make up for my weaken state and jumped back into the fray still Provoking my helper. It was down hill from there and last saw OP at like 30%. Something happened again that cause us all to wipe except for Kajima and one of our Mnks. Yes, mages and myself were dead with no RR. Kajima tried to pull a 2hr kill but did not finish it off :( Me and Smokey HP and ran back out there, raised, rested, checked another ???(longer hall way this time as the first time we were in a short hall way) and won.

Hall Way fighting will not break any records but should guarantee you a win.

Silence I think stuck well on OP as I didn't see any big nukes casted as I saw before on another run. Most everyone HP stayed yellow and up and never got into any real danger.

Mostly saw the spells cast on us were Drain, AoE Gravity, AoE Sleep, AoE Curse(pretty sure AoE), I think AoE Silence and AoE Blind. I may have been getting Blinded and Cursed from the helper but very sure was getting AoE Gravity and AoE Silence from OP.

Hope this helps and informed others to make an attempt to come here and critique me on the info I provided to add or correct something.

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not too bad...
# Dec 05 2007 at 12:11 AM Rating: Decent
13 posts
Just got done with this, and it was rather a good experience. The hardest part was getting everyone together at the Sacrarium. I answered a random shout in Whitegate for mission 4-3, got into the party thinking I was going to be the SMN, but it ended up that I needed to be RDM, so fine, I change at Tavnazian Safehold. Party is seven people, then six because someone went afk for <<long time>>. Then back up to seven and finally eight as we picked up some random passerby. We had all of us together for the fight with Keremet, and seven for the fight with the Old Prof. Setup was PLD, BLU, SAM x 2, RDM, WHM, PUP, MNK. We had little trouble with the key hunt or either battle. I'm not sure how much fomor hate factors into this. One member of our party kept saying he had max fomor hate, but they never saw through anyone's sneak or anything. In any case, aggro from fomors was not a problem.

We had a good mix of damage and abilities. I was on sleep duty during the Keremet battle, taking out any charms. There were three times I had to do that. We did clear out the skellies in both hallways first, as was recommended here. We also pulled him out of the room into the little hallway to avoid roaming bats and taruses. The only problem this presented was mages getting hit with the AoE Silence, but I had echo drops so that wasn't really anything.

The Old Prof battle was also relatively easy. The teleporting around the room is annoying but easy to deal with. Stay far apart from each other as much as possible, even mages, because he will reappear anywhere, and once he managed to catch everyone with sleepga. Ranged damage is also very good for this fight. I could not get a silence to stick on him ever, though I did manage gravity. Might have worked with elemental seal, who knows? I'm not about to do this again to find out. We also did nothing at all about his little buddies, as they will disappear when he does. We did wipe once after fighting the Old Prof because we were too weakened to deal with all the fomor respawns. A larger party that could take the fomor out faster probably wouldn't have that problem, so if you can, then the more the merrier. Make sure you remember to touch the stupid ??? after you beat the Old Prof, as I forgot to do until someone reminded me. Once you're finished, enjoy a rather long cut scene. I dced almost all the way at the end, so I got to enjoy it twice. <<joy>>
Tarutaru of Windurst (Ifrit)
fomor hate
# Sep 22 2007 at 2:56 PM Rating: Decent
I talked to the NPC and he keeps saying "I am off to a good start but..." Can anyone tell me if this is 0 fomor hate and if not what does he say?
Worst Mission
# Sep 18 2007 at 3:47 AM Rating: Decent
32 posts
I just have to comment on my experience on this mission.

First try: Shout Party
I could tell by the way people were acting that this party, unless it got a wee better, would never work out. I lotted on the SeaLion Key and got a Coral Crest key 'cause I knew that I'd need them later on in a different party. I was right. Our party decided not to clear Fomor Hate. We managed to pop Old Professor Numb Nuts but over 1/2 of our party already dead. We wiped, quit, and I didn't get another party for a week.

Shout Attempt
Got a full party of all lvl 75's. Again, by the way they were acting and shouting in Whitegate, I knew that, yet again, I had some....immature? people with me. We get to Tavnazia Safehold where I had to mule to get lvl 50 cap gear. I come back and ask for invite. They say, "Oh sorry, we disbanded". Ohhhhkay?

