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The original guide was created back in 2009, and so much has changed in these almost 6 years! Stuff & things mainly, but now we can skill up on items +10 beyond their cap. This changes things drastically as it is now much easier, and also, much much cheaper to get Leathercraft up to 110. There are also these things called kits, purchasable from the Leathercraft Guild which can now get you as high as Lv. 60 Leathercraft. However, it will start to become pretty expensive, so this guide will avoid the Leathercraft kits altogether. This guide will mainly focus on items that can easily be farmed by a THF in a reasonable amount of time, along with some old screenshots of me farming and synthing in the field. So, let's get started!

Guild Test Items
8-10 Rabbit Mantle - Recruit
18-20 Lizard Cesti - Initiate
28-30 Dhalmel Mantle - Novice
38-40 Magic Belt - Apprentice
48-50 Cuir Bouilli - Journeyman
58-60 Raptor Jerkin - Craftsman
68-70 Battle Boots - Artisan
78-80 Tiger Gloves - Adept
88-90 Coeurl Mask - Veteran
98-100 Urja Trousers (must be signed) - Expert

Stuff to Increase your Leathercraft Skills! (Quest Information gleaned from wiki.ffxiclopedia.org)

Trainee's Needle - Stats: Lv. 1 (All Jobs) DMG: 1, Delay: 200, Latent Effect: Leathercraft Skill +1 (Latent is active when your Leathercraft skill is below Lv. 40)

Here's a Walkthrough on how to get the Trainee's Needle!
Quest Name: Say It with a Handbag
1. Speak with Hampu-Kampu at (G-8) in Windurst Waters (S) South Map.
2. Head to (K-4) in Windurst Waters (S) North Map and examine the Door:Acolyte Hostel on the second floor.
This will trigger a cutscene.
3. Return to Hampu-Kampu and after the cutscene you will receive Key Item: Torn Patches of Leather.
4. Go to the ground floor of the Tanners' Guild (San d'Oria) (D-8) in present day Southern San d'Oria, and talk to Kipopo to trigger a cutscene.
She will ask you to bring Laminated Ram Leather, Sheep Leather and a Silk Thread.
5. You will have to zone after trading the materials to Kipopo. Then speak with Kipopo to trigger another cutscene and receive the Repaired Handbag.
Return to Windurst Waters (S) and speak with Hampu-Kampu to trigger a cutscene.
6. Offer him the handbag to receive your reward.(Optional) Return back to Kipopo in Southern San d'Oria in the present with your Trainee's Needle equipped for an additional cutscene and more information about her father.

Guild Point Items(Information gleaned from wiki.ffxiclopedia.org)

10,000 - Tanner's Belt - Novice - Enchantment: Synthesis Image Support
10,000 - Tanning - Novice - This special leathercraft ability allows you to soak skins in a Tanning Vat, making it easier to process more leather with one crystal.
40,000 - Leather Ensorcellment - Novice - This special tanning ability allows you to enchant leather with the power of black magic.
40,000 - Leather Purification - Novice - This special tanning ability allows you to enchant leather with the power of white magic.
70,000 - Tanner's Gloves - Journeyman - A pair of gloves that gives +1 to your Leathercraft skill
80,000 - Tanner's Ring - Craftsman - Leathercraft Success Rate +1%. Cannot synthesize high quality items.
100,000 - Tanner's Apron - Artisan - An apron that gives +1 to your Leathercraft skill
150,000 - Golden Fleece - Veteran - A piece of Furniture that gives Moghancement: Leathercraft Skill.
200,000 - Tanner's Signboard - Veteran - A sign used by leatherworkers to indicate their guild's services to the public.
15,000 - TANNER'S EMBLEM - Veteran - Probably one of the most important things to get for a Leathercrafter. Used to make a Tanners' Stall, which gives you Leathercraft Skill +5 when placed inside your Mog House

Advanced Support NPCs

Orechiniel - Southern San d'Oria (E-8)
Zwaluh - Al Zahbi (G-11)

Leathercraft Skill Armor and Other Useful Stuff

Leatherworker's Torque: Obtained from brown Treasure Casket in Quicksand Caves. Gives +2 to Leathercraft skill. Lv. 70 to equip it, and it can be used right away from Lv. 0 Leathercraft all the way to the end. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED you obtain this before you get started.

