PM 5-2 Desires of Emptiness  

Start Area: Promyvion - Vahzl
Related Mobs:Agonizer
Cid (H - 8)
Mission:5 - 2
Min Level:1
Max Level:50
(Average from 7 ratings)
Title Obtained:Frozen Dead Body
This Quest requires Promathia
This Mission is Not Skippable
Previous Mission: PM 5-1 The Enduring Tumult of War
Next Mission: PM 5-3 Three Paths
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Mission Orders

The Emptiness has trapped you and your companions. You must find them before you are able to continue your journey into the depths of Promyvion.


Promyvion - Vahzl has a level cap of 50.

You will receive another cutscene upon zoning in. Ulmia, Tenzen, and Louverance can be heard whispering to you in the distance.

The first two levels are just like regular promyvions in that you have to kill the Memory Receptacles to get to the next level. After going through two memory receptacle warps, you have to start looking for Memory Flux points to rescue the three NPCs.

The first memory flux is at (J-8). Check it to spawn a Propagator NM. It should be noted that these NMs are not to be taken lightly. Defeat it and check the memory flux again for a cutscene in which you free Tenzen. Next, look for a memory receptacle to warp to the next level.

The second Memory Flux is at (M-6), check it to spawn Solicitor NM. Recommended: Plan on using a couple of hysteroanima to negate this NM's vicious AoE attacks. Defeat the NM and check the Memory Flux for another cutscene in which you free Louverance. Find the correct Memory Receptacle and warp to the next level.

The last flux is in between (C-6) and (D-6). Check the Flux to spawn a Ponderer NM. Backtrack to (F-6) and zone into the Spire of Vahzl.

When your party is ready, enter the Web of Recollections and choose the battle Desires of Emptiness. All 3 bosses (Holla, Mea, Dem) will be in the battlefield. Fighting one won't aggro the other 2. The next boss won't move until current boss has about 20% HP left. Store TP or abilities and let it out on 20% to finish it off quickly before the next boss comes. Try to devise ways to take care of the next incoming boss, like Shadow Bind or Avatars etc. Suggested fighting order: Middle (Cumulator) -> Left (Procreator) -> Right (Agonizer).

After defeating all three, head to the tower at (I-7) and talk to the 3 Tarutarus inside. Finally, head to Bastok Metalworks and talk to Cid to finish the mission.

BCNM Details

In the BCNM for the mission Desires of Emptiness, you will face off against all three bosses from the previous three promyvion battles: the Cumulator, the Agonizer and the Procreator. Your party is capped at level 30, and you have 30 minutes to defeat all three bosses.

The fight starts with your party pulling one of the three NM bosses. The other two bosses will not link when you pull a boss. When the boss you are fighting is down to 20 percent health, then one of the idle bosses will aggro to your party.

The order in which you battle the bosses depends on which one you attack first.

Strategy Tips

  • Paladin tanks tend to survive better against the bosses' stronger TP moves.
  • The battle is easy if everyone brings a full set of anima.
  • When the next boss in the sequence attacks your party, have someone hit it with a Terroanima to make it run around while your party finishes off the boss it was already fighting.
  • If you have a ninja in your group, your party can rest up after defeating a boss while the ninja kites the next boss in the sequence. If the ninja has haste and the mob has gravity, the ninja can kite indefinitely without being in danger.
  • Use several Hysteroanimas when fighting the Cumulator to keep it from using its powerful AoE moves. To be safe, use the animas when the mob is at 75 percent, 50 percent, 30 percent and 15 percent health.
  • Use your remaining Hysteroanimas when fighting the Agonizer to neutralize its Negative Whirl AoE move. Use them when the boss is at 40 percent and 20 percent health.
  • Use Psychoanimas as needed on all three bosses.
  • When fighting the Procreator, assign people to tank the NM's offspring. However, everyone should keep attacking the main boss. The offspring despawn when the Procreator dies.
  • The tank should not eat defense food until the Agonizer is dead.
  • A blue mage in the party can spam headbutt, stunning many of the boss' TP moves.

Mission Series

Final Fantasy XI

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# Jan 02 2008 at 9:02 PM Rating: Decent
Tonight January 2nd 2008, Promyvion - Vahzl is complete.

BLM BLM (me i was 49 mwahaha) RDM WHM PLD WAR

Lost the first time in with a sliver of hp left on second mob, I 2 houred.

Second time same went much smoother and got the win.

made some progress
# Dec 30 2007 at 8:40 AM Rating: Decent
finally beat the NM on the 5th floor but used 2 hours.

Our party went in for a dry run and I think this thing is going to be **** easy.

The monsters are weak, and with a little anima to slow the aggressing monster down while finishing off the 20% one, it should be cake.

Cant wait to warp up to the 5th floor and get this done!
# Dec 29 2007 at 10:51 PM Rating: Decent
cant beat the notorious monster on the 5th floor

goin gto cry
# Nov 05 2007 at 11:02 PM Rating: Decent
5 posts
wiped to this bcnm 3 times in a row the floors are no problem but the bc can get ugly.

so after wiping 3 times went in with a pick-up party and whooped it's ***.

2xnin war rng whm and smn
we finished with a collective 99% HP and a collective 85% mp

key items you ask?
6x animas 3 of each
juice and pies for mages food for DD's/tanks that easy

use 2 animas on first mob C the tall one psycho and hystero to stop impalement
use 2 on the second P terro so it runs around till you kill the first then hystero so it wont pop babies
on the last A use your terro while you kill the second and your last psycho to intimidate it and stop it from using curse and sleep the smn finished it with astral flow when it got to 15%
5 Person Win!
# Oct 28 2007 at 6:51 PM Rating: Decent
Just finished this with 5 people. We started with 6 but one of our whm fake D/Ced after we reached the spire. Our setup was whm, pld, sam, drg, mnk. We each had 3 anima which ensure our win. We went in and 3 of us put reraise on. After killing the Agonizer first we wiped. We reraise and took the other two with no problems and almost 7 mins to spare. This is a pretty easy BCNM as long as you come somewhat prepared, so don't be discouraged! ^^
# Oct 16 2007 at 7:27 AM Rating: Decent
1,794 posts
Did this fight last night with setup of nin rng rdm whm blm smn. Went very smooth for the most part. The climb was cake, but the 3 NM's to rescue the npc's, although we won them all, were a little rough. The tall one (can't remember name) has a move that goes through all shadows and almost one-shotted me ( I was the nin) right when it popped.

