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Adventures of a young BSTFollow

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This is very much inspired by the series Warne posted some time ago, which helped greatly to inspire me to become a BST. My first job is THF, so the appeal of BST should be fairly obvious. While I am virtually certain not to level as fast as Warne did, I hope to keep updating this thread with new places as quickly as I do level. May you and especially newer BST's find useful information and inspiration.

Levels 1-7 Location: S. Gustaberg. Already, I can tell that I enjoy being a BST, though these levels aren't so different from raising other melee jobs. I'm subbing WAR and eating grilled hare, and generally tearing through the local fauna. Big difference: I'm still getting experience while I rest! Before I rest, I find a DC pet and set it on another DC critter. Mobs don't hit that hard at this point, so the battles take a while. I'm usually fully healed by the end of the battle, and take on a mob of my own. We just keep going killing one or two creatures at a time until my pet is dead. As long as I stayed with DC pets, uncharming was not a problem. Don't charm EM's yet, but definitely charm. Per battle experience isn't great, but it goes fast.

Levels 8-9 Location: Dangruf Wadi. I've switched to sub WHM (which is only level 10, I'm really not a mage, and don't think of myself as such). Be sure to stay below the geysers unless you enjoy being pulverized. Leeches, and Lizards, and Hares, oh my! The only real danger in the Wadi is linking. For the most part, I killed gobs. As a thief, I always liked fighting beastmen for their beast coins, and often decent drops. While I can't steal their coins, I still seem to fight them when I can. In addition to stone eaters (drop sulfur, flint stones, zinc ore, and hermit rings), which I often soloed, gobs were my main prey. The Leeches in the south western room tear them apart, which can actually be a problem at this level, because your leech may well uncharm with substantial hitpoints remaining, even after 2 goblins have been subject to radical bloodletting proceedures. If you do use leeches, be very careful that you're not in a spot where they'll link, because a sliver of leech life is about all you can handle. On the other hand, lizards, hares, and crabs are all effective pets, but don't seem nearly as dangerous if they uncharm. While waiting for goblin repop, I would mix in some lizard on lizard action when I find one alone in a hallway and also killed a few wadi crabs (the only non-linking natural creature) while waiting for repop. Per kill experience wasn't high, but these levels still went pretty fast.

Levels 10-11 Location: Konschat Highlands. Ahhh, heel. Finally, I can get rid of that experience cut. Well, I need a lot of practice. I can't tell you how often my prey dies while my pet has only a sliver left. At this point, it seems a little safer to charm EM pets, though I still charm more DC pets for DC-EM fights when I can. At level 10, you'll mostly be charming saplings and wasps and fighting the lower tier gobs or other bees and saplings (with occasional lizards thrown in, but bring antidotes - you don't have poisana yet, so Plaguebreath can be fatal). Do not touch the second tier gobs yet. At level 11, you can start charming more of the lizards, taking on other lizards or sheep, as well as first tier gobs (you can also use them to mow through bees and saplings, with your help, to farm seeds, honey and beehive chips). If you get aggro from a butcher or tink at this point, put a pet on it and run for the zone. With an EM lizard, you might be able to knock enough off an ambusher to only need two more pets, and make it a reasonable fight. All my deaths in the highlands came from being greedy.

Levels 12-13 Location: Konschtat Highlands. After one death due to being greedy, trying to kill off an EM lizard with too much life remaining (Don't ask), I found myself back in Bastok, and tried the leech vs. gob approach in the upper level of the Wadi. Don't make the same mistake I did. Getting to the leech room is difficult to do because of gob aggro on the way, and if you get there, the gob to leech ratio is too high with no link free places to fight or safe places to rest. Anyway, so back to the Highlands. As long as there aren't too many sheep farmers around, this is great. Your pets are sheep and your main targets are the second tier gobs (at level 12, there are also EM lizards to use, but I still try to fight near several sheep). Using a second pet will not be unusual, but even with pet penalties if you mistime your heel, you can often get 98-112 xp per kill. You even get the occasional big number from a suicidal high T gob.

To be continued...
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