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General Discussion
Our Main Final Fantasy XI Forum
139031 2054495 Freshly Picked Vana-diel: FFXI classic server on iOS/Android Go to latest post
1 day, 5 hours ago
Feedback and Suggestions
Use this forum for specific feedback and suggestions to the developer, not the players. This forum will be monitored by the game developers. To keep out general discussion and keep the true feedback from scrolling too quickly, it will be more heavily moderated than our other forums.
11658 121180 ASSAULT:- Lebros Supplies
187 days ago
Missions and Quest
Questions and comments regarding missions and quests
4575 23505 Bastok Mission The Crystal Line rank2 Go to latest post
9 days ago
Trade Skills
Discussions involving all FFXI Guilds
19423 157928 Leathercraft Guide 1-100 Go to latest post
190 days ago
FFXI Job Forums Threads Posts Last Active Thread
The Merry Minstrel
5974 63409 Your Bard's Latest and Greatest accomplishment Go to latest post
208 days ago
The Hunting Grounds
16241 164770 Conclusive jug testing Go to latest post
27 days ago
Black Mage
Tome of Doom
9341 108834 Is Lehbrailg +2 new BIS staff? Go to latest post
368 days ago
Blue Mage
The Immortal Lions
5674 60844 Your BLU's Latest and Greatest Accomplishment! Go to latest post
11 days ago
The Seagull Phratrie
2516 37147 Corsair Achievement Thread. Go to latest post
64 days ago
Center Stage
1402 18136 Best off hand to Izhiikoh? Go to latest post
189 days ago
Dark Knight
The Forsaken Path
7479 108212 Breathing Life Into The Death Dealer Thread Go to latest post
25 days ago
The Dragon's Aery
9829 123013 Sewer Syrup deafeted! Go to latest post
217 days ago
Feng Shui School
12 35 Your Geomancer's Latest and Greatest Accomplishment! Go to latest post
144 days ago
The Dojo
10880 151283 Anyone out there? Go to latest post
2 days, 21 hours ago
Shinobi Sanctuary
8419 85328 What would you like to see for your job: Ninja Edition! Go to latest post
259 days ago
The Round Table
9909 118048 What would you like to see for your job: Paladin Edition! Go to latest post
470 days ago
Welcome to the Machine
4367 50471 Spiritweaver head doing nothing during unity NMs
64 days ago
The Shooting Range
8957 92724 Ranger: Latest and Greatest Accomplishments Go to latest post
17 days ago
Red Mage
Warlock's Chateau
11064 170376 RDM Melee Go to latest post
35 days ago
Rune Fencer
Runic Retreat
15 91 Epeolatry, as game changing for RUN as I imagine? Go to latest post
211 days ago
The Path of Bushido
7440 86705 Post your latest SAM Accomplishment! Go to latest post
413 days ago
The Academy
888 10857 What would you like to see for your job: Scholar Edition! Go to latest post
470 days ago
Full Moon Fountain
10757 112020 New 2hr ability Go to latest post
102 days ago
The Assassin's Den
14636 162195 crafting suggestions
77 days ago
The Mead Hall
10021 158192 The GreatAxe Challenge LIVES Go to latest post
97 days ago
White Mage
Cleric's Corner
7626 108437 Gendewitha Bliaut +1 has a typo
355 days ago
FFXI Server Forums Threads Posts Last Active Thread
Alexander Server Discussions
2453 21296 Goodbye For Real This Time! Go to latest post
1441 days ago
Asura Server Discussions
4630 32175 To all new and returning players Go to latest post
11 days ago
Bahamut Server Discussions
3708 38663 new/returning player
8 days ago
Bismarck Server Discussions
5364 57251 Teleport
159 days ago
CaitSith Server Discussions
7322 116649 Post near the end Go to latest post
1437 days ago
Carbuncle Server Discussions
2694 22442 Player population Go to latest post
77 days ago
Cerberus Server Discussions
4013 39470 returning player need a ls
47 days ago
Diabolos Server Discussions
2215 22626 inb4lock Go to latest post
1440 days ago
Fairy Server Discussions
4483 43190 RIP Fairy! Go to latest post
1853 days ago
Fenrir Server Discussions
6123 102841 Old Player returning Go to latest post
53 days ago
Garuda Server Discussions
4281 51198 100 Pages Go to latest post
1752 days ago
Gilgamesh Server Discussions
3063 36932 Brenden Go to latest post
1429 days ago
Hades Server Discussions
2795 22721 Goodbye Hades Go to latest post
1852 days ago
Ifrit Server Discussions
3314 30053 Goodbye Ifrit Go to latest post
1439 days ago
Kujata Server Discussions
3478 38475 MadSheep - anyone still around? Go to latest post
1851 days ago
Lakshmi Server Discussions
4749 58990 Returning Player Totant Go to latest post
15 days ago
Leviathan Server Discussions
2803 24248 Dead server? Go to latest post
40 days ago
Midgardsormr Server Discussions
4700 74264 Welcome to Quetzalcoatl Go to latest post
1803 days ago
Odin Server Discussions
2562 19826 server jump? Go to latest post
47 days ago
Pandemonium Server Discussions
4696 62238 Ok so Go to latest post
1851 days ago
Phoenix Server Discussions
3809 36871 Xbox 360 users beware!!
170 days ago
Quetzalcoatl Server Discussions
1226 7245 Help!
2 days, 17 hours ago
Ragnarok Server Discussions
2994 25899 Horizon the Galka Go to latest post
20 days ago
Ramuh Server Discussions
2608 23116 Farewell Old Man Go to latest post
1440 days ago
Remora Server Discussions
2507 24446 Farewell Remora
1852 days ago
Seraph Server Discussions
5171 47354 March 22, 2010 - The day Seraph Ended. Go to latest post
1851 days ago
Shiva Server Discussions
4073 36867 EXCALIBUR SERVER in FFXIV Go to latest post
163 days ago
Siren Server Discussions
2759 25231 Returning player looking for a Linkshell
25 days ago
Sylph Server Discussions
5853 62070 Mass Return to FFXI Sylph Server!
5 days ago
Titan Server Discussions
2875 25247 Good Bye Titan Go to latest post
1438 days ago
Unicorn Server Discussions
6203 93991 LAST HURRAH Go to latest post
1436 days ago
Valefor Server Discussions
3960 46558 Returning and looking for an LS
59 days ago