Second Try: Shout Party/Alliance.
This is the best one ever. Okay, after a besieged I get a shout for CoP4-3. I'm like, SCORE! Already 4 people, even better. We get 6 people including one of my LS members named Gram. There was another guy I will now never forget named Tonny. We get to Sacrarium fine but this is where it all goes sour. Our first move was to wait for a whm and 2 other members. Tonny runs into a skeleton with low hp. We're like, no biggie. We fight, he runs again and gets aggro by 3 more skeletons. Okay, getting old. Our 3 members find their way to Sacrarium where we're already through the maze. Tonny once again, get aggro by 3 Fomors. We're like, ***** it, lets help. Complete Wipe. Luckily our whm and a blm had reraise so we got tractored and raised eventually. (3 aggros so far) We're doing good, doing good, we have a blm on us that's already completed the mission so we were gonna cheat and open the door and leave him behind to reopen the door after we killed OPNN with 7 people. We had another aggro or two by Tonny, but nothing special. It was obnoxious though because he wouldn't ask for sneak, he didn't have Oils, he'd just run right into Fomors not thinking about it (this was unexpected 'cause of lvl 75 pld with Crimson and Koenig gear) We finally narrow it down to ONE MORE POSSIBLE POP!! A Japanese party was killing Fomors in front of the room, we're like, sweet, they can help us!! Gram this time forgets sneak and gets aggroed by two Fomors. Nothing special, we can take them easily with 8 people. Tonny runs to the opposite side of the hallway aggroing a 3rd (Taru Smn) and it's Fire Elemental. I try to silence the Elemental, acquiring aggro from it, it kills me, and we eventually all wipe. Completely ****** off at Tonny, I ask the Japanese party politely for a raise...then for a reward, then begging, then a substantial amount of a reward (4 hours into this mission and a wipe ><) Nothing. @27 min left on HP timer, a blm comes about and tractors me to a safe spot to be raised. I thank him so much. I forget his name, but, omg, he saved us. The Japanese party eventually comes to us again and helps us raise. We're like, okay, sweet. Tonny gets aggro again and died. We find a way to pop the NM and we're all ready. I pop it, run it into the hallway ('cause clearing Fomor hate just seemed like a waste of time to most of our party...except me) and we're doing...eh..alright on him. Nobody listens to what the battle plan was and the Japanese party ask us if they could help. We're like, SURE! We form a full alliance with them and they start getting hate pretty fast. Meanwhile, Gram and Tonny aren't getting healed while I'm dead. We're like, wtf. We found out their plan after they disbanded with us and reformed with their alliance. They MPK'ed us and stole our Pop NM with a pretense to help us. I called GM so fast on them. After we eventually all get a raise and Tonny dieing 2 more tiems again and Gram dieing 2 times as well, (Gram's a Pld) the GM gets ahold of me and I tell him all 17 of their names. I asked him if he could just give us the item we needed. He laughed and said no but he will check into what I told him. I asked if he could get back to me and said no again. So, I hope those **** (what we eventually found out) GilSellers get what's coming to them. After that, a second alliance is still trying to get keys for the NM. One of our party members was a friend of theirs and we get an alliance invite so we have, once again a full alliance. After Tonny gets us wiped twice, aggroed 12 times, and died 10, he gets aggro one more time and I say "ENOUGH" and boot him. I feel partially bad but he was honestly just a liability. We eventually get to the pop NM, one of the girls in the previous shout party was in our alliance. And like I said, I had a bad feeling about her. I was right. We were checking out the ??? for Swift Belt NM pops and figuring out our Fomor Hate. While some of us are resting and weakened, she checks one. ANd then goes, "Ohh, what's this do". She runs out with the Old Professor and his two minions following her, along with 4 Fomors. She dies, we all are unorganized and nobody for some odd reason realized that OP warps around the room and Regen's himself 'cause I heard, "Did we kill him that fast" probably 5 times out of the 14 times he warped. We did eventually kill him and only 3/4's of our alliance actually got the key because they were too stupid to either A. heal themselves and got blood aggro or B. didn't use sneak. Gram and I have now been in Sacrarium for 6 long hours. I say, "Gram has a Coral Key, I have a SeaLion Key, we're outtie if yall are gonna kill NM again". They laugh and say no, we go to the door with one more aggro and 3 more deaths, open it up, get the cutscene, and I warp out of there never to return again unless to get my Swift Belt.

Total Aggros: 20
Total Deaths: 50
My xp lost: 1.5k
Time Spent: 6 hours
This mission and Rank 5 Mission I will never ever do again.
And I thought Fatty Dragon was hard.
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Fomor Hate
# Jan 07 2007 at 4:39 PM Rating: Decent
1,497 posts
You NEED 0 fomor hate and it is not tough to that. Just run out and kill ever beastman in the entire zone. It will drop easily. The fight is in a room with a ton of fomors and if you try to fight in there with fomors aggroing it will be impossible. Even if you clear the room they WILL repop during the fight because this fight is long because the NM warps around the map all day. If you can get a ton of people coming like an alliance or something I REALLY suggest it. The boss is tough and has a lot of hp and doesn't take much damage. The little pets are really annoying and you need to keep them slept consantly. NO AoEs, this will make you wipe.
# Nov 19 2006 at 6:16 PM Rating: Decent
6 posts
Dunno if anyone has mentioned this, but Keremet can charm MULTIPLE TIMES. I think that's more than worth mentioning. Tear him apart when he hits @20% or you will end up with more than just a little charmed ninja running around. Also, ninjas can't knock their shadows off when they are charmed, so sleepGA is invaluable here. Keremet is also incredibly hard to sleep or bind, so don't plan that into your strategy to any degree because chances are if you get that dire, you should just die & reraise. Hopefully someone will be saved the pain me and my group just suffered.
Boss fights.
# Oct 24 2006 at 6:11 PM Rating: Good
265 posts
Some tips for the NM parts of this mission:

-Kill all of the skeleton guards on BOTH sides before fighting him. They are very easy to kill but if linked can be a problem.
-2 Taurus family monsters are in the room along with some bats. Be very careful of the pull. Summoner works well here.
-Have 2 tanks ready for Keremet. He can and will charm the tanks. If you only have one, you have no one to protect the party. Keremet hits hard. Paladins can still tank him though. Keep anyone charmed slept and under control.

Attacks: Dance Macabre - Single Target Charm. Sleep the person charmed and have the second tank take over.

Silence Seal - AoE Silence. Mages stand back, tanks get ready with Echo Drops or mages with Silena.

Memento Mori - Magic Attack Up. Meh. Dispel and forget. :)

Envoutment - Basic damage attack. Don't worry about it too much.

He isn't too hard, a party of 6 can take him. 2 Tanks, WHM, BLM, DD and a RDM or BRD or SMN. Recomended 1 Ninja and 1 Paladin for tanks, as explained later.

Old Professor Mariselle and 2 pupils:

-Make sure Fomor Hate is reset. Each of the pop rooms for the professor has at least 6 fomors in them. That is enough to kick an alliance of 18's ***.
-Make sure you double check your targets! We lost once because our PLD Flashed a fomor. >_>
-The professor will Teleport around the room after a while. Hate is reset when this happens. Allow tanks to regain hate for a bit and be careful when you cast. Your spells will have no effect on him if he teleports.
-He casts Sleepga. A LOT. Mages stand back. No need for poison pots, but if you feel the need, bring some.
-Have a PLD tank BOTH pupils. Have the NIN (or another PLD) tank the professor.
-Do not fight him in the halls. Some people tend to do this because they don't want to take the time to reset fomor hate. This fight is *so* much easier if fought in the large room. If you fight in the hallways you are at the mercy of ALL of his AoE attacks. These include AoE Drain (ouch), AoE Curse (ouch), AoE Blind (ouch).
-Don't worry too much about bringing many DDs. As a BLM I was one of the only people engaged with him. It took us 10 minutes, but Thunder II and such whittled him down. He doesn't hit hard, just watch for the Sleepgas.

