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Reporting Somewhat Live... Fan Festival!Follow

#1 Mar 08 2006 at 9:31 PM Rating: Excellent
As everyone knows, starting tomorrow is the biggest Final Fantasy XI event ever -- Fan Festival 2006! I realize not everyone is fortunate enough to have the ability to attend, but have no fear!

I have in my posession two tablet PCs which will be used to gather information at the fan festival. I will be using one, and I have graciously agreed to allow TrueFeba the use of the other. Assuming a network connection can be found at the pier, this thread will be updated live as new information becomes available. If not, there must be a Starbucks close, I mean, come on, this is L.A.!

Wait, did he say live?

Yes, you heard that correct! So, stay tuned and try to contain the excitement (unless you have a box of tissues handy) and be the first to learn new secrets about ToAU and the rest!

There will also be pictures. Of Mithra. Oh yeah baby. Now might be a good time to find those tissues.

Edit: For anyone else who is going, I look something like this, except in jeans and some random t-shirt expressing my leet hackerness.

Update - 4:02 PST, 7:02 EST
I am hungry. No. Starving. I think my first step after I locate the pier is finding some grub. Incidentally, I got a free room upgrade at the hotel because of some mixup, kinda cool. Tonight is going to be long -- I should have gone to sleep earlier last night to help offset the jetlag... Smiley: lol

After I get food, I will set up in the parking lot at the pier and see if I have network access. Wish me luck!

Update - 8:39 PST, 11:39 EST
I am not hungry anymore, now I am just tired. Six hours of plane flight, not to mention being on East Coast time... but I need to stay up to get adjusted to the new timezone. God I hate jet lag. On to the good stuff...

Not much happened tonight, which is good, because stupid me left my digital camera in my hotel room. We got to the pier and there was a big white tent set up for the event. There was a stage, a lot of computers, and some other stuff set up, but we were not really allowed to look in, I just snuck a peak. There was what seemed to be live music being played while we were in line, some tracks from the game. Assumably, this is the band that will be performing later on.

I arrived in line at about 5:00 local time (an hour early for those keeping track) and finally got registered a little after 8:00. They had playable characters on the XBox 360 version as a demo, but by then I was not in the mood to fight over a seat. Oh, by the way, I can now confirm that the reason there was a shortage of 360s was what appeared to be forty or so consoles set up. Yeah. That is a ton of 360s. All were hooked up to HD monitors that appeared fresh out of the packaging. God I would love to get my hands on one of those setups... Smiley: tongue

I did not have my camera with me, but I went ahead and took some snapshots of the goodies they gave us. They are rather large files, so be warned. I thought about compressing them, but then detail is lost and no one likes that.

Oh yeah -- I found several wireless networks in range, but all were encrypted. One had the SSID "FFFF (Press Only)" or something like that. I assume 'FFFF' is for 'Final Fantasy Fan Festival.' Maybe I can convince them I am press... :p

Gobbie Bag and Contents
Mini-map and schedule information
Adventurer's Coupon and Gil

Update - 3:19 PST, 6:19 EST
10:40 AM
The first group just started playing the ToAU demo. Unfortunately, I was only here thirty minutes early and the line was hellishly long by then. They are allowing the players to do the Besieged event and (I think) Assault. It may not be Assault, just people exploring a new area.

Everyone is cheering this black mage. He just flared a new mob, but was saved. Now he is casting Firaga 2... splat...

Mamool Ja are overwhelming the defenders bigtime. Have Cockatrice pets, Dragoons, all sorts of tricks - chaos. People are dropping left & right.

New Area
Blm Stone IV a flesh, gets *** kicked, party saves him though. See some Lamia action, they look pretty awesome, animations are fluid and natural, considering it has a fish tail and is floating in mid-air... Smiley: lol

11:15 AM
Joined 'Team Minute Maid' for the Live Quest. We are going to kick ***. Oh yeah baby.

1:50 PM - Developer Panel #1 -Focused on Ant Urghan
They mention the two jobs that have been released "so far." Emphasis mine. There was much booing as they will not reveal any more jobs at this time. Team Minute Maid heard through the grape vine that a new job will be demod before each panel. TrueFeba covered the Blue Mage demo pretty well.

There will be about as many new areas in Aht Urghan as in Chains of Promathia. This means around forty new zones, sweet!

This is the conquest-type event for the new continent. They said "some of the towns will be open to attack." They only went into detail about the capital city, but they seemed to be hinting that there will definitely be more.

They needed a reason for the Beastmen to attack. This is the 'Astral Candescence,' a treasure the defenders must protect. If this item is captured by the Beastmen, the players will have to sack the Beastmen city to retrieve it.

Only about 10% of the besieged content is shown in the ToAU demo. (!!!)

This is designed to be a more casual activity. Parties will generally be about three to six people, and they said the missions take about an hour to complete. There will be a number of different missions for different zones, party setups, and even levels.

