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Salya's Guide to Obtaining Black HaloFollow

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Table of Contents

Section 1: Forward

Section 2: Prerequisites

Section 3: Building Points

Section 4: Obtaining "Black Halo"

{Section 1 - Forward}

If you've managed to get your club skill to 230, congrats! You are one of the few White Mages out there that have kept up with your club skill. By this time, you should have amassed a sense of paitence concerning club, and it's about to pay off big time -- if you can be paitent for just a little bit longer!

I'm mainly writing this guide because when I was trying to look up this information on the forums, I could not find it. Hopefully this helps all of you guys, and perhaps gets included in a stickied FAQ to be used when needed.

(Section 2 - Prerequisites)

To begin the quest for Black Halo, you must do the following:

- Beat Maat in Genkai V
- Obtain level 71
- Obtain Club Skill 230

If you have gotten Hexa Strike, it won't be hard to get 10 more levels. Steelshells in Boyahda Tree and Pots in Ru'Ann Gardens give excellent skill ups and this portion of your quest should take the least amount of time.

I would highly recommend investing into sushi, a life belt, and perhaps a couple pieces of +ACC gear (such as Battle Gloves, cheap, but effective). Having Ninja leveled as a sub helps.

There are two theories to leveling club. The first is to sleep the enemy, use the lowest level HQ clubs you can find, and try to skill up doing 0 damage, therefore keeping the enemy asleep. If you are going to do this solo, or in a duo, this is probably your best option. If done by a zone line, you will be in very little danger of dying.

The second choice is the more obvious one -- getting a low delay set of clubs, dual wielding them, and going all out melee during a skill up party. In either case you should base your equipment on accuracy -- damage is meaningless, and the lower your skill the less chance you have of hitting.

If nothing else, at least get the lifebelt and eat some sushi. For those who can't afford Sole, Bream Sushi is generally about 20-30K cheaper a stack, and has the same amount of ACC, although none of the STR of Sole Sushi. If you're going for the sleep route, this is THE sushi for you.

{Section 3 - Building Points}

Once you've dinged 71 and gotten your club skill, head to Port Windurst. You're looking for Kuroido-Moido, who is located at (E-7) in the Orastery.

After a short cutscene, he gives you the "Club of Trials". This club has a latent effect of +10 HP, +10 MP, +10 Earth Element and +10 Water Element.

This club, for some reason, gave me 7 TP each swing instead of the 9 I get when I use my Darksteel Maul. No clue why, just an observation.

Now, here's the tricky part. To be able to fight the Weapon Skill Notorious Monster (WSNM), you have to build data, or points, on the weapon. Your grand total is 300 points. Here is a breakdown on how to gain points:

First, you must be fighting EP+ enemies. Too Weak to Be Worthwhile enemies don't count in your points tally. Some suggestions for places to go are: Castle Zhavl Baileys, Monastic Cavern or upper floors of Davoi, Upper Delkfutt's Tower on Floor 11 and up, Quicksand Caves, Boyahda Tree, Kuftal Tunnel, and Ru'Ann Gardens.

Now that you're fighting EP+ enemies, you have several options. One, you can solo all of your WS points, or two, you could dramatically speed it up by skillchaining with a partner.

Solo WS - 1 point
Lv. 1 SC Open - 1 point
Lv. 1 SC Close - 2 points
Lv. 2 SC Open - 2 points
Lv. 2 SC Close - 3 points
Lv. 3 SC Open - 3 points
Lv. 3 SC Close - 5 points

Any WS can be used to obtain solo WS points, meaning 1 point. Obviously, it is ideal to close level 3 skillchains, so your best bet for partners are a Monk (Dragon Kick > Hexa Strike), a Thief (Shark Bite > Hexa Strike), a Paladin or Redmage with Savage Blade (Savage Blade > Hexa Strike), or a WHM (or other job) with Black Halo (Black Halo > Hexa Strike). All of these skillchains work the opposite way, so if you're building points with your THF or MNK friend, remember to take turns on opening and closing.

Watch your HP and MP closely once you feel you're nearing the end of your points accumulation. If your HP and MP are in a constant state of flux, look at your elemental attributes in your equipment window. If you can't tell, switch weapons -- if you lose HP and MP or elemental + by switching clubs, it's still active. If you don't, you're done!

However, the weapon will ALWAYS say what the latent effect is. That will not go away -- all that will go away is the effect on your character.

Once your latent effect wears, return to Kuroido-Moido and trade him your Club of Trials. You will recieve another key item -- (Map of Trials or summat), and you are now ready to fight the WSNM!

{Section 4 - Obtaining Black Halo}

Head to Ro'Maeve through Sanctuary of Zi'Tah. Your ??? is located at M-8. Bring at least one full party of 70+, or an allaince of 10+ 60-70's, with your tank in the 70's. Make sure everyone has Silent Oil, including mages, because this entire zone is full of terrible, unforgiving magic aggro.

From the entrance, turn right and head down the stairs. Make a left and head up the ramp, then make a right until you find a hole in the wall and head underneath the underpass. Make another left and find yet another underpass. From here, you should make a right, and continue all the way down to a dead end at M-10. There will be a Weapon here -- defeat it and make this your camp. You'll have passed the ??? on the way there.

You will have to clear the area of magic aggro -- but you should be able to grab only the Weapons, ignoring the dolls. The dolls will kill you with Meltdown if you don't have a stunner, so avoid them at all costs. Once the area is clear, sneak yourself and get a melee to follow you. Head to the ??? and pop Eldhrimnir, an extremely magic resistant pot.

If you sneak pop him, he won't aggro you, and I highly recommend that you have a melee pull him from his spawn point with a non magic ranged attack. This guy hits HARD and he'll tear through your blink and stoneskin before you get back to camp. Play it safe, let the tank or melee pull it and run back to camp.

I would actually recommend a NIN tank for this, although a good PLD will serve just as well. As I mentioned, he hits hard, and has quite a bit of HP, but is not a very challenging NM. Keep your tank as healthy as you can, and within five minutes, he should be dead. Return to the ??? and touch it again, then get the **** out of Ro'Maeve before stuff respawns. It's now time to return to Windy!

Go back to the Orastery and talk to Kuroido-Moido again. He will launch into a rather long-winded cutscene, but in the end, all that matters is this: "You have learned the weapon skill "Black Halo"!".

Now you can spin! Congrats! Go subject some zone near Jeuno to your merciless clubbing. After all the hard work you've done, this is your reward -- to look **** cool.

-- Afterward --

I'd like to thank all of my friends and Linkshell mates who helped me skill up, build points, and fight this NM. I'd like to especially thank my static party, who never complained about me obsessing over this, and was kind enough to indulge my fancy even though it has nothing to do with XP.

Thanks again, everyone! And good luck to all those who would like to get Black Halo!

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Salya's Guide to obtaining Black Halo
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{Congradulations!} Keep up the good, hard work. Who knows, maybe one day I'll be in your shoes.
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TP gain is based on weapon delay. The lowest delay weapons give the least TP while the highest delay weapons give the most. A drk can get 10, 12, even more TP per swing with their scythes and greatswords. The reason the trial club gets seven and the darksteel gets 9-10 is the darksteel has higher delay.

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Light Elementals in Ru'Aun Gardens >>>>>>>>>> Sprinklers. The skillups are FAST and the mobs live longer (they're harmless). I really don't see why people would bother with the pots, unless they're camping the water to pop Olla.

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Don't forget to indulge yourself with Black Halo-Icarus Wing- Hexa Strike self-light chain goodness.

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