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#1 Mar 29 2012 at 3:28 AM Rating: Good
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I am a noob and have almost worked through only the first 30 levels. Some of you may have seen my other thread regarding starting pains.

Anyhow, my question is not related to what mission I should or should not / can or can not do at this stage in the game. My question is specifically: which Quest offers the best story; rich with the typical Final Fantasy charm I need not explain. I began thinking about this after reaching Jeuno for the first time and being greeted with the fairly long introductory cutscene to "A Crystalline Prophecy". No other MMO's have things like this as far as I know.

So which Journey out of all the content we have thus far is the most story-driven, and/or reminiscent of the emotions you attach to this series. If you feel there are none, say so.

I watched the official trailer for Wings of the Goddess and it looked like pure FF jrpgism.
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#2 Mar 29 2012 at 4:00 PM Rating: Decent
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Really? Almost 50 views and no opinions?

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All the expansions are FF at its best. But it's best to do the expansions in the order they were released.

So, the first one is Rise of the Zilart. You can start this right after you hit Rank 6, pretty much.

Chains of Promathia is next. It can technically be started at level 30, but it's a **** of a lot easier at later levels. The story is long and fragmented and confusing in some places, but the areas it opens up are quite beautiful.

Then there's Treasures of Aht Urghan. Honestly, this had the most tightly knit story and I cried at the end. Smiley: crymore

Finally Wings of the Goddess, which SE dragged out for three years and a lot of people lost interest doing... Yeah. I'm still not done with this one due to that. Smiley: bah

The expansion missions are long and have a LOT of fights, so your best bet is to get some more levels under your belt and worry about them once you're level 75+.

In the meantime, there are some questlines that you can start a lot earlier that provide some great backstory. Each of the jobs has a mini storyline that starts at level 41 and ends at 60, which earns you Artifact Armor. Some of the stories are silly, others are deep. Each of the cities has its own mission line, and each of the towns outside the big cities also has a series of quests to learn the history.

Probably your best one to start right now? Talk to the Mayor of Selbina. He'll ask you to search the world for these headstone markers, and give you a piece of clay to make an impression of each one. The quest is called "An Explorer's Footsteps."
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#4 Apr 19 2012 at 7:39 AM Rating: Good
Sorry, late reply.

I finished Treasures of Aht Urgan a couple of months back and I absolutely LOVED the story. I got mad, I cried both tears of joy and sadness. Most importantly, I actually watched every single CS all of the way thru.

I recently started WoTG and so far I am really enjoying the story line. I am quite disappointed in the way the SE cut up the missions with the nation quests, so that you have to stop here, do 3 nation quests, then continue the missions. It really distracts me from enjoying the story line because you have to switch back and forth between different stories. The stories do intertwine in places and tie together, but my brain doesn't like switch like that. I have been 1/2 paying attention to the nation stories, mashing through the x button, and focusing more on the missions.

I did Zilart and CoP for the access to Sky and Sea respectively, but I honestly didn't pay any attention to the story. The biggest problem I had here was that I did both simultaneously and completely lost track of which CS was for which story. At some point I would love to go back and rewatch the CS in order so I can get a handle on what the story actually was.
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