They mentioned 'Assault Points' but the rewards are not finalized. Potential things include items, experience, etc. Some drops may be unidentified and must be appraised in town before they can be used.

As more Assault missions are taken, the player's Mercenary rank increases and new missions are opened up. Assumedly, more items will be available for purchase as well.

Aht Urhgan Missions
They did not say much here. There will be a mix of new and old characters. No zones will be level capped, but a few battlefields may be. They also mentioned that Mhaura is definitely the entry point to Aht Urghan, but that prerequisites will be required. Do not log out there, but possibly *near* there.

Chocobo Raising
They emphasized that this will not be a very time consuming activity. It will be on par with gardening. However, you must care for, feed, and interact with your chocobo. They mentioned letting your Chocobos 'meet' your friends' Chocobos and see what happens... They also hinted at Chocobo Racing as a future activity.

Mog Locker
This is bought in Aht Urghan and starts out at thirty slots. It can initially be upgraded to fifty slots, but future updates may increase the size limit. Incidentally, they verified the PS2 memory limitations as the reason for the current inventory/safe size. I guess we can put that argument to rest now...

There will be a recurring fee to keep the locker, but no details on this are available yet. It could be gil, items, or even a repeatable quest. If you do not pay, your items are safe, but you must pay before you can access them again.

The basics are monsters will fight monsters, and it will be independant of player level. In other words, anyone, regardless of level, can participate. No more information was available.

Timeline of updates
  • Job balancing
  • Assault, besieged, mog lockers introduce

  • June to August
  • New areas, similar to Dynamis and Limbus
  • Merit Adjustments
  • New Assault stuff
  • New Missions

  • Sept to Nov
  • Chocobo Circuit (???)
  • Assault Updates
  • New Story
  • Colosseum

  • Q&A
    Tonight's developer panel will be focused on jobs, so no questions will be answered regarding those. I will get an update out as soon as possible after it.

    Q: Mithran Homeland in expansion?
    A: Not planned as of yet

    Q: Characters split to 2 accounts?
    A: undecided

    Q: Breed different colored Chocoboss
    A: Can only say: not limited to yellow

    Q: Is Besieged triggered?
    A: Besieged will just happen, not triggered

    A: New areas made specifically for PvP,

    Q: Abjuration drops increased?
    A: Drop rates only increased if economy not impacted

    Q: Level restriction for Chocobos?
    A: Anyone can raise a Chocobo, but wait and see about riding

    Q: Galka Female or Mithra male?
    A: No such thing as Galka female, except on net
    Mithran Males "some day"

    Q: price caps on items?
    A: third panel addresses economy specifically

    Q: Does 'Besieged' automatically ally you?
    A: no XP loss
    everyone in town is simply put in the fight.

    Q: Quivers and Bolt cases for all bolts arrows??
    A: Potentially More items, but not all

    Q: Besieged experience gain, since none loss?
    A: Still under consideration
    Other types of points given

    Q: Speed belt in BCNM?
    A: everyone wants one, right?
    will take idea back & consider it

    Q: Hinted at raising and racing Chocobos, riding?
    A: good question
    future possibility

    Q: Other job requirements
    A: first buy expansion, clear quest, have it

    Q: Bahamut whisper purpose, maybe an avatar?
    A: Can't say anything about Bahamut as an avatar

    Q: Player look customization?
    A: Playstation 2 restrictions dictate no
    he did apologize

    Q: Can we 'bling' our Chocobos?
    A: No gear for them
    Shape of Chocobo may change depending how it's raised

    Q: Can we sell more items on AH?
    A: Would put a big load on servers
    AH is already biggest server load

    Q: What happens if you neglect your Chocobo?
    A: It will probably run away

    Q: Class specific solo quests?
    A: Solo quests, yes
    likes idea for race specific quests

    Q: Character server migration?
    A: 'technically' possible

    Q: New Nation missions past Rank 10?
    A: keep asking!

    I will get pictures uploaded and posted tonight. I got a lot from my team members in Team Minute Maid, in addition to all of my own.

    Update: 10:44 PST, 1:44 EST
    I appologize for this coming so late. I tried to conserve battery power where I could, but by the time the night was over, I ran out while I was re-organizing my notes for the evenings. Anyway, here they all are, and I will get pictures posted as soon as I can upload them.

    6:45 PM
    Openning up before the second developer panel was a demo of Corsair in action. He ran up to a pair of Qutrub and started using some new abilities on them. He was using some fort of random thing involving card numbers. Occassionally there was a 'Bust,' but no indication of what was happen.

    For a weapon, the Corsair was only using a dagger. He never showed a new gun being used.

    One special ability temporarily disarmed the monster.

    A random roll of nine appeared to cure the Corsair.

    Looks like Corsair has a hate shedding or transferring ability. A second player was operating a camera, and the Qutrub would go after the cameraman.

    Corsair used some sort of an item and the monster fell over dead.

