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Hi, I'm new to Final Fantasy 11!
I just started this morning and I'm hoping to tackle all of the Xbox 360 achievements in this game, as it's one of the hardest 100% out there!

LV 5 Warrior, Windurst

So aside from having a gabillion questions i'll start with one of my biggest.
Where do I start with questing in this game? I'm pretty used to the "icon above head" style a lot of games have used.
But when I talk to NPCs they usually give me a couple filler sentences and end right there. The guides I've been looking at show dozens of quests in the areas I'm in and a bunch of them starting a minimum level 1.

Do I just talk to every NPC hoping to find one?
Should I focus on leveling for now?
Finish the tutorial guard quests first?

Thanks for any advice, tips and help!
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Darqflame's Peon
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Frazzleberry wrote:

Do I just talk to every NPC hoping to find one?
Should I focus on leveling for now?
Finish the tutorial guard quests first?

Not all NPCs will have quests as you have noticed, some have prerequisites like fame (or Rep.) required in order for you to receive the quest or another quest. I recommend using a wiki like this one to help you out: http://wiki.ffxiclopedia.org/wiki/Main_Page

Focusing on leveling would be a good start as you would be able to do more missions and quests like unlocking advanced jobs. Subsequently leveling jobs to 75 apart of xbox achievements along with the limit breaks, so are missions.

I would recommend finishing the tutorial guard quests as it teaches you basic mechanics of the game like eating food, synthesis, using signet. Not to mention it gives you free items such as exp ring that boosts your exp and reraising earring that gives you reraise and exp in general. (I wish I had the quest when I was starting).

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#3 Apr 15 2013 at 12:48 PM Rating: Good
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I would probably focus on leveling until at least level 30.

In between there, you'll want to pick up your support job which will require 3 different items dropped by mobs around that level range. You'll probably want to find someone to help you with it if you're doing it right at 18. There are two quests that give you your support job. Since you're in Windurst, you'll want to do the one that's based in Mhaura, but I'll list them both here anyway.

Elder Memories, from Isacio, at (G-10) in Selbina
The Old Lady, from Vera, at (G-10) in Mhaura.

Oh and since you'll run by one on your way to these towns, make sure you swing by the crag (large white structures that look like they're made of bone) and grab your teleport crystal by interacting with the large crystals there. These allow you to be teleported, by someone with the spell, back to that spot. Just the first in a long list of faster ways to get around the world.

Feel free to post here as questions come up. FFXI can be intimidating to a completely new player; having some direction doesn't hurt.
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Well....i got stuck in there too..... hahaha
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