We won the bc first attempt. We pulled the tall one first, and blm freeze it when at 20% for kill. We did have 3 deaths towards the end of the 2nd NM as he pops some helpers that killed our whm blm and rdm right before we started fighting the 3rd NM. But they had reraise on.

I just solod the 3rd NM for a bit while they rested. He was pretty easy for nin to blink while mages rested. RNG EES, SMN astral flow, and blm manafont and he went down fairly fast.

My advice here is obviously to have everyone with rr up incase something unexpected happens. We also had some anima that helped when we had our issues. Probably wouldn't have won w/o it. I think they are good to have for that "oh ****" factor. I also ran through about 10 hi-pots as nin tank. It might be better to go with pld tank for this but it's no impossible to solo nin tank it.
Much work remains to be done before I can announce my total failure to make any progress.
# Aug 11 2007 at 10:32 AM Rating: Decent
867 posts
Okay we did this fight last night and after losing 4 times we decided to change things up a bit. We didn't really have the best jobs of choice but we went anyway to try our best with a Rdm, Blm, Blm, Nin, & War, and had a Whm join a bit later. The Memory Flux' were simple enough, but the BC basically the strat above just wasn't working.

So what we did was start with the Left (Procreator), fought it at the left stairs, and when it got down to about 50% HP the Nin and War (only 2 meleeing) did a Distortion SC with both Blm's MB: Freeze. If this did not kill the enemy, it sure as **** was close. When the 2nd mob would agro (Right - Agonizer) I as the Rdm would Gravity as soon as possible and Kite it until the first one was dead and melee grabbed him from me. Same strat of Distorion ~> MB: Freeze also used on him, however this wouldn't kill it maybe leaving it with 10-15%, so I would Gravity the last mob (Center - Cumulator) and Kite it for about 5 min or until the killed the 2nd NM and they could grab this guy off of me.

Now we did this using NO Anima and NO 2hrs! We went after Left first because of the Offspring it has, and then Agonizer next because of it's nasty AoE, and seemed to be imo the hardest outta the 3, but us mages stayed outta harms way and kept the Nin and War alive. And the reason I recommended to my PT to do the Middle last because it was the one that Gravity seemed to stick to best on, and in a previous attempt I kited him for quite a long while just making sure he was weighed down and healing myself when needed, hardest part though was trying to keep the other 3 mages Refresh'd while doing this but I managed. When Gravity doesn't stick just kite around the edge all the way around the center and I kept a pretty good distance until my timer was ready again. If you have to Convert make sure you are at a good distance and Gravity is stuck. Once the 2nd NM is down and they grab the 3rd off of you, the fight is pretty much in the bag just keep everyone Refresh'd and help with Healing.

After doing this we helped another Blm that needed it and the using the same strat as above it went a lot smoother because now we knew what we were doing.

GL to anyone else doing this!^^
Asyrian - 90 Drg/Mnk
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Majoga - 90 Pld/Nin
Belisi - 90 Sch/Cor/Whm

After update.
# Jun 11 2007 at 11:46 PM Rating: Decent
392 posts
Just did this tonight with 11 person alliance. I heard they nerfed it in the update and according to LS members, it is a lot easier now. 2 Hours from tele vazhl to getting out of final CS. 2xblm, 2x sam, pld, nin, whm, rng, pup, rdm, brd. split parties and shared the whm.

The trip up was really easy, the memory flux fights wern't very bad with an alliance, but I'm sure they are doable with a balanced party.

The NM fight went smooth as well, got into a little bit of trouble but the NIN was able to stay alive and kite while people raised up and we got everyone cured.
# Jun 09 2007 at 12:22 AM Rating: Decent
2 posts
I went 3/3 on this fight. Hi-Potions are a must for the tank.

1st PT set-up:


(Suiton: Ni ftw)

2nd PT set-up:


(Blade: Retsu ftw)

3rd PT set-up:


(RNG dmg ftw)

Overall the fight isn't difficult & people just need remember to keep their kool under pressure. As the NIN/WAR I used about 7-10 Hi-Potions per fight. They come in very handy in certain situations (I.E. - Impalement). Anima does help, but one fight we had none & still won with np.

Edited, Jun 9th 2007 4:24am by xRazelx
# Jun 02 2007 at 11:48 PM Rating: Decent
3 posts
I've done this a few times. Going up to the Spire has never been a problem. It seems to me that if your party is capable of getting to the top with few (or no) deaths then you should be able to beat the BCNM with no problems. Some people say this fight is one of the hardest in CoP but I strongly disagree. Here's what I've found to be the best set up:


Blms are one of the best jobs for this battle. GOOD Blms. When you enter the BC, buff and then rest to full Hp/Mp. Easy enough to handle. Then have your Paladin engage the middle monster at the bottom of the steps. It's very important that no ice based spells/attacks are used while fighting, and I will explain why shortly. Here is the basic idea for each NM:

Paladin: Tank.
Dark Knight: DD. Stun.
Corsair: Refresh the entire party. Heal. Random Deal**.
Summoner: DD. Intercept the NM that aggros when the current NM is at 20%.
Black Mage: DoT. Enfeebling magic. Stun. Heal. Elemental Seal > Freeze*.
White Mage: Heal.