    7:01 Dev Panel # 2 - Jobs of FF XI !!!
    The main point of this panel was announcing changes for the current jobs followed by an explanation of the new jobs. A Q&A session followed. The Job Planner was stuck in Japan doing work on the new expansion so the Monster Planner was here giving the information.

    They notice that most warriors only use a few of the available weapons. They want to add in more ways to use the existing weapons so there is an actual benefit to it. They also want to add benefits to using subjobs other than Ninja. Finally, they announced a potential new job ability allowing the Warrior to throw his Axe.

    Currently, Monk is strictly an engage and beat on the mob kind of job. They want to add more skills so there are other uses for the job in a party. One potential idea is allowing the Monk to transfer some of his massive HP to party members.

    White Mage
    They want to make White Mages more specialized so there is more reason to invite a White Mage instead of a Summoner, Red Mage, or even Black Mage as a healer. They want to give more options than just cure botting. They gave two ideas for ability modifications. First, adding an ability to transfer HP and MP to party members. The other was enhancing Benediction so it cures status effects as well as healing HP.

    Black Mage
    They started out by recognizing how ungodly powerful Black Mages are. There are plans to make Manaburns less powerful. They want to make it so having more than one Black Mage in a party makes them less effective, or redundant maybe. There will be new spells, but they will not be announced. They did mention that we will definitely know when they are put in.

    Red Mage
    They also mentioned this is a pretty powerful job. They did not, however, say anything about reducing the power of this job. They mentioned new Red Mage only spells, but will not mention what they are.

    They made mention of how technical this job is, in terms of positioning. I did not get the idea that this would be change, but they *did* mention making abilities distributed among the party. They mentioned altering steal so it steals things other than items. (dot dot dot) Also, they mentioned improving the two-hour so it is useful for more than just running away. One possibility is making so when the two-hour is active, the thief does more damage from behind the mob.

    They made mention of how Paladin has been taking a distinct second seat to Ninja lately. They definitely want this to be changed, so they are on more even footing. Some possibile new abilities are Auto-Refresh, enhancing uses for shields, and gaining TP when the Paladin makes a succesful Shield Block.

    Dark Knight
    They notice that Dark Knights seem to forgo their Scythes to use mainly Great Sword. They want to make Scythe more effective so it is more desirable. They also mentioned adding more reasons to use absorb spells by adding effects to them.

    Beast master
    They have definitely heard the complaints about how the MPK change affected Beastmaster. They feel this change is fine as Beastmaster still has the potential to be incredibly powerful. They will not change it back, but they are looking into adding new abilities to the job to help it out.

    They made mention that they know Bards tend to use the same few songs over and over again. They want to make it so there is more variety to the songs. They also mentioned a lower level spell to "increase player speed." This is most likely a Mazurka as there is already a low level Haste song.

    They are trying to make more people pleased with the current distance requirements for ranged attacks. One potential modification is sharpshot removes the accuracy adjustment with range. They also mentioned adding more quiverable arrows.

    Since the main thing about Samurai is building TP, they want to add more ways for Samurai to use their TP. They also mentioned adding a trait so Samurai attacks lower the monster's TP.

    "The Ninja is very strong." This is an exact quote from the Monster Planner. They did make it very clear that they will not make the job weaker. This is one of their biggest problems in front of them and they are still trying to figure out what to do about it.

    They are still examining the effects of current changes, so nothing is planned in the near future for this job.

    They do not like that Avatars are summoned only for BPs. They want there to be more incentive to keep Avatars out during battle. They also said there are changes planned to make the strength and duration of BPs affected by summoning skill. They are looking into adding more avatars, but they made it very clear that Bahamut is not one of them. The main reason is he is very powerful and they would have to make him less powerful to preserve game balance.

    Blue Mage
    Acquisition of Spells
  • Can only get new abilities with Blue Mage as main
  • Must Defeat enemy before ability can be learned
  • Must be able to get XP from a mob to learn a spell from it
  • Can't learn it if you die
  • Must be within a certain distance of the monster

  • Setting Spells
  • Must 'Set' a learned spell
  • Blue Mage has 'set-up' points, based on level
  • Each spell costs a certain number of 'set-up' points
  • In addition to 'set-up' points, a maximum number of spells can be set

  • All Blue Magic depends on monster types. If you learn a Bird Spell, you use it on monsters weak to Birds. Some abilities will be skillchainable and burst-able. Not all monster abilities will be available, but many will. More will be added with future patches.

    Main Abilities
  • Random cards, 1 - 6, affects self or monster
  • One card is chosen, an effect happens, next card is chosen, an effect happens, and then the two numbers are added. It is like blackjack with the break point being 11.
  • Cards adding to 11 gives a best effect, a Bust gives a penalty

  • Other Traits/Abilities
  • Will give bonuses based on other jobs in the party. Examples given include a Warrior present gives everyone a double attack bonus, or a Blm present gives everyone a Magic Attack Bonus, etc.
  • Card Shot - use a card to enhance a shot from the gun
  • Increase potency of debuffs on monsters, such as Dia
  • Lower recast timers of party members

  • Q&A
    Q: How does Treasure Hunter work?
    A: Can't say too mach, but it has nothing to do with damage or the last blow. You simply must have it in the party.

