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With all the hub-bub of BSTs leaving Allakhazam, and the BST Bible taken off the top of our forums, I decided to make a list of all the useful links I have from my bookmark list. All of these links have at one point aided me in my long road to level 75 as a Beastmaster. Hopefully a large portion of your questions can be answered by some of these links below.

If you have any useful links, PLEASE either respond here or send me a PM. I'll keep this updated as I get information, along with new posts that pop up in the future. Please hit me with suggestions, there is far to much useful information out there to be lost, and I refuse to watch a community that I've been a part of for almost 2 years fall apart over a lack of info.

Hope you all enjoy!

The Beastmaster Code
Read this before you even unlock the job!!!
Written by RattyBatty of Carbuncle

BST LS on ???? Compiled by Khellendros of Fenrir
Starting up BST? Look here to see if your server has a BST LS for personal guidance!

A BST Equipment Guide by Deimoss of Sylph
A nice level by level listing of equipment a BST can use.

AF Information by Lilyanne of Ragnarok
Step by step guide on how to obtain your AF gear.

How to Solo your Gaudy Harness by OctSessions of Valefor
Great step by step guide on how to survive the depths of the Aquaducts

Swift Belt 1/6! by BoredWorker
Read full thread for the strategy on how to solo your own Swiftbelt!

Weapon Skills
BST Axe Weaponskills FAQ by Starcrossed of Bahamut
All the Weapon Skills a BST can use by equiping an Axe. Also explains effects

Adens Renkei Chart Courtesy of Aden himself
Excellent Skillchain chart for duo/trio/party BSTs

Spots to Camp
Hunting Grounds 2.0 compiled by Durginn of Shiva
Pet/Prey/Area all split up by level. A must for any BST.

ToAU Hunting Grounds compiled by Phogg of Phoenix
All the happy places the expansion Treasures of Art Urgan brought us!

Updated Index to the BST Anthologies Re-created by Unholyllama of Titan
A re-creation of the BST anthologies we used to have on the boards

Hunting Grounds 1.0 compiled by Durginn of Shiva
An older version of the current hunting grounds

Duo/Trio Guide compiled by Lindeus of Seraph
Good spots for 2 or 3 BSTs to xp at.

BST Leveling Spots that Worked for Me by Deimoss of Sylph
A Journal of Deimoss and his leveling spots

Post Update Viable Hunting Grounds by jmakovec
Areas that work well after the Dec. 12th Patch for MPK

Beast Masters Unite. Duo Camps by Equivocator
Camps to duo at.

LVL75 BST End-Game Guide by Darkrain of Kujata
Good spots for Merits, as long as money making spots. Includes ToAU camps

Hawt /BST action!
Zerila's Guide to the Beastmaster Sub by Zerila of Phoenix
Sick of LFG? Sick of People? Up for a challange? Go /BST!! An overview of what /BST has to offer.

Nin/Bst {I'm playing solo right now} - lvl 30 and beyond by Stolly of Garuda
Follow the life of Ninja Stolly, NIN/BST from 30 on

Food/Jugs/Pet Food
cannotlinkto Guide a guide from the www.cannotlinkto database
Listing of all foods and effects the game has to offer. Also goes into indepth coverage of stats and optimum levels for foods are

Researched Jug Pet Data by Lindeus of Seraph
Data compiled from a few jug pets that BST can use.

Official Post-8/27 Patch Jug Timers Compiled by Firedevil of Siren
Updated Jug Pet timers that have been tested after the update on 8-27-07

Beast friendly BCNM's by DownWithTheSickness of Quetzalcoatal
Fantastic listing of all BCNM/KSNM/ENM that full BST parties excel at

BST-BCNM Stratagies by Sm0kt of Unicorn
Good stratagies to BCNM's for BSTs

All BST Adventures
BST guide for Optical Hat Original post by alangstdffa but info provided by Taverasme and Lokkii of Pandemonium and Shive
How to avoid the hastle of doing 18 member O-Hat runs

All BST Promyvion by ShadowfireUS of Shiva
Guide/Discussion to the 3 starter promy's for CoP

LOTB Strikes again: Victim = Diabolos CoP 3-5 by Lokkii of Shiva
Guide/Discussion on CoP Mission 3-5

LOTB VS. Ouryu = no Contest by Lokkii of Shiva
Guide/Discussion on CoP mission 4-2

All BST to Rank 10 in all nations Journal recorded by Lokkii of Shiva
Guide/Discussion on how to do all Rank Missions for all Cities

Guide for New Beastmastersby Ayria of Bismark (currently stickied)
Everything you could possibly want to know about the nit and grit of BST

Beast Chart/Beast Catagory List by Thiefcat of Ramuh
List of what mobs fit into what beast catagories

Adv. BST PT Tactics and Strats by Sm0kt of Unicorn
How to function in a duo/trio after level 35

Widescan Demystified! by Rattybatty
How to efficiently use Widescan

Charm+ Demystified! by RattyBatty of Carbuncle
How the stat "Charm+" effects how long charm lasts on different leveled mobs

Everything you need to know about BST by Lindeus of Seraph
Former Sticky to this Forum. Another list of useful links/facts about the BST job

Merit Information provided by www.koolaid-ffxi.org database
What to do after that final ding!

The Beastiary by Evanesce of Phoenix
Large listing of monsters in the world of VanaDiel

The BST Anthologies by Evanesce of Phoenix
Large database of info that is split by level groups, then areas.

Crawlers Nest Escort Guide by Shaowstrike of Carbunkle
A full blown guide on how to get through the CN Escort quest as a BST.

****If you see a guide that you wrote that you would like taken down, please PM me. It is not necessary to spam this thread with "take down my guide, I'm not supporting Alla anymore". If you send me a PM, I will take your guide off as soon as I can. The BST forums have taken a hit in the past 4-5 days, I'm just responding like a BST and adapting****

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