The proffesor has standard Ghost Family mob attacks. AoE is a pain, but in the big room you should be spread out and it shouldn't land on more than 2 or 3 people.

Watch your targets when fighting the professor. PLDs keep the ghosts under control. Flash/Provoke them. Don't bother killing them as he resummons.

Hope this helps.
A good way to defeat Mariselle
# Oct 24 2006 at 3:03 AM Rating: Decent
4 posts
Just finished that mission last night. Here is an easy trick to defeat Old Professor Mariselle. Get two summoners to throw carby at the adds. If these adds are not controlled properly, they will attack undesired members, especially mages. The rest of the party focuses on the boss. A group of 6-7 people can defeat this NM quite easily. We wiped during first try because we had no real strategy. We applied this for the second try and nobody had to use 2hrs, it took us about 5-6min to kill it.
Good Luck =)

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Fomor hate = no aggro?
# Oct 11 2006 at 12:59 PM Rating: Decent
51 posts
OK, I realize this is probably a stupid question, but I just want to be clear before I go and get myself killed.
Everywhere I read, people say to remove fomor hate to get rid of their aggro. That way you can move around them without sneak. My question is, does this also remove blood aggro? I plan to fight Mariselle in the classroom like some people suggest, but what I want to know is if your healers have to be right on top of their job to avoid blood aggro, or if the fomors will leave you alone no matter how low your tank's health gets?

Time to go murder some beastmen ;)

Edit: Wouldn't you know it, right after I post this I go to the one forum in KI that I kept avoiding because I didn't expect it to have the info I needed... and there it is right in front of me. For anyone wondering the same thing, it appears that removing fomor hate will remove all aggro, including blood aggro. If you don't touch them, they won't touch you :)

Edited, Oct 11th 2006 at 2:06pm PDT by Obiron
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how do you tell what you fomor hate is
# Sep 30 2006 at 11:43 AM Rating: Decent
145 posts
one person on the forom said there's on npc but no one said his name ... he in "name of zone" <pos> i need to know how much hate i have.
# Jun 03 2006 at 7:13 AM Rating: Decent
399 posts
So the Coral Key is 1 use only but the Sea Lion Key can be reused?
# Jun 03 2006 at 6:32 AM Rating: Decent
399 posts
I had to speak Justinus after Ouryu before I could access the Walnut Door. This took me quite a while and was driving me crazy so I hope this can help some people out >_<;
# Nov 25 2008 at 12:49 AM Rating: Decent
BUMP .. so annoying! u have to tlk to Justinius before cicking on the door
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# May 22 2006 at 7:32 AM Rating: Decent
Terrible mission. Alliance of 10 was:


Now i suggest a LOT of meds. I saved em all for the professor and used 7 hi pots, 5 yag drinks, and 3 hi eths.

Since the thf had already doen we farmed 1 key

Get key after 5 kills and decided to reset fomor hate one 1 person. I think the entire party should reset to be safe. We get to kermet and eat up his minions in like all of a minute. thf pulls kermet w/o telling us and form there it gets sour. I wait for thf sata and musta missed it so hate flew everywear. finally i sorda get it under control with a few dead. It got nasty when it took my char and almost killed the thf. With many dead we killed it.

Leaving the thf behind we go for the professor. We were 1/2 on him. everyone was to far up the stairs and aggroed to fomor by low health. We decide it was a fluke and to try again. When we find his spot the camp is very small. We start fighting and the blm who was to far back got aggroed and died. Then another blm hit a fomor by accident and died. Professor was a pain to fight. He kept using drain and undoing whateaver damage we did. His buddies r easy to get around. Stun might work good here. After a LOT of meds and struggle we finish, i get the key, see the cool cs, and get out.
RE: jeeze
# May 25 2006 at 1:18 AM Rating: Default
292 posts
This mission isn't nearly that bad, but ill prepared or stupid members can make it impossible. Spent about 40k on oils, no other meds necessary with balanced alliance.
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RE: jeeze
# May 28 2006 at 12:05 PM Rating: Decent
Ur prolly right i was prolly the only one who knew what theyr wwere doin >.>;;. dont take this mission lightly; its easy if ir not a idiot. like i sad we lost members rto fomor aggro and stupid stuff.
how many people is good for this mission
# Apr 11 2006 at 10:27 AM Rating: Decent
87 posts
I have been trying to start this up and I wanted to know how many people you need for this and if you have liek 12 people would you need 2 sets of keys?
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Couldn't get Key Item
# Apr 09 2006 at 10:49 AM Rating: Decent
47 posts
I had joined a pick-up a while back for this mission. Sparing you all of the gory details of how we died a million times because some people shouldn't lead >.> We finally got and killed Old Prof.

But then, to my horror, me and 1 other member of the PT couldn't get the Item from the ??? after Old Prof. died ; ;

I got the cut-scene from the door that's beyond the gate you need to unlock using the two keys. Prishe came out with Tenzen and told us to go get the Key and stuff -- but still no dice from Old Prof. =(

Does anyone know why this happend? Anyone have the same problem? Someone said it was because we waited to long after Prof died (We got droped and had to be raised), but then another member said the ??? is active till you zone. Any help would be great apperciated and rated up ^^ I'm shoting for this mission again later today (April 9)
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Couldn't get Key Item
# Sep 30 2006 at 11:40 AM Rating: Decent
145 posts
from my understanding you need to click the ??? w/i 1 minunte of it death if you don't so sad too bad.
Prof. camp
# Mar 20 2006 at 3:35 PM Rating: Decent
Just a note on how to camp the Prof a bit easier.

What you need:
a) 2 party members with 0 fomor hate or;
b) 1 pt member with thf or /thf and somebody with voke.

1st thing:
Go to one of the hallways with the 6 skellies, clear them out (takes 30sec).

2nd thing:
a) have 1 pt member pop the ghost and run back to camp. 2nd person will voke if the Taurus aggro's.
b) The thf or /thf will pop it and flee, 2nd person will open the door for them. 1st person flee's back to camp aggro'n everything in sight (fomor's and Taurus'). 2nd person vokes Prof and heads back to camp.

3rd thing (reraise earrings are a plus):
a) Raise up the person that initially pulled, have him heal up in the back.
b) Raise up the person that fled, have him heal up in the back.