    Q: Utsasemi: San & other tier 3 ninjutsu?
    A: It's on the table, but still in planning stages.

    Q: Addressing other burn types, such as Monks in KRT?
    A: Currently there are no plans concerning it, the want to leave players options in how to party.

    Q: Throwing WSs?
    A: This will be taken to the dev team as a suggestion.

    Q: Paladin reliant on Warrior Subjob?
    A: They actually want to give more jobs more options for subjobs, including Paladins.

    Q: Will Wyverns get armor?
    A: Hadn't even thought about it, getting pen!

    Q: A0E attacks for more jobs?
    A: Blue Mage has a ton of AOE attacks, though Corsair has none. The idea will be brought up for Drg, Sam, and Nin with the development team.

    Q: Lose Outpost Warps when nation change, remove?
    A: The idea is it encourages participation in conquest so you can get the warps for your new nation. If enough people ask it to be changed, however, it would be considered.

    Q: Enmity on Hp/MP transfer for the potential Whm ability?
    A: It will definitely add some enmity to the White Mage, but not a lot.

    Q: Does charisma affect Provoke at all?
    A: A big, fat, resounding NO.

    Q: Smn get AOE Refresh BP?
    A: He likes idea, and was picking up his pen, but the crowd was booing it... Smiley: lol

    Q: Option to change your nation to Jeuno?
    A: There are no current plans for this... However! Surprises await in Aht Urghan related to this question.

    Q: Why is an "Invincible" Paladin still susceptible to Magic?
    A: It is specifically meant to be against physical only.

    Q: Whm spell to drain a monter's HP and give it to the party?
    A: No.

    Special Announcement
    I was slowed down by battery life and was unable to make a post until I got back to my hotel room. As everyone knows already, the announcement was the third job, Puppetmaster, which looks really interesting. Unfortunately, there was no information given except the name of the job.

    Corsair Cosplayer
    Samurai vs. Goblin Cosplayers
    Two Samurai and Corsair Cosplayers
    Lion Cosplayer
    Dragoon Cosplayer
    All the above pictures are courtesy of Cadell. I have more, but I am going to sleep, you will just have to wait. :p

    Update – 11:17 pm PST, 2:17 am EST

    12:46 PM Saturday
    A video was shown of Blue Mage and Puppetmaster going up against Trion, Volker, and Ajido-morido. Interestingly, the puppet was standing back and appeared to be using some sort of ranged attack. A member of Team Minute Maid mentioned it looked like the same attack Ajido-morido was using against the puppetmaster. This is purely conjecture, but we are thinking the puppet may mimic the current target of the master. Also, the Puppetmaster was using hand-to-hand and used the weaponskill Combo a few times.

    The puppet died fairly early, but then the Blue Mage started using different spells. The ones I noticed included the eye beam attack that million-eyes types use, Blood Saber, Goblin Bomb (to much cheering), 1000 Needles, and what looked like the sand-whatever attack Anticans use.

    1:00 PM Saturday - Developer Panel #3
    The first part of this panel was a summary of information covered yesterday. Presumably this was for people who were unable to attend. After this, they moved on to…

    Economy Issues
    They (the developers) are definitely paying attention to inflation, as well as how much money is being used. In addition, they are watching the current deflation, and they are preparing countermeasures now in case deflation becomes a massive problem. They mentioned the lowered Chocobo prices as one of the ways they are trying to keep deflation in check.

    At this point, they made some comments from the GM perspective. They made very clear that, though they only announced the 700 bans, that is certainly not all they are doing. They are constantly watching for problems and trying to ban players who are abusing the system.

    In regards to the changes to the delivery system, they targeted that as that was the main avenue sellers used to get gil to their customers. Interestingly, they mentioned they are looking for ways to mitigate the effects of this for legitimate players.

    XBox 360 Beta
    They reported that over 100,000 users across the globe have participated in it. The end date of the beta is set for the release date of ToAU. At this time, characters may be transferred to a normal server and information will be released at the appropriate time detailing how this is done.

    They also took this chance to report that full French and German versions are currently in the works. Additionally, these versions will be made available for download by French and German speaking players free of charge assuming they already have the current version of the game.

    General Q&A

    Q - Notorious gilseller groups are still monopolizing (H)NMs on some servers, are there plans to counter this?
    A – They are aware of the issue and a solution is in the works, slated for April, or June at the latest.

    Q – Can you confirm or deny that, when certain items are in a player’s inventory, or eaten, the drop rates of items are increased?
    A - "lf you believe, your dreams will come true."

