Summon details for Dark Spirit  

Jobs/Level:Summoner, lvl 1
MP cost:10
Scroll:Dark Spirit Pact
Reuse:10 seconds
Cast time:1 second
Target Type:Self
Description:Summons a Dark Spirit to fight by your side.

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# May 01 2006 at 6:48 PM Rating: Decent
105 posts
i love this, but im so mad at it...at 14, it only casts Blind at like 1 HP and while 2 hour is on ( for the no MP burn effect) at full health, it casts Drain ; ; is this just an effect of Astral Flow? better spells?
# Mar 21 2006 at 11:19 AM Rating: Default
128 posts
Yes, how can you obtain this w/o purchasing it for half a mill on fairy server?

disregaurd that Dark spirit scroll quest right? sorry, it's still early here...

Edited, Tue Mar 21 10:17:49 2006
~~thadrizzle of Fairy server~<please

check it>~
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looking for help w/ Zilart missions I am on 14.And Cop 5-3/4- Lourv's path is all I need besides Snoll Tsar and I am equiped w/ lilies and salt.

<eviseration I have it> Merits here I come!(12 so far) oh and as for Dynamis LS Legends_Elite FTW~But,I need one with a better Schedule./cry Got my Dagger So I need Byne Please
i know how elementals learn magic
# Aug 28 2005 at 10:06 AM Rating: Excellent
9 posts
Yea, me and a friend realized that the Spirits actually learn magic in accordance to their element and the mages level, for example

Air Spirit - learns Aero at lvl 9, just like a blm
Earth Spirit - larns Stone at lvl 1, just like a blm.
Ice Spirit - learns paralyze at lvl 4, just like a whm.

note that the spirits learn their spells in accordance to their elemental status, like a lvl 13's earth spirit will learn slow, just like a lvl 13 whm, because slow is an earth based spell. i hope this helps people, if anyone dissagrees, /tell me on diabolos my name is Alyxya and my mule is Zhell
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I know how elementals learn magic.
# Aug 28 2005 at 9:51 AM Rating: Decent
9 posts
Retired 40 whm. 52THF/26NIN 0/4 LL 0/3 VE ;-; i want my rare/ex stuff >< uh...................KWEH! Thf rox ^^
RE: I know how elementals learn magic.
# Jan 10 2006 at 6:45 PM Rating: Default
18 posts
ummmm... lol if u had summoner as a subjob at 50 ud have autorefresh.. and more mp, same with blm, no auto refresh tho :'(.. but dude if u subbed a mage with whm u wudnt neeeeeed to use benediction :P plus if u in the right party ull never need to use it aswell ^^ and I personally have nothing against mage melee but there are alotv priks on the game who wud shout at u for doin it, its a tough world out there,

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# Aug 03 2005 at 2:52 AM Rating: Decent
hi.. Bethany here from pheonix server ^_^ /joy umm i've heard that Yes it Does cast warp II on you but you are given a choice (like you would be given when someone raises you) wether to accept the Warp or not ? can anyone confirm or deny ?
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# Apr 20 2005 at 10:40 PM Rating: Decent
54 posts
Guys, be happy. Dark spirit was going for 300k for A LONG time on Leviathan server. Recently, the people who have them up for auction put them up for 500-600k. If it sells for less than that, be ecstatic.
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i want this
# Apr 11 2005 at 10:48 PM Rating: Decent
4 posts
i am on hades server last time i checked this scroll was going for 2 mil if anyone on hades is able to get this scroll and has a big enough <3 to sell it to a poor and humble taru i am willing to pay 300k for it i know it aint as much but if you can do this then you prolly dont need the money that bad i will dance till my lil taru legs fall off for you lol my name on hades is mistik /tell if you got enough <3 to do this for me

Edited, Thu Apr 14 01:21:27 2005
Dark/Light Spirit's can i have it?
# Mar 27 2005 at 3:55 PM Rating: Decent
i need Light Spirit (see Light Spirit Pact) and Dark Spirit. i got all other Spirit's, i'm on Unicorn Server...n-e 1 who'll hlp me til i get 1* of either will get 25K-49K, get person who gets me Both* get's a Kingdom Aketon + 25K-49K thx, btw, only got 1 Aketon...

Dropped By
# Feb 15 2005 at 5:04 AM Rating: Decent
13 posts
We also had this drop from a Kindred Summoner demon mob in Ulegerued (big SP) Range while exp'ing
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Warp II?
# Jan 01 2005 at 8:43 PM Rating: Decent
23 posts
Can anyone confirm/deny the rumor that this thing can cast Warp II, or otherwise warp people?
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RE: Warp II?
# Jan 14 2005 at 12:14 PM Rating: Decent
279 posts
It can NOT cast Warp II. This is probably a good thing, considering you can't control when it casts spells or what it casts.
# Nov 23 2004 at 9:06 PM Rating: Decent
75 posts
this is awesome elem. it looks like warp with dark strips comin out of it
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help me get it?
# Sep 23 2004 at 6:51 PM Rating: Decent
9 posts
is there is anyone on the pandemonium server that will help me get this summon? please help me if u can. thanks.

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Dark Spirit
# Aug 16 2004 at 1:36 PM Rating: Decent
34 posts
Anyone got a pic they can post here!? id like to see this spirit, too broke to buy one atm hehe and very hard to find in an AH ><
RE: Dark Spirit
# Oct 17 2004 at 9:47 PM Rating: Decent
265 posts
it looks pretty much the same as the dark elementals i'm guessing..

pretty cool if you have never seen one before.
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Not so useless
# Aug 06 2004 at 12:51 PM Rating: Excellent
35 posts
This is actually pretty useful, but not until higher levels. The spirits are kind of like the Dragoon's Wyvern, in that they get better at what they do as you level up. I'm level 32, and my Dark Spirit has cast:


So, he seems to be reasonably useful at my level. The BIG reason they get better at higher levels is that they can cast magic that isn't available to any other job class. Spells like "Meteor" and such.
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RE: Not so useless
# Nov 13 2005 at 8:50 PM Rating: Decent
47 posts
that's strange.
RE: Not so useless
# Jan 15 2006 at 7:31 PM Rating: Decent
1,260 posts
Not really if you think about it. Darkness covers Earth, Ice, and Water and Light covers Fire, Wind, and Thunder.
Dark Spirit
# Jul 26 2004 at 11:57 PM Rating: Default
1,598 posts
I heard this is a useless spirit. Only casts skells like sleep...and then the monster gets woken up by the next hit. Just a status thing I guess.
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how to get
# Jul 01 2004 at 10:36 PM Rating: Decent
66 posts
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# Jun 18 2004 at 3:30 PM Rating: Decent
787 posts
How is this gotten
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RE: ?
# Jan 04 2005 at 2:46 AM Rating: Decent
9 posts
katamiry do ur best! lol
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