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Adventurer Appreciation 2013 Mini-Guide : BastokFollow

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Hi there,

This is a short guide for the Bastok leg of the Adventurer Appreciation 2013 Event. (The event involving the Treasure Coffer/Item). All of the needed NPC's are in Bastok Markets.

*You don't need any special access to complete this event.

*Zoning will not reset any progress you have made.

*From my tests, you can only get a singular +1 version of an item per city. After you get the +1 version, you are free to grab as many normal quality items as you wish from the Coffer.

To begin:

Speak to The Moogle next to Firewater Fountain & then speak to the Treasure Coffer and select an item from the list. (The fountain is right next to the fountain in front of the Auction House.) This will activate the cutscene for the Event. Pick an item from the Treasure Coffer and get moving! If this doesnt work, speak to both back and forth until you get the cutscene and acquire the normal quality item.

The goal is to speak to each of the eight Proctor Moogles in the zone and to answer their test questions correctly. All of the Proctor Moogles are in Bastok Markets, although some questions reference different areas. There are multiple questions in most of the texts. In some cases, i've tried to list all the possible answers, even though they might only require 3 correct answers per test.

There are 3 types of Moogles that affect this event. 'Moogle & Treasure Coffer' : Starts Event. 'Proctor Moogle' : Administers test questions. 'Erudite Moogle' : Warps around the zone and will change you into a floating Moogle if you get near him (Moogle costume). Havong the Moogle costume on makes you unable to speak to any NPC's.


Mathematics 101
Moogle south of Auction House
Will ask you identify number of boxes shown in picture. 2 possible pictures.

Answer: 58 for the picture with fewer boxes

Management 101
Moogle near Bastok Mines entrance
Match the NPC with their shop.

Mjoll's Goods - Old mjoll, hume with white bonnet
Brunhilde Armor - brown hair hume in armor
Dragon claws - galka in harness armor
Harmodia's Music - hume in green aketon
Carmelides Jewelery - big hume in blue & green cap
Sororo the Scribe - Small Taru in White Cloak
Boytzs knicknacks- galka in gamby thing
Deegis Armorer- galka in helmet

Industrial Sciences 101
Moogle near south-west house in Gold Street
Match the picture of the area with its name.

Large oven/kiln with 2 firepits - Dark Steel forge
Shelves with ingots - Dark Steel forge
Dome and conveyor belt with 'hammers' - Cids Lab
Picture on wall - Gunpowder Room
Steam creating mechanism and huge gear wheel - Cids Lab
Long Machine, small gear wheel, barrel thing on right side - Cermet Refinery
Cannons - Gunpowder Room
Huge forge with chimneys, anvil in front of center - Cermet refinery

Economics 101
Moogle behind traders home, far east of Gold Street
Match the picture of the location with its name.

2 candelabras with big stone - Sororo the Scribe
Saxophones, Lutes on backwall - Harmonias Music
Counter with Item bag sign - Mjolls Goods
Side wall with gauntlets, body armor - Deegis Armor
Counter with Busts with necklaces - camelides Jewelery
Back room with shelves - Boytzs Knicknacks
Counter with armor on shelves- Brunhilde Armor
Counter with Big Sword on the wall - Dragon Claws

Arts 101
Moogle next to Gold Smith guild
Pick 2 or 3 specialists out of a line up of 6 - the specialists are the people that will give you support, not the people with aprons on. Will ask only about a singular guild, but can can ask about any guild in that city.

Gold Smith guild - hume light-brunette with ponytail, hume male - blonde, hume female with short brown hair

Architecture 101
Moogle North of Auction House
What hours does water flow from the fountain at firewater circle?

Answer: 6:00- 18:00

Biology 101
Moogle On top of Mjolls goods
You will be given a monster type, you need to choose the corresponding type it is strong against and the one it is weak against. Doesnt ask about Demon-Dragons or Undead-Arcane. See the "monster correlation chart' for all possible answers.

Answer(1 of several possible): Vermin - strong : plantoid, feeble : lizard

History 101
Moogle In southern area, near sororos shop
Match the picture of the stone Monument with its location.

East Ronfaure - 2 loops with 2 fire holders, sphinx looking thing
West Ronfaure - 3 orcish flags
Konschat Highlands - windmill picture
North Gustaberg- picture of stairs leading to obelisk
South Gustaberg - on coast, picture of metal works smokestack
La thienne- picture of top of crag
Jugner Forest - In foresty cave(mushrooms)
Rolanberry - Rolanberry branch w/ berries
Batialla Downs - picture of mound
Valkrum Dunes - 3 green rocks, horizontal squiggle, moss on top
Pashow Marshlands - pashow purple flowers- picture of quadev

After completing all 8 tests successfully, speak to the starting moogle and/or the Treasure Coffer. You will receive your +1 award.

Moogle Guard Reward

Attaches to arm/sub slot like a shield, unsure if it actually acts as a shield (was unable to test).

Moogle Gaurd +1
Def: 2
All Races, All Jobs, All sexs
Lvl 1
Dispense Mog Pudding <1/1 0:30[24:00:00, 0:30]>
Each use gives you 2 Mog Puddings

Mog Pudding - Food
HP +7 (might be a percentage)
VIT +3
DEF +1 (might be a percentage)

That's it

Thats all i had time/patience to do. Feel free to expand on this by commenting below. Thanks!

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Mathematics 101
Moogle south of Auction House
Will ask you identify number of boxes shown in picture. 2 possible pictures.

Answer: 58 for the picture with fewer boxes

*Answer: 190 for the picture with more boxes

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This is a great guide, thanks for the effort.
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