    Q – Are there plans for FF XI on the PS3?
    A – They still do not have final specs for the system, so they are holding off on the decision.

    Q – Do the Green teleporters in Ru’Ann Gardens do anything?
    A- Often times the development team adds in things that have no purpose in case they get an idea later. This is one of them.

    Q - Did dev team beat Absolute Virtue with current gear and jobs?
    A - "We’re going to go back and try again.”

    Q - Are Mithra Tan or Furry?
    A - We'll leave that to your imagination.

    Q – From the demo of Besieged, it appears lower level characters will get destroyed. What is the actual level range target for it?
    A – The power of the attackers is dynamic based on player actions. If the players assault Beastman strongholds a lot, the attackers in Besieged will be weaker, and vice-versa.

    Q – With the planning of new versions, is the auto-translator slated for improvement?
    A – The French and German versiona will definitely have the auto-translator function. They are working on the grammar differences now.

    Q – Will there be new Bard instruments or tunes?
    A – He was pretty sure more instruments are in the works, and definitely more songs. He will take the idea for new sounds back to the sound team.

    Q – Are there plans to take action against sites promoting gilsellers?
    A - This is actually not allowed by either premium or community FF XI sites. They suggested avoiding sites that promote RMT companies, and also contacting SE and reporting these websites.

    Q – Many PS2 players do not have CoP, are there plans to re-release it?
    A – They will continue to support the PS2, but there are no current plans to re-release CoP.

    Q – Will Dynamis currency drop rates ever be increased?
    A – There are no plans for increasing drop rates, they want Relic to stay rare.

    Q – How do Galka reproduce?
    A – Do the Bastok missions.

    Q – Will it be made easier for Ninja to level from 1 to 37?
    A – No.

    Q – Does the direction you face matter when crafting?
    A – "Just face where your heart tells you to face."

    Q – Will there ever be rental equipment for Ballista to help with the level capped battles?
    A – They have been thinking about it but are having technical problems.

    Q – Can Xbox 360 characters be played on PS2 and PC versions, and can PC and PS2 characters be played on Xbox 360?
    A – Yes.

    Q – Samurai was presumably meant to be a tank, but Ninja ended up overshadowing it. Are there plans to make Samurai more of a tank?
    A – Samurai was never intended as tank. They are actually looking at ways to make jobs better at what they currently do. For example, make Samurai a better Damage Dealer, and make Paladin a better tank.

    Q – Are there any plans to re-adjust the TP gain on multi-hit WSs?
    A – They could not give details, but did mention that the next update will adjust TP gains on these weaponskills.

    Cosplay Contest
    There were many very good cosplayers present. Third place went to a Goblin, second to a Yagudo, and first to a Dragoon. I have pictures, but you will have to wait until I get home to see them. Uploading them from my hotel is painful.

    Third Place: Goblin
    Second Place: Yagudo
    First Place: Dragoon

    I will get all the other Cosplay pictures I have uploaded once I get back, but I wanted to get something up for y'all! Smiley: grin

    Ballista Royale Championship
    I have to admit that I have never played in a single Ballista match. Watching the two top North American teams go at it was quite exciting however. Team Channel Five News won a hard earned victory. Immediately following their win was a surprise exhibition match versus the top Japanese ballista team. Even though the match was unfortunately one sided, it was very interesting seeing the differences in tactics used by each team.

    The Star Onions
    Wow. Just… wow! This was absolutely amazing. They opened with the Yuhtunga/Yhoator music. After that, they performed three pieces: Rolanberry Fields followed by a beautiful piano solo of the Tavnazian Stronghold, and wrapped up with a surprising rendition of the Mog House. They ‘wrapped up’ with the Shadow Lord theme which was definitely my favorite piece of the night. The drummer from the Black Mages made an appearance and performed in this piece.

    After they left, they came back for two more encore pieces. First was another piano solo that one of my party members said was Ru’Lude Gardens (I was unable to identify it but it was very well performed) followed by Selbina.

    The entire concert was incredible, and a good conclusion to the festivities.

    Thank You
    I hope you all had as much fun reading my updates as I have had writing them. The festival was awesome, and I only wish more of my fellow players could have experienced it with me. Keep an eye out for me to post a slew of pictures from the event!

    All my pictures and those of Team Minute Maid will eventually be hosted at my xs.to account. Here is a link to my photo album.

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    #2 Mar 08 2006 at 9:32 PM Rating: Excellent
    10,297 posts
    in santa monica, event in a big white tent hidden behind some shops, big pc display, and a big screen inside, posting from PDA phone , will post more when tsarlos gets here.

    btw sarlos, if ya read this. AIM me

    Edited, Thu Mar 9 16:04:49 2006 by TrueFeba

    well, had dinner with some fellow fenririans, there were a few songs played, pda picked up that FFFF MEDIA ONLY network , got some items...cop, nousepad... minimap of the event xd

    nice costume works, had a good time... btw, fir all ya poor bastards out in the cold, we were the party of 10 under the nice warm torches waitin on you to finish.

    sarlos, aim me when you get up, we can set up a meeting place

    Edited, Fri Mar 10 01:45:52 2006 by TrueFeba

    tau tour, beseige demo, monsters floodibg in thro gates, blm being an idiot, mobs don't seem too special.

    warp in a few minutes

    Edited, Fri Mar 10 13:41:22 2006 by TrueFeba

    in reef, leech, doomed, etc...ny god this blm is stupid...you don't solo doomeds, and you don't melee...

