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Old school player missing FFXI - QuestionsFollow

#1 Nov 29 2018 at 11:23 AM Rating: Decent
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I played FFXI when it first came out and left when everyone switched over to WoW back in the day. We tried the new FF online back in 2010 and were greatly disappointed. FFXI is still my favourite online game to this day and I miss working together as a team performing skill chains and exp chains. I'd have to say that the skill chains and magic bursts, and exp chains were a great feature.

Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions below:

1. How is the FFXI community? Are more people coming back?
2. Which server is the most populated? I would be interested in the most active server.
3. Did FFXI fix the long hours of waiting for a group in Jeuno? :) I assume there is auto-party system now?
4. Using NPCs or Trusts, can 1 easily solo?
5. Do Beastmasters get a perma pet or must they still charm and re-charm after x amount of time? I hope this fix this one day.
6. Are Bards and Redmages still loved like back in the day?
7. How are Paladin tanks? Do people still prefer ninjas because of blink?
8. Which jobs are in high demand now mid to end game mostly?
9. Overall, is the FFXI still strong? I feel like it is.

Once I get Microsoft to retrieve my old Hotmail account, I'll find my old PlayOnline information. Hopefully I can access my old characters. I had over 3 million gil, the Hauberk (if it is still around?) and other equipment that might still be good.


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Welcome back(ish). You'll find the game very, very different from its early days, and generally much more enjoyable and viable for casual play. To answer your questions:
1: population isn't anywhere what is was in say, 2004/2005, but it still feels pretty viable.
2: I can only speak for my server, Phoenix. It is active, but by no means bustling or over-populated. I think it is currently a good balance between being able to team up with others and not have to fight for content. I believe Asura is currently highest population
3/4: Solo play is quite easy now. With trusts, any job can go from 1-99 solo--I've done so with two mules on mage jobs rather poorly equipped. DDs with trusts can normally move along very quickly
5: charm, or, more frequently, use jug pets now
6: red... mage? Rdm has a place in some content, and brd is still desired for many things, but they are no-where near the "required" jobs for content that they once were.
7: Pld is a very popular tank. Run can also be a very good tank, but take a little more gear to shine than pld. Nin tank works in some places, but is not at the level it once was
8: Pretty much any job can do very well, things are much better balanced; however, all job performance will be greatly impacted by gear, particularly DDs. If you want to be a good DD, you will need to invest the time and effort in a completed RMEA weapon.
9: Yeah, for a game of its age, its still doing well. Again, not 2004/2005 levels, but I'd call it a respectable population.
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It's worth pointing out, the FFXIV today is almost nothing like what you remember it if you tried it around 2010.. That's not necessarily to say that you should play it or that you would enjoy it now, but it's literally not the same game anymore. The old game you knew was entirely scrapped and rebuilt because of how unpopular it was.

This game isn't the same as what you'll remember either, but not because the entire game was thrown out and replaced. It's just aged.

To add to the above response, if you want a populated server, you'll need to play on Asura. The rest have significantly lower populations than Asura does (which isn't necessarily a bad thing, just depends on your playstyle. HNM camping is mostly a thing of the past now, but sometimes long queues for instanced/battlefield content can be an issue if lots of people are currently doing it)
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