At this point the prof will come to the camp, start fighting. Yes, you're down 1 person, but after about 30sec or so of fighting, he will despawn. Here's the key thing. He will come back to the camp in 1-2 minutes. So after he despawns, have mages heal MP, tanks get shadows/mp back, and get ready to fight again. He will despawn and return 4-5 times. This makes the fight last around 15min total. You get to heal MP, and raise anybody that may have died.

A note on his pupils. First party, we killed one of them, and only one came back with him. Second party, we didn't kill them at all (2nd tank just voked them). The pupils will come around the corner first followed by the prof. a couple seconds later.

This helped immensely. More importantly, by saving 1-3 hours erasing fomor hate and secondly, you get a chance to heal up MP and such between sparring matches. This allows blm's and rdm's to go full attack. Hate resets each time he comes back, so no worries there.

(Posting in both mission and Prof pages)
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Oops wrong mission >.>

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RE: ugh
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for my group this mission was a ***** and a half.. we couldnt find a proper guide that was useful.. i will say this this is a time consumer... things that need to be done, and in no particular order.

-farm 2 coral keys (which was fun because we did it in pt, and exped and got a lvl in the process)
-kill keremet and get sea lion key (big key)

these are the needed things before u can get the missioin cs

now i will dedicate this post to keremet, tried this both ways 1st time (unsuccessful) with 6 people .. we had 2 blms 2blms 1 nin 1 rdm we figured our blms could -ga the skeletons all in one shot..[bad idea] they got ****** up in short... leaving us short handed on keremet

now i suggest this, go through kill all the skeletons first (all 12) the respawn on them is 20mins and have 250-300hp (i was weakened and my pet killed them easy np) kill all 12 and go for the big daddy keremet .. hes not that bad, we had np with him at 6 people .. i will say be careful he is after all a corse and can charm u, so if he does, just sleep the person thats charmred and keep going.. pulling him, anything can work, i pulled with pet.. just becareful there are 3-4 terataurs in there that will **** you up, so pull him into the corridor the skeletons are, just near the door to keep from agroing the fomors..

ok now that u have the keys might i add

all 3 need to be held by 3 different people... once u use the coral key it kinda stuns u, u wont be able to use the sea lion key, so 3 people, 2 with coral key 1 with sea lion key

ok luckily the gate aint to far from where keremet is so run over to him, u will have to dodge a terataur (so late in the game, we just killed it) there are 2-3 fomors out front of the gate, kill or stay sneaked your option...

now trading to the door

coral key to small hole
sea lion key to large hole

coral key trade first, after its trade, then sea lion key

if not all members get in dont worry theres a lever on the inside.. this area requires sneak, the gate u need to touch is down hall i think to the right...

should get cs.. but u cant open the gate without a special key

this is where u have to fight the ghost NM ole proffessor i think...

now he can spawn out of each room that the pos says theres a ??? in each room dont dont let it confuse u, now if he pops from that ??? is the lotto so have at it... theres 6 i think... we checked the first room across from the gate and it was there

pulling this guy is tricky doing it in a room of fomors... theres alot u have a few options

1) if a person has 0% fomor hate meaning killed enough beastman as well as killed no formors, he can pull this with no sneak

2) smns or bsts pulling (we did this)
where they fight a safe place to touch the ??? and it pops put a pet on it fast and hall *** out.. the way i did it (i was bst) (i had hate) being as fomors agro party not person, i did this solo outside the party.. with skill waited for fomors to be far enough away, popped put pet on it, sneaked ran out... being as it didnt turn out that way, it turned into a sac pull, where the nin our pt casted a spell on it, and pulled it to the camp when it turned yellow.. (its ulgy but worked)

3) clear the room
if u have the time this is the safest, but what if u clear it and NM dont pop from the ??? lol

fighting him is tricky but easy

just chill outside the door he will get pulled to the pt by puller (do not stay close to the door, cause fomors agro hp through door... but just fight it like normal, freeze is **** vs this nm so dont waste mp.. fire / light ftw .. decent amount of hp.. he smns 2 little ghosts which arent as tough, but can complicate things, if u have a nin tank.. we had no probs sleeping them.. fyi they have no probs sleeping u either ;p lol.. which they like to spam..

ok the nm will warp around.. back inside the room... this does not regenerate the main NM, however it does regenerate the smned nms (pupils) so dont bother kiling the smns... so focus it all on the main nm.. he pops back and forth a lot.. dont chase it, he will come back to u.. just stay out the door and wait..great time for mages to rest, u will get a good 30+ seconds of down time.. also it resets the hate of pupils so he can agro anything hp resting... but not to worry there not that tough.. our nin was good about voking the main nm so we couldnt tell if he was reset or not... rinse and repeat this strategy until its dead.. just be patient, dont be hasty and run in to get him.. hes really easy, a pit of a wuss compared to other ghosts.. just his warp is ghey..

now after u kill, go in get the ??? i mean i sacrificed a death to get it...

go back to the gate that requires the keys.. the 2nd coral key is needed here, as well as the sea lion key, go in, touch the same door that u got cs, get a pretty cool cs inside (inside is safe place, no mobs) onece the cs is done, escape and warp, enjoy rest of day

*things that can make it go faster, if u bring along someone one that has the sea lion key, u wont have to fight keremet.. farming the coral keys on sepereate days.

having windower, with vanadielatlas.com opened up lol, with map of sacrium showing lol (helps alot)
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Did this with 7-8 people. The 8th already was done with the mission so he only needed one of the coral keys, we left him behind the door while we went to go kill the proffesor.


It was really easy considering none of us had Fomor hate so the mission only took 1.5 hours.
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bst power
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just wanted to put a note in, i did this the other day with my CoP ls, i went as bst. At one point somone aggrod a Blubber Eyes (IT Hecteyes) at which point i released my current pet (a DC Gazer, another hecteyes) and told them to kill it while i attempted to charm the blubber eyes.