*Ok. The reason no one used ice based spells or attacks is that NMs gain resistance to magic when it is repeatedly cast on them. Blms are very handy if they do their job right. Here is the Blms job in more detail:

1.DoT and Enfeebling magic. These help to speed up the NMs death without using a large amount of Mp.
2.Alternate Stuns with the Drk. This will help keep your tank alive, help your Whm to use less Mp, and keep the Whm alive since he won't get hate from cure bombing your tank.
3.Keep your Mp above 307 at ALL times. Why? Well at 25% of the NMs health you use Elemental Seal > Freeze. (Melee should WS at that time too) This should kill the NM and allow the tank to focus on the next NM. If you don't kill the NM you will more than likely get hate and ***** things up. This is why the NM cannot have any resistance to ice. If done correctly, the switch from one NM to the next should go as smooth as a babies bottom.

**Corsair uses Random Deal to get the Black Mage's Elemental Seal back.

It's very important that you bring one set of all three Animas. Preferably the Drk should carry them. The only time Animas are really needed is on the second NM. Once the NM is at about 40% you will want to throw a Hysteroanima and a Psychoanima. The NM can't even wipes its own *** at this point. But, if you don't throw the Animas, it will spawn two Offspring which will more than likely ***** everything up. Ok. Once the NM is just sitting there staring at you, the Smn needs to pull out Ramuh and use Judgment Bolt. If all goes well then that NM is dead. 2 down, one to go. Tank get hate, Smn use Judgment Bolt again. Blm use Elemental Seal > Freeze. Drk use Bloodweapon + Souleater. Smn use Judgment Bolt again if its still standing. Well that might be over-kill, but then again maybe not.

Quick summary.

2.Pld tanks middle mob. DDs take it down to 25% and then the Blm uses ES > Freeze.
3.Smn has Ifrit ready to take the next mob in case the Blm doesn't finish off the first.
4.Pld tanks the second (left) mob after the first dies. DDs take him down to 40% and then someone throws Hysteroanima and Psychoanima. Smn uses Astral Flow.
5.Pld tanks the third (right) mob. Cor uses Random Deal to reset Elemental Seal. Smn uses the remainder of his or her Astral Flows. Blm uses ES > Freeze.

If you stick to that you should win. Actually, you would flat out pwn. I know because I've done it this way (and it was supposed to be a dry run lol). Congratulations if you beat it. You are treated to a nice CS. I found this to be very simple as far as CoP goes. I'll probably be posting on future missions too. ^^

Edited, Jun 3rd 2007 3:49am by lolryannpwnsu

Edited, Jun 3rd 2007 3:55am by lolryannpwnsu
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Promy Vahzel
# Mar 31 2007 at 2:20 PM Rating: Decent
10 posts
Did this today with normal party setup. No animas was easy. Bard(me),War,Nin,Drg,Redmage,and Rng. Give all props to my LS freind Suprette. She guides us through and party owned everything was fun.
# Dec 19 2006 at 10:32 AM Rating: Default
67 posts
my static did this last nite pt setup was smnx2 warx2 nin(me) and whm we beat it in 8mins and 48 seconds. it said we got record but yesturday was also a server maint day so i dunno. since i seem to b the static leader my battle plan was to utilize both smns 2 hrs to their max potential. and knowing that the 2nd and 3rd following mobs will start to aggro when the mob u r fighting is @ 20% hp i made 1 smn have his avatar fight 2nd/3rd mob and then 2hr right on top of the mob that we were currently still fighting (1st/2nd mob). a very simple high dmg plan. i saw 1 of the avatars 2 hrs (Rahmu or how ever it is spelled) do a 700dmg which did a a great deal of dmg and although i didnt see it one of the smns said that shivas 2hr also did ~700dmg. we only had 1 casualty (war died) but member had reraise on and just got up and kept going. death was caused by just bad timing. war had hate and took the throat stab ability and lost showdows soon after and no avatars where out and 2nd mob came and whm just used a hi-ether making whm unable to cure for like 5 secs. but other then that small speed bump we won very smoothly. oh and we used 1hystero and 1 psyco anima per boss used them 30secs apart @ ~50%-75% health seeing as smns where gonna 2hr and we had 2 we used our animas early in fights.
The BST Way
# Jan 03 2007 at 12:59 PM Rating: Decent
290 posts

I was 0/4 on this with the conventional party. Don’t get me wrong, the conventional parties were pretty good and we were always like 90% into winning, but then a fury of AOE Drains and or AOE sleeps changed everything.

So after this experience, I went with my awesome BST/SMN LS and we ended up beat them two times in a row with no deaths! Totally owned it!

BSTX6 – we had two /WHM and four /NIN


1. Blood Brothsx3 [Diremites]
(these guys own them, don’t ask me why, but for this battle CC and Funguar pale in comparison-I ended up only using 2 for all three NM’s.)

2. Hysterioanima x3, Psychoanima x3,Terroranima x2
(If all players have these, you can do the battle twice in one night, incase you wipe to some unforeseen disaster-these were expertly used and needed)

3. Stack of Poison pots, Antidotes and Echo Drops
(Poison for the last mob – Holla, I never got slept because we didn’t melee it but just in case, use it!)

4. Reraise earring, DD Food and HP Regen drink

5. A couple of Hi Potions (again, I didn’t even need them but had them just in case)

-For the BC, use the known strategies on each boss like attack MEA first, then DEM comes, and ends with Holla - use terroranimas on 2nd mob and 3rd mob as they wake, etc.

-DO NOT use Sic until you are fighting the last mob or you can end up fighting 2 or 3 at one time.

-Change your Call Beast macros to the appropriate jug (blood broth) beforehand

-Melee the second mob only, let the pets do the rest! Reward and BST 2hr wakes a pet up so use it on mob1 and mob3 as needed.

