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#1 Jul 24 2011 at 8:21 AM Rating: Good
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I've neglected crafting a lot over the years - the highest I ever got on my main character has been 51 goldsmithing, and I've got 79 cooking on a mule.

I've decided to try to get my numbers up. That's all this is, purely a blue numbers vanity exercise.

I don't care about profit - I've got millions of cruor I'll gladly turn into gil - and I'm willing to literally just dump everything into it.

All the guides are for careful people who want to maximize profits, or at the very least, minimize losses. As such, their recipes tend to call for hand crafted ingredients which aren't always on the AH, such as the brass sheets I'm currently having to make myself on my goldsmithing mule.

Has anyone ever developed a power leveler's guide? A guide for ********** profit, I just want to get the numbers up NOW!" crafters?
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#2 Jul 24 2011 at 4:56 PM Rating: Excellent
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The "@#%^ profit" guide is as follows:

Take your skill level, X
Add 4 levels to X
Find a recipe that requires X
Make item for 2-3 levels

Really, no guide like that has been written, because there is no point. Most guides will already focus on what you're running into: difficulty of obtaining materials. This also tends to be the cheapest route, so they'll be one in the same. Your best bet is to just write your own guides OR ask for suggestions. Many people get into crafting because they love the research aspect and be willing to help if you give concise requirements.

I must also mention that skills such as goldsmithing, smithing, and woodworking will require items that usually need to be mined/logged- activities that have died out long, long ago. Finding materials not sold by npcs may be difficult to come by, especially at higher levels.

Many of the old guides were written when materials such as brass sheets, or at least brass ingots, were widely available, so they may not even be worth looking at any more. There have been very few new guides because it's easy to create your own path.

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#3 Jul 25 2011 at 6:13 PM Rating: Excellent
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Hi Cat. I can't point you to the guide you seek, but having done some powercrafting over the years, I can at least suggest a few thoughts (which have probably already occurred to you):
- Try for recipes that have stackable materials. It's so much easier to rip through a bunch of synths in a row when you don't have to stop every five synths to head back to the AH due to inventory issues. Stackable output is nice, too.
- Although you're willing to toss the gil, it's still reasonable to look for things that sell quickly for more than their NPC prices if you want to toss a little less gil. Finding things with decent NPC resale isn't a bad thought either.
- Recipes with materials that can be purchased from standard vendors are great. Regional vendors are okay. Guild vendors are okay, but a bit more annoying - that's where a mule in each city comes in handy. The AH is, amazingly, sometimes better than these vendors, but I suppose this only matters if you're worried about the gil (I always gave it a little thought at least).
- Don't forget about synth support, and artisan's advantage kupower if it's around (which, of course, needs synth support to be active). Less breaks (or at least less material loss) means more time to put into crafting.
- If you can find things that become ingredients for your next synth - often manageable in woodworking and clothcraft, at least, and some of the smithing/goldsmithing - that saves time and enhances your rush to the blue 100.

Sorry if that's really basic, but simple rules always worked for me. Enjoy the crafting.
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