After about 5-6 tries i managed to charm it, hit familiar, and had a nice pet that would outdamage everyone in my group! This was while we were on our way to fight the professor, and id like to say my blubber eyes was very useful and i would recommend taking a bst with you for this mission.

after i had my blubber eyes attack the professor, every time he despawned ol' blubber would go right back in and attack again! so nobody in my party ever got slept, and the hecteyes is also very resistant to sleep, so the prof never landed it on him either! so after blubber goes back in to attack, use Heel and pull back to the party, the pupils will come back first. (we fought in the halls) and this worked very well, the pld was usually letting blubber tank.

a note on charming: have your tank provoke the blubber while you attempt to charm, but dont let anyone attack. you will take much more damage than the tank and aggro the undead that are around.

another note when using Sic with a hecteyes pet before they have tp, they will begin casting a random spell, so you will want to be careful when you do this. (at one point my blubber casted Aeroga II and did about 500dmg to the prof)

Beastmaster Power!

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RE: bst power
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Two LS mates of mine succesfully duod this with two 2hrd Bluuber Eyes, in a room full of fomor w/o clearing hate. They snuck themselves, popped and got pets on the professor w/o getting hit and watched as the two blubber eyes took care of both the professor and the minions. So taking a BST or a few on this is definately a good idea!
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RE: bst power
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I'd like to confim the two bst method of killing the old prof. Although we had others in the party that poked the two pupils, only the bst pets engaged the main NM.

Have two bsts charm and 2h a blubber eyes and simply put them both on the main NM, dont worry about the NM warping about, the pets will simply follow him around. It really is that easy, you just try to keep out of the way of AoE moves as he warps about. Both blubbers had roughly 50% hp at the end of the battle and a good 10mins of time left before they would de-charm, we also had to waste time finding the ??? pop as it was the 6th and final one we tried.

We took the precaution of clearing former hate as it not hard to do and makes things easier.

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Bst is a solo job
SE wrote:
Bst is not a solo job
2 Keys?
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Disregaurd the subject..

This mission was very messy for us, I am the type that like to over prepare, but after reading up the info on this website I figured this mission wasn't much of a challenge.. Well in truth it isnt, but the slightest mistake can get you killed.

For one thing the navigation of the maze is very tedious, I had a map of this part but decided not to follow it as it was really no help to me.. The best way to navigate this maze to get to the proper side is to try to push South East, It's not very difficult if you remember that; But it ****** off a few of our members when we couldn't get threw the maze.

On our first run we killed a few fomors for keys, minimal subligar drops; After we got those keys we decided to go bug Keremet, however our RDM had left leaving us with 5 members.. when we got to Keremets room we where suprised to see two truesight mobs.

and the Stegosaurs in the hall first before engaging the Keremet.

We figured we got lucky and had no truesight mobs to contend with, but they are behind the door gaurding Keremet. We pulled one.. the fight was somewhat sticky as we didnt know what would aggro in the room, we stuck close and wound up killing it, but not before the other Stego decided to join the fight.. at this point I escape deciding that our MP was not high enough to kill this one as well.

We went back to Keremet's room, and rested outside, the NIN decided he had to relog, the WHM went afk and the BST was not in the same hall when I got aggro threw the door by the Truesight mob, needless to say we didnt win the fight, the WHM came back but the MNK couldn't be healed fast enough as "Maw" took us all down a peg, I tried my best to nuke this sucker(BLM) and tell the BST to get his **** over there, well... the BST came just as the MNK, WHM and I died and he engaged for some reason and wound up dying as well.. at this point we all homepointed and logged for the night, the NIN came back and wondered what happened, but I explained and he 2hrd home..

Our next run was a few days later, we weren't too discouraged figuring if we had our RDM we would do well, also we got invited for an alliance.. AWESOME.. not; As my PT had cleared all there fomor hate, we couldnt alot enough time for the whole alliance to do so, we told them to kill some Gigas and Orc on the way.

We were doing fine as far as navigation, the truesight mobs posed no threat and Keremet was easy prey, the problem came when one of the alliance members revealed that "If you have 0 fomor hate, you don't need sneak".. as this is true, some of the members who thought they didnt have any fomor hate then let there sneak fade.. only to get aggro from fomors.. in which we had to fight 6-7 fomors, getting everyone who had 0 fomor hate; fomor hate...

Well after difficulty in which one key was lost because of insufficent timing on the part of someone in the group, we made it to the wooden gate and got our CS; Heading back out to fight Mariselle, we began to search the rooms for the ???.

'???' which pops randomly either at one of these locations:

Very wrong wording, and it very much so ****** our PT off that the ??? do NOT pop randomly; there is ??? is every room, all 6 rooms to be exact, however it is random as to which one pops the NM.. This information not being known we figured we found "the" ???.. and attempted to clear the room, as nobody had 0 hate in which to stay in the room or to pull with.. after 20 min of clearing fomors we went to pop the NM.. no dice.. at this point some people were running short on time, we ran to ever room with sneak and tried to pop him, finally finding him.. we attempted to SMN pull but the SMN lost sneak and got fomor aggro.. it was very sloppy, we all wiped and gave up for the night.

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Not "Straight Ahead"
# Oct 17 2005 at 11:37 AM Rating: Good
Walk straight ahead to the Wooden Gate (G-8) after opening the keyholes for a cut scene.

The words "straight ahead" need to be deleted. If you go to the Wooden Gate "straight ahead", you will open the door only to be bum rushed by three Taurus.

The actual Wooden Gate for the cutscene is actually to the right after you go past the double-locked door.
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just me?
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i dunno if this worked for anyone else but my group just entered the room, a few of us had cleared *some* fomor hate but not nearly enough for the amount of fomors we killed but another member of the party said he had loads of formor hate and entered the room and they still didnt aggro him. maybe it was just us =/ won the fight really easy
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On A Timer
# Aug 28 2005 at 3:23 AM Rating: Decent
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Well.. after doing this mission, and killing the NM, I had died on the way to the ??? (I was killed in battle, but was raised. En route to spawn point my sickness faded and Fomors killed me) Well, after mass tractors and raise and such, I get to the point, after everyone else and find nothing in drawer. Everyone else got it but me, so now I have to do the whole thing all over again. Key farming and all. I hate this mission for that reason. This is a very simple mission except the fomor hate thing. Disorganization led to aggro forcing us to have to pull the NM to the hallway outside Keremet, hence my death. I advise heavily about fighting in room with no fomor hate. Stupid fomors
Help on Mariselle
# Aug 24 2005 at 1:25 PM Rating: Decent
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Ok, Just did this last night with my static and it went well. I'll give our little guide on defeating mariselle without having to clear fomor hate.

