Spells and Abilities: Ranger


Eagle Eye Shot Ranger: 1
0N/A1 hourInstantSingleDelivers a powerful and accurate ranged attack
Sharpshot Ranger: 1
01 Minute5 MinutesInstantSingleIncreases the accuracy of ranged attacks
Scavenge Ranger: 10
0N/A3 MinutesInstantSingleSearch the ground around you for items.
Camouflage Ranger: 20
0Varies5 MinutesInstantSingleYou turn invisible.
Barrage Ranger: 30
0N/A5 MinutesInstantSingleA single shot can hit up to 5 times.
Shadowbind Ranger: 40
0Varies5 MinutesInstantSingleRoots the enemy in place.
Velocity Shot Ranger: 45
05 minutes5 minutesInstantSelfIncreases attack power and speed of ranged attacks, while reducing attack power and speed of melee attacks.
Unlimited Shot Ranger: 51
Flashy Shot Ranger: 75
0N/A10 minutesInstantSingleYour next attack will generate more hate and ignore level difference penalties. Additional merit points increase ranged attack by 5% per point.
Stealth Shot Ranger: 75
0N/A5 minutesInstantSingleObtained with Merit Points. Your next attack will generate less enmity.
Double Shot Ranger: 79
090 seconds3 minutesInstantSelfOccasionally uses two units of ammunition to deal double damage.
Bounty Shot Ranger: 87
0N/A1 minuteInstantSingleIncreases the rate at which the target yields treasure.
Decoy Shot Ranger: 95
03 minutes5 minutesInstantSelfDiverts enmity when launching a ranged attack from behind a party member.
Overkill Ranger: 96
01 minuteInstantInstantSelfDoubles ranged attack speed. For the duration, either Double Shot or Triple Shot will activate 100% of the time.


Wide Scan Ranger: 1
Beastmaster: 1
SingleScans the area for monsters, revealing them on the map.
Alertness Ranger: 5
SingleLess likely to be attacked by aggressive creatures.
Accuracy Bonus I Ranger: 10
Dragoon: 30
Rune Fencer: 50
Dancer: 30
SingleImproves accuracy of physical attacks.
Rapid Shot Ranger: 15
Corsair: 15
SingleOccasionally reduces ranged attack delay.
Resist Poison I Ranger: 20
SingleIncreased Resistance to Poison.
Recycle Ranger: 20
Corsair: 35
SelfOccasionally allows ranged attacks without consuming amunition
Accuracy Bonus II Ranger: 30
SingleFurther improves accuracy of physical attacks.
Resist Poison II Ranger: 40
SingleIncreased Resistance to Poison.
Accuracy Bonus III Ranger: 50
SingleFurther improves accuracy of physical attacks.
Dead Aim Ranger: 50
SelfImproves power of critical hits for ranged attacks.
Resist Poison III Ranger: 60
SingleIncreased Resistance to Poison.
Accuracy Bonus IV Ranger: 70
SingleFurther improves accuracy of physical attacks.
Snapshot Ranger: 75
SelfObtained with Merit Points. Reduces delay for ranged attacks
True Shot Ranger: 78
Corsair: 85
SelfGrants a damage bonus to ranged attacks performed at an appropriate distance.
Conserve TP Ranger: 80
Dragoon: 45
Dancer: 77
SelfOccasionally cuts down TP cost of weapon skills.