-Stay away from the battle so that you don’t get sucked into AOE. Remember we are BSTs, not Warrs or Monks or PLDs, let the pets do the work.

Tarutaru: BLM75, BST75, WAR75, DRG75, SMN60, RDM60

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# Jan 03 2007 at 12:55 PM Rating: Decent
290 posts

I was 0/4 on this with the conventional party. Don’t get me wrong, the conventional parties were pretty good and we were always like 90% into winning, but then a fury of AOE Drains and or AOE sleeps changed everything.

So after this experience, I went with my awesome BST/SMN LS and we ended up beat them two times in a row with no deaths! Totally owned it!

BSTX6 – we had two /WHM and four /NIN


1. Blood Brothsx3 [Diremites]
(these guys own them, don’t ask me why, but for this battle CC and Funguar pale in comparison-I ended up only using 2 for all three NM’s.)

2. Hysterioanima x3, Psychoanima x3,Terroranima x2
(If all players have these, you can do the battle twice in one night, incase you wipe to some unforeseen disaster-these were expertly used and needed)

3. Stack of Poison pots, Antidotes and Echo Drops
(Poison for the last mob – Holla, I never got slept because we didn’t melee it but just in case, use it!)

4. Reraise earring, DD Food and HP Regen drink

5. A couple of Hi Potions (again, I didn’t even need them but had them just in case)

-For the BC, use the known strategies on each boss like attack MEA first, then DEM comes, and ends with Holla - use terroranimas on 2nd mob and 3rd mob as they wake, etc.

-DO NOT use Sic until you are fighting the last mob or you can end up fighting 2 or 3 at one time.

-Change your Call Beast macros to the appropriate jug (blood broth) beforehand

-Melee the second mob only, let the pets do the rest! Reward and BST 2hr wakes a pet up so use it on mob1 and mob3 as needed.

-Stay away from the battle so that you don’t get sucked into AOE. Remember we are BSTs, not Warrs or Monks or PLDs, let the pets do the work.

Tarutaru: BLM75, BST75, WAR75, DRG75, SMN60, RDM60

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Trinity Tap Exploit
# Oct 17 2006 at 8:51 PM Rating: Decent
8 posts
For the 5th floor mini-boss if you want to take it down fast as well as the holla boss on the inside, have a mnk be first voke with counterstance until it uses trinity tap and absorbs it. It's defense will be lowered drastically and the main tank can pull it off the monk after that while all the DDs focus from behind, or ranged attack fight head-on as its defense will be removed due to taking your status. RNGs should average about 270 per arrow after that.

Keep no more then 3 buffs up on the mnk(including being cautious about boosting at a bad time), helped drop this mob in a good few seconds if you get lucky on trinity tap, may want to lock negative whirl after this with an anima since it could chew up that mnk who got initial hate. Works great if you have the MNK the one holding the mob when the second NM joins in.
this was the hardest CoP so far
# Oct 03 2006 at 2:59 PM Rating: Decent
145 posts
Got it done yesterday. Long legs was a pain in both the bc and in the memory flux thing. with that throat stab thing.

We did farm many animas only 2 ppl brought 3. and we used 2 fighting long legs in memory flux. The babies also were bad.

Had to kite the last mob for a while and had a lot of death lost 2k exp.
promy vahzl
# Aug 12 2006 at 7:37 PM Rating: Decent
1 post
here a strat for ppl lacking friends and dont wanna waiste there time waiting
5 members nin rdm smn X2 rng grab a few animas bring your items for the normal promys no need to 2 hr on the first 3 bosses beat them and then go to the last 3 bosses once there let the nin and rng go to it on the first one that one gets down to 20% the next one will come in 1 smn attack that mob with an avatar and 2 hr on it (ifrit worked well for me) 3 hits with the 2 hr that mob will be dead in no time with the third one getting hit as well on the last bp if he is close enough second smn go in and do 2 hr and the third is dead in no time really easy try it some time (ohhh and word to the tanks dont let the mob move away from the avatar or the BP might miss)
# Jul 04 2006 at 11:29 PM Rating: Decent
791 posts
All 6 of the NMs can be kited very effectively. Our setup tonight was:


We flew through the beginning with no trouble whatsoever, but then wiped to the Holla clone on the 5th? floor. Then we noticed what a large area we had to work with, and decided to try kiting him around. After we rested up we had the RDM stick Gravity on it and the NIN just ran around in a large oval around the Memory Flux building pillars. This was extremely effective. I'd run into range and Head ****(stun) constantly while the RNG and MNK dwindled down its HP- happened rather quickly. Then at around 5% he got a little meaner with TP attacks, and we all unleashed on him for the easy win.

We carried this strategy to the last floor, and again into the BCNM. Worked great on all occasions. If anyone is wondering, BLU is very effective in Promyvion-Vahzl. Mandibular Bite, Sickle Slash, Bludgeon, Head ****, and Healing Breeze were amazing for me, and I ended the BC fight with a 482 Self-Destruct ^^
# Jun 03 2006 at 7:54 AM Rating: Decent
1,181 posts
did the 2nd and 3rd fluxes with 5 people and did pretty good (RNG had to 2hr on 2nd flux though, that ones a pain). After that, we did the BCNM with 5 people too! Won... rather comfortably, no real need for 2hrs except at end where HOLLA would AoE Curse+Sleep spam which is hella annoying.. so bring poison pots!

PT Steup was : WHM BLM RNG NIN DRG (Did the 2nd/3rd fluxes and the BCNM with 5 people and still won! Thankies to Elementalist, Blood Ultadragon Nydia)
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Better Info
# Mar 20 2006 at 1:15 AM Rating: Good
150 posts
I know Alla must be busy with so many MMORPGs to keep tabs on ant they still have yet to cover ALL PMs. So I like to post this link to a very very very good guide for all thinks CoP PMs. Thank you.

