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Easy Quest to do for money - for begginersFollow

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Me and my friend are currently level 11 ( war and blm ) from windurst and we are having very hard time to buy proper equipment duo to not having much gils, someone suggested to do quest that reward gils or items to sell.

My question is what are doable quest with good reward that we can duo at this level ?

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In this game quests don't provide much gil, they're mostly for story progression or unlocking jobs, etc. Most players gil comes from farming (killing mobs and selling the drops on the Auction House), or crafting.

First be sure to get signet from your gate guard every time you go out, that way you'll get crystals when mobs die. A stack of crystals sell for 1-4k (depending on server and type of crystal). Other good things to sell are stacks of silk thread from crawlers (20k), honey (5k) and beehive chips (10k) from bees/wasps, landcrab meat sells well to npc's (don't sell a stack for under 4k on the AH).

Once quest you can do is Mihgo's Amigo, it only pays 200 gil for 4 Yagudo Necklaces, but if you want to level ninja you'll need the fame this quest gives so you can get utsusemi: ichi

Check out www.ffxiah.com to see what things are worth selling on the AH, be sure to select your server from the drop list first though.

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Since you're in Windurst, I'd suggest the quest from Yoran-Oran where he collects interesting Mandragora related items.

Tear through mandragoras and throw nothing away. Keep the cotton and sell it in stacks of 12 on the AH. Keep the earth crystals and sell those as well. You can collect as many cornettes as you can hold, but once you have one piece of Yuhtunga Sulfer and one 4 leaft Mandy bud, run back to Windurst Walls and cash it all in. You can get 2000 or so gil a run from the quest part, and a stack of Saruta Cotton sells for a pretty penny on the AH.
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