Artificer's Ring: Obtained from NPC "Wortherton" in Western Adoulin in exchange for 20,000 Bayld - This nifty little ring increases the rate of synthesis success, and can be worn at Lv. 1. Very helpful item while you're skilling up.

Craftmaster's Ring: Obtained from NPC "Wortherton" in Western Adoulin in exchange for 20,000 Bayld - This ring increases the rate of HQ success by 1%. For those times you want to try and HQ something to sell for big bucks! Can come in handy near the 110 cap. Will explain soon!

Craftkeeper's Ring: Obtained from NPC "Wortherton" in Western Adoulin in exchange for 20,000 Bayld - This ring decreases the likelihood of losing items in case a synthesis attempt fails. You can get this if you choose to, but it's totally OK if you don't.

Orvail Ring: Obtained as a reward for completing the "Seekers of Adoulin" missions - This ring is a must have for any serious crafter and should be worn full-time while you are crafting! Not only does it offer a +5% chance of getting a skill up from your synthesis attempt, it also combines the bonuses from the other 3 rings (Artificer's, Craftmaster's, Craftkeeper's) into one small package! If you're attempting to HQ a potential big money item, this ring + Craftmaster's Ring = a +2% chance of an HQ synthesis.

Shaper's Shawl: Obtained via "Inside the Belly" quest in Selbina. Trade NPC "Zaldon" a Matsya for a chance at obtaining the Shaper's Shawl. This will also increase your skill up rate. Recommended to have this, but not necessary, as some people out there have the worst luck (case in point, me) and have yet to get this item in over 200+ trades of Matsya with Zaldon.

Leathercrafting Basics

Since a lot of Leathercrafting involves turning hides into leather, the 3 main items you will need a lot of are Dark Crystals, Windurstian Tea Leaves, and Distilled Water. Distilled Water is cheap (12g each) at Raimbroy's Grocery in Southern San d'Oria near the Leathercraft Guild. Windurstian Tea Leaves can be bought from the NPC Baehu-Faehu in Windurst Waters for 18-22g each. Dark Crystals are easily farmed in sky, where there are multiple Dark Elementals roaming the area. Farm the clusters as much as you can, as Dark Crystals will be used the most during your skilling up.

The Guide Itself

0-12 - Sheep Leather - Dark Crystal: Sheepskin, 1 Windy Tea Leaf, 1 Distilled Water - Target Monster: Broo (Beadeaux) Other Notable Drops: Selbina Milk - Simply go to Beadeaux and kill Broo. Take multiple stacks of synthesis materials with you, as you will be farming the skins and immediately converting them to leather in the field. DO NOT SELL the Sheep Leather, they will be used in the next item on the list. The cap on this item is 2, so you can take this all the way to 12. When you hit Lv. 8 Leathercraft, stop and head back to San d'Oria real quick to deliver the first Guild test item. Then return and continue working up to 12. Selbina Milk is a commonly used item for Cooking skill ups. They sell for 1000 - 1500g per stack. Also, in the future, if you'd like to return here and farm Sheepskin and convert to Sheep Leather, a stack of Sheep Leather sells for 20,000 to 24,000 per stack. A terrific place to farm in the future, but FOR NOW, keep your Sheep Leather!

12-21 - Solea - Wind Crystal: Sheep Leather x 2 - An easy synth. Make as much as you can, then desynth them with Lightning Crystals for a chance at getting 1 Sheep Leather back. The Solea cap is 11, which means you can take this up to 21. Don't forget the Guild test item along the way!

21-31 - Dhalmel Leather - Dark Crystal: Dhalmel Hide, Windy Tea Leaf, Distilled Water - Target mob: Bull Dhalmel (Buburimu Peninsula) Other notable drops: Giant Femur, Dhalmel Meat: Kill any Dhalmel you come across. If a hide drops, convert it to leather right away. The cap on this is actually 21 which you should already be at, but by all means take this up to 31! As you progress, the other drops will start to clog up your inventory. Dhalmel Meat doesn't sell very well at Auction House, so run over to Mhaura and sell it to NPC for 60g each. The meat is a near 100% drop rate by the way. Giant Femurs are used in multiple Bonecraft synths for skill ups. They sell quickly at the Auction House for 1,000g each. However, if you're not willing to wait for them to sell, or if you have other things up at the AH that hasn't sold, the Giant Femurs can sell to NPC for a little over 200g each. Potential profits: Dhalmel Leather sells very well as individual pieces, but won't sell as stacks. The current price has been holding steady at 10,000g each. The Leather is used in a Gobbiebag Quest, and it is also used in a Seeker's of Adoulin quest that gives you the "Watercraft" key item.

31-45 - Ram Leather - Dark Crystal: Ram Skin, Windy Tea Leaf, Distilled Water - Target mob: Hammering Ram (Abyssea - La Thiene) - Other notable drops: Ram Horns - Ram Skins are a near 100% drop. Enter Abyssea with a load of synthesis materials, kill Rams, get drops, synth to Ram Leather. Also, since this item is the first one in a while where you're starting on it before it's cap, it's recommended you equip the Orvail Ring + Artificer's Ring to increase your chances of synthesis success. Rinse/Repeat until you hit 45, as this recipe caps at 35. Once you've become a high level Leathercrafter (or you hit the sub cap at 70) Ram Leather is an excellent source of income. Individual Ram Leathers are needed for a Gobbiebag Quest, and stacks of Ram Leathers are often purchased for other high level synthesis recepies for various guilds. Individual Ram Leather sells for 5,000g each, and stacks of Ram Leather sell for 20,000. However, single Ram Leathers are a faster sale, so take that into consideration.

(SPECIAL NOTE! - Now that you're over Lv. 40 Leathercraft the Trainee's Needle will no longer work)

45-59 - Ram Mantle - Ice Crystal: Ram Skin, Wool Thread - Wool Thread makes it's first appearance in your Leathercrafting career here. Sadly at this point it is pretty much unavoidable. If you have Clothcraft 35+ on your main, or on a mule, the best way to obtain Wool Threads is by desynthing Gigas Socks. Once you have about 5-6 stacks of Wool Threads, head back to Abyssea La Thiene and kill the Rams there. Once your inventory is clogged up by Ram Mantles, return to the city and sell the Mantles to NPC, as these simply do not sell at all on the Auction House. Each one will sell to NPC for ~900g each. It's not much, but since you're farming everything yourself, it's still profit. Also, for the first 4 levels of this, use the Orvail Ring / Artificer's Ring combo to increase your chance of successful synths.

59-71 - Tiger Leather - Dark Crystal: Tiger Hide, Windy Tea Leaf, Distilled Water - This is a huge money maker. Head out to Batallia Downs and hunt Tigers. With THF, this is around a 20% drop rate. Good thing you only need 1 of these per synth! Farm and synth in the field. The cap is 61 so this can get you all the way to the sub cap of 70, or if you're taking Leathercraft to 110, this will get you to 71. Tiger Leather is VERY profitable selling as single pieces, but not stacks. It's 10,000g each and they sell pretty fast. You'll make a lot of gil off this once you are able to sell off everything.

71-81 - Coeurl Leather - Dark Crystal: Coeurl Hide, Windy Tea Leaf, Distilled Water - Target Mob: Master Coeurl - Location: The Sanctuary of Zi'tah - Farming wise, this is your best option. Why do I say that? Master Coeurls have around a 25% drop rate on hides, which is the best available rate. The good stuff though is Coeurl Meat. If you have any cooks in your Linkshell, hook them up with the meat. There's some good news, and some bad news about these Coeurl Leathers. First the bad news. These don't sell at all on the Auction House. Good news, there's an innovative way to get rid of the leather and make a little gil in the process. It's the next item on the list.

81-82 - Coeurl Cesti - Earth Crystal: Cesti, Coeurl Leather - This is a very simple synth. Various Weapon Shops in the 3 starter cities sell Cesti for around 150g each. If I recall, it depends on which nation is in 1st place in Conquest for that week. Find a shop selling Cesti, buy up a bunch, and begin making Coeurl Cestis. Sell these to NPC for a little over 2,000g each. Assuming you farmed all the Coeurl Hides yourself as you skilled up to this point, this is profit AND you don't have to wait for them to sell at the Auction House. Also, since the cap on this recipe is 72, this can get you to 82, yes it's just a 1 level jump but whatever!

82-90 - Manticore Leather - Dark Crystal: Manticore Hide, Windy Tea Leaf, Distilled Water - Best spot to farm Manticore Hides is in Western Altepa Desert just west of the zone to Kuftal Tunnel. Since you should be over the Lv. 80 cap on this, just make these in the field all the way up to 90. These sell fast as individual pieces for 10,000g each. These can also sell as stacks, though not as quickly, for 150,000g each. It's totally up to you how you sell these away.

90-94 - Raaz Leather - Dark Crystal: Raaz Hide, Windy Tea Leaf, Distilled Water - The new Raaz type monsters (I just call 'em pigs) hang out in Kamihr Drifts on the continent of Adoulin. They're pretty nasty buggers, but with the introduction of Trust NPCs, they're easy to farm. On THF with TH7, the Hide is about a 45-50% drop rate, so bring along the crystals and the other materials. The cap on this is 84, so take this to 94. It's not much of a jump in levels, but you WILL need the Raaz Leather in a future synth, so store these and make a bunch of extras if at all possible.

94-107 - Square of Griffon Leather - Dark Crystal: Griffon Hide, Windy Tea Leaf, Distilled Water - Griffon Hides drop in Dynamis-San d'Oria. Not a lot of people go into that zone to farm coins. Some do, though, and any Griffon Hides they get they will almost likely list on the Auction House. They are going for 6000 - 7000g each. Buy whatever you can off of there. Now, with the release of Rhapsodies of Vana'diel, one of the permanent key items you can obtain from the scenario gives you the ability to immediately re-enter dynamis after you're kicked out, so Dynamis is no longer limited to once per day. Go in as THF, farm the time extensions, and start murdering Orcs! The chance of drop is about 5-10%, but you can also obtain Ordelle Bronzepieces! Sell those off and get a ton of gil for your hard work! So, the plan here is to accumulate Griffon Hides over time, convert them to leather, and sell them along with all of the Ordelle Bronzepieces. Griffon Leather sells extremely well by the way. Individually of course, not as stacks. They will sell for 30,000g each currently and are very fast sellers.

97-110 - Aetosaur Gloves - Earth Crystal: Squamous Hide, Raaz Leather, Leather Gloves - This is the last item on the list! If you get bored of Dynamis San d'Oria farming, and/or you have some extra gil to spend after selling off all those Leathers and Ordelle Bronzepieces, you can start making these as soon as Lv. 97, which is a safe 4 levels away from it's cap at 101. With this being capped at 101, this means this recipe can take you all the way to the top! Now here's the fine print. Do you remember those Raaz Leathers you were asked to hang onto? This is where you use them up. Now, Squamous Hides. Those are a drop off Drachenlizards in North Gustaberg [S] and the drop rate on them is kinda yucky. ~5% or so. This is one of the very few times I recommend buying stacks of Squamous Hides off the Auction House. They are around 300,000g per stack. Yes, it's pricy. However, assuming you've been able to sell off everything you've made up to this point, you should have plenty of gil to spare for the job at hand. If you start this at 97, equip the synthesis success rate rings. Once you hit 100, assuming you have Torque + Apron + Gloves + Stall, you can reach T1 HQ status when you obtain HQ Leathercraft support from Orechinel in the Leathercraft Guild. (which means ~10% chance of HQ synthesis) So do that, and equip the Orvail's / Craftmaster's Ring combo for an extra +2% chance of HQ result. All of the results will sell slowly if at all. However, NQ sell for 50,000g each with HQ results selling for 900,000g which is the most recent sale in the Auction House history (Shiva Server 6/22/15) If the NQ results just won't sell, you can NPC them for a little over 5000g each, which is a loss. However, any HQ result you make will result in profit once those are sold. Even if you lowered the price down to 500,000g for an HQ result, you're still making a profit.

So, that's it! This is a much simpler route to 110 thanks to the May 2015 Version Update. Congratulations on reaching 110 Leathercraft! Vana'diel is now yours to cover in leather! Let's go!

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