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Regular set up
# Jan 30 2006 at 12:49 PM Rating: Good
594 posts
Don't get me wrong....it can get hectic, but the "best" set up for this mission.

is a regular exp party...not mana burn or arrow burn, just a regular party. If you can get a distortion SC going with a THF...you will finish quickly.

This is 100% correct. We cleared the floors with RNG MNK NIN BLM WHM BRD and it went so smoothly. Then we got to the BCNM and the RNG dc'd in the middle of the fight. We got the last NM down to 7% before we wiped.

Went back later to finish off the BCNM with NIN (me) WAR WHM RDM BLM BRD and cleaned house. Distortion really does do wonders on these NM's and a NIN can tank a few of them without ever getting hit. Although of course BRD and WHM haste came in real handy.

Most important thing to remember is that once you clear the floor NM's you can warp to the top floor to access the BCNM in minutes. So don't be afraid to help people out if all they need is the BCNM.

EDIT: Just a quick addition...with this set up we beat the BCNM in 12.5 minutes, just about 50 seconds shy of the record. That was with no two hours and no animas and only the aforementioned death of a taru :p

Edited, Mon Jan 30 13:11:32 2006
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RE: Regular set up
# Feb 01 2006 at 3:34 AM Rating: Decent
558 posts
brd can be even more useful if they have gaudy harness. With a rdm, ballad and gaudy that'd give u like 5mp/tick. However they'd have to spam cures to keep mp under 50 for the gaudy to keep up. Well, this makes brd an awesome back up healer. w/o a rdm you could prolly use juice, not that you would need to. idk hmm.

Edited, Wed Feb 1 02:38:46 2006
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Help me out lolz
# Jan 16 2006 at 11:55 PM Rating: Decent
10 posts
Oh wow the trouble I've gone to trying to get a PT for this reincarnation of the promys. If anyone is on Pandemonium and needs this, send a /tell. I wouldn't mind even setting up a static until sea access.Static should consist of full alliance so we can switch members in for proper pt setup on each mission. Just a thought, but send tell even if you only want to do this.
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was easy after all
# Jan 09 2006 at 12:38 PM Rating: Decent
151 posts
Rejoice Remora! no longer must u hear me askin for a PT for it! i finally decided to make PT went in as 6..we pwnd..had a little trouble on last NM but nailed it. BC, we went into spire, got supplies from jeuno, went back in. It was easy, only problem was Impalement, hit NIN for 700 and me and RNG for 300 ^.~. After Middle NM's down and everyone is rested for 2nd NM, stop kiting and its all simple from there :)
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Title obtained
# Nov 19 2005 at 12:53 PM Rating: Decent
107 posts
Just completed last night with only 6 of us.

Title obtained is "Frozen Dead Body".
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RE: Title obtained
# Dec 10 2005 at 6:49 PM Rating: Decent
119 posts
We did the bcnm 2 times. Because we are a static of 7-8 people. First run we got : pld, whm, drg, sam, blm, rdm. We use 2 terro animas and some psycho and hystero, we own them so badly.

We try our second run with Pld, sam, mnk, blm, blm and rdm, the last Nm kick our *** so badly, something wrong happend, i die so soon on the 3rd nm (im the pld).

We try it again today, we are suposed to have : pld, sam, drg, mnk, blm, smn. But our smn never came, so with 9 animas we decide to try it anyway, at 5. I know its hard to believe, but with : pld, mnk, drg, sam, and blm (healing only) we win in 20 min. After the second nm we planed a wipe to be sure to restart at full hp/mp, we got all a RR1 on us after the secon nm dead, we wipe, get hp/mp back and use 3 psycho on the last one to finish it. For me this fight was one of my best a see until a play this game, we are so proud to win at 5. I dont mind if people believe us or not, the 5 of us know what we did today. Maybe some other PT did it in a more horrible way, then i say congratulation guys. I dont tell you that to show we are the best, we arent im sure of it. The onlyt thing i want to tell with this post, is to show to those who will have to make this BCNM, its not so hard, Animas is something that can help you, better then have the super best job to do the bcnm. Well im far away from the main purpose of the subjet of this thread. anyway good luck to you if you have to make this mission.

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Just a side note you dont need an alliance to do the whole mission, we did it with a full party. I guess it would be easier, but meh.
# Sep 11 2005 at 6:53 AM Rating: Decent
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Can't you just sleep/lullaby the bosses that wake up? The mission guide doesn't say you can't... hmmm =\
This mission was almost a joke.
# Aug 18 2005 at 1:01 PM Rating: Decent
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Don't get me wrong....it can get hectic, but the "best" set up for this mission.

is a regular exp party...not mana burn or arrow burn, just a regular party. If you can get a distortion SC going with a THF...you will finish quickly.

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Promyvion Vahzl experiences
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10 of us got through this mission on Odin last night and I thought I'd share our experiences.

Our lineup was: NIN, NIN, NIN, WHM, WHM, BLM, RDM, SAM, DRK, RNG (me).

Getting to Promyvion Vahzl is pretty easy. The golem took us about 30 seconds to kill, although we did have a good number of 75s (as the golem fight isn't capped). Be warned, if you've got anything else you need to do for the next few hours, that the cutscenes when you enter the Promyvion are *long*. 10 minutes at least, by my count.

In fact, that's a good point to bear in mind with Vahzl. This is a long dungeon. It's 5 floors, compared to 4 for the earlier Promyvions and you have to fight 3 bosses on the way up. I'd suggest setting aside several hours to do this. I'd also recommend having more than 6 people, even if you just have a couple of escorts along. I'll explain why later.

