Spells and Abilities: Warrior


Mighty Strikes Warrior: 1
045 seconds1 hourInstantSelfTurns all melee attacks into critical hits.
Provoke Warrior: 5
0N/A30 SecondsInstantSingleBoosts the enmity towards a target.
Berserk Warrior: 15
03 Minutes5 MinutesInstantSingleThe Warrior gains significant additional attack power, but loses defense.
Defender Warrior: 25
03 Minutes3 MinutesInstantSingleThe warrior's defense goes up at the expense of his attack ability
Warcry Warrior: 35
030 seconds3 minutesInstantGroupThe warcry spurs the entire party to increase their attacks.
Aggressor Warrior: 45
03 Minutes5 MinutesInstantSingleThe warrior's accuracy increases, but his evasion goes down.
Retaliation Warrior: 60
03 minutes3 minutesInstantSelfAllows you to counterattack but reduces movement speed.
Warrior's Charge Warrior: 75
0N/A5 minutesInstantSelfWill double your next attack. Additional merit points increase the chance of a threefold attack by 5% per point.
Tomahawk Warrior: 75
0Varies3 minutesInstantSingleObtained with Merit Points. Expends a throwing tomahawk to inflict a special defense down effect on an enemy.
Restraint Warrior: 77
05 minutes10 minutesInstantSingleEnhances your weapon skill power with each normal attack you land, but prevents you from dealing critical hits.
Blood Rage Warrior: 87
030 seconds5 minutesInstantGroupEnhances critical hit rate and critical hit damage for party members within area of effect.
Brazen Rush Warrior: 96
030 seconds1 hourInstantSelfIncreases your chance to execute a double attack to 100 percent. Effect dissipates over time.


Defense Bonus I Paladin: 10
Warrior: 10
SingleIncreased Physical Defense
Resist Virus I Warrior: 15
SingleMore resistant to Virus attacks.
Double Attack Warrior: 25
SingleGains the chance of hitting a target twice in each attack.
Attack Bonus I Dragoon: 10
Dark Knight: 10
Warrior: 30
SingleIncreases the power physical attacks.
Resist Virus II Warrior: 35
SingleMore resistant to Virus attacks.
Fencer Beastmaster: 80
Bard: 85
Warrior: 45
SelfIncreases rate of critical hits when wielding with the main hand only. Grants a TP bonus to weapon skills.
Resist Virus III Warrior: 55
SingleMore resistant to Virus attacks.
Resist Virus IV Warrior: 70
SingleMore resistant to Virus attacks.
Savagery Warrior: 75
SelfObtained with Merit Points. Adds TP Bonus effect to Warcry.
Aggressive Aim Warrior: 75
SelfObtained with Merit Points. Adds ranged accuracy bonus to Aggressor.
Critical Attack Bonus Dark Knight: 85
Dancer: 80
Thief: 78
Warrior: 78
SelfImproves power of critical hits.
Shield Defense Bonus Paladin: 77
Warrior: 80
White Mage: 85
SelfReduces damage taken when blocking an attack with a shield.