Our setup was.. PLD, NIN, RDM, BRD, BLM, SMN.
I was our summoner, and no one in our group wanted to go reset fomor hate because we figured it would take wayyy to long because some of us had really high hate. Anyways, We made our camp in the hallway with all the azren kubra skele's. They don't aggro and they are VERY weak. So what I did was, blinked and stoneskinned up, sneaked up, and summoned titan. I then went into the rooms with the ??? until I found him. Now, whenever a summoner gets aggro, your pet will automatically attack the monster attacking you. This let's the summoner get away without being hit and without dropping sneak. We did it a couple times to get it down perfectly. One time I waite too long for the professor to make sure he was still chasing me when they hit me with drain and i aggro'ed every fomor around. But this went very smooth. The professor doesn't stay around very long so you have time to heal up and rest. So, If you have a smn in your party (I would assume bst would work too), then you can pull mariselle without having to clear fomor hate.

Also as a side note: casting sneak on yourself before pulling does not pop mariselle with no aggro, it's just so you don't aggro the fomors in the room.
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Do not bother with fighting the pupils unless you have enough people to cope with soloing them while the rest fight the main NM. Every time he warps he comes back with 2 pupils. What is more is that the pupils reset hate on warping and aggro whoever is resting, often the mages. >.> Recommended for everyone to bring with them holy waters, hi-potions, and hi-ethers for the mages and vile elixirs. RDMs are gonna have a tough time keeping everyone in the party refreshed since there is rarely a chance of being able to rest, especially when the ghosts warp and aggro with drain for 150-200 HP. The NM itself is strong against ice, even Elemental Seal + Freeze did 60 damage.

Please, before you do this part of the mission, reset fomor hate! Only a person who has L1 hate is capable of spawning the NMs since the rooms are full of fomors. We found the safest way to do this was to camp on the steps in one of the longest passages and fight there. The ghosts warp back to the room but will then make their way back to the camp. This will give everyone a chance to quickly rest a little and be out of blood range of the fomors.

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I have never, ever tractored so much in my life.
You have drg, blu, mnk, nin, war and blm? Can you come bard? Come bard.
Major recommendation for fighting the ghost
# Aug 10 2005 at 10:42 AM Rating: Decent
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Get rid of your fomor hate and fight him in the room. The teleporting can be ****. After a good 20 minute fight, he killed our pal twice, and everyone else in the pt (except for me... I suicided...) He was down to less then 1/10th of his life, and this was our first ever failure on a mission.

The truth of the matter was that we were poorly prepared for this one, and well, we paid for it. But fighting him outside the room introduced way too much random hate.

Oh, and when he teleports it appears to reset hate, however, I can not be certain of that.
It appears that all mobs will aggro on one specific person (maybe the person the prof had hate on before the teleport?)

But it was too crazy to know for sure.

Anyways, bite the bullet, get your hate down, and fight him in the room you spawn him in...

Will be going in for our second round tomorrow... Hopefully we can get revenge!!!:)

Well we went in last night, and things got worse. We spawned him in a room that had 2 Fomor Beastmasters, so there were two extra mobs in the room, and very hard to move around. Pal accidently flashed a bst when the professor teleported, and we all went down in record time...

The funniest part was that ONLY the bst that was hit aggroed. None of the other fomors even took notice. So, this proves that fomors do not link (of course there is fomor party link, however, there are no fomor parties in the sacrarium that we found). The part that killed us was that when he started fighting us, his bat joined in... Then the other fomor bst's bat joined in (yes, just the bat, not the fomor...) And so did the Greater Gayla that was in the room... So, we were getting pounded on by 6 mobs... And, the Fomors, just like the Yhoator Lizards have full party hate. Which basically means, this is not one of those situations where you can simply let the person who aggroed it die... Since it will know all your pt members and hunt them down one by one. Even the bat seemed to do that (I never hit a bat, however, it was pounding on me the moment the pal went down).

Anyways, just alittle note for those who fight there. I would not recommend using ANY AoE attacks, even Smn... Since most likely fomors will aggro on the whole pt, not just the avatar... so Smn 2hr + release will probably not work here.

Anyways, after the brutal massacre, we all raised and went back only to find it had moved (much to our joy).

After 5 mins of hunting it down again, we re-spawned it in a less crowded room, and proceeded to show it who was the boss...:P

The victory was easy. The only thing I would warn people about in the future is fight it in the room, and be VERY careful with your spells, well, and have re-raise handy:P

Oh, and don't mess with the little ones... They are just annoying... I think we killed one off, but there were so many mobs in the room I can't be positive.

Well, on to Vhazl...

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Our Run
# Jul 05 2005 at 12:17 AM Rating: Decent
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Well, we gave this mission a shot last night, and I'd thought I'd relate what we experienced.

First off, i'd recommend someone either printing these maps or having a second computer with these maps up. These maps are incredibly helpful when used in conjunction:


The first one is useful in general while the second one is very useful for its detailed maps of the "maze" region.

First off, sneak is a requirement. It should be of note that everyone should also be close to full-hp. This place is full of hearing-type mobs, and aggro in here is very, very dangerous. I'd recommend melee to bring silent oils, though it's not necessary. But it can save some frustration on the part of the mages trying to sneak everyone.

There are 2 entrances to the maze. The Northern, pain-in-the-*** one and the Western, wow-this-is-easy. What makes the northern one hard is that 3 Stegotaurs roam the hallway leading to it, so you'll be forced to exterminate them. Granted, they are only DC, but they're still an annoyance. also, for the love of god, tank backwards on those.

Use the koolaid site for the maze maps. Check which day of the week it is, and see which entrance you can use. It's very easy to read.