The first floor is pretty trivial. The mobs are low level and it's not far to the memory receptacle. If you have an RNG, have him wide-scan for it. Fighting the receptacle is much like it was in the earlier Promyvions - stand with your back to an edge so that you don't get knocked back into any of the harder mobs. Contrary to what I've heard elsewhere, you *can* get fake receptacles in Vahzl - we had one on the third floor. Also note that on the higher floors, you encounter Weeper and Seether type strays. These have more hp than the regular strays and need to be dealt with quite quickly. They're not as hard as the regular versions of those mobs, though.

The second floor is also a standard floor, but this one is quite hard. There's a long, narrow section you have to go through to reach the receptacle, which is packed full of mobs. You'll know the area when you see it - it's got lots of girders and looks a bit like a building site. Expect to have to fight a lot of mobs to get past the "**** house". Most of the mobs on this floor are EM or T, so individually, they shouldn't be a problem. You will not be able to sneak through unmolested, though, and trying to do so could result in you getting drowned under a pile of aggro and adds. Take it slow, take it careful.

The third floor is the first that has a boss-fight. Before you fight the memory receptacle, you need to go to the Memory Flux and click it to spawn a Propagator. Be warned, there's no prompt after you click - the mob just spawns. This is the same mob type as the Promyvion-Dem boss. It's got a lot of hp and can spawn small versions of itself, but the Dem boss overall is so weak that you can kill it pretty easily. Once this is done, find a receptacle and kill it for a portal.

As I said above, we had a fake receptacle on this level. When moving between receptacles (we had a 2nd on widescan), we decided to clear a Craver that was blocking our route. Bad move. The craver is the mob-type that the Ptomyvion-Mea boss is based on. The regular IT versions of this mob (all the ones on the 3rd floor will be IT) are incredibly hard. They've got more hp than the bosses you fight in the spire at the top of Vahzl. We had 2 deaths to this mob, so I strongly suggest you go around any of the boss-type mobs you encountr.

4th floor has another NM that needs to be cleared at the memory flux. This one is the Solicitor, which is a version of the Mea boss. This is where you're going to want an alliance. This boss is absolutely mad. We had 6 deaths (out of 10) fighting him and only killed him by the skin of our teeth. He does his Carousel move almost constantly, causing massive AOE, hate-reset and 15-per-tick forum. Don't worry, the version of this boss in the BCNM is nothing like as bad as this. Once he's cleared, find a receptacle and go through. Happily, the receptacle spawns are pretty close to the memory web. Be warned that the strays on this floor can be fairly nasty, with the seether-types making their first appearance.

The fifth floor has the spire and another NM fight. Before you go into the Spire, go to the memory web and fight the Ponderer. This is the Holla-type boss. He's got a lot of hp and some nasty specials, but we didn't find him too hard. Once he's dead, go to the spire for another cutscene.

We did the BCNM fight in two runs. The first run consisted of:


After the first run, one of the NINs and the RDM came back up for the second run, which was:


Both runs won the fight on their first attempt, without too many problems.

The fight is basically as described in the mission text at the top of this page. You pull the Mea-type boss first, as he's by far the hardest. The other two mobs do *not* aggro or link at this point, unless you attack them. When the Mea boss hits 20%hp, the Dem boss wakes up. This is a dangerous point, as the Mea boss will have the party on low hp by this point. If you have an RNG, he can buy you some time by shadowbinding the Dem boss. If you don't attack it, this can stick it in place for a good 30 seconds. Then the RDM can cast gravity on it and one of your two NINs can break off and kite it. Go all out on the Mea boss to finish it off - this is the most dangerous point in the fight, so don't mess around.

Once the mea boss is dead, you can kite the Dem boss for ages, with gravity (100% stick rate for our RDM) and one of the NINs. This lets the mages rest to full hp. On the first run, they even let one of the NINs who had died rest until weakness wore at this point. The Dem boss is incredibly slow and pathetic, especially with Gravity. Once you're ready to go, kill the Dem boss as fast as possible. The Holla boss will wake up at 20% hp, so go all out again at the end.

If you have everybody alive when the Dem boss dies, you should win. The Holla boss is more annoying than hard. I strongly suggest using poison potions to avoid his sleep attack, as he does it constantly. If you still have 2hrs, use them when he goes below 25% hp (except the NINs, of course) as he does his specials a lot more at this point.

This is not the hardest fight in CoP by a long stretch. The dungeon to get to the BCNM is a nightmare. However, compared to Riverne A and B's bosses, the BCNM is a walkover. The bosses are higher level now than they were when you met them at 30 in the 3 basic Promyvions. However, they are lower relative to you than they were back then. I'd guess that the Promyvion Mea/Holla/Dem bosses were IT high-eva-high-def, while the three bosses in the BCNM in Vahzl are all VT. Have a sensible party and you shouldn't lose. No animas needed.

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RE: Promyvion Vahzl experiences
# May 16 2006 at 3:03 PM Rating: Decent
U sir, are a god. this is very well writen and i feel like i could do it 5 times over.
RE: Promyvion Vahzl experiences
# May 16 2006 at 3:03 PM Rating: Decent
U sir, are a god. this is very well writen and i feel like i could do it 5 times over.
not that long
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well we just did this only took us about 2 hours to get to bc. we had 9 people to do this bc. well 1st time we lost but 2nd time we won. had 2 nin tank so it wasnt bad on 1st mob had 1 nin kite while other spam utusemi magic while rng(me) smn and blm did dmg. 2nd two they tanked with no kiting. after you win the bc you can warp back up to the top floor and redo again to help those who didnt get to do it 1st time.
not that long
# Jul 27 2005 at 3:34 AM Rating: Decent
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# Jul 26 2005 at 3:26 AM Rating: Decent
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if i wanted to do this with say 9 people top climb the floors is it possible for the 1st 6 to redo this bc without havign to climb back to the top?
How do you get to Promyvion-Vhazl?
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All the post below are very informative and much appreciated.