    Edited, Fri Mar 10 13:47:35 2006 by TrueFeba

    new skelletons in reef, also lamia...

    'undead follwers link with lamia'-announcwr

    Edited, Fri Mar 10 13:52:39 2006 by TrueFeba

    btw, beseige in al zahbi, and it is mamool jas, no lamia in town. the one lamia weve seen was in reef

    Edited, Fri Mar 10 14:11:06 2006 by TrueFeba
    surprise before show...

    mithra blu!

    New slime monster!
    =lue nagic s like monster tp but blue lines.

    blood saber
    mandraogea sprout
    spider web
    acorn toss?
    dimensional death

    NEW AREA resembles ifrits cauldron
    powerpoint- tau screenshots
    plans for future

    besieged assaualt and missions are in different catagories

    curently, the two jobs we have announced are blu and cor,..that's all we ca tell you..for now

    about as many new areas as cop

    beseiged screens have lamia, tau demo doesn't

    pic also has jobs outside demo

    besieged is as conquest for the .. continent

    with the addition of new towns we listened to all the people who eanted monster attacks on the towns

    once we decided that attack wed decide wed need a reason, so the beast men are after treasur you have to protwct

    astral ..? treausre on western edge of continent

    wheb evertythibg starts' good guys have astela condenscene, if stolen, must retrieve from beastmen hq

    is the new conqyest

    beseigned dmeo only tenpercent of full version

    assault is neq type of mission bsttle, short msiisons, level fifty to sevetenyish,

    in pt and quests now, need much time, newe we want three to six people, sbort

    many different quests, different levels, areas

    by completion gain assault points, can be tradedx for items exp gil etc

    in additon to points, if you complete, you get unappraised items, take to town, have appraid, usable

    thw more assault quests you do your merc rank goes up (like tau fame basically)

    missions from presidant?

    old and new characters

    not planning any level capped.possibly some bcnms cap

    you can go to new continent from mhaura

    you canot go straight form maurha...but maybe an area near nhayra had the req

    chocobo raisibirth of breeding ease of breeding
    joys of breeding
    benefits of personal chobo
    what your choco has for you

    players want to go into ff everyday without spending a lot of tine, wil work like gardining

    raising chocobos isn't hard core or or newbies, all you need is love

    and once you raise it, naybe... setup a date with a friensa choco? maybe a new chocobo?

    just raising it isn't that fun.. so you want to use it right? maybe race it?

    mog locker for sotrage we are soryr about problems with client memory, new way to stoe thirty to fifty area slots

    thwre is a small fee, must go to aht urgan, arwas, may pay with items or quest, pAyment undecided

    items will not be lost when you don't pay, but will be unaccessable

    possibly more than 50 slots

    watch version updates

    The colosseum...
    mnsters ca be fight against each othr

    aht urgan time line has many palnn for future, someone s that!


    tanakas greeting; hello everyone exicted to talk with na fans we never gte to see' hope you get to know more about us

    Tau qs

    q-mithra homeland?
    a-not in plans

    q-will accounts be splitable?
    a-planning to do it...still need sometime...can move worlds, not sure about acounts..

    q-choco colors?
    a-good question. can't say anything other than...won't be just yellow

    q-exp pack seems to be for caual plays, blu job accessable under 30?
    a-all new jobs are 30, same as old ones

    q-with beseiged, will they be on a scheduele, or triggered
    a-beseige will have no triggers, always active like conquest..the monsters will just come

    q-pvp one on one?
    a- special areas for pvp coming

    q-abj drop rate increase?
    a-*nobody wants to answer, laughs* can't make any dramatic changes afriad to effect economy, if drop rate won't hurt it

    q-if choco is 1-75. what about lv20 quest?
    a-raising is for everyone, *couldn't hear*

    q-mit m? gal f?
    a-no such thing as galkan female, mit males...someday you will see them
    Edited, Fri Mar 10 16:35:56 2006 by TrueFeba

