Items found in Abyssea-Attohwa

Name Level Stats Where Found How Found
Bulbous Crawler Cocoon  0 Abyssea-Attohwa Dropped 
Cracked Skeleton Clavicle  0 Abyssea-Attohwa Dropped 
Distended Chigoe Abdomen  0 Abyssea-Attohwa Dropped 
Eruca Egg  0Rare  Abyssea-Attohwa Dropped 
Extended Eyestalk  0Rare  Abyssea-Attohwa Dropped 
Mucid Worm Segment  0 Abyssea-Attohwa Dropped 
Scroll of Aero V  0Rare  Abyssea-Attohwa, Windurst Waters (S) Purchased, Quested 
Scroll of Break  0Rare  Abyssea-Attohwa, Abyssea-Misareaux Quested 
Shrivelled Hecteyes Stalk  0 Abyssea-Attohwa Dropped 
Venomous Wamoura Feeler  0 Abyssea-Attohwa Dropped, Chests/Coffers 
Wailing Rags  0Rare  Abyssea-Attohwa Dropped 
Lore Slops  77Def: 25 MP: 8 Enmity: -7 Magic Damage Taken: -1% Evasion: -2  Abyssea-Attohwa Crafted 
Versa Mufflers  77Def: 25 MND: -5 Physical Damage Taken: -1% Attack: 6  Abyssea-Attohwa Crafted 
Gleaming Spear  80Dmg: 73 Dly: 396  Abyssea-Attohwa Crafted