However, folks only talk about what to do inside Promyvion-Vhazl, but nobody says how to get there.

dRouge's First Look post states "Do NOT cast magic on the elevator ride down"; from this warning, I'm assuming Promyvion-Vazhl is accessed via Beaucedine Glacier > Pso'xja. Is that correct?

If so, which Beaucedine Glacier tower do we enter through? Tower 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6?

Once inside Pso'Xja,does anyone know the walk-through directions to the elevator?

JAN 2006: HELP!!
Still looking for a walk-through of what happens between the fight in Pso'Xja with Golem NM Nunyunuymi and zoning into Promyvion-Vahzl.
Someone please share your experience. It would be most appreciated! ^^
Hmmm. One wonders if the answer is simply... "After you beat the Golem NM Nunyunuymi and you are automatically teleported into Promyvion-Vahzl?

FEB 2006: Thank you Neoloop for your reply. Much appreciated!!

P.S. As a reminder the three Promyvion-Dem/Holla/Mea ENMs are:
  • Dem ENM Progenerator
  • Holla ENM Wreaker
  • Mea ENM Delver

  • P.S.2 Since there are 3 ENMs, it would probably be best for everyone in party to have all three Rare/Ex animas in their possession for the ENM fight:
  • Terroanima obtained from Recollection of Guilt
  • Psychoanima obtained from Recollection of Fear
  • Hysteroanima obtained from Recollection of Pain

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    RE: How do you get to Promyvion-Vhazl?
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    After you click the door after beating Nunyunuwi you are immediately thrust into a very long cutscene. The end of which finds you dropped off in Promyvion Vahzl
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    RE: How do you get to Promyvion-Vhazl?
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    You probably have found the answer by now.. but to get to the entry to Promyvion-Vhazl, you need to entry one of the Towers in Beaucedine at F-7. This is Tower 1 as labeled by www.ffxi-atlas.com.

    Once in the tower, walk straight until you see a stone door. If you click on the door, a NM Nunyunuwi will pop (the NM for CoP 5-1)

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    # Jul 13 2005 at 4:37 PM Rating: Good
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    A little tip:

    Use Terroanima on the ones that wake up, that way they kite themselves and everyone can focus on killing the one near death.
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    # Jun 28 2005 at 3:07 AM Rating: Decent
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    This Promyvion seemed easier than Mea/Holla/Dem for several reasons - 1) everyone has access to better equipment and skills (Utsusemi:Ni Flash, Haste, Minuet III, Refresh) 2) SMN have Double Slap which pwns Poison Nails, thanks 3) while the normal mobs are pretty tough, the Memory Receptacles are a joke, 3) only 1-2 Memory Receptacles each island, so no having to kill 4 to get a warp gate.

    It's main difficulty is one of endurance, because trudging through five islands and knowing when to avoid aggro and when to clear a path (and there is a LOT of aggro) takes a long time. My group got a warp gate first time each island, and it still took us 4 hours to get to the Spire, including killing the checkpoint NMs.

    The BC was a lot easier than we expected too... we only had 9 people (weren't planning on doing the BC but since some people were toting enough meds and anima, we thought we'd try) so we did two successful runs:

    #1: NIN/RNG/RNG/SMN/BRD/RDM - RNG had a lot of trouble with hate, both died at least once. MP became an issue near the end, but they forgot to use anima. Don't believe the SMN used Astral Flow because healing was too much.

    #2: NIN/PLD/RNG/BRD/RDM/WHM - Things went SO much better this run; NIN was main tank and PLD was secondary when NIN was in trouble, and would tank other mobs when they woke up. BRD songs went Mambo/Minuet/Prelude, with usual debuffs on the mob. Only time someone went into the red was when the first mob used Impalement on the NIN. After that it was either white or yellow from AoE damage.

    Moral - Consider bringing two tankers
    RE: Phew
    # Sep 05 2005 at 10:50 AM Rating: Default
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    you forgot one .. 4) anyone with WHM as a sub now has a reraise .. so whms arent a necessity if everyone dies and cant get up

    I am advanced beyond my years
    RE: Phew
    # Sep 06 2005 at 2:34 PM Rating: Decent
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    Actually any sub WHM will not have access to reraise during Promy - Vahzl, because the mission is 50 capped, and reraise is level 33. However, any sub WHM will have raise.
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    RE: Phew
    # Jan 22 2006 at 1:17 PM Rating: Decent
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    Kinda contradicted urself there. >.>
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    RE: Phew
    # Feb 17 2006 at 7:32 PM Rating: Decent
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    Umm no he didnt contradict himself. He said "Reraise" the spell in which you cast it on yourself and if you die you have the choice to reraise yourself instead of finding a whm (reraise earring, reraise scroll etc..) yes hes correct "Reraise" is at lvl 33 which will not work if whm is your sub. He said the whm sub will have "Raise" where it has to be casted by a WHM/?? or a ??/WHM which will be at lvl 50 for main 25 for the whm sub.. Have fun :)
    wasn't too bad
    # May 19 2005 at 11:41 PM Rating: Decent
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    I just did this mission tonight. It was so much easier then we were expecting it to be. My PT was PLD/WAR(me), DRK/WAR, BLM/WHM, WHM/BLM, RDM/BLM, SMN/WHM. We did the suggested Middle > Left > Right. The first mob used a hate reset move that left whoever got hit with it with about 30 HP. Our DRK was on the ball with stun when that happened so we could cure. When the Procreator woke up, our SMN carby kited it til we were ready. First mob died without too much trouble, though we were a little low on HP and MP. We had little to no trouble with this one, although we did end up using Invincible, Benediction and Manafont during the fight. At about 30% it started to spawn offspring, the DRK solo'd those as me and the BLM continud to wail on it(yay freze!!). Once again we carby kited the next mob until we were ready. This guy ate 2 astral flows(missed the first one cuz we pulled him away from the mages so they wouldn't get slept), and a freeze leaving him at about 30% then he started to spam his drain attack and AoE sleep. The DRK and RDM both 2hrd and brought him down to about 5% and he was then finished off easily with freeze.