Exiting the maze will bring you to map2, full of fomors. Seriously, if someone has so much fomor hate that they aggro through sneak, you have no chance here. I'd recommend going through the southern exit as its on the way to keremet. Camp just outside the maze. Do not have the tank camp close to the maze, however. One time, our PLd receieved aggro from an undead due to low-HP.

Keremet - clear the 2 hallways full of the skeletons. Have the melee build TP here, also and let the mages rest. If you don't kill them, all of them will attack you when you pull Keremet. You can just pull keremet and risk a -ga spell or astral flow to kill them, but there is really no reason why you cna't jus twipe them off quckly. they're respawn is 15 minutes or so, plenty of time for Keremet.

You can clear the Terrotaurs in the room, but we were lazy. We camped in the Southern hallway and our RNg pulled him back to us. Keremet seems to always open with an Ancient Magic spell upon being attacked/aggro'd. Respond appropriately with stun, running outta range, etc. etc. Keremet has a nice AoE silence move. If you camp in the hallway, jus tkeep the mages at a reasonable distance. Otherwise, if you're camping in the corner of Keremet's room, bring echo drops. He doesn't necessarily charm someone. Our first try, he charmed our PLD at 75% and our THF at 30%. If he charms someone, put that person to sleep and wait for charm to wear off before waking.

Also, charm resets hate. We discovered this when we all wiped but our lone THF. She was charmed, and Keremet was unclaimed and walked back to his spawn. of course, after charm wore, he finished off the THF. Our second run, no one was charmed.

He's a BLM, so try to dispel his INT boost effect also. He also likes to use -ga spells (I think level II). Stun those if you can, or get ready for some fun. He's not hard, he just has a lot of HP.

As a BLM, I got resisted every spell. Blizzard II hitting for 4 damage is not cool. I think the mos t I did was 180 Fire II on a MB. So keep that in mind. RNG and SMN seemed to do normal damage.

after Keremet and the CS behind the door, reset fomor hate. Just go and do it. this next part is practically impossible unless you do it. Just kill beastmen in lufaise/misareaux. to test hate, go to phomiuna and run to the 2 fomors that spawn at the entrance. If they don't aggro, you're good to go.

We tried the professor, but lost. He's rather difficult. Not so much because he himself is hard, but rather his pupils make hate control a pain in the ***. The pupils should be taken out asap. They do not have a lot of HP, and a RNG or someone will probably be very capable of soloing one. An Astral flow or two should also be sufficient for taking them out.

After the professor warps, he will immediately cast sleepga II. Bring Poison pots, as this will get messy fast. He will also not immediately engage after warping. So you may have a second or two to heal up before he comes charging back for a fight. The pupils will warp with him, but they will not necessarily move to the same spot. We plan to try this tomorrow night again, using Astral Flow to wipe the pupils.

This mission is entirely possible for a single party, though an alliance would have a significantly easier time. It seems like these NMs were built for alliances, but there is no good reason why a single party can not win both. As for tanks, pick your own. No single tank is necessary for this. Our PLd had no major troubles fighting Keremet, and I assume a NIN would have an equally easy time.

Just please, pleeeeeeeeeeeeease, reset Fomor Hate. One last minute party member did not. As soon as his sneak wore during the professor, the whole room of fomors shifted and he was promptly ruined.

Hope this helps, good luck!
fomor hate
# May 30 2005 at 11:33 PM Rating: Decent
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Seriously, getting rid of fomor hate, there must be a trick, or i must be doing it wrong or something... i've killed well over 200 Orcs/Gigas's in lufaise/miseraux and still have same hate when i first went to talk to the npc.
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Need more info!
# Apr 27 2005 at 11:12 AM Rating: Decent
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I don't understand the key part.

2/Coral Crest Key, 1/Sealion Crest Key per party?

explain how to use the 2/Coral Crest Key and the Sealion Crest key!

Thank you.
RE: Need more info!
# May 10 2005 at 12:34 PM Rating: Good
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There is a doorway with 2 keyholes, a Large keyhole and a Small keyhole. A Sealion Crest key is required for the Large keyhole, a Coral Crest Key is required for the Small keyhole.

In order for the door to open, 2 keys (1 Coral Crest key and 1 Sealion Crest key) must be used (within ~10 seconds of each other).

The Coral Crest key will break upon usage. The Sealion Crest key will Not break (so, it can be reused).

For the mission, you need to open this door twice. So, if everyone in your party needs this mission, you will need to farm up 2 Coral Crest keys and 1 Sealion Crest Key.

You will use 1 Coral Crest key and 1 Sealion Crest key to open the door for the first time. At this point, the Coral Crest key will break.

You will use the 2nd Coral Crest key and the same Sealion Crest key to open the door for the second time. At this point, the second Coral Crest key will break; leaving your party with only the Sealion Crest key.


If this next part is confusing, ignore it. It is just an optimization of the mission.

If you can find someone who has a Sealion Crest key (who has finished the mission) and are able to convince him/her to come with you on your mission, you only need 1 Coral Crest key.

You use the Coral Crest key and the other person uses their Sealion Crest key. This will open the door and everyone goes in. At this point, the person who has the Sealion Crest key (or for that matter, anyone who doesn't need this mission) can stay behind the door. The rest of the party (who need the mission) will need to go find and kill the NM and click on the ???. After that, the party just needs to return to the door. The person behind the door can open the door by hitting the door switch. The party comes through the door and finishes up the mission.
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The ol' Prof Mariselle
# Mar 18 2005 at 5:08 AM Rating: Good
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Gah.. double post..

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The ol' Prof Mariselle
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We finished this mission tonight. Our party was: pld/war, war/nin, rng/nin, whm/smn, rdm/nin, and blm/whm (me)

We had previously farmed 2 Coral Crest keys, so we didn't have to kill any more fomors. We also made sure everyone in the party had level 1 fomor hate. All we had to do tonight was kill off Keremet (to get Sealion Crest Key) and kill off Old Professor Marisells for key item.

Leading to the main room there are 2 hallways. Each hallway has 3 Azren Kugusa and 3 Arzen Kuba's. Each of these mobs are really weak and they do not link. So, we went and killed them all off in one hall, ran to the other hall and killed off the other 6. We read that if you take on Keremet, all 12 of these mobs will rush into the room.

