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#1 Sep 09 2011 at 2:08 PM Rating: Good
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Allow me a moment to pick your brains! Smiley: cool

Please note that my Cure results are made using Furen's Cure Calculator, which isn't perfect, but good enough for my purpose.

Last night I acquired a Tefnut Wand from my Linkshell. I've wanted one for some time, but couldn't bring myself to pay the 3-5 mil that they've been going for on my server. After some research and some soul-crushing rounds of Synergy, I believe I've built what I consider to be the 'perfect' cure potency set.

     Tefnut Wand: 15% 
     Genbu's Shield: 5% augment 
     Orison Cap +2: 10% 
     Fylgja Torque +1: 3% 
     Roundel Earring: 5% 
     Orison Earring: 2% 
     Augur's Gloves: 4% 
     Orison Cape: 3% 
     Zenith Pumps: 4% augment 
   Total: 51%

Obviously this leaves room for an imperfect augment on Genbu's or Zenith, or an NQ Fylgja. It's also possible to use a Medicine Ring and swap out a variation of other gear for MND, pushing cures to the absolute maximum possible that the game allows. However, with the ease of obtaining 50% nowadays, the popularity of low-manning, and the difficulty and strain of carrying HP->MP gear, I find myself hesitant to go that route.

After running the numbers I'm having some doubts as to whether or not it's all worth it. Before my acquisition of Tefnut, I was using a 49% set using Surya's +2 (soon to be 50% with the upcoming update). The difference between my new Tefnut set and my old set is currently a measly 7 HP on Cure V (so maybe 11 HP Cure VI?). As I've said before, this could be pushed up a few HP by swapping a Medicine Ring for 2-3 other pieces, but I would prefer to avoid that.

Advantages of the Tefnut Set:
  • Currently the best possible Cures obtainable, whether using a Medicine Ring or not, but only by a small margin.
  • I can melee for club procs using it, retaining my maximum potency while building TP.
  • I retain Genbu's -PDT even while casting Cures.
  • I retain Genbu's -Cure Casting Time augment (this isn't actually an issue, as I can start casting in Genbu's no matter which set I use).
  • The upcoming update may introduce more potency gear with less MND sacrifice than I currently need to make for this set.
  • It looks pretty.

Advantages of the Surya's +2 Set:
  • Inventory +1; I already have a Surya's completed and will keep it for use on other jobs.
  • More Inventory +1; I wouldn't need to carry Zenith Pumps.
  • It will soon be 23%, making my Surya's set a full 50% and bridging the gap with my Tefnut set (unless new potency gear comes out).
  • I could sell Tefnut, which is worth a hefty wad of gil, and may or may not plummet in price after the update (dependent on new gear and the popularity of Voidwatch post-update).
  • My grandmother collects birdhouses, which Surya's resembles greatly.

Opinions? Pros? Cons?

Edited, Sep 9th 2011 3:40pm by Chewzer
Fynlar wrote:
Chew is being a lot more level-headed regarding the whole issue, which is strange because he's probably drunk.
#2 Sep 09 2011 at 2:43 PM Rating: Good
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I was just pointed to this thread over on ffxiah. It's very well put together, and the only other source I've seen that mentions the Zenith Pumps augment.

Still racking my brain over which direction I should choose between my 2 current options, though. Smiley: lol

Edited, Sep 9th 2011 4:13pm by Chewzer
Fynlar wrote:
Chew is being a lot more level-headed regarding the whole issue, which is strange because he's probably drunk.
#3 Sep 10 2011 at 1:45 AM Rating: Good
I bet taking a bath in the gil you make selling the Tefnut Wand would make you forget whatever modest gains a Tefnut set has over a Surya's set. Not to mention the other kind of bath you will end up taking when the price drops, which it will, because we aren't 99 cap yet. Not even 95.

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#4 Sep 10 2011 at 2:09 AM Rating: Good
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Do we know if 50% actually caps Cure potency? Might it need an extra point or two, like Haste and -interrupt?

Anyway, given that I have a Surya's +2 and random augment systems in any form can bite me, the solution for me would be obvious if I ever stumbled across a Tefnut Wand. You'd basically be asking me whether or not I want an extra 3-5m gil. :|

I'm still actually hoping they bump up the Cure potency cap like they did for crit damage and whatnot, but as I've said in other threads, I could see them NOT doing that simply to avoid pushing WHM even farther ahead in the healer game.
#5 Sep 10 2011 at 11:12 AM Rating: Good
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Chewzer the Tulip wrote:
Condensed, first post, with your cure potency stuff

I personally, for cures, would like:

Surya's Staff +2 - 22%
Pax grip -4 enmity
Ammo - debatable
Orison's Cap +2 - 10%
Neck - debatable
Novia Earring -7 enmity
Orison earring - 2% and -4 enmity
Facio Bilaut - 14% (there is a screen shot of 16% but not sure if it's real) and -6 enmity (-4 and -2 augment)
Orison Mitts +2 - enmity -8
Rings - debatable
Orison Cape - 3% -4 enmity
Korin Obi - if lightsday, debateable otherwise but maybe Pythia Sash for enmity -4
Orison's Pantaloons +2
Cure Clogs

Which puts you at:

22+10+2+14+3= 51% cure potency

4+7+4+6+8+4+4= -37 enmity or -33 on lightsday (adding whatever tranquil heart gives, I've seen claims of -9 at 90 WHM but I don't know that there are accurate results) -enmity isn't as important in abyssea, especially with cure v. I find in voidwatch, though, that -enmity is pretty useful when your melees aren't demigods.

12+15=27 cure cast, +10 or 15 more if you're /sch or /rdm, +20 more from merits. So 57-62% I guess the cap probably raised when they raised the cap on fast cast.

Orison pantaloons +2 should definitely be used, because their bonus to cures is simply amazing.

If you want to use the Orison body +2 you can swap out the Facio, and add in Roundel (5%), Augur's (4%), Fylgja (3%) and either stick with 49% or swap cure clogs for zenith with augment for 50%.

In the ammo, neck and ring slots, you can either get more -enmity (which depends on how much tranquil heart is), more MND, or more fast cast (e.g. incantor stone and orison neck) depending on what the new cap is.

Fynlar wrote:
Do we know if 50% actually caps Cure potency? Might it need an extra point or two, like Haste and -interrupt?

I don't remember the exact gear but I do know that awhile back I was at like... 49%. I threw on Atma of the Savior, because people were claiming that it was outside of gear potency (and it isn't). It barely added anything to my cures, though there was a gain.

I got new gear and changed stuff around, and was at 50% exactly, and was even at like 54% or something at one point (before I could ditch the medicine ring). As far as I recall, it was the same as using Atma of the Savior when I was at exactly 50% (I think 22 staff, 3 head, 10 body, 5 leg, 10 ring). And going over the 50% was also the same. So I believe the actual cap is 50%, and not 51% or anything like haste actually capping at 26% (because of things like Turban being 4.6% instead of 5% or whatever)

I can test it though. I have:

22 weapon
10 head
9, 10, 12 body
3 back
5 leg
5 earring

So I can do:
22+3+10+10+5 = 50%
Then add in the leg and see if it cures for more, which I'm 95% sure it doesn't.
I'll test that if I get on (it's been awhile...)
#6 Sep 12 2011 at 6:59 AM Rating: Decent
Only reason I made the cure staff (well besides lolrdm and lolsch healing) was because of the Oneiros Grip personally.

Yes, outside of abyssea..
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