    The fight wasn't that hard but was pretty long. We ended up using a lot of meds and everyones 2hrs but if you can take Ouryu or the 3 Mamets then you should have no real problem with this.
    Spire BC
    # Mar 27 2005 at 2:59 PM Rating: Excellent
    972 posts
    Our CoP static finished this one up a few days ago. From the last Memory Flux isn't too far. We ran until we could see the Spire entrance then we trained our way to the Spire

    Once again, we did a few "dry run" at the Spire. The first one was planned. The ones after were "unplanned" (i.e. someone got killed so we retreated).

    The NM's will wake up in a Left to Right order, so the order which you can kill them are somewhat limited. We decided to go with the recommended order Middle, Left, Right.

    After we entered the BC and buffed up, we took on the middle NM. This was pulled into the steps where we entered. This NM has (at least) 2 special moves that do quite a bit of damage. The first one is a AoE knock back move. This is why it was pulled to the entrance. Since the hall way is narrow there, the people don't get knocked too far back. All the melee's are in there fighting; the mages are down the stairs (away from the AoE). The other special move is Impailment (or something like that). This can take a person from full health to below 100. It is important to voke off of that person as soon as this occurs.

    Once the first NM was down to about 10%, the Left NM wakes up. So, it is important to have a Rdm cast Gravity on this.. and to have someone kite this. I cast Freeze on the first NM to help kill it off quickly.

    The 2nd NM will spawn Offsprings. The Offsprings will spawn more frequently if its close to dying (it appears); but it will spawn them if you kite a while. (So, it's not just health dependent, it's also time dependent (it appears)). With the Rdm recasting Gravity and our Nin kiting, the rest of us were able to rest and recover most of our health and mp. Once again, the goal is to get this NM down to around 15%-20%. At this point, it helps a lot to use Anima's to stop it from spawning Offsprings. We ended up with 2-3. Focus on the NM, since the Offsprings will "die" once the NM is dead. Once again, the goal was to kill off the 2nd NM quickly when the 3rd one wakes up. Our Rng Shadowbind'ed the 3rd NM as we went to kill off the 2nd NM. Once again Freeze did about 700 points of damage and this helped kill off the 2nd quickly.

    The 3rd NM is the one that can Spam AoE sleep, so everyone popped Poison potions. Also, we spammed bogus buffs for the Trinity Absorbtion. This is where we went all out. I think I drank 4 Super-eithers. Our Rng finished it off with EES.

    I think people should bring enough meds for a few "shots" at this. If you can save your 2hrs and Anima's until the 2nd NM is over half dead, then go all out for the win. If someone gets killed before then, retreat and try again.

    We all had farmed Recollections before coming, so we all had at least 2 Anima's (Hystero and Psycho). One person had all 3. I think we used 4 or 5 through out all of our fights.

    Oh, our party was: Pld/War, Nin/War, Rng/Nin, Whm/Smn, Rdm/Whm, Blm/Whm (me)

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    # Mar 25 2005 at 3:10 PM Rating: Excellent
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    Last night our static CoP party continued on this mission. When we entered Promyvion-Vahzl, we all were teleported to the Memory Flux where we left off from the previous night.

    We made our way to the 2nd Memory Flux. The 2nd NM we had to fight was called Solicitor (Craver type). This fight was a LOT harder than we thought. As the NM's hp got low, it started to spam Promyvion Brume. This was an AoE attack that did anywhere from 100 to 220 damage to anyone who was close enough. Our party was all fairly close so most of us got hit. AFter a few of these, people starting dropping. It also AoE Poison a few times, its Poison had a pretty high damage/tic. In the end we won, but just barely. Our Whm with Reraise on saved us from having to repeat the fight.

    The 3rd NM called Ponderer (Thinker type) we were a bit more prepared for. We drank poison and had "bogus" buffs. The fight was easier than we had anticipated. It never cast AoE Sleep.. but it did dispel a lot of our buffs.

    We will be doing the Spire BC fight later this week.

    Edited, Fri Mar 25 15:11:47 2005
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    Memory Flux
    # Mar 24 2005 at 3:43 PM Rating: Excellent
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    You click on the Memory Flux to spawn the NM. You also need to click on the Memory Flux after the NM is defeated to get a cutscene.

    If you have cleared a certain Memory Flux's NM and you come back later, do not click on the Memory Flux again, otherwise the NM will pop (and you will need to kill it again (or run away)).
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    First Look
    # Mar 23 2005 at 6:28 PM Rating: Excellent
    972 posts
    Do NOT cast magic on the elevator ride down, you will pass by some pots that will aggro magic. These pots are EP to level 75. It may be a good idea to cast Sneak (or use oil) before you ride the elevator down since the elevator will pass by a floor with Gazer type mobs.

    After a LONG cutscene at the door, we entered Promyvion-Vahzl. We proceeded to work our way to the first Memory Flux and killed the NM there. The NM wasn't too hard to kill.. we did have to clear out the area around the Memory Flux since we didn't want any adds during the NM fight.

    At that point, we stopped for the night. The "nice" thing about this missions is that after you kill the the NM (by the Memory Flux), you can be teleported back to the Memory Flux when you enter Promyvion-Vahzl the next time.

    There is a spot called "Hall of Horror" (seen on map posted on Kool-aid) before the first Memory Flux. The reason why it's called that is bacause it's a fairly narrow hallway with LOTS of mobs.

    I'll post more as we get further in this mission.

    Edited, Wed Mar 23 18:30:21 2005
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