After that, we entered the main room, there are 'taurs in the main room, but if your puller is careful, you can avoid having to kill them first. Our Rng pulled Keremet back into the hall (right outside the main room). Keremet seemed strong to Fire and Blizzard, but weak to Thunder.

It is recommended that you bring Echo Drops for these 2 fights as both of them will AoE Silence. Keremet also will charm someone in your party and have them attack others. We had 2 people charmed at the same time. If someone in your party is charmed, Sleep them as soon as you can. Hopefully you have someone in your party not charmed that can cast Sleep on them. Fortunately, the charm does not last long. Before Sleep2 had worn off, the person was uncharmed. We Cured (to wake) the person to continue the fight. Once Keremet was dead, we got our Sealion Crest Key.

We found the 2 Key Holes at H7. We opened the door and went in. What we found out is that there are 2 Wooden Gates when you enter. The first one is directly in front of you. This is NOT the one you want. If click on this door, it will open and there are 4 'taurs in the room behind this door. Several of them are close enough to the door to aggro you. The Gate you want is down the hall to your right. The hall turns a few times, but there is no where else to go. Click on the Wooden Gate and get a cutscene.

The first room we checked had a ???, but it was not the one that popped the Old Prof. It was the one for a quest. Fortunately, the 2nd room we checked had the correct ???. Each of these rooms are filled with fomor. If your fomor hate isn't low enough, they will aggro you once you start fighting (and Sneak drops). This is why having level 1 fomor hate is vital. Even if your fomor hate is low, it probably a good idea to keep Sneak up for the gazer type mobs.

The Old Prof will summon up to 2 pupils. We pretty much ignored them (as suggested in other walk throughs). The Old Prof LOVES to spam Sleepga. We did not anticipate this, so we did not bring any poison. There were times when the entire party was asleep. The Old Prof also AoE Silence, but he only did this once. He spammed Sleepga around 8 or 9 times.

Our party was pretty well stocked for meds, so, even with the Whm asleep, our Pld was able to use his hi-pots. I would recommend that if you have a Pld in your party to bring some Ethers.. this way, s/he can get some mp back to Cure-wake the mages.

We actually fought the Old Prof in the large room amongst the fomors where he spawned. The fomors in the room did not bother us while we were fighting since we all had no fomor hate. The Bats in the 6 large rooms don't appear to aggro. After the Old Prof is defeated, everyone clicked on the ??? for the Key Item. Then it was back to the key holes.

The scary thing about using the 2 keys this time around, was that after the first key was used (Coral Crest Key), the 2nd key (Sealion Crest Key) did not work for about 5-8 seconds. A feeling of dread fell over the party when we could not get the door to open for the 2nd time. But after a few tries trading, the door finally opened. (Oh, you can open the this door from the inside by clicking on the Switch). Then it was back to the Wooden Gate for another (long) cutscene. When we were finished with the cutscene, you are in a large room. If you exit this room, you can not re-enter via the same door.

There are formor everywhere on this map. There are ones that are single, double and in larger parties. We did not try to kill any this time since we did not want to build any fomor hate.

Oh, watch out for the Gazer type mobs, they will aggro you by sound.

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Professor Mariselle 1 PT strategy
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Ok my PT had a small problem with how to deal with the professor, or even how to pull him with just 1 PT. We ended up taking a THF just for the pull.
How we did it was clear the fomer from a safe camp, then have the THF pop the professor (with sneak on, get them to flee and have another PT member get the door, unfortunately there are a lot of fomer in that room and to have 1 PT clear that room and a camp is impossible (time), so sacrificd the THF (alt tabbing or perfect dodge and logout works as well) THF pulled all the fomer as well while our tank pulled the ghost to our camp. Our THF took the death and we tractored over for raise.
Heres the tricky part, the professor has 2 minions that are resistant to all forms of stop magic (gravity/bind/sleep/lullaby...) so have someone AOE them, then have a RDM cure 4 the person who has hate and have the RDM tank the pupils while everyone goes nuts on the professor.
The professor will depop (YES depop) after xxx amount of damage? time? and wil return to the ??? it spawned from and will come straight back to whoever had hate last (probably your tank), so you do about 500-1000 damage, he depops then comes back with that damage still intact (thank god), he will probably depop 3-4 times, each time coming back to your PT, each time have RDM stoneskin/blink/phalanx up and pull hate and tank both the pupils. Once professor is dead other 2 will die.
Its a wierd fight, but an interesting one.
By the time we killed him a fomer popped within 1-2 mins.
We fought at the North part of the map where there is only 1 accessible ???
The BST and NIN fomer are easy to kill there.
Coral Crest Keys
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Last night my CoP static went to farm Coral Crest Keys. In the ~2 hours we were there, we got 3 drops. (You only need 2 of these keys for the mission, but we tried a bit of subligar farming after we got our 2 keys)

While we were killing fomors, we also got 2 Shakudo Ingot and 2 Balloon Cloths. We also got Drk and Rdm subligar.

The 6 large room (as they appear on the map connected to Misareaux Coast - H8-J8 and H9-J9) is actully a maze. The walls and doorways change every game day (so I have read). We were there across two game days and the walls definitely changed. Them maze area is filled with Liches, Mummies, and Ghosts. They con as IT to our level 50 capped chars. There is usually enough space while running through the maze to cast Sneak or use Oil (if/when it wears).

If/When you find the South or North exit, it will connect to the 2nd map. We camped at E9 (on the map with the 3 rooms to the north and 3 rooms to the south). Close by, there was a Drk, Mnk, and Rdm fomor. Further down the hall, there was a Rng and Smn fomor. We pretty much camped this spot until we got 2 Coral Crest keys.

The repop timer on the fomors seem to be on a 16 minute timer, so plan accordingly.

I will post more when we do more of this mission.

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First Look
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After we finished 4-2, our party decided to get the C/S and look around the Sacrarium. We didn't go too far in, but we did run into some Stegotaurs (with their Doom move). So, if you are going to do this mission, bring some Holy Water (or fight with your back turned).

We also ran into some Mummies and Liches. Painful memories of Genkai 1 comes to mind.. Since you are level 50 capped.. I will post more details when our group does this mission.
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