    Edited, Fri Mar 10 16:36:31 2006 by TrueFeba

    Edited, Fri Mar 10 16:40:05 2006 by TrueFeba

    Edited, Fri Mar 10 17:05:47 2006 by TrueFeba

    Edited, Fri Mar 10 17:08:33 2006 by TrueFeba

    Edited, Fri Mar 10 17:15:31 2006 by TrueFeba

    Edited, Fri Mar 10 17:19:15 2006 by TrueFeba

    Edited, Fri Mar 10 17:23:11 2006 by TrueFeba

    Edited, Fri Mar 10 17:36:20 2006 by TrueFeba
    q if you are in town during beseige, are you autonatically in pt
    a everyon in town fights but NO EXP LOSS

    q quivers on everything? not just specific bolts
    a are thinking about new items, but not everything, would effect economy

    q if you can't los exp during veseige, can you gain exp
    a considering

    q- speed belt from bcnm
    a- haven't thoguht about it,.. we'll take this idea back...

    q choco plans? wistle to summon?
    a we hope: good ideas

    q reqs other tha lv30? for new jobs
    a have to buy exp pack xlear qyest, that's it

    Edited, Fri Mar 10 17:42:45 2006 by TrueFeba

    a- mog safe will not grow, mog locker will

    q-change characters look? race?
    a- no, ps2 restrictions

    q- chocobo eq?
    a- no plans...but choco shape might change with raising...

    q-raise choco on mules and use on main?
    a- prbably not

    q_ ah three exgra slots?
    a- no..can not increase by even one, ah takes up a lot of server space ah goes down enough

    q- what happens if you neglect your choco?
    a- probably run away to anicer master..

    q_ class specific solo quesst?
    a - yes, and quests needing small-large partiea. class specigfic is good idea ill take it back

    q-reverse immigrations? return to original servers
    a- possible...we'll take it back and talk to it?

    q- ranks past 10 or new nations?
    a- new missions in exp pack, play those firsts, if eveeryone wants then... we'll be forced to add then


    end q&à#one


    Edited, Fri Mar 10 17:52:03 2006 by TrueFeba

    second qa

    corair demo

    gamble...can't really tell anything without text log

    job futures
    note: therse are ideas not real

    a lot of wars only jse a few weapons so we want to make each weapon useful

    also, ability to toss weapons

    also subjobs all need to be useful

    mnk needs to be changed so they aren't jut fighting

    since mnks have so much hp...an ability to boost pt hp

    whn- whm is nromally for healing, however other jobs are taking over, so we want whm to have a bigger advantage in curing

    also while they are nromally in the back healing, we want to get them involved in the battle

    new ability would be give hp or mp to pt members

    thinking about nakibg benediciton heal status and hp

    blm- werealize blm is one of the most powerful jobs. there are cases where we get 5 or 6 blms in a pt and that isn't alwys how we want

    we are thinking of a way to nae veing in a pt by their selves,not solo or manaburn

    so, we give then new spells so we aren't picking on them

    can't say what magic...but you'll know

    rdm- we also realize that rdm is a pwerful job

    however, will add new magic just for rdm

    but can't tell you

    thf- hard job, so giving other pt members skills

    also, steal things other than items

    two hour will increase damage when attacking from behind

    pld- bring up to same level as ninjas

    auto refresh ability...

    also, making pld shields usable more often than other jobs

    also, wheb shield is used more tp gained

    drk- more incentives to use scythes and absorbs

    bst- due to mpk patch complaints...we did this that bst is a strong job so we don't want to nake it too strong, so they want to improve it

    brd- want bards to use different songs during battle

    new song, low level mazurka

    rng- thinking about a way to please a lot more people(referencing oatch)

    fix sharpshot so acc will not be affected by distance

    also, increAse quiverable types

    sam- because sam deal with tp so much, make it so they can use it a different way

    ability: when you hit enemy, decreSe mobs tp


    misplaced cor notes:looks like its curing itself with gamble

    used some kind of item on the mob..

    bust appears..like in black jack..oer a certin # of numbers rolled in gamble?

    :end cor

    Edited, Fri Mar 10 22:02:25 2006 by TrueFeba

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    Edited, Fri Mar 10 22:26:24 2006 by TrueFeba

    Edited, Fri Mar 10 22:31:50 2006 by TrueFeba
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    #3 Mar 08 2006 at 9:33 PM Rating: Good
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    Post. Will be stalking site.
    #4 Mar 08 2006 at 9:35 PM Rating: Good
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    post for finding later.

    #5 Mar 08 2006 at 9:36 PM Rating: Good
    1,651 posts
    Very exciting guys, good luck and thanks.

    #6 Mar 08 2006 at 9:37 PM Rating: Good
    810 posts
    something to look forward to when i get off work and finish my tests tomorrow :P
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    #7 Mar 08 2006 at 9:39 PM Rating: Good
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    You guys have fun. Just be sure that if you get the chance, ask some of the tough questions--I'm sure you can find plenty worthwhile just browsing this board. Take pictures, revel, and stuff as many taru into suitcases as you can.
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    #8 Mar 08 2006 at 9:41 PM Rating: Good
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    I'll probably post from the computer in my uncle's house (which i'm staying at), I'll be in Summoner AF, I hope I make it onto the website! =P

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    Bookmarked~It's gonna be fun seeing you all gather info at the Fan Festival, thanks so much! ^^ I was going to go, but I live over 600 miles from the Fan Festival =/ Thanks again ^^ Can't wait to find out the new job/ the story line setup.
    Trinitee wrote:
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    hey are u guys gonna wear costumes? i have a old caitsith costume i wore to otacon in dallas last year and i might wear it on day 2 just for kicks...

    anyway if anyone sees a big fat mexican dressed up as cait sith thatll be me....

    also for anyone who remembers my privacy/ffxi is a kelogger post. i found a way to auto clear the temp folder every time i log out.. problem solved. if anyone else wants to know how send me a mssg but atm im on a internet accessy machine at the airport waiting for my plane..

    see u at fan fest..

    se u guys when i get back from fan fest or perhaps some kind stranger there will let me post from their laptop...

    *wink* *wink* OP *cough*
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    Monsieur EddOfGilgamesh wrote:
    Insightful and ludicrously professional constructive criticism from tetsuol. Smiley: thumbsup

    #11 Mar 08 2006 at 10:04 PM Rating: Decent
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    wow can't wait to see what you get hope its some great pictures.

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    #12 Mar 08 2006 at 10:06 PM Rating: Decent
    Poast to keep this at the top.

    If you two pull this off, you will be my heroes.
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    "you two"? No one notices me >.> Becuase I have no fancy PDAs <.<
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    Gsarivan wrote:
    "you two"? No one notices me >.> Becuase I have no fancy PDAs <.<

    Fancy PDAs? I am offended! These are high quality Tablet PCs! I just hope we can find an internet connection. The closest Starbucks is about two blocks away, however, so if nothing else, we can stop by there to make comments. I plan to bring a power inverter and a wireless bridge, so even if the tablets are unable to connect to a wireless network, we may be able to rig something up with a little more range.
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    #15 Mar 08 2006 at 10:15 PM Rating: Excellent
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    Sarlos, Defender of Justice wrote:
    Gsarivan wrote:
    "you two"? No one notices me >.> Becuase I have no fancy PDAs <.<

    Fancy PDAs? I am offended! These are high quality Tablet PCs! I just hope we can find an internet connection. The closest Starbucks is about two blocks away, however, so if nothing else, we can stop by there to make comments. I plan to bring a power inverter and a wireless bridge, so even if the tablets are unable to connect to a wireless network, we may be able to rig something up with a little more range.

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    Allakhazam, on Zam.com, wrote:
    We are now owned by a company that owns [..] IGE. They bought [..] us

    This 'company' was created by IGE.
    IGE Now effectively owns Allakhazam.

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    Tag thread!
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    There has to be some sort of Net connectivity there...or else how are they going to connect anyone to the servers for the ToAU live gameplay?
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    #18 Mar 08 2006 at 10:21 PM Rating: Excellent
    Morgrist wrote:
    There has to be some sort of Net connectivity there...or else how are they going to connect anyone to the servers for the ToAU live gameplay?

    Good point, but this could be in the form of wired connectivity. I tried emailing them asking about wifi, but received no response yet.
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    #19 Mar 08 2006 at 10:21 PM Rating: Excellent
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    Morgrist wrote:
    There has to be some sort of Net connectivity there...or else how are they going to connect anyone to the servers for the ToAU live gameplay?

    Land lines? besides, they'll probably use a secure connection.
    The Real Taru (My Blog)
    Allakhazam, on Zam.com, wrote:
    We are now owned by a company that owns [..] IGE. They bought [..] us

    This 'company' was created by IGE.
    IGE Now effectively owns Allakhazam.

    Want an RMT Free forum? http://www.ffxionline.com/forums/general.ffxi.discussion/55462-zam.com.refugees.html
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    I'll be using my PSPs web browser if there is a connection, So I can do it there too <.<.
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    Godspeed, you two. I'll be eagerly watching this thread.
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    #22 Mar 08 2006 at 10:53 PM Rating: Good
    I won't be able to post live, but I'll be taking my digicam, so you can be sure that I'll post plenty of pictures when I get back. I think we should have an official thread for that somewhere...Or I suppose they could just go here...
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    #23 Mar 08 2006 at 10:54 PM Rating: Excellent
    Purril, Guardian of the Glade wrote:
    I won't be able to post live, but I'll be taking my digicam, so you can be sure that I'll post plenty of pictures when I get back. I think we should have an official thread for that somewhere...Or I suppose they could just go here...

    We are trying to get this thread stickied. If that flies, we can just use it for all festival related goodness.
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    /em ****** himself with excitement
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    #25 Mar 08 2006 at 11:13 PM Rating: Decent
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    I AM GOING! I can not wait to run around in an elvaan while me wife is in a mithra and my litle boy is a taru. =) This is going to be so fun.
    I'm back on FFXI baby!
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    /cry I wanted to go so bad but they sold out, have fun and keep us updated

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