Spells and Abilities: Thief


Perfect Dodge Thief: 1
030 Seconds1 hourInstantSelfYou evade all physical attacks.
Steal Thief: 5
0N/A5 MinutesInstantSingleChance to steal an item from the enemy.
Sneak Attack Thief: 15
0N/A1 MinuteInstantSingleA powerful blow to the enemy. This can be used before combat is initiated, or during battle, but only when you are directly behind the enemy.
Flee Thief: 25
030 Seconds5 MinutesInstantSingleLets you run twice as fast.
Trick Attack Thief: 30
0N/A1 MinuteInstantSingleHigh Damage Attack
Mug Thief: 35
0N/A15 MinutesInstantSingleChance to steal Gil from the enemy
Hide Thief: 45
0Random5 MinutesInstantSingleYou disappear
Accomplice Thief: 65
0N/A5 minutesInstantSingleSteals half of the target party member's enmity and redirects it to the thief.
Collaborator Thief: 65
0N/A1 minuteInstantSingleSteals one quarter of the target party member's enmity and redirects it to the thief.
Assassin's Charge Thief: 75
01 minute5 minutesInstantSelfWill triple your next attack. Additional merit points increase the chance of a fourfold attack by 5% per merit point.
Feint Thief: 75
0N/A2 minutesInstantSingleYour next attack will greatly reduce an enemy's evasion. Additional merit points raise the chance of Treasure Hunter leveling up by 25% per point.
Despoil Thief: 77
0N/A5 minutesInstantSingleSteals items from an enemy while inflicting a status ailment upon it.
Conspirator Thief: 87
01 minute5 minutesInstantGroupEnhances accuracy and "Subtle Blow" effect for party members within area of effect. Does not affect the party member being targeted by the enemy.
Bully Thief: 93
030 seconds3 minutesInstantSingleIntimidates target.
Larceny Thief: 96
0N/A1 hourInstantSingleSteals one beneficial effect from the target enemy. * Special abilities cannot be stolen. If the enemy has no beneficial effects cast upon it, Larceny will miss and be considered used.


Gilfinder Thief: 5
SingleEnemies drop more gil for you.
Evasion Bonus I Puppetmaster: 20
Dancer: 15
Thief: 10
SingleIncreases your evasion ability
Treasure Hunter Thief: 15
SingleMobs have a greater chance of dropping items.
Resist Gravity I Thief: 20
SingleIncreases resistance against Gravity.
Evasion Bonus II Puppetmaster: 40
Thief: 30
SingleIncreases your evasion ability
Resist Gravity II Thief: 40
SingleIncreases resistance against Gravity.
Treasure Hunter II Thief: 45
SingleMobs have a better chance of dropping items.
Evasion Bonus III Puppetmaster: 60
Thief: 50
SingleIncreases your evasion ability
Triple Attack Thief: 55
SingleYou have a chance of striking three times in a single attack
Resist Gravity III Thief: 60
SingleIncreases resistance against Gravity.
Assassin Thief: 60
SingleMakes Trick Attack more effective when you use it on it's own
Evasion Bonus IV Thief: 70
SingleIncreases your evasion ability
Ambush Thief: 75
SelfObtained with Merit Points. Grants an accuracy bonus to melee and ranged attack from behind an enemy
Aura Steal Thief: 75
SelfObtained with Merit Points. Adds a Dispel effect to Steal. Occasionally absorbs dispelled effect.
Critical Attack Bonus Dark Knight: 85
Dancer: 80
Thief: 78
Warrior: 78
SelfImproves power of critical hits.
Dual Wield Ninja: 10
Blue Mage: 80
Dancer: 20
Thief: 83
SingleGives the ability to wield a one-handed weapon in each hand and reduces combined delay by 10%