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The Cleric's Corner: useful links and guides for WHMsFollow

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Useful Links and Guides for WHMs

{/welcome}. This is a selection of links to guides/posts and other resources for WHMs to help you throughout your career. Whether you're just starting out or are sitting at cap (currently 90), there should be something here for you.There has been a lot of work by this community (past and present) to make this information available. Especial thanks to Cesium on the last version of this sticky.

If you have a question about the WHM job and what it entails PLEASE read through the list below to see if it is already answered before creating a new thread.

Over time the information supplied here might change. If you notice something that needs updating or that a link is broken, then let me know via PM or in a reply on the appropriate thread and I will update it accordingly.

Skills, Spells and Abilities

Fio's short guide to Solace/Misery and Sacrifice/Esuna/Cura/Auspice
A quick guide to the JA and spells given to WHMs in April 2009

Cure V Math
Discussion of the formula for Cure V

The Technical WHM
The numbers associated with our spells, JAs etc

MND v Healing Magic
A brief demonstration of the impact of MND and Healing magic on cures using a selection of different equipment

Skilling up Healing Magic
Hints & tips

Your Healing Magic is in the Schnitter
Skilling up your Healing Magic to the cap at 90

WHM merits
All about Group 1 & 2 merits for WHMs

The art of Flash
Why and how you should use it


WHM Artifact Armour, Relic and AF+1
Covers the quest for the Healer's set, and provides valuable data on extensions to our Artifact gear, including upgrades and dynamis drops

Endgame Body Pieces for WHM
Discussion of the different body pieces available to a WHM after artifact

Acquiring Morgenstern
Tips on the fights

WHM Melee Gear Guide
Simple listing of gear by slot that is useful for a meleeing WHM

Playing the Job

WHM 101
A dated but useful guide for any WHM starting out (does not include details about /SCH)

Effective Chat Filters
Read the replies for more information

WHM in Dynamis
Read the discussion as well as the guide to get the most of out this thread

Status Ailments Guide

Link offsite to a .pdf containing an updated list

Enfeebling and the WhiteMage Job!
An early guide which doesn't include /SCH but gets the basics across very well


So where are we with Sub Jobs?
A long discussion (sometimes heated) about the pro's and con's of /SCH and /RDM in the era of level 90 and beyond.

BLM v SMN v SCH: sub jobs for WHM the March 2009 Edition
Discussion of subjobs since the introduction of SCH

Discussion of an incredibly situational use of /BRD

Conserve MP Tests: BLM subjob numbers
Does exactly what it says on the can


WHM Maat & Repose

WHM LB5: Maat Fight & the Healing Method

The Melee WHM

Skilling up weapons
An old but updated guide for any WHM considering raising their melee skills

Weaponskills and their modifiers
Link off site to FFXIclopedia

Earning Money

Teleportation 101

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Thanks! As a brand new White Mage and first time player I really appreciate havering access to this.
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#3 Feb 16 2011 at 9:29 AM Rating: Decent
Thank you for this, I am slowly leveling up my whm and had no idea about the JA and some of the other stuff further down the road. I actually find this kind of sad, because I have pt'd w/ numerous whm's and cannot recall ever seeing anyone use the JAs to remove multiple status effects on the entire alliance.

I glanced at the other links as well and am curious if there is a thread somewhere that shows the macro palettes used for whm? I would love to macro in the misery, solace, esuna, etc to make it easier to do in a sticky situation.

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#4 Oct 19 2011 at 12:31 PM Rating: Decent
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I'll just leave this here: http://ffxi.allakhazam.com/forum.html?fjob=1